Kabit Part 2

It is indeed my intent to keep you hanging… if not, di niyo mafefeel ang anticipation nina Sir Chief and Maya 😉

Sana walang na-ooffend sa SPG theme nito… I made it as light as possible. The storyline just kept bugging me until I had typed it down. Thank you to the lovely feedback from the previous post. You guys are awesome! And so here is the second part of Kabit. 🙂

Warning: Some themes, language and scenes may not be suitable for very young audiences. Strict parental guidance is advised. Seriously, don’t even think of reading if you are biologically, mentally and emotionally aged below eighteen.


Previously on Kabit…


“Maghahanap ako ng kabit.” Maya announces.

“If Maya went to that point of even considering a lover, then she must have some doubts too.” Rafi says

“This is your way of payback, huh? Making him believe you’re taking in a lover, when in fact, you aren’t. Brilliant idea!” James agrees with Maya.

“Mama, I hope you and daddy make bati already.” Abby pleads.

“Don’t worry baby, mama’s only teasing him.”

“Alam kong importante ang trabaho. We both have our own work to worry about. And you have been an amazing father with the kids. All I’m asking for is the excitement, the passion, the seduction…” she gulped. “…the lust.” Richard stiffens beneath her touch. “I want an affair with an exciting man who would give me those feelings. Although hindi pa ako nakakapili kung sino, once nakapili na ako, malalaman mo din yun.” She then left his office with him suddenly craving for her touch.

Richard leaned back on his chair and contemplated on the recent event. She wasn’t yet having an affair. And yet she still wants it. Richard then begins to formulate a plan and prays for it to work.

“You want lust, Maya. I’ll give you lust.” He then walks up to their bedroom.

Kabit – Part 2

He found Maya already washed up and ready for bed. She was reading a book by the light of the bedside lamp. Her hair had grown longer, ending a little lower than her shoulders, the yellow light illuminating her perfect face; how could he have not cherished this beautiful woman who was fortunately his wife?

He went to the bathroom to have a quick bath and stared at himself in the full-length mirror.

Is that a muffin top? He stared at his stomach and made a mental note to go to the gym the next day before proceeding to ravish his wife.

When he walked out of the bathroom, Maya was already on her side, her back against him. He wondered if she had already fallen asleep. He slowly crawled to the bed and peeked at Maya. Her eyes were closed, her breathing even.

He started off by touching her arms, grazing his fingers softly against her smooth skin. He then proceeded to kiss her cheek, then her neck. Maya gently stirred in her sleep, a moan escaping her lips. But she was still asleep.

Richard decided to pick up the pace. Burying his hand beneath the sheets, he caught the hem of her nightgown. Lifting it up, he gently stroked the skin of her thigh knowing that this was her weak spot. He smiles when a moan escapes her lips.

“James, stop it.” It was only a whisper. But that whisper was like an ice bath to his ego. He jerked his hand away and rolled off the bed, rushing to the balcony.

Maya was terrified that she might give in if Richard continues this. She knew that if she let him, she would’ve gotten the lust she craved for. And yet she wanted the effects of her wanting the lust to be his own as well. She pretended to be asleep. It took all of her willpower not to open her eyes and respond to his touch. She spoke James’ name to stop Richard from touching her.

It’s better this way. She sadly tells herself. Or else magiging temporary lang ‘to.

Richard feared that he was too late. Was he? Did she say James’ name because she really did want James in her dream to stop. Why was she dreaming of James in the first place? What should he do?

The next day, after bringing Abby and Matthew to their schools, Richard was now bringing Maya to the airport for work. When they had arrived, Maya was removing her seatbelt when Richard spoke up.

“Maya, when will you be back home?”

“Saturday morning of course. Bakit Richard?”

“Well, may function kasi akong pupuntahan sa Friday. I wanted you to be my date.” Were her eyes deceiving her? Was Richard Lim blushing?

“Hmm… Sigurado naman ako na magagawan natin yan ng paraan. Tatawagan kita as soon as I know my schedule. Okay? Buh-bye.” She said her farewells and leaned forward to kiss her husband on the cheek. Without warning, he held her face in his hands and slowly kissed each cheek, her forehead, her nose and chin, and finally her lips. Each kiss gentle and soothing. Maya blushes under his gaze.

“Richard naman eh, namula tuloy ako. Baka magtatanong mga trainees ko kung bakit naging ganito ako bigla.” She smiles. “Sige na, alis na ako ha.”

“I love you, Maya.” He says before she closes the door. This shocks her. It has been a long time since she heard those words from him. She smiles sweetly again at his direction.

“I love you too.” She then closes the door and walks toward the entrance.

“Nalaman kaya niya?” she says to herself, worry etched on her face.

Later that day, before departing for Korea, Maya had phoned Richard that she could come for the function but would have to leave early the next day for a flight to Australia. Her Sunday with the family would be sacrificed. But it didn’t matter. She was her husband’s date tomorrow evening.

“Rafi, I don’t know what to do. I’m panicking!”

“Well it is a worrisome situation, but I have an idea.”

“What? What is it?” Richard’s face already lit up.

“Simple really. You should court her.” She wiggled her eyebrows.

“How do I court a woman who is already my wife?!”

“Why are all men alike? I always say that you men should always be courting your women. It’s suppose to be part of the law of attraction! It’s what makes couples interested all the time.” She rants exasperatedly.

“I’m not following you, Rafi.” Richard is clueless.

“Haay Richard, kung di lang talaga kita kaibigan.” She heaves a sigh. “Well if you’re both going to this event tomorrow, you should dress up, look sharp, bring her flowers. Like a prom.”

“That’s just silly. We’re adults.”

“That doesn’t give you reason to look sloppy for her. Remember, James is much younger than you so you’d better look your best if you don’t want him to steal Maya from you.” That did it.

“What kind of flowers should I get her?”

Friday, as soon as dusk covered the horizon, Maya went out of the airport to find Richard waiting for her.

Leaning on the car, wearing a perfect black tux that perfectly fit his frame, he looked every bit as dashing as the first time she saw him.

“Hi.” She shyly greets him.

“Hey.” He smiles at her.

“You waiting for someone?” she teases him.

“Actually I was.” He pockets his hands and plays along. “Have you seen a queen around?”

“A queen?”

“Yeah. But not just any ordinary queen.” He opens the passenger seat to reveal a beautiful bouquet of Lilies, carnations, irises and asters “She’s the queen of my heart.” He then approaches her.

Maya was shocked. She didn’t expect this from Richard. When he’s closer to her, he takes her bags and gives her the bouquet.


“Yes, baby?” she blushes again at his calling her by the term of endearment they used to have.

“Ikaw ba talaga yan?” She then feels his neck and forehead. “Okay ka lang ba?” He laughs then grabs her hand, pulls her to him and kisses her.

It felt amazing! For the first time in a long time, she suddenly felt exuberant! All because of one kiss!

But then she suddenly remembered her resolve. She wasn’t supposed to give in this easily. She places her hand to his chest to push him away.

“Let’s go.” Richard breaks the kiss and leads her to the car. She sits in the passenger seat, buckles up, and takes a look at her flowers, sniffing them and admiring them.

“These are beautiful. Thank you, baby.” She smiles up at him

“It’s the same flowers you carried on our wedding day.” he states, making her smile even more.

“You remembered?”

“Of course. How could I ever forget that beautiful scene? You walking towards me wearing that beautiful gown, carrying those same flowers, smiling, though with tears in your eyes.”

“Tears of joy!” she reminded him.

“I was the happiest man alive!” he says fondly. Then Maya realizes something.

“You’re already dressed. Are we going straight to the function?”

“No, we still have time. I checked us in a hotel near the event. You can freshen up there.”

“Wow Richard! This is so unlikely of you.”

“What do you mean?”

“It’s just so… spontaneous!”

“You mean I’m not usually spontaneous?” she stays quiet, smiling, but quiet. This makes him anxious over what she’s thinking.

At the hotel, Maya proceeds to freshen up and do her hair and makeup. Richard sits at the chair while he drinks his coffee. They were both given time to think things through.

Ano na, Maya? Nahahalata ka na niya ata. Naku, pag nalaman niya, baka magiging mababaw lang ng ka-sweetan niya. Ayaw natin ng ganun! She thinks to herself.

So what’s next then, smart guy? You clean up, put on an expensive suit, brought her flowers, flirted with her, now what? You’re both in a hotel, alone. When couples are alone, and in a hotel, intimate things happen. I better make a move tonight before I lose her for good. Richard thinks up a plan.

“Richard?” she calls from the bathroom.

“Yes baby?” he stands up.

“Pwedeng patulong sa zipper please?” he smiles to himself.

“Sure.” Make your move, Richard.

She comes out of the bathroom, holding the gown up to her chest. She looks amazing dressed up in a strapless trumpet style champagne-colored gown with cut-out lace falling from its bodice. This time, her hair was down with gentle curls to one side. She was also wearing the necklace Richard gave her for graduation. The same necklace he gave when he proposed. (re: The Necklace)

“Richard?” Richard closed his gaping mouth and walked towards her. She turned around and with trembling hands, he pulled the zipper up. Once afraid to do such a daring move, he bent his mouth over her bare shoulder to kiss it, feeling his confidence coming back.

“You look beautiful.” He whispered at her ear. ”Sexy.” sending delicious shivers down her spine.

“As much as I would love to be ravished,” she tried so hard to calm her thumping heart. “…kailangan natin makarating doon sa function in a few minutes.” She went back inside the bathroom to clear the counter from her makeup.

“You want seduction, I’ll give you seduction.” He whispered to himself, stalking her inside the bathroom.

“Okay lang ba ‘tong suot ko, Richard?” she asks him when he went in the bathroom. He leaned lazily on the doorframe.

“It’s stunning.” He looked at her from head to toe, his gaze hungry.

“You think so?” She said while putting on her earrings. “Nabili ko sa Korea. Buti na lang di siya masyadong mahal-“

“Although it’s lovely on you, I’d prefer if it were on the floor.” Her face looked stunned.

“Grabe ka naman! Imported na damit ginawa mo namang basahan?!” she remarked. He panicked.

“No no no! Th-that’s not what I meant! I meant-“ Maya was now laughing.

“Shh— Tama na yan Richard, na-gets ko naman. Ito naman parang di pwedeng biruin. Tara na nga.” She pulls him for them to leave.

You’re getting old for this, Richard. He tells himself.

The ballroom was packed with beautiful people of high class and ranks. As was expected for the Manila Business Society Charity Ball. Maya recognized a few famous personalities and she fought the intense urge to squeal with joy. She was introduced one by one to the elite and made small talk with them as well.

Richard was amazed at Maya’s ability to carry herself so gracefully. He didn’t really like these kinds of events, but now, with her, he felt a heavy feeling of pride over his wife. He was indeed a lucky man.

“Your companion is very lovely. Is she your wife?” an older gentleman asked Richard while Maya was chatting up with some ladies.

“Yes she is.” He answered both questions.

“Pity. I was going to ask if she would be willing to join the auction.”


“The auction? It’s for the charity we are supporting this year: Children with special needs. The one who makes the highest bid gets to dance with the lady.”

“Is that so? Well it’s a very honourable cause. And I’ll be very willing to win her over anyway. Shall we go ask her?”

Maya ended up agreeing with the gentleman and was actually enthusiastic about it too. She thought of it as a game. And in this game, she was excited for her husband to win her. She was confident her husband would win her.

The microphone made an eerie feedback which caught everyone’s attention.

“Good evening ladies and gentlemen. The Manila Business Society has, for more than fifty years, been a servant to the public through different outreach programs and charities. This year, we are supporting, together with the DSWD, children with special needs.” The speaker drones on and on about the importance of charity works and good deeds.

Richard was lazily sitting beside his wife, draping a possessive arm around her shoulders. Maya who was still not so ready to give in, sat up straight and tried to ignore this man beside her reeking with pheromones!

“I’ll be sure to win. My pockets are full tonight.” He leaned to whisper very closely on her ear which gave Maya goosebumps. “I’ll make sure to claim my reward.” He bit on her earlobe gently when he was sure no one was looking. Then on cue, Maya was asked to stand at the side of the stage. Before taking her place, she turned to him and whispered a good luck.

“Now on to our next lovely lady. The lifelong partner of Mr. Richard Lim, owner and President of Lim Aviation Services, ohoho, this one will be difficult! A flight attendant by profession, and a supporter of good causes, the lovely Mrs. Maya Lim.” A round of applause and murmurs of appreciation filled the room. “Now let’s make this interesting, Mr. Lim, if you wouldn’t mind, you may only place your bid after the fifth. To make it an equal fight. Would that be okay with you?” The announcer asked.

“Sure, go ahead.” He cooperatively agrees.

“Wonderful! So shall we begin with three thousand?”

Three, five, six, seven, and nine thousand was raised. It was time for him to make a move.

“Ten thousand.” Richard stood up and smiled at Maya. She in turn blushes prettily.

“Ten thousand to the handsome husband. Anyone willing to go higher than that?”

“Fifteen thousand.” A voice from across the room shocked the audience. Richard and Maya turned to see who it was.

Standing proudly in his white suit, handsome, charming and confident was no other than Capt. James Ventura.

To be continued…

A/N: Don’t be mad, I’m just going to proofread and make some last editing finishes on the next one, so… Smile! 😀


Nxt in the series: Kabit Part 3


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