I’m so sorry for telling you guys that the Wedding Dances series had come to its end, but what I’m really trying to say is the “Wedding dance part” only, ‘coz the next posts will no longer be dealing with the wedding dances. I hope you get my point even if it sounds ‘magulo’ 😀

It’s already quarter to one in the morning but the two can’t catch up Mr. Sleep. Turning and tossing on his bed, Richard can’t erase the beautiful face that kept on popping out every time he closes his eyes.

“Siguro, mainit na gatas lang ang katapat nito”, Maya told herself as she sat on the edge of her bed and wears her slippers.

She went to the kitchen, turned on the light, she almost tip-toed just so she will not wake up Eman, she knows in the first place that if Eman will be awaken, he will not let her go back to sleep without telling him what’s the matter and what happened after the wedding.

The condominium usually doesn’t accept visitors or for the owners, they have a curfew up to twelve in the midnight, unless the owner had told the guard beforehand.

“Sir, bawal po kasi…Mapapagalitan po ako..Sir!” the guard tried to stop him from insisting but he’s Richard Lim, by hook or by crook he will do whatever he wanted.

“It’s important! It will only take few minutes, if you lose your job tell me right away”, he said as he handed the guard his calling card.

He can’t take it anymore it’s only around three hours since he brought her to the condo. He sneaked from his room down the main gate, he decided not to use his car because if he does, the kids or maybe Manang Fe might be awaken when he starts the engine. He was like a burglar when he was unlocking the gate. Well, fortune seems to be agreeing with him, just as he was locking the gate, a taxi passed by, he signaled his hand for the driver to stop.

After the argument between him and the guard, he rushed to the lift, he tapped the button going up several times. The hurriedness was really shown with his action.

“Come on—come on!” he said as he continuously taps the button.


The sound of the lift as it reached the ground floor, he entered and pressed the button to the floor where Maya was. His time inside the lift seems to be so long and it gets to his nerve.


Another sound which signals that he was few steps away to the woman of his life. The door hadn’t totally opened, he went out the lift running, it seems like it’s between life and death or maybe he seems like being chased by an insane dog or maybe it’s just like ‘I can’t help but to be with you’.

When he reached the door where Maya was staying, he saw an escaping light from the bottom of the door. He wondered why the lights were still on by this time. He fisted his hand in the act of knocking, but he refused to, he thought that it might be Eman who was awake. He pulled out his mobile from his pocket, thinking if he will call her or just text her that he was outside their room.

“If I will text her and she was already asleep, she might not hear her phone ring” he told himself.

He decided to call her hoping that she was holding or her mobile was near her so she could hear his call right away.

“Hay, sana tumalab to, para naman hindi ako mukhang zombie bukas dahil sa mga eye bags ko”, she told herself while she enters her room as she stirs her milk. When suddenly, she heard her mobile ring, she was shocked, the glass almost drifted from her hand.

“Ay Mahal na Hari!” she exclaimed as she wonders who was calling her. She hurried to see who was calling, she placed the glass of milk in the table right next to her bed.

“Sir Chief?” she questioned when she saw the name on her mobile’s screen.

“He—hello Sir Chief?” she asked as she pinned her index finger to her right cheek.

“Is there any problem? Bakit late na nakasindi pa yung ilaw niyo?” he asked with concern on his voice.

“Ha? Pano mo nalaman” she asked with her eyes popping out.

“Most probably I can see it Maya” he said playfully.

“I think you have a visitor” he added as he chuckled

Maya rushed towards the door of her room, she almost stumbled the lamp on the living room almost fell.

“Ayy!” she scream, then she bit her lip right away, hoping that it was not that loud to wake up Eman.

She quietly unlocked the steels that were placed on the door. She opened it slowly, she drawn her head on the half opened door, she peeked to see if there’s really someone waiting outside. She looked to the left, she saw no one, she looked in the middle still no one was there, when she decided to go out of the room, a hand from behind covered her mouth, the touch and the smell was familiar. Her eyes grew bigger as the hand started to loosen. He turned her around, he locked her lips with his, giving her no chance to scream or to ask why he was here. It seems to be an instinct that she knew it was him without fully seeing him. He kissed her and then she kissed him back, his hands were on her neck, his thumbs touches her cheeks. Her hands were wrapped around his well shaped figure. It seems like fantasy had turned into reality.

When she was back to her conscious level, though she never lost her consciousness literally, she let go of his lips, she pushed him a little farther. The two had nothing but an awkward moment. He finally broke the silence.

“I’m sorry” he said as he tucked strands of hair behind her ears.

“Pa—ppano ka, ba—bakit ka nandito?” she was stuttering, her hands shaking, butterflies were trembling in her belly.

“I can’t sleep, I can’t resist you, I can’t help but to crave for you” he answered as he cupped her face with his hands.

“Alam mo Richard, mabuti pa umuwi ka nalang at matulog, hindi dahil wala kang pasok bukas e magpapakapuyat ka na” she sounds like Manang Fe when she scolded him when he insisted of going out even if his fever hadn’t go totally.

When Maya was about to add more, he sealed her lips with a kiss then he let go right away, every time she opens her mouth to say something, he quickly shuts her mouth with a kiss. When Maya was annoyed, she punched Richard’s abdomen.

“Ouch! What was that for?” he asked with pain in his surface.

“Kase hindi mo ako hinahayaang matapos magsalita!” she answered with her eyes a bit narrowed.

He grabbed her hand and then he pulled her towards the lift. She’s not really made, she was just making fun of him, she was glad that he’s here.

“Richard!” she exclaimed

“Please?” his eyes pleading.

“Wait, ilalock ko lang yung pinto”, he let go of her hand, she turned the lights off then she quietly closed the door.

Richard was smiling, yes it’s his signature smile, his lopsided side, his killer smile while he threw his hand in the air then he intertwined his fingers with hers. The lift was on the 25th floor, it will take around eight minutes to reach the floor where they are but it will take them longer if there were passengers who will use it before it reaches them.

“Stairs or lift?” he asked him with a grin on his lips.

She pinched his mountain-high nose then she whispered to him.

“Lift”, her scent was soothing with her seductive voice.

He stole a kiss from her right before the lift rang as it opened with no one inside. Richard grinned at her, his looks means something. Maya was stopping herself from smiling and giggling. The two entered the lift and Richard pushed the button going to the ground floor. But when they reached the third floor, the lift suddenly stopped and the lights went off.

“Richard!” Maya screamed as she instantly stepped sideways to Richard. She bumped to his well-muscled chest.

“It’s ok Maya, you’ll be safe here” he assured her as he wraps his arms around her.

He can smell the scent of her shampoo that gently soothes on his nostril, she can heart his heartbeat, and his heartbeat that started to beat fast. With his thin-white shirt, she can feel his temperature. He’s getting hot and his sweat started to wrap his body. He pulled his mobile from his pocket, he tried to call but his mobile can’t skim network signal. He played temple run.

“Richard?” Maya asked with her voice an octave higher.

“What?” he asked back as he paused the game.

“Nastock na nga tayo tapos nakuha mo pang maglaro?” Maya said as she pulled against him.

“What do you want me to do? My phone can’t get any signal”, he answered with his mischievous smile.

Maya said nothing, she crossed her crossed her arms and pouted her lips. Richard saw her reaction through the light from his phone, he pushed the sleep button and slid his mobile back to his pocket.

“Richard ano ba?” she said as she removed his hands from her waist.

“What?” he asked her back.

“Hindi ko na nga alam kung paano tayo makakaalis dito tapos ganyan ka pa” her voice was serious. But at the back of her mind ‘sana magtagal pa tayo dito’

“What can I do? Anong gusto mo magsisigaw ako di—“ he wasn’t able to finish his statement when he felt a soft-wet thing on his lips.

She sealed his lips with hers, they kissed gently then passionately, his hand travelled from her neck down to her waist then beneath her shirt, her hand was travelling through his well-muscled chest, when he was about to lift her shirt, the lights in the lift lightened up. When they noticed that the lift was moving, they both opened one eye, Richards shoulders dropped because of dismay, Maya pulled against him, then they both laughed at each other. They stepped off the lift, the guard in the lobby was scratching the back of his head.

“It wasn’t my intention to—“ he was not able to finish his explanation when Maya covered his mouth.

“Pasensya na po manong guard” she said with her twinkling eyes.

They went outside the condo to wait for a taxi to pass by. They were standing there for almost ten minutes when they decided to walk up to the terminal. It’s less than two kilometers from the condo to the terminal. Maya was ahead of him for about three meters because he picked a flower from the garden they passed by. There are three to four bystanders in front of the closed stall along the way where they are walking. They walked towards her, she stopped Richard saw them right away, he headed to where they are, right then and there he pulled Maya and she hid herself at his back.

“Brad! Masyado ka namang hot! Makikipagkilala lang naman kami sakanya” one of the bad guys said as he winks at Maya.

“Oo nga naman Brad! Masyado yatang possessive to boyfriend mo miss?” another guy said as he raised his eyebrow.

“Look, we’re just walking to the terminal and we’re going home” Richard said calmly.

He grabbed Maya’s hand and they started to walk. But the ‘hoodlums’ were not yet done.

“Ooops! Miss byutipul! San kayo pupunta? Parang bastos naman yata kung merong nakikipagkilala tapos bigla niyo nalang tatalikuran di ba?” the other guy said as he spit his phlegm in the ground.

“Oo nga naman, hindi ba tinuro sainyo yun?” the other guy added.

Richard’s head started to pound when the guy at their back touched Maya’s shoulder. He pushed him away from  Maya and he said.

“Back off!” his voice was forceful.

“Ang angas mo brad a!” the guy who spit said as he threw his cigarette.

The first guy tried to steal a punch from Richard but Richard was attentive enough, he was able to avoid the punch when he bended to his left. The other guy tried to counter attack him but he overran and gave him an uppercut.

“Aba palaban pala tong si Mr. singkit!” the other guy said then he started to attack Richard.

Richard kicked his ass which made the last two guys to get irritated, they double teamed Richard, one from his left and one from the other, good thing he was able to bend down that’s why the two bumped to each other. When the four were about to get back from their feet, good thing a police patrol was approaching and they stopped from where the four hoodlums were lying.

“May problem ba dyan Mr. Lim?” the officer asked, he knew Richard because he lives near Lim’s mansion.

Before Richard was able to answer, the four quickly stood and they ran as fast as they can.

“Wala Sir, we’re fine thanks anyway” Richard answered.

The police patrol vanished from their sight, and then Richard held her hand, she looped her arm with his then he intertwined his fingers with hers.

“Hindi ka lang pala pang fairytale at pang eroplano e” she teased.

“Of course!” he exclaimed as he tried to steal a kiss from her.

After the encounter with the bad guys and their conversation, Maya’s aura changed, she was quiet as they headed towards the terminal, and Richard tilted his head to see what’s wrong. He stopped, as Maya was trying to continue from walking, he tightened his grip from her hand.

“What’s wrong?” Richard asked with concern on his voice, his eyebrows crooked and his eyes narrowed.

“Wa—wala” she answered as she hid the sadness in her face.

She pulled him then they started to walk again, but Maya was still silent and Richard knew her very well, that if she suddenly changed her mood, there is really something wrong.

When they reached the terminal, they rode on the taxi which is next in line. They sat at the back seat, Richard’s arm rested at the back of Maya’s head. Maya’s attention was focused on the window. Richard can’t resist it anymore, he shifted his position to face the lonely lady beside him.

“Hey, look at me” he gently asked her to face him, then he cupped her cheek with his left hand, his right arm still resting at her back.

“What’s wrong? Tell me, you’re unusually quiet, di ako sanay ng ganyan ka” he added as he rubs her cheek with his thumb.

Maya took a deep breath, the inhale-exhale that James thought her while she was being tensed because of Richard. She sighed after she was able to gather her thoughts.

“Ok, eto na”, she sigh again, her lips were shaky.

“Pano natin sasabihin sa mga bata? Lalo na kay Abby” she continued, after finishing she felt relieved.

Richard just laughed at her, making her feel annoyed or embarrassed.  Her eyebrows crooked and her nose crinkled.

“Anong nakakatawa?” she asked as she bragged her hands in her lap.

“Nothing, it’s just that, you don’t have to worry about the kids especially the kids” he explained then he grabs her hand, every second, his hold gets tighter.

“Lalo na kay Abby, she likes you, they like you”, he added, at some time, he remembered what Nikki said when Joey’s mom told them that she thought Richard and Maya were dating during the prom, but he didn’t show his worried face to her, he hid it with his, ‘ow it’s killing me smile’.

“Sana nga”, she sighed once again, then she lean her head to Richard’s well-muscled chest.

She can feel his heartbeat, his smell was intoxicating, it soothes her nostrils, these things makes her feel safe and at peace.

It was ten to three in the morning, sure the other member of the Lim household were still sound asleep. Richard carefully opened the small gate. They tip-toed up to his room, trying to stop their laughs and giggles.

“What we’re doing is teenage things”, Richard whispered as they reached the last step in the stairs.

“Huh? Ano ka hindi ko kaya ginawa to noh” she protested.

“Seriously?” Richard sounds teasing, he didn’t notice that his voice was no longer a whisper. Maya covered his lips right away, then they tip-toed faster. Maya was still covering his mouth, when they reached his door’s room, he bit Maya’s hand.

“Ahh!” she screamed but instead of Richard cover her mouth with his hand, he shut her mouth by his lips.

When he was kissing her, he opened the door behind them, Maya was letting go of the kiss but Richard pulled her closer giving her no room to let go of his lips. He gently closed the door and pushed the lock. When he heard the click of the doors lock, he leaned her right away in the wall. Maya’s lips were glued with his. The temperature was starting to rise even if the air conditioner was in full-blast. When Richard’s hand travelled beneath her shirt, she pushed him with her hands.

“Alam mo kung hindi mo pipigilan yan, baka makalipas ang ilang buwan, hindi na ako ang pupuyat sayo, bata na!” she giggled as she placed her index finger across his lips.

“Well, I like the idea actually” he said playfully as he moved his head forward to kiss her again.

“Nikki, katukin mo nga ang daddy mo, anong oras na’t hindi pa nag-aalmusal” Manang Fe commanded Nikki as she serves their snacks while they were jamming in the pool area while Luke was playing Parokya ni Edgar’s Your Song.

Nikki headed to her dad’s room right away, when she was about to knock the door opened and in her surprise it was Maya who was opening the door while her dad was behind Maya, wearing his pajamas and plain white shirt.

“Ate Maya?” she asked with a big question mark in her face.

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