Knight in Shining Armour

Continuation of We’re Here! 🙂

Maya saw a tree just like the tree in their province where his father proposed to her mother, it was few meters from where they are. The memories flashed back to her mind that tears were about to fall when Richard tapped her back.

As expected Maya was frozen.

“Naaalala mo sila noh” Richard’s voice was sympathetic.

“Opo Sir Chief, naalala ko po kasi yung puno na un kc kahawig po nung nasa San Nicolas, kung saan nagpropose si tatay kay nanay” as she tried to wipe her rolling tears. Richard right away offered his hankie.

“Salamat po Sir Chief” she did not wipe her tears right away but she savor the smell of his hankie. ‘Uhm, ang bango bango talaga’

“Anong sabi mo Maya.” Richard’s tone was ‘did i hear it right?’

“Ang sabi ko po Sir Chief ang bango po nung niluluto dun sa tindahan, kain po tayo?” Maya laughed at herself as she diverted his attention to that smell.

“Ok stay there ako nalang ang bibili”

Maya can’t help herself from staring to that tree, when Richard was in the stall she decided to go to that tree, as she reminisce the memories they had before. She walked around the tree she didn’t notice that there was a cliff (but it’s not so high just around 3 feet), she fell and her uncle bone was broken.

“Ayyyy!!” Maya screamed.

Richard heard it and he was sure it’s Maya who screamed, he left the food he bought and run to the direction where he heard her scream.

“Ahas!Ahas!”,she screamed once again that send excessive adrenalin to Richard’s veins. ‘just a moment my princess I’m coming’ thoughts in his mind.

“Maya!”, he screamed just to let Maya know that he’s there to save her. He jumped right away and grabs the stone and threw it hardly to the ‘baby snake’, just an inch longer than an earthworm.

“Sir Chief” her tone was amazed by his ‘super heronessss’ (if you know what I mean 🙂 )

“Maya! Are you ok”, his concern and worries were very obvious.

Maya was stacked up! Just like when they first met when Maya pretended to be deaf.

“Maya I said are you ok”

“Ah po? Sir Chief? Opo ok lang po ako”, but she was not, when she tried to stand she fell because of the pain in her foot, but Richard her ‘knight in shining armour’ was there to catch her’.

Catch me I’m falling for you, and I don’t know what to do!


Akala ko ba ok ka lang? Yan ang hirap sayo e, you keep on telling me that you’re ok but you’re not parang nung minsan sabi mo ok ka lang tapos bigla ka nalang hinimatay” he is not mad, he’s just worried, what if he was not there to save her? ‘Pano kung wala ako? Asan si J.V mo?’ he whispered.

“Ano po Sir Chief?” Maya was wondering if she heard it right.


“Let’s get out of here, baka mabuhay pa yung ahas na yun” his tone was teasing Maya because she over-reacted with that ‘baby snake’.

Of course as expected Richard carried Maya for the second time. Maya was hesitant if she will wrap her arms on his nape or not. His smell sent millions of butterflies on her tummy and thousands of bugs to her veins, any moment she would lose her consciousness, because of this, her Sir Chief carrying her once again.

Maya did nothing but to stare at him.

When they reach the bench, Richard let her sit and he knelt to the ground, as if he was proposing, as usual Maya was shocked.

“Naku! Sir Chief ano pong gagawin nyo?” her tone was tensed and surprised. ‘kalma lang Maya’ she told herself.

“Mamasahihin ko yung paa mo, hindi naman pwedeng hanggang pag-uwi natin bubuhatin kita, di ba sabi ni Dr. Marlenna wag ako masyadong magpapagod.” his tone was teasing Maya with his mischievous smile.

“Naku, Sir Chief, nakakahiya naman po”, she said shyly while Richard was massaging her feet.

“O..ok na po ako Sir Chief promise po” she assured Richard.

“Are you sure?Kapag natumba ka ulit hindi na kita bubuhatin”

‘Uh.oh! That smile,it’s killing me’ thoughts were crumbling on her mind.

“O.opo Sir Chief” As she stands still feeling a bit of pain.

Richard just nodded and smiles as if he’s telling Maya ‘ok sabi mo yan’.

“Tara na po? Kain na po tayo?” She tried not to sound awkward with what just happened.

“Gutom ka na agad? Hindi ka ba nabusog sa ‘lunch date’ nyo ni J.V?” with emphasis to ‘lunch date’ thingy.

“Kayo po kasi agad kayong tumawag e”, she jokingly said.

He raised his left eyebrow.

“Hindi nagbibiro lang naman po ako Sir Chief” she added.

“Then bakit gutom ka na?” He asked.

“Nakakagutom po kaya ang magsisigaw”, she laughed with her answer.

“So you think hindi ako nagutom sa pagtakbo ko papunta sayo at pagbubuhat ko sayo?” he upbraided Maya, but he don’t mean anything. Then he laughed.

Maya’s in most parts were melting. That put sadness in her face. Richard noticed it.

“Maya, I was just joking, no worries about that!” his tone was convincing, though Maya is still shy for what had happened.

“Talaga po Sir Chief?” her tone was like Nikki’s when she told Richard about their Christmas Party thing.

Richard just smiled and moved forward to the stall where he left the food he bought and tilted his head motioning Maya to follow him.

“Naku! Ano bang meron bakit parang kumukulo ang dugo sakanya ni Sir Chief? Mabait naman si James e”, she was talking to herself as if she was insane with her crooked eyebrows, her mind was filled with wonders and confusion why her Sir Chief was acting that way.

While they were eating, Richard was a masochist; he opened up J.V all over again.

“You find him attractive don’t you?” His tone was still, making her clueless of what he really mean.

“Po?,te-teka p.p.po Sir Chief” Maya was stuttering when Richard cut her off.

“Maya! Stop calling me Sir Chief even just for today and get rid of that po and opo, today I’m not your boss, I’m just your friend”, he tries not to make Maya conscious of what he was trying to tell her.

“Ok. Richard si James kasi mabait, masayang kasama, hindi naman siguro sya mahirap mahalin” she explained carefully.

‘Geeezzz! Richard you’re a certified masochist!’ he told himself and kept on hiding his feeling with his poker face.

“Hindi ka rin naman mahirap mahalin Maya, you’re one of a kind, kasi sino sigurong lalaki ang mapapalapit sayo ay mahuhulog sa charm mong yan”, he didn’t know that his thoughts would betray him, words kept on drifting off of his tongue.

“Naku, Sir.ay Richard pala, nahawaan ka siguro ni Boy Pick nung minsan nanonood sila Nikki at Luke?” Her voice was like a lullaby to him even if she was teasing him.

Instead of arguing with her, he just pulled his chair nearer to her, so near that she can hear his heartbeat.

‘Sana ako ang tinitibok nyan’ she only whispered it to herself, but because Richard was so close to her he absolutely heard it but he pretended like he heard nothing.

The wind that came from Richard’s side blew his smell off to Maya’s nostrils that made her feel ‘high’

“Ang bango”, she was shocked because it was no longer a whisper.

“What?” Richard was surprised on what he heard.

“A.a.ang sabi ko mabango yung binili mong pagkain” swooshh’Maya be careful’.

“Ahhh.Ok” Richard’s tone was as cold as the air that blew a while ago.

After they had their snack, they walked around the park. Maya won’t allow this ‘moment’ to be spoiled just because of her broken uncle bone. She resisted the pain. Richard notice her having difficulty in walking, he knelt once again and, tapped his shoulders, motioning Maya to ride on his back.

‘OMG! Maya take it or leave it’ she told herself.

Hesitantly, but she made up her mind and ride to Richards back, her body completely touching his ‘sexy back’.

‘What the heck Richard why are you shaking’, thoughts were playing on his mind; he looped his arms to her legs as if he will never let go of them.

“Maya bakit parang naninigas ka yata dyan?” He joked.

Maya was disturbed by his joke, ‘coz she was enjoying the moment, she riding on the back of her ‘mahal na hari’. OMG! Heaven!

“Po? Ah este ano? Hindi a, ikaw nga jan pawis na pawis na, ibaba mo na kaya ako?”

As much as he wanted not to bring her down, he must so that Maya would not bother why he perspires a lot.

It was already five o’clock and the sunset’s view was so amazing. The lake near the bench where they are seated reflected the sunset so perfect.

“Maganda”, Richard’s intention was of dual meaning, first saying that the sunset is really beautiful and next is saying that Maya is as beautiful as the sunset.

“Oo nga, Mah….Richard, and ganda ng sunset”, ‘uh oh! Muntik ka na dun Maya’ she told herself. She was about to say ‘oo nga mahal’.

“Hindi lang yung scene yung maganda” he added.

‘kalma ka lang Maya, wala syang sinabing pati ikaw maganda’

“ E ano pa yung maganda?”, her voice sounds very curious that made him look at her intently.

“But also the girl besides me”, he muttered.

Maya looked at his side right away, but no one was besides her ‘mahal na hari’, she breathes as a sign of relief. But after a second or two, her thoughts were interrupted because she realized that she was the girl he was talking about. After realizing that she was the one he was talking, her mind went off of her brain and she unconsciously laid her head to his shoulder. Richard didn’t move, this is all he wanted to happen. What he did is he wrapped her with his arms, so tight that he can feel her heartbeat and close enough to smell her breathing. The sun finally gone and stars starts to appear. They both decided to go home, and as they headed to the car, Richard held her hand and intertwined with his.

“I hope nothing will change after this”, his voice was requiring from an answer.

It took Maya few moments to collect her thought and answered.

“Masusunod po KAMAHALAN”, giving emphasis to the word kamahalan.

Richard can’t stop himself, he just turned Maya to him and an inch or two from his’, he can’t help it. ‘Quick Richard! It’s now or never’ it’s as if someone was whispering to his ears to kiss her.

Richard gave her a smack on the lips that brought Maya in the cloud nine, but he was still not contented, the more he looked at her lips the more he wanted to kiss them, he wrapped her hips and pulled it really close to his’, finally his lips were tucked with hers, after a minute Maya was the first to let go, and Richard hugged her tight, very tight. As he whisper the words he wanted to tell her from the very first time he knew he was crazy in love with her.

“I love you my Princess”, his voice was so enchanting.

“I love you too Mahal na Hari”, she said in reply to his enchanting words.

“So, ako pala yung mahal na hari sa bedtime story mo kay Abby?” He playfully asked.

“Hindi pa ba obvious?” her answer brought that ‘half smile’ once again.

They were on their way home. While on the car he gently held her hand and gave the tenderest kiss. She smiled as he intertwined his fingers with her and put in his lap. Maya feels awkwardness because of the silence that is housing in the car, that’s why she turned the radio.

I will never let you fall, I’ll stand up with you forever, I’ll be there for you through it all, even if saving you sends me to heaven


She turned the radio off. Richard was shocked.

“What’s wrong my Princes?”He worriedly asked.

“Sabi kasi ‘even if saving you send me to heaven’, e ayaw ko naman mang-iwan o maiwanan” she explained with her tears forming on the tip of her eyes.

“Of course I won’t let that happen, trust me my Princess”, he assured Maya.

“I love you and I will take care of you”

“No mahal na hari, we will take care of each other”, her tone was so electrifying and she looks in his eyes so intently.

“Maya! Don’t look at me that way lalo na when I am driving! Gusto mo ba madisgrasya tayo dahil nawawala ako sa sarili ko pag ganyan ang titig mo sakin” his tone was commanding but he didn’t mean to be.

“Eh, ikaw naman kasi sobra mo akong pinapakilig e” her smile was wrapped with mischievousness.

“Hindi lang kita ngayon papakilig, but, later, tomorrow, the next day and everyday and every minute if possible, I will make you feel so loved, I will fill your heart with love para wala ng lugar dun yung J.V na un”.

“Ah! Kaya pala ganun na lang ang pagkulo ng dugo mo sakanya, kasi nagseselos ka?”

“I won’t be jealous if I can’t see the twinkling of your eyes whenever you are with him”, he protested.

“Naku! Nagseselos nga ang mahal na hari ko”, as she gently brush her hand towards his shoulder.

“Syempre masaya syang kasama, pero iba parin naman ang ngiti at kislap ng mga mata  ko kapag ikaw ang kasama ko, wala ka pa ngang ginagawa sobrang saya ko na e”, she added just to make Richard believe that her feelings for J.V is only in the category of ‘friends’, no more, no less.

Mejo napahaba..hihih..May katuloy pa yan 🙂 HAPPY NEW YEAR

I HopiaLike it 🙂


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