Love Happens

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 For this next piece, LOVE HAPPENS, allow me to take you back to a not so distant past when each of the Lim kids fell in love with Maya.  Let us continue to believe and hope in the Lim kids’ love not only for their Dad, but for Maya, as well.  Let us continue to spread the good vibes!

 Happy reading!

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Author: iamgarie


(How Maya and the Lim Kids Fell in Love)

By iamgarie

Life has a way of surprising us, sometimes…
Almost a year ago, Maya Dela Rosa entered the Lim household as a nanny with hardly a thought that she would fall in love with her employer, Richard Lim and his three children– Luke, Nikki and Abby. Even more so, she never expected that the love and care she would shower Richard and his kids with would eventually be reciprocated. Ever so slowly, Maya’s positive energy and unwavering love and devotion for the Lims, unconsciously transformed the once lonely household to a home where love, hope, laughter, exciting chitchats, heartwarming moments, inspiring stories and beautiful music abound.
We all know by now how Richard has fallen truly, madly, deeply in love with Maya, and vice versa. They are happily in love. They could be happier, though. Once they finally tell the kids and get their acceptance and blessing, Richard and Maya would definitely be happier.


Little Maya
It was her ward, Abby, who first fell in love with her. Maya’s unconditional love, patience, concern and devotion to Abby completely healed her. To everyone in the household, Abby is little Maya. To Abby, Maya is mommy in every sense of the word. To Maya, Abby is a daughter who may not have grown in her tummy, but has grown in leaps and bounds in her heart! Understandably and unarguably, Abby will be the happiest little girl alive once she finds out that her Dad’s girlfriend is her Ate Maya!
Maya: Baby, ayaw mo bang may girlfriend ang Daddy mo?

Abby: No! I’m happy if Daddy is happy! Sana lang IT WAS YOU!


The Other Man of the House
Then there’s Luke. Maya’s concern for the Lims did not go unnoticed by him. Shortly after the robbery in their old house, during their short stay in the hotel and upon transfer to the new mansion, Maya was left all alone to take care of their needs (with Sabel and Doris away and Manang Fe sick). Luke felt the concern Maya gave him, his Dad and his siblings as she attended to all of their needs, sans any complaints. The orange bag Luke gave Maya and his offer to help her with math are a symbolism of sorts. He is grateful to Maya for the love and care she shows their family. From then on, we see Luke treat Maya with kindness and respect, with admiration and awe, even! In Subic, when Nikki dismisses Maya’s offer for coffee, we witness Luke apologize to Maya for his sister’s seeming disrespect. When Nikki attempts to call up Maya to ask her point blank if she is their Dad’s girlfriend, Luke stops Nikki from doing so, reminding her to respect both their Dad’s and their Ate Maya’s privacy…

Then Luke discovers it’s their Ate Maya who is their Dad’s girlfriend, and we find ourselves at a loss about his reaction. We wonder why he is both surprised and shocked. We ask ourselves why he seems upset by his discovery.

Luke: May girlfriend na si Dad.

Niccolo: O, ayos! Buti pa si Tito! O, teka, diba okay naman yung ganun?

Luke: We think it’s Ate Maya.

Niccolo: Talaga? O di mas ayos kasi kilala nyo na, diba?

Luke: (Shakes his head…)


Richard’s Mini Me
And finally, Nikki. Despite Nikki’s initial animosity towards her, Maya was able to eventually win Nikki’s favor in Baguio as Maya encouraged her to not be afraid and give the Superman ride a try. Nikki did. Mighty proud of her feat, Nikki enveloped Maya in a touching embrace as a show of gratitude. From then on, Nikki and Maya’s relationship progressed. As fate would have it, Nikki would always end up confiding in Maya every time she is faced with a problem with her Dad or a concern she feels off sharing either with her Kuya or her Dad!
When her Dad insisted that she invite her possible date for the prom in the house and Nikki vehemently resisted, it was Maya who made Nikki understand why it was important for her Dad to meet her date and decide if he is worthy of approval.
When her Dad disapproves her date and she locks herself up in her room, Nikki would not even talk nor open the door to either her Dad and her Kuya . Upset and in tears, we see her unlock her bedroom door only for Maya. Once again, Maya is Nikki’s listening ear. Once again, Nikki heeds Maya’s advice. Nikki also convinces Maya to chaperone her for the prom. (“Daddy trusts you,” Nikki convinces Maya.) Her Dad agrees. Trouble averted.
Before Maya left the mansion, we found Nikki busy herself with a short play that showcased the impact Maya has made in the lives of every member of the Lim household. When Maya bid everyone goodbye, it was Nikki who cried the hardest. (I am then reminded of Maya’s earlier days in the mansion, when she told Nikki, “Pero sinisigurado ko na sa susunod na mawala ako, mami-miss niyo po ako,” and Nikki quipped, “I don’t think so.”) Their relationship has indeed come a long way!
When Nikki found out that another girl has the same prom dress as hers, she was devastated! Her Dad and Luke could not understand why it was such a big deal for her. It’s a girl thing, Richard and Luke! Nikki’s call for help had Maya rushing to her! We were all touched by Nikki’s words of love and gratitude for Maya!
Nikki: Thanks, Maya. You know what? I love mom, pero I don’t miss her anymore. Kasi I know na she’s happy na, and she doesn’t want me to be sad and think about her… Pero minsan, I still miss someone I can have fun with, someone I can choose clothes with, someone I can talk girly stuff with. That’s why I’m super thankful to you, Maya! You are so sweet for doing this… So ito na yung damit, Ma… Ate Maya. Pinag-usapan namin ni Kuya na nakasanayan ka na namin tawagin kang Maya, pero okay lang ba kung Ate Maya na ang tawag namin sa yo? And please, don’t call me Ma’am Nikki na…
Aww! I’d like to hold on to that moment now! Nikki cares about Maya. Nikki values Maya’s thoughts. Now that Maya is an FA, Nikki is also in awe of her. There is pride in her voice when she tells Megan and Stacey that she admires her Ate Maya’s dedication and focus in attaining her dreams. She even plans to follow the example her Ate Maya has set. It may have taken Nikki forever to finally warm up to Maya and fall in love with her, but their moments together have been truly heartwarming.
Nikki may still see her Ate Maya as a big sister and not a possible mom figure– someone too young for her Dad, inexperienced and still devoid of the easy grace and polish that comes with age. In Nikki’s young mind, Maya has yet to prove herself worthy of her Dad’s stature. She may still not see her Ate Maya as the perfect match for her CEO Dad who possesses both suave and elegance, brought about by age and by his numerous accomplishments in his field of expertise. Hopefully, the idea of impossibility only stems from this…
Nikki may have been impulsive and immature and rash with her words, but once her heightened feelings of shock and upset subside, she just might feel remorseful for what she has done to her Ate Maya, who has shown her nothing but love and kindness.
Like her Dad, Nikki is not one to easily share her thoughts or concerns with others. We do not see her warming up to Manang Fe or sharing her secrets nor best kept feelings for Niccolo to her friends. She also does not open up to either her Dad or her Kuya when it comes to girly issues. But with Maya, she opens up. In Subic, we see her ask Maya,
You and Dad have gotten very close. Would you by any chance know who his girlfriend is?
Back in her bedroom, when Maya asks her about what’s troubling her, Nikki once again opens up to her. All over again, we see Nikki heed Maya’s advice.
Nikki: I don’t want to talk to him (Niccolo).

Maya: Pero pano kayo maaayos kung hindi kayo mag-uusap?

Nikki: I don’t care kung hindi kami bati.

Maya: Pero nalulungkot ka. Sa palagay ko nalulungkot din si Niccolo.

Nikki: You think?
Maya: Oo naman. Alam mo mabigat sa loob ha ang mawalan ng kaibigan. Pero mas mabigat sa loob yung makagalit mo yung kapatid mo. Mga x5 kaya sa bigat yun.
Nikki: Ate Maya…

Maya: Ano yun?

Nikki: Nothing. I’ll be fine. Ingat ka na lang pauwi.

Like some of you, I was also disheartened by her statements against Maya–

Nikki: I knew it, Kuya! See, I was right? Hmmm. Mabait naman si Ate Maya and all, pero for Dad?

Luke: Niks, that’s not the issue.

Nikki: It is, Kuya! Now I know why they were hiding it all along.

Like with Luke, we wonder why Nikki is both shocked and upset about having Maya as their Dad’s girlfriend. I do not want to delve into that, though! (I’m putting my complete faith and trust in the writers of this show. They have never failed us especially when it comes to sensitive issues such as these.)  I also do not want to judge Nikki nor condemn her for her actions. Reality check. She is still a teenage kid with raging hormones– impulsive, opinionated, immature and rash! In time she will mature, and she will learn not be rash with her words nor actions. She will have very good role models in her Dad and in her Ate Maya.

One thing is certain, though. Maya has grown the seed of love among the three Lim kids! Love happened! Each of them has a reason to love her. It may only take a matter of time before they finally accept their Ate Maya as the only woman who will ever be right for their Dad, the only woman whom their Dad will ever love!  (Let’s all hope that by Friday <June 14> the two Lim kids finally accept Maya as their Dad’s girlfriend.  It’s Fathers’ Day weekend, after all. Let that be the kids’ gift to their Dad.)

Lim kids, listen to Manang Fe’s advice,
Masaya ang Daddy niyo ngayon. Hindi niyo naman ipagkakait sa kanya ‘yon diba?

Let’s believe and trust in the Lim kids’ love not only for their Dad, but for their Ate Maya, as well.
Lim kids, your Dad is about to make you understand the beauty and gravity of his love for Maya—
Look guys, I won’t force you to accept Maya if you can’t right now. But I hope that in time you will cos I WOULD NEVER HAVE LOVED HER IF I DIDN’T SEE HOW MUCH SHE LOVES YOU…
Lim kids, please allow love to happen. Your Ate Maya already loves you like her own. Allow her love for you to blossom even more now that love has happened between her and your Dad! (06-12-2013)




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  1. Awwww, I was really touched! It’s just weired that Nikki is holding a grudge against Maya until now; hope she goes back to the days they started getting closer.

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