Secret Revealed

Admin Note: *Contributed Story* Please give credit and thanks to Auricel.

A/N: Hello everyone! Here is another quick write (pero mahaba J). Sorry, gusto ko kasi tapos kaagad.

This is not in any way related to my other fanfics. I have this scene in mind if ever sasabihin na nina Richard and Maya ang relationship nila sa mga bata.Well, ako lang naman ‘yon. At late naito.Hehe.

Enjoy reading! J



“Bakit andito ka?” Maya dela Rosa surprisingly asked when she opened the door and saw him.

It was the day that they had planned to tell the kids. They have been together for almost 1 week but still only a few of their family members knew about the relationship. Now, they have decided to talk to his children and tell them of the situation.

Richard Lim gave her a quick smile and kissed her cheek. “I just want to check on you. How are you?” He walked nearer and held her hand to assure her. He closed the door behind him and followed her inside the condo.

“Kinakabahan ako….” Maya hesitatingly told him.

Richard took a deep breath. “Ako rin… You know we can postpone it naman if you’re still having second thoughts.” He then assisted her towards the couch.

The plan was to just meet up in the place they had agreed to tell Richard’s children. Although this was not part of their plan, Maya was touched Richard came to see how she is. They both knew that this would be a big day not only for their relationship, but for their whole family as well. They have been praying about this and now, the day finally arrived. And yes, they are nervous of what the outcome will be.

She shook her head. “Hindi, I think this is the right time. Sinabi ko sa’yo dati na ayaw ko munang sabihin dahil ayokong masaktan sila just in case ano, ‘diba… hindi natin alam… kung tuluy-tuloy na ‘to. At ayoko ulit pagdaanan nila ‘yung pinagdaanan nila nung nawala si Alex…”

Richard was about to reply but Maya held out a hand to stop him.

“Pero ngayon, hindi lang ako handang sabihin na sa kanila ‘yung tungkol sa atin. Handa na rin akong ituloy-tuloy na ‘to, Richard. I’m ready to go through this. Lahat ‘to. Basta magkasama tayo,” Maya rested her eyes on the floor. Her cheeks reddened. She had been thinking about this and now, she’s really sure. She wanted to make this last. Her last.

Richard’s heart melted when he heard Maya. He still could not believe it. What could he have done in his life to deserve all of these? To deserve this amazingly wonderful woman in front of him? To deserve this, what they have? Up to this moment, he still has no answers.

Right now though, he knew that he is overflowing with happiness. He then enclosed her in an embrace, exuding all the love in his whole being.

“Hay, Maya. You are really remarkable. You know that? That’s what I’m thinking. And that I love you. I always will,” Richard finally spoke. He can’t help but heave a great sigh while she was in his arms.

“Mahal din kita, Chief ko,” Maya replied. She hugged him tighter. She did this to prevent her tears from falling down. “Kaya natin ‘to.”

They stayed in the same position for a few minutes but then let go. They knew it’s time.

“Ready?” Richard still grasped Maya’s hands and looked deeply in her expressive eyes. They made their way to the door.

She smiled shyly at him and nodded. “Ikaw?” She returned his gaze with the same intensity.

Richard flashed his famous half-smile and said, “Matagal na.”

That smile gave her all the strength she needed. Then, she suddenly remembered. “Sige na. I’ll see you there.”

“I’ll be waiting,” Richard replied and cupped her cheek.


“Kuya, wala ka talagang idea where we’re going?” Nikki inquired while combing her hair. All three kids were in Luke’s room, preparing for their “date” with their dad.

Luke straightened his shirt and looked at the mirror. “Ang kulit mo, Niks. Ilang beses mo na ‘yan tinanong ‘diba? Pwede ba maghintay ka na lang. Malapit na tayo umalis oh,” he answered, a little irritatingly. Frankly, he was getting tired of all his sister’s questions.

“Hay naku! Eh I can’t wait na nga eh! Malay ko ba if you and dad are keeping secrets from us girls, ‘diba baby?” Nikki looked at her little sister.

“It’s okay ate. I think it will be somewhere we will enjoy,” Abby assured her ate, who was obviously very excited and curious at the same time.

Nikki gave her younger sister a smile but when she turned to her brother, she rolled her eyes.

After a while, they heard a knock on the door. When it opened, they sawManang Fe. “Luke, Nikki, Abby, katatawaglangng daddy niyo. Malapitna raw siya. Handanaba kayo?”

Luke nodded. “Opo, Manang. Baba napo kami mayamaya. Salamatpo,” he smiled at the thoughtful old lady.

When Manang Fe was gone, Nikki finally exclaimed, “Wait! I think I know what this is about! Maybe… Maybe… We will meet her today! That’s it! We’ll meet dad’s girlfriend today!” She let out a small scream.

“Bahalakanga, Niks!” Luke then grabbed his youngest sister’s hand and went out of the room.

Nikki snatched her bag and followed them quickly. “You are so G-R-R-R talagakuya! Whatever!”

In the car…

“Ok guys, ready?” Richard asked his kids with a smile. Outside it seemed that everything was alright. But inside it was a different matter altogether. The confident, snob, composed, and all-too intimidating Richard Lim was ultimately nervous and distressed. He could hear his heart beating ever so wildly.Kalmalang. You can do this together,he silently boosted his nervous self.

“Ah dad? Are we going to have a snack in the mall?” Nikki inquired. She was actually going to speak again to confirm her suspicionswhen her brother gave her a warning look.

“Actually… May dadaananlangmunatayosandali. Is that ok with you?” Richard fixed his eyes on the road.

All three nodded their head in agreement. “Sure, dad. BakagutomnasiNiks kaya pagkainkaagadanginiisip,” Luke kidded and glared at Nikki.

Richard smirked. It somehow gave him the courage he needed. He continued driving and finally, they were in their destination.

The kids looked at each other. It didn’t even cross their mind that this is where they’re going. Their faces mirrored each other: shocked, stunned, bewildered. Why are they here?

Richard stopped the engine and took one look at his children, ignoring their confused faces. He then opened his door and went out. “Come on, guys,” he told them. He moved over to the car trunk and got a bouquet of flowers.

Still not able to speak, the children came out one by one. Abby held on to her sister’s hand. In turn, Nikki also hooked her arm on her brother’s arm. Luke glanced at his sisters and shrugged. He then led his sisters to the mausoleum. They saw their dad kneeling down, placing the flowers on the ground…

for their mother.

Richard knew that his children were behind him. He took a deep breath before facing them.

“Guys, you might be wondering why I brought you here. Well, it’s because I wanted to tell you that I’ve met someone. And here, in front of your mom, I would love to introduce her to you…” Richard started.

The children again looked at each other, trying to digest what their dad was saying. They continued walking and brought their eyes back to him when they heard his voice again.

“I have already told your mom about it, when we went here last Mother’s Day. Right now, I’m already asking for your forgiveness for not telling you right away. But please understand that before my happiness, I always try to think about your feelings, your thoughts, your reactions. That’s how much I love you and I can’t bear to see you getting hurt or feeling betrayed…” Richard’s voice was cracking but he went on, explaining.

“But at this very moment, I just want to tell you that I’m very happy. Being with her has just been wonderful. I never thought I would find love again after everything that we have been through. And I just hope that you can share my happiness…”

As if on cue, Maya entered and stood beside Richard. The children were all taken aback when they saw her. She entwined her fingers with his and smiled at them. But though she was smiling, tears were already forming in her eyes.

“Luke, Nikki, Abby, Alex… I think you’ve already met Maya… She’s the one I’ve been telling you about: the person who showed me that I still have a heart that beats, a heart that can learn to love again. And I thank God because I got so lucky… For she loves me too,” he then tilted his head to look at Maya and grinned.

Maya returned a smile and then looked back at the children. She can’t quite decipher what they were thinking but she felt she needed to say something. She then glimpsed back at Richard. He nodded.

Maya stepped forward and faced the children. “Luke, Nikki, Abby, pasensiyana kayo kung ngayonlangnaminsinabi. Sa totoolang, natatakotkamingsabihinsainyokasiayaw naming masaktan kayo o mag-isipng kungano. Mahalkoang daddy niyohindidahilsaano’ng kaya niyangibigay. Mahalkosiyadahilhindisiyamahirapmahalin. At sabinganila, hindimatuturuanangpuso. Kahitanongpigilko, walatalaga eh…” Maya then wiped her eyes. She can’t stop the tears from flowing.

She then turned her attention to the stone where the flowers are. “Ma’am Alex, gusto korin pong huminging sorry kasingayonlangpoakonakabalik. Sa harappongmgaanakninyo, gusto kolang pong malamanninyonahinding-hindikopokailanmaninisipnapalitan kayo. Peromamahalin at aalagaankoposilasaabotngakingmakakayadahil ‘yunangnararapatparasakanila.” She closed her eyes. She was hoping to hear congratulatory responses, cheerful reactions and even preparing herself for their violent retorts when she felt a touch on her arm.

Richard was about to console Maya but he was startled with what he saw.

Luke was already beside Maya, comforting her.

“Ate Maya, thank you po. Thank you po for this. For telling us and for taking into consideration our feelings. Most of all, thank you for loving us, for loving dad,” the eldest of the kids gave Maya a kind smile and hugged her. He then walked over to Richard and embraced him.

“Thank you, Luke. Thank you for understanding,” Richard grasped his son’s shoulder and Luke put an arm around his dad.Richard can’t help but be proud of his son.

Abby then came forward and placed her arms around Maya. “Thank you for making my wish come true, Ate Maya,” she gladly told her.

Maya was confused. “Ano’ngibigmongsabihin, baby?”

“Dibaposabiko I wish ikawnalanganggirlfriend ng daddy ko? And now, I got it po. Thank you po, daddy,” Abby then walked towards Richard and hugged him too.

Maya was still crying because she was simply overflowing with relief. But then, she remembered Nikki. She was looking at them, her mouth in a pout and her eyes wide in shock. Richard was about to ask for forgiveness when she spoke…

“Wait. So you two are together. When pa?” Nikki queried.

“We’ve been together for a week already but we’ve been going out since her internship started,” Richard calmly replied.

“What?! That long? How could you dad? And Ate Maya?” Nikki was obviously irked.

Luke then tried to intervene. “What’s wrong with that, Niks? Anobaikinagagalitmo ha? Kaya ngaanditonatayopara…”

“Ate Maya! How could you have not told me earlier? I should have joined you sana in the kilig!” Nikki told her, finally showing a smile that everyone was waiting for.

Richard, Maya, Luke, and Abby exchanged puzzled looks. Huh? Could this be true? Richard had to hear it again to confirm Nikki’s words.

“So?” Nikki urged on, waiting for an explanation. She raised her eyebrow.

“Ah, eh,” was all Maya could say. Then she quickly said, “Sorry Nikki. Ayawkasinaminkayongbiglain. Si-siyempre involved din kayo ditoka-kaya… Alammona… Ma-maraming complications,” Maya was stuttering. Everything still felt like a daze.Totoobatalagaito? Si Nikki, nagagalitdahilhindisiyanakasalisa… kilig?

“Haaay… And you dad. I could have given you tips sanaon what Ate Maya would enjoy and like. You know, what you can do to make her feel happy, appreciated, and loved. Ah! Nakakainiskayongdalawa! I hate you both!” Nikki was again pouting, and now, she crossed her arms over her chest.

Luke was now on the verge of laughter. “Niks, ‘yunlangangkinaiinismodyan? Ang arte motalaga! Wow, grabe! Kinabahankaminglahatsa’yotaposetolangpala? Anglabomo, Niks!”

“Whaaatt?!Kuya, I wanted sana to be there every step of the way. Siyempre this is serious business kaya dapatalamkolahat. Taposngayonlangnatinmalalaman? It’s so G-R-R-R not knowing kaya!” Nikki was still very much irritated but she was also grinning now.

Richard and Maya looked at each other. They are thinking about the same thing: they were able to do it! Together.  Clearly, this turned out to be more than what they had hoped for. Three out of three!

Richard then closed the gap between him and Nikki. “Thank you Niks for the support. You are very important in this relationship and we want you to accept what we have. We don’t know what we will do if you have reacted differently. And I’m sorry for not telling you earlier.” He then kissed his daughter on the cheek and enclosed her in a hug.

After the hug, Nikki went to Maya and also gave her a kiss. “Thank you Ate Maya for making dad smile again. And for being there for all of us.”

“Ah, okay langtalagasa’yo Nikki?” Maya asked her, still afraid of what she will say next. Among the three, she is most afraid of what Nikki’s response would be.

“Why not? Sana lang you really should have told me earlier. But, on second thought, it’s okay narinna I didn’t know about it. Dad doing cheesy stuff?Eeeww! I don’t think I would be able to look at him the same way again. Haha!” Nikki threw a joking look at her dad. It was Richard’s turn to blush.

“Alright guys, enough making fun of us. Seriously, I’ve never been happier. Thank you kids for being supportive.” He gathered his children, looked up and said, “Thank you Alex for giving me three marvelous kids. I think they got it from you.”

“No dad. You are also the best. Thank you for always thinking about us. We love you and we want you to be happy,” Luke smiled and gave Richard a pat on the shoulder.

Nikki then turned to her dad, “And Dad, thank you for bringing us here. It means so much to me that you decided to tell us here. In front of mom… And Ate Maya…”

Everyone turned around to look at her but Maya was crying so hard now as she watched the incredible sight she’s seeing. The Lims chuckled when they saw her.

“Naku, sorry. Mababawtalagaangluhako. Huwagniyokopansinin,” she told them. Abby approached her, clasped her hand and brought her to their embrace. She then extended her arms and joined in the hug. They really looked like one big happy family.

“Come on guys! This calls for a celebration. I still owe you that merienda, right Niks?” Richard reminded his children.

“Yes dad! And now, we’re complete,” Nikki looked at Maya and gave her a knowing smile.

Richard nodded. “Yes. Yes, we are,” he also looked admiringly at the love of is life. Maya blushed but giggled at the same time.

“Bye mom! We’ll come back soon…Come on Niks, Abby,” Luke pulled his sisters towards the car, and winked at his dad.

Richard and Maya stopped in front of the entrance of the mausoleum and stared at the children. “Wow. I can’t believe we actually did it. Thank you, Maya for sticking with me. I love you,” Richard said gratefully, placing a kiss on Maya’s hand.

“Ikawnaman, walaka bang tiwalasamgaanakmo? Siyemprekagayamo, mababaitsila at maunawain. I love you, too, mahalnahari,” Maya responded, givingRichard a kiss on the cheek.

“By the way, I just remembered something… Walanangbawian ‘yungsinabimo ha. Tuluy-tuloyna ‘to…” Richard stopped. “…Babe?” he questioned her, obviously teasing.

“Bakit, ayawmo…” she also stopped. “…Babe?” Maya joked back, and put her hands on her hips.

“Walanamanakongsinabi ah,” Richard uttered. He smiled mischievously at her. Then they saw Abby coming.

The little girl asked, “Can I call you Tita Maya now?” Maya then turned to Richard who was still wearing his signature smile. Maya’s heart skipped a beat.She nodded and kissed Abby.

Nikki also ran toward them. “Dad, come on. We can also watch a movie! Dali!” She then grabbed Maya’s hand and led her to the car.

Richard’s heart soared when he saw Nikki’s welcoming gesture. Hewas about to follow them when Abby tugged his arm. “What is it baby?” He patiently waited for her daughter’s answer.

“Daddy, thank you po. Now I know that the MahalnaHari and MahalnaPrinsesa are both very happy right now. And the whole kingdom is also very happy for them,” Abby smiled at her dad. “Thank you for making Tita Maya a part of our life, dad.”

Richard then scooped Abby in his arms. His bunso is really not a baby anymore. And with that, he knew he could share his secret with her.

“Yes, baby. And you know what? You won’t be calling her MahalnaPrinsesa for long,” Richard whispered to Abby. He then sealed this promise with his famous lopsided killer smile.

The End

What do you think guys? A girl can dream right? Hehe. Like you guys, I’m also a sucker for happy endings.Haha.J


Thanks again for reading. J


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