The Player – part 9

Admin Note: *Contributed Story* Please give credit and thanks to Ricci. This is a continuation to The Player – part 8.

Author: Ricci


Chapter 9 – Goodbyes

In his living room, Richard was seated in the sofa with his laptop, going over his emails, reading some files, and making calls.  He glanced at Maya from time to time, his mouth quirking in a half smile at her fascinated interest of the view outside.

Maya was standing at the balcony window of Richard’s pad. It was evening, and they just finished dinner at the restaurant nearby. She watched the beautiful skyline, feeling the cool wind on her face, but thoughts of her flight tomorrow soon furrowed her forehead into an apprehensive frown.  She thought of ways to break the information to Richard.

“Troubling thoughts?” Richard noted on her expression, and asked conversationally.

“I have to leave early tomorrow.”

“You definitely have a problem because I won’t let you go off early.”

Maya ignored his comment, and continued on with thoughts of how to break the news to him. “I need to leave earlier than 6am to avoid the traffic.”

“That’s a much bigger problem.” Richard teased her, making fun of her simple dilemma.

Maya was a little hurt by his easy responses, and so she said quietly, “Richard, what would you do if work requires me to go abroad?”

Richard walked towards her, thought about it for a while before he replied in a seemingly cavalier tone,  “Under those circumstances, nothing. I will not hold you back. You have a career to think about.”

“Ok lang sa yo?” Maya asked, disappointed – not expecting that it will be this easy.

“Of course! I will even volunteer to take you to the airport.” 

Maya kept her composure, and cheerfully said, “That’s a relief! Walang bawian ha?”

The overly cheerfulness of her voice prompt Richard to ask, “When is your flight?”

“Bukas na eh”

“And when are you coming back?”

She looked at him for a long moment, hesitated, and reluctantly answered. “After a year?”

For several minutes, Richard just stood there looking at her, immobilized, rewinding their conversation, trying to understand.  An unfamiliar constriction tightening in his throat. 

Swallowing, he struggled with his emotions as he slowly walked back towards the sofa, reviewing the last four weeks, searching for clues that should have alerted him.  Did he over estimate the depth of her feelings for him?

“Wish me well, Ok?” Maya interrupted his thoughts.

When Richard didn’t say anything, Maya walked towards the sofa, and seated herself beside him.  She looked straight into his eyes, and continued on saying, “Thank you, Richard.  I enjoyed our time together, though short as it may seem. I guessed this is goodbye?”

Richard briefly closed his eyes. Disbelief, fear, hurt, frustrations – a mixed bag of emotions were slowly settling on him. He didn’t expect this coming. He was always the one to walk off.  How could she leave him just like this?

He tried to find the words on how to confront Maya with this strange feeling that has been nagging him. “How do I hold back a person when she knows from the start that I have no intention of keeping her? Even my proposal to live together seems foolish now.” He thought, embarrassed with himself.  He wanted to turn back the time, and take back his words.

“Maya, will you stay if I ask you to?”

“Wala ng bawian, diba?”

Richard pulled her roughly against his chest in a fierce embrace, drowning himself in her scent, and warmth.  She wrapped her arms around him, holding back the words of love and longing from bursting out. She resolved to give all of herself to him even just for today.

She pulled back from Richard’s embrace and gazed at his face. She molded her parted lips to his, and gave him a long, scorching kiss that made him wild.

He kissed her back with bruising force that went on for minutes. All his bottled up emotions had found an outlet in pure lust.  He pulled her dress and bra, and set it flying. As he was taking his clothes off, Maya stood up to lead him to the bedroom…

Maya woke up thinking of her erotic dream.  She rolled on her side, wincing at the little strains, and then realized that it was not a dream, as she remembered the night.  She called out on Richard, but as she was greeted by silence, she realized that he left her alone in his pad.

She felt light and happy. The night had been different from anything she had experience before with Richard.  A level up, more intense, not just physically but also emotionally, and had affected Richard the same way which had probably scared the hell out of him.

Maya knows from the start that Richard is a player, always in control, and dominant, but last night, he let go, showed his emotions to her; made love to her, letting her in his defenses. He loves her.

She dialed Richard’s number. No answer.

“Coward!” Maya muttered, and decided to be patient with him.

[Friday, 10am, NAIA]

“Ready?”  James tapped Maya’s shoulder while waiting at the lounge.

“Oh, hi James.  I didn’t realize that you’ll be taking the same flight” 

“And missed the opportunity to be with you?”  James teased.

“James ha, palabiro ka talaga.”

“Are you excited?”

“I am.”  Maya said in a cheerful tone. 


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