A Twist of Fate – part 8

Admin Note: *Contributed Story* Please give credit and thanks to laineygirl. This is a continuation to A Twist of Fate – part 7.

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It’s been two months since the transplant. Abby recovered steadily. Maya and Richard breathed a sigh of relief as the doctors finally allowed her to go home. Manang Fe, Maya and Richard prepared a welcome home dinner for Abby… her favorite spaghetti, hotdogs and chocolate cake.

Soon, Abby’s hair was growing back. Her face had that familiar pinkish glow again. She gained back the weight she lost. Maya and Richard couldn’t be happier. She was becoming her old bubbly self again.

“Mommy, is it true that I got better because of Kuya Chard?” she suddenly asked one day when the two of them were alone.

Maya was surprised. She didn’t realize that Abby would be asking such questions.

“Um, yes, Abby. Your Kuya Chard gave some of his blood to you so you can get better”, she tried to explain in the simplest possible way.

“Why not from you po? Eh kayo po ang mommy ko?” she persisted.

Maya felt a lump in her throat. She knew she had to tell Abby someday that she was not her real mother. But she was not ready.

“Abby, ano kasi…”, she began.

They didn’t know that Richard was listening from the doorway. He interrupted Maya.

“Abby, kawawa naman si mommy mo kung sa kanya pa tayo kukuha ng blood. Payatot na nga sya eh! Kaya sa akin nalang kumuha si doctora. Strong ako di ba?” he flexed his biceps comically.

Abby laughed and accepted his explanation without any further questions. She ran to him and hugged him tightly. “Thank you Kuya Chard”, she said to him sweetly. Richard relished the show of affection from his daughter.

Maya looked at Richard gratefully. She will tell Abby the truth eventually, but she wanted to be ready. She wanted Abby to be ready. And she wanted to tell Abby the whole truth, which included Richard’s role in her life. For now, that will suffice.

Abby soon went back to school and life returned to normal. Richard continued to drive for them. But instead of going back to the house, he spends the mornings doing chores in Maya’s office. Maya also started working more from her home office, usually leaving by noon to fetch Abby, together with Richard.

Richard and Maya attended Abby’s school activities together. Richard watched Abby receive medals on recognition day, take the lead role in the school plays and listen to the teachers gush about her.

One morning Richard was putting old papers thru the paper shredder in Maya’s office when something caught his eye. It was Abby’s hospital bill. He was shocked to see that it amounted to more than 1.3 million pesos.

Maya never mentioned anything. He didn’t realize it had cost that much. Richard slumped on a chair, deflated. Wala man lang akong naitulong sa kanya dun. He felt so inadequate. How could he ever give Abby that kind of chance had she been with him instead of Maya? He was right in leaving her at the convent. Hindi din ako magiging mabuting ama kung nasa akin si Abby.  Hindi ko kayang ibigay sa kanya ang lahat. Napaka special na bata ni Abby. She should have the best in the world.

That night, Richard went to see Maya in her office. He knew what he needed to do.


He knocked on her office door. “Hi. Busy ka pa?” he asked.

“Hindi naman Chard. Come in.”

“Pwede ba tayo mag-usap Maya?”

Maya sensed hesitation in his voice. He sounded serious. She turned her laptop off and gave him her full attention.

He sat on the chair across her desk. “Maya, masayang masaya ako na makilala ang anak ko, makitang magaling na sya ulit, at makita ang mga achievements nya sa school. Salamat at binigyan mo ako ng chance ma experience lahat ng iyon”. He paused and looked down. “Pero… magpapaalam na sana ako”, he said softly.

“Ha? Magpapaalam??”

“Inisip ko na mabuti siguro kung umuwi na uli ako sa amin sa San Nicolas. May karinderya naman si Nanay doon, tutulong nalang ako dun sa kanya.” He couldn’t meet her eyes.

“Richard, may problema ba?” she was getting nervous at how the conversation was going.

He looked at her. His eyes were filled with sadness. “Maya, paano kung dumating yung araw na magtanong si Abby tungkol sa daddy nya? Paano ko haharapin si Abby pag nalaman nyang ako ang tatay nya at iniwan ko sya?” Richard felt a tear streak down his face. He wiped it impatiently. “Maya, ikaw ang totoong magulang ni Abby, hindi ako. Ikaw ang nag aruga, nagpalaki at nagmahal sa kanya. Ikaw gumagastos sa lahat ng kelangan nya. Lahat ng meron si Abby ngayon, lahat ng narating at mararating nya, dahil sa iyo. Wala akong karapatang matawag na ama nya. Mas mabuti sigurong hindi na nya malaman ang totoo”.

“Shhh”, she put a finger to his lips. She scooted forward on the chair, their knees now touching. “Richard, makinig ka. Abby needs you. May mga bagay na hindi ko kaya ibigay sa kanya. Hindi lang naman material na bagay ang kelangan ni Abby. Please, Richard. Please stay”, her eyes were pleading.

“Richard, anak mo si Abby. Hindi yun magbabago. Kung hindi dahil sa yo, wala sya dito. At kung hindi dahil uli sa yo, hindi sya magkakaron ng second chance. Abby is my happiness. And for bringing her to my life the first time, and for saving her the second time, I will forever be grateful to you, Chard.”

“Maya…”, he began.

“Shhh”, she put a finger to his lips. “Richard, makinig ka. Abby needs you. May mga bagay na hindi ko kaya ibigay sa kanya. Hindi lang naman material na bagay ang kelangan ni Abby. Please, Richard. Please stay”, her eyes were pleading. 

“Ayokong guluhin ang buhay nyo ni Abby. Pano kung balang araw mag-asawa ka? Magiging kumpleto na din ang pamilya ni Abby. Magkakaron na sya ng matatawag na daddy. Baka makagulo lang ako sa buhay nyo,” he said sadly.

Maya placed her hands on his cheeks. She looked into his eyes and slowly leaned forward. Richard’s eyes grew wide as her lips gently touched his…

She pulled back and looked at him again. He held her gaze but his eyes showed his confusion.

“Hindi ka din dense ano?” Maya smiled at him.

Richard continued to stare at her. Then a smile slowly formed on his lips as realization dawned on him.

Maya put her arms around his neck as their lips found each other for the second time.

He felt her soft lips on his. This time, though, he was filled with anticipation. He had known early on that he liked her, but he didn’t allow his feelings to get out of hand. But now that she let him know how she felt, the floodgates opened. All the bottled up emotions he had been keeping inside rushed out.

He put his hand behind her head and revelled in the sensation of her mouth on his. He probed gently with his tongue and she allowed him in. She let out a sigh as he deepened the kiss, basking in the warmth of his mouth as shivers went down her spine.

Richard pulled Maya towards him and sat her on his lap, never breaking contact with her mouth. He kept one hand behind her head, the other around the small of her back. Maya’s hands were laced around his nape, not letting him go either.

They finally paused to come up for air. Maya opened her eyes and looked at Richard. He was gazing at her in awe. He could barely believe what was happening.

“Kelan pa, Maya?” Richard whispered softly. He was curious. But more than that, he needed to be convinced that she was sure of what she was doing.

She took a deep breath and ran her fingers thru his hair. “Richard, I’ve never felt this way about a man before. Noon pa, tuwing nagkaka bangga tayo by accident, para akong nakukuryente… para akong teenager na may crush…”, she paused. “Pero na-realize ko na hindi lang crush yun, nung gabi na nandito si James…  wala akong ginawa that night over dinner but compare the two of you. And James came up short in every aspect. I found myself wishing na ikaw nalang sana, at hindi si James, ang nanliligaw sa akin. After what happened at the garden after we talked, and then after I got sick, I saw how much you cared for me. I started to think of you… a lot”, she admitted shyly.

“Pero Maya, ano nalang ang sasabihin ng mga tao? Driver mo lang ako. Hindi ko kayang tapatan ang estado mo…” He sounded agitated.

“Do you think I care about that, Richard?”, she asked softly. “Di ba sinabi ko naman sa yo kung ano ang hinahanap ko sa isang lalaki? Sa yo ko lang nakita ang lahat ng yun. Sabi mo nga na pihikan ako di ba? Papakawalan pa ba kita after kong naghanap ng matagal?” she asked with a smile.

He brushed her hair with his fingers then cupped her face. He saw nothing but love in her eyes. He pulled her into his arms again and embraced her tightly.

“Ano, ako lang ba ang aamin, ha?” Maya asked, pinching him on the nose.

Richard laughed. “Naku, kung pwede lang, matagal na kitang niligawan”, he began. “Kaya lang sabi ng boss ko, bawal daw ako magka-girlfriend eh!”

The two of them laughed as Maya remembered that day.

“I love you, Maya.”

“I love you too, Richard.”

Richard enveloped her in a hug again and stroked her hair. He felt like the luckiest guy in the world. God has given him his daughter back. And with a bonus… he now had the most wonderful woman he’s ever met in his arms as well.

Maya leaned against his chest. Just when she thought her life was about to fall apart, Abby pulled thru and she found love amidst all the turmoil. Everything just fell into place. She closed her eyes and said a silent prayer of thanks.

Destiny made their paths cross seven years ago. And now, a twist of fate brought their lives together again. It felt right. They were meant to be together, to spend the rest of their days together, and with their daughter Abby.

Their lips met again, this time, sealed with the promise of forever.

*The End*

Salamat po sa pag tangkilik! Til next story… 🙂


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    Kinilig ako ng sobra ha! Sana may epilogue na kasunod si Abby, para happy!!!! Yipppeee!!! Nakakabawas ng stress!!

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