Memoirs – part 10

Admin Note: *Contributed Story* Please give credit and thanks to Precious. This is a continuation to Memoirs – part 9.

AN: comments and suggestions on how i can improve my fanfic are welcome;

Author: precious


abby: ate, play na ulit tayo

nikki: ok, baby

luke: niks?(shouting)

mf: oh, luke? bakit? ano nangyari?

luke: ah, manang, si nikki po?

nikki: kuya, you’re home at last

luke: oo, at alam ko excited ka

nikki: what happened?

luke: wait, si abby, si dad?

*sumunod pala si abby kay nikki

abby: ate? kuya? are you fighting again?

luke: no baby

abby: why are you shouting?

nikki: he’s just excited baby

luke: wanna join us, baby?

nikki (face curious)

abby: saan kuya?

luke: sa mall, baby

abby: papaalam muna ako kay dad

*abby gets her phone, calls sc

sc: hello, baby?

abby: hi daddy

sc: baby, daddy’s busy right now eh, but what does my baby want?

abby: daddy, kuya is inviting me to the mall, can i go with them?

sc: can i talk to luke muna baby?

abby: wait lang po daddy, kuya, daddy wants to talk to you

luke: huh? akin na, baby.. yes, hello, dad?

sc: luke, sino kasama ninyo?

luke: the three of us, dad plus kuya joma

sc: ok, di ba, suppose to be, kasama si nicolo?

luke: dad, nagpunta nga po pala ako sa kanila…

sc: tony told me that and i wanna say I’m proud of you son, pero, better yata if pati si doris, isama nyo na rin, alam mo na si abby

luke: yes dad.and dad, thank you po. andito na po pala si abby

abby: hello, daddy

sc: baby, stay close kina ate at kuya ha? wag ka masyado lalayo sa kanila

abby: thank you po. bye daddy.

sc: bye baby……



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