Family Matters

Admin Note: *Contributed story/essay*. Please give credit and thanks to iamgarie.

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This next piece, FAMILY MATTERS (written on June 15, 2013) contains my thoughts on the June 13 and 14 episodes of BCWMH, when Richard finally admits to the kids that Maya is indeed his girlfriend. Let us continue to spread the good vibes!


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Kapit-bisig, Richard and Maya!

By iamgarie

We do not hear Richard and Maya say these three magic words to each other in the June 13 and 14 episodes, but we are not left disheartened. Richard and Maya have just made us witness TRUE LOVE at its finest.
Richard, our man with a purpose, finally comes home. The household help see him, and they seem to be at a loss for words. His children all go down to the living room to welcome his arrival. His very presence commands attention, respect, and fear. There is tension in his home, but Richard remains steadfast, forthright and true as he talks with his children. He is honest with them. He says YES, when Abby asks if Maya is his girlfriend.
Abby is ecstatic. Luke is shocked. Nikki seems indifferent.

As expected, Richard’s youngest daughter, Abby–everyone’s little Maya, is the happiest little girl alive. Abby is our breath of fresh air in the tension-filled mansion. Abby, in Maya-like fashion, is beyond herself in excitement as she curiously asks her Dad many innocent questions. We cannot help but smile and be in awe of Richard who gamely answers all of Abby’s questions in the level she would understand. Indeed, Richard remains in total control of the situation.

Abby: Daddy, diba po ang girlfriend meaning nun lagi kayong magkasama?

Richard: Well, yes.

Abby: Diba po ang girlfriend parang bestfriend? Kaso nga lang boy and girl.

Richard: Not exactly.

Abby: Why not exactly? Eh si Kuya Luke at si Ate Joey po dati parang ganun din po.

Richard: Yes. Pero hindi lang siya bestfriend. It’s a different kind of relationship, wherein a man and a woman are committed to each other. It’s like having a special relationship with someone special, someone that you love.

Abby: Love mo po si Ate Maya, katulad ko?

Richard: Yes, I LOVE HER.

In Emman’s condo, Maya is in panic mode. She is worried about Richard and the kids. She is anxious to find out how the children feel about their Dad’s news. She finally receives a call from Abby. They talk. She is happy to hear that Abby is happy with their Dad’s news. Abby also texts Maya before going to sleep—
Hi Ate Maya! I’m happy na ikaw ang girlfriend ni Daddy. Pinag-pray ko na sana pagnagka-girlfriend si Daddy, sana yung parang ikaw. Kasi mahal na mahal mo ako, eh. Tapos hindi lang pala parang ikaw. Ikaw na pala talaga! Yehey!

Abby, we love you! You have just made your Mahal na Hari and Mahal na Prinsesa the happiest couple alive!
At breakfast the next day, Abby asks her Dad—
Pwede po ba tayong pumunta kay Ate Maya kasi gusto ko siyang tanungin kung ano pong gusto niyang tawag namin sa kanya, Mommy po ba o Mama?

Richard sees the unhappy faces of Luke and Nikki, and tells Abby—
Let’s talk about that later, baby.

Aww! Oh, how we love you, Abby!
We have always known Richard to be straightforward and unyielding. Our much respected and well-admired CEO remains true to form. We are in awe of his quiet strength! The man with a purpose is not about to give up on his two teenage kids. He is truly THE MAN! Richard knocks at Nikki’s bedroom door, with a quiet resolve to hear Luke and Nikki’s thoughts and make them understand the situation.

Richard: Look, I know you’re not happy about this. WHY? Tell me…

Luke: Bakit ngayon niyo lang po sinabi, Dad? Bakit kelangan niyo pa po itago and pretend na wala lang?

Richard: I was waiting for the right time, not only for both of us, but for you guys.

Luke is losing sleep over this current drama at home, as the voices of Abby, Nikki and his Dad echo in his head:
Abby: Love mo po si Ate Maya?

Richard: Yes, I love her.

Richard: Just take your time, son. Other people will come into your life na magpapasaya sa yo ulit.

Nikki: I want to understand why you love her.

Richard: Because I just do.
The next day, Luke tells Nikki-
Eh, ikaw lang naman ang may malaking issue kay Ate Maya, eh… Niks, any side doesn’t matter… Aaminin ko, bad trip yung di agad nila pagsabi sa atin, kasi parang lahat palang pinakita nila sa atin ni Dad at ni Ate Maya parang pelikula lang kasi may tinatago sila. Pero…

It seems that Luke’s only issue against his Dad and his Ate Maya is that he feels he has been lied to by two of the most important people in his life. He is clearly disappointed with how his Dad kept his Ate Maya’s identity a secret to him. After Luke broke up with Joey and after the long talk they had at PUS, father and son have become closer and very protective of each other.
The words imprinted in Luke’s head give me hope. Luke has indeed matured after his very first experience of heartbreak. I am once again in utter awe of the writers of this show! I now realize that Luke’s first heartbreak seems to serve two purposes. It has served its first purpose well– It led the way for father and son to get closer and gain a better understanding of each other. And now that we have reached this point of the story, Luke’s first heartbreak is about to serve its other purpose– Because he knows what LOVE is, Luke understands the significance of what his Dad is trying to tell him and Nikki. Luke is slowly starting to understand the depth and beauty of his father’s love for his Ate Maya. A good talk with his Dad and his Ate Maya might do him wonders. It’s only a matter of time before he accepts Maya as the only woman his Dad will ever love…
Nikki is truly her father’s daughter. Like her engineer Dad, Nikki focuses way too much on the details and fails to see the big picture. She overthinks; she analyzes way too much. For Nikki, her Dad and her Ate Maya’s relationship seems to be a puzzle she could not solve. Not too long ago, Richard also saw Maya as a puzzle he was unable to solve no matter how hard he tried. For Nikki, her Dad and her Ate Maya’s relationship is a shock to her system. Not too long ago, Maya’s very existence was a shock to Richard’s system. Nikki seems to be questioning Maya’s worth now. Not too long ago, Richard questioned Maya’s integrity.
Like her Dad, Nikki is also known for her sudden outbursts. Richard’s jealousy and seeming rage during the Summit are unforgettable. His outburst led Maya to take flight. Nikki’s anger towards Aira led her to ask THE question that led Maya to also take flight, as well.
Like her Dad, Nikki always finds comfort in confiding in Maya.

Like her Dad, Nikki is also straightforward with her thoughts and actions. She does not mince her words. She is always honest and straight to the point.
Nikki: You could have told us earlier, Dad, bago mo pa niligawan si Ate Maya. I mean, don’t we have a say kung sino?

Luke: Niks!

Richard: Go ahead, Nikki.

Nikki: I just… I don’t want her for you, Dad. I mean, I don’t understand what you see in her.

Richard: You want to understand why we love the people we love?

Nikki: No, I want to understand why you love her.

Richard: BECAUSE I JUST DO. Look, you can’t analyze why we feel the way we do about people. There’s no logic in it. No explanation. LOVE JUST HAPPENS.

Nikki: Whether we like it or not? Is that it, Dad?

Richard: Nikki, if we can choose the people we’d love, I’d let you choose for me… But love doesn’t give you any choices. We can’t choose who we love. And when we fall in love. It just doesn’t happen that way.

Nikki: So, we just have to accept that, Dad?

Richard: Look guys, I won’t force you to accept Maya if you can’t right now. BUT I HOPE THAT IN TIME YOU WILL, BECAUSE I WOULD NEVER HAVE LOVED HER IF I DIDN’T SEE HOW MUCH SHE LOVES YOU, TOO!

Aww! Damn! Our logical, analytical, and detail-oriented engineer has finally embraced life’s greatest gift: LOVE! Love happens unexpectedly. There’s no logic in it, no explanation! He loves Maya because he just does!
I have complete faith in Nikki. We already know she loves Maya. The words of both Nanay Teresita and Richard echo in my head now—
Nanay Teresita to Maya: Magpakatotoo ka, Maya. Diba mahal mo si Richard? At sigurado ako mahal mo din ang mga anak niya. Yun lang ‘nak. Yun lang ang kelangan nilang malaman.

Richard to Maya: Look, okay ka naman sa mga bata before they learned about us. Kilala ka nila at they love you. They just have to remember that.

Once our most fervent hope is realized, and Maya gains Nikki’s acceptance, it will be Nikki who will be able to truly comprehend the beauty and gravity of her Dad’s love for Maya, as she is about to realize it herself. Richard and his mini me both initially regarded Maya with hostility. It both took them a long time to warm up to her. It both took them forever to fall in love with her, too! Richard denied himself of Maya’s love for a long time. He may have looked at Maya then with the eyes of love, but could not fathom seeing them falling in love and ending up together. Like Nikki, he may have had questions and doubts in his head. He tried to look elsewhere and dated Atty. Gie for a time; he even encouraged Maya to date Simon then. It almost took Richard forever to come to terms with his feelings for Maya, but he did, and that’s all that matters. Nikki, in her conversations with Luke, has not really said anything mean to attack Maya’s character nor her social status. She simply does not like Maya for her Dad! She still cannot fathom the reality that her Dad fell in love with Maya and they might just end up together. Let’s have faith in Nikki as we have put faith in Richard then. In time, in Richard-like fashion, Nikki will finally accept Maya as the only woman who will ever be right for their Dad, for her and her siblings.

I saw BCWMH writer @jimuel tweet these just last night (June 14):

Tweet #1. @jimuel: Powerful. Breath-taking. Poignant. Real. A MUST WATCH!

Tweet #2. @jimuel: The great turnaround. The sweetest turning point. The wonderful air of comfort. The end of evrything… Sigh.

I have absolutely no idea if both of Jimuel’s tweets pertain to the show, but I would like to believe they do…

If Nikki is truly her father’s daughter, she is bound “to turn around.” She may take longer than Luke, but she will. And once she finally does, it will be “powerful, breath-taking, poignant, and real.” Truly, “A MUST WATCH!”

Richard: Hi.

Maya: Ser Chief, hindi okay sa kanila ‘no? Ser Chief, gusto mong pumunta ako diyan para mag-explain? Gusto ko ring humingi ng sorry sa mga bata.

Richard: It’s okay, Maya. Huwag na muna.

Maya: Okay, Ser Chief.

Richard: I’ll see you later.

Maya: Kahit huwag na lang muna.

Richard: I’ll see you later.

Richard’s car drive to Emman’s condo allows us an opportunity to finally see his anguish and pain. (Mr. CEO also has problems at work, but he is on top of it all.) He is beyond himself with worry. He wants to fix everything. He wishes for everything to be alright. For her.
When he finally sees Maya and she asks him,
Yung mga bata, kamusta? Anong sabi nila?
Richard does not say anything, but reaches out for her hand and leads her to the couch. They sit. Richard lovingly stares at her, then asks her,
Ikaw, how are you?

Maya: Okay naman ako. Kaya lang, nag-aalala ako, Ser Chief, eh. Pano kung…

Richard: Maya, we can’t control kung pano sila mag-react.

Maya: Hindi nila nagustuhan? Aah… Anong gagawin natin?

Richard: Maybe if you have time tomorrow, you could come over.

Maya looks away. Richard holds her hand as he reassures her-
Look, okay ka naman sa mga bata before they learned about us. Kilala ka nila at they love you. They just have to remember that.
Maya: Sa palagay mo ba, makakatulong kung pupunta ko dun bukas?

Richard nods. Maya nods—

Aww! RICHARD SLOWLY, LOVINGLY KISSES HER HAND and they look at each other. (Swoon. Swoon.) He remains strong for them. He says,
They just need time to adjust.
We sense Richard’s unwavering love for Maya. Our man of purpose is a man of action. He has made his first move– have Maya join him and the kids for dinner. He is not about to give up on their relationship. He loves her and he will try his very best to make Luke and Nikki understand and accept Maya as the woman he is truly in love with! No other woman can ever come close.
We sense Maya’s complete faith and trust and love for Richard, too. She is not about to cower. She will join Richard and the kids for dinner as he requested. She will most likely apologize for keeping their relationship a secret. Perhaps she will also try her best to make them understand how much she loves them and their Dad.

The next day, Richard and Maya are both distracted at work. When Richard finally picks her up at the airport, he tells Maya that he was not focused with his meetings the whole day and Liza did notice it. Maya tells him that she forgot her scarf and was reprimanded by a senior FA. Maya is relieved to realize that Richard is just as nervous as she is. Still, she makes him smile and laugh without meaning to. She will always have that effect on him—
Maya: Eh basta pag nagkaproblema, bahala na si Batman.

Richard: Ha?

Maya: Madalas kasi sabihin ni Joshua yun pag kinakabahan siya.

Richard: So, what does Batman have to do with it?

Maya: Ewan ko. Basta pag sinasabi yun nakakagaan sa dibdib. Kaya bahala na si Batman!

Richard laughs.
Finally, they are in the Lim mansion. Maya is nervous and scared as Richard opens the car door for her.
And then, he once again reaches for her hand and reassures her before they enter his home,
Aww! You are one lucky girl, Maya! Have faith! Richard is never giving up on your love. He loves you! He has already proven himself worthy of your love many times over. He will make good on his promise to Nanay Teresita and Kute! He loves you! Trust in your love. Together, work hard to make the kids understand!

Maya, allow Richard to forever be your hand to hold. He loves you!
*Like all of you, I wondered where Richard’s most touching delivery of ‘I love you’ to Maya went… But the BCWMH production may have had a reason for cutting out that line. Although we didn’t hear Richard say it, we felt and saw his love for Maya in action! And we were all reassured!

The June 17 teaser is up early! And I sense that it does not showcase almost a whole week’s worth of episodes. I have a feeling everything the teaser showed is all happening on Monday, because we’re up for a welcome surprise by mid-week! Ha!

1. Abby overhears her Ate Nikki talking to their Kuya Luke and she is shocked by what she discovers—

Why do we have to be there kasi? Kahit naman I don’t like Ate Maya for Dad, wala naman tayong magagawa!

Where are you, Richard and Maya? Abby needs you to help process what she just heard her Ate Nikki say. Who will she run to and share her painful discovery with? This simply breaks my heart! Or what if, just if, Abby bursts into the room and asks her Ate Nikki why she doesn’t like her Ate Maya for their Dad? Will Luke call up his Dad immediately and let him know about what just happened?
2. In the car, on the way back to Emman’s condo, Maya and Ser Chief are talking–

Maya: Ser Chief, hindi ko in-expect na ganito pala ito kahirap… Nagkakaproblema kayo ng mga bata. Ayokong masayang lahat ng pinaghirapan mo. Ayokong bumalik kayo sa dati.

Richard: Are you breaking up with me?
Maya, I hope you’re not even thinking about that! Tell your Ser Chief that he assumed wrong! Don’t even entertain such thoughts. Either way, two people are bound to get hurt. Either way, two people may just revert to their old ways. If you break up with Richard, he and Abby are bound to be hurt and devastated. If you don’t break up with Richard, Luke and Nikki may initially be hurt, but they may eventually come around. (You even promised Nanay Teresita, remember? Pag may tiyaga may nilaga!). Kapit-bisig lang! I even have a feeling that Luke is about to come around. Hence, his convo with Nikki that Abby overhears. By the end of your dinner, he just might turn around without you and Richard knowing about it.

It’s truly an exciting week ahead!  Kapit-bisig, everyone! (06-15-2013)


15 thoughts on “Family Matters

  1. A very nice analysis for those 2 episodes, helps us to understand both sides. What’s wonderful about this show is that it is still in-touch with reality. That sometimes children doesn’t understand how their parents feel and that they can’t accept things right away. That love doesn’t necessarily means that you’re always happy. There’s always going to be a problem along the way but if you really love each other then together you can solve it.

    The only problem I have right now with the show is the level of physical contact between Maya and Sir Chief. I mean they are a couple now and will be celebrating their one month anniv. (I hope Sir Chief will do something nice for Maya on that day) and still THE KISS is not happening and I don’t know why. I just hope that they can level-up the physical contact between these two simply because SILA NA!!!

    Sorry for the long comment but I love the way you write… keep ’em coming sis 🙂

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