Be Careful with My Heart is a daytime series seen on ABS-CBN which has gained quite a following due to it’s charismatic actors and feel good story, amongst many other things. It’s popularity is evident in it’s high ratings, recognition by award giving bodies, it’s constant appearance as a trending topic in various social media sites, as well as the past faced discussions in various viewer forums.

As a member in one of these forums (Pinoy Exchange to be exact), I have witnessed some passion filled discussions, in depth reviews and analysis and some very creative fan fiction, scene scripts etc. from my fellow members- or what we call ourselves – mga adiks. This is where this blog comes in.

Excess Baggage will serve as the library of these creative works so we can – and you, too if you like – read them over and over and over. Why? Because it’s fun to dream. It’s nice to read a good story. There are many benefits to using your imagination. And, Vitamin K (for “kilig”) is very good for you.

I would like to take this time to commend, recognize, thank and bow down to the writers on the actual show. It is because of their excellent storytelling and solid development of characters that amateur/fanatic writers, such as myself, are able to put together these fan fiction.

So enough from me. Read on. Smile. And leave comments (as far as experience goes, the more we show appreciation to the authors, the more they are inspired). Enjoy! Buh-bye [insert wave, Maya style].

Stay sharp,
sharpie21 ;)

Housekeeping Notes:

  • Please be advised that while I do a  lot of the admin work on this site, there are many authors involved in making this library. Visit the Cabin Crew page to see who they are.
  • Note also that the Bulletin Board page is the place to view announcements as well as leave general comments for the site.
  • Don’t know where to start reading? How about from the beginning? (Yes, shameless plug.) Seriously, easily find new stories by viewing The Latest section off to the right side panel – or visit our By Author page for a full listing of what’s in the library.

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  1. Is there a way para makita yung lahat ng mga stories dito sa EB? I mean yung parang table of contents lang based sa title, especially yung may mga part 1-10 etc… Ang hirap kasing magpindot ng previous tab… kasi lumalabas yung buong story, ang haba ng dapat mong i-scroll bago mo makita yung previous button, tapos minsan sa isang page 1-2 stories pa ang makikita mo lalo na kung masyadong mahaba ang chapter. Hindi po ba mas maganda kung may isang page na puro titles lang ng mga EB stories tapos naka-hyperlink lang yung content nun for better viewing. Sana magawan nyo po ng paraan… alam ko busy din kayo sa kanya-kanyang work at studies pero sana you could find time para magawa ito. Salamat po ng marami. Keep writing good stories! Naiinspire nyo po kaming lahat. :)

  2. mga kapwa adik sa bcwmh, musta na?! ok pa b ang lhat matapos ang episode kanina? bka po may mga nainspired na mga writers..share nyo naman po… please?! *abby’s puppy eyes*

  3. authors of wasted, the space between us and his present & his future…pls post thdm next chapters na po..atat lang..hihi

  4. Due to overload of wonderful comments (haha), comments section on the home page will now be closed. Please leave all general comments on the Bulletin Board page. :) See you there.

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