2 Gentleman and 1 Lady – part 1

Admin Note: *Contributed Story* Please give credit and thanks to PoppyLove.

A:N:Please pardon my first EB stories; I really loved the character of sir chef, Maya and James. So I decide na I put twist on their love story and forgive me kung mali – mali ang Tagalog at English ko and grammar. Ihope you all like it. Please comment – thanks J

Author: PoppyLove



Twogentlemen and a lady– Part 1

One day Maya bring Luke her younger brother to school. She saw two girls talking without looking if there a car coming. It’s almost hit them, lucky she instantly push the two girls away from the car.

Nikki: OMG will almost get hit! (Na Shocks)

Abby: Now crying (ate Nikki)

Maya: Mga bata ok lang kayo? Wala bang masakit sa body niyo? I bring you to the hospital.

Suddenly all student and people on looker gather the area. Then Richard and James arrived to pick up Nikki and Abby.

Vendor: hoy Richard and James ang mga kapatid niyo almost hit by a car, buti na lang they get save.

Richard and James:What! They run to look for them.

Nikki: Ate salamat, kung wala ka baka patay na kami.

Maya: ok lang iyon, saan ang house iyo? I bring you home to rest na.

Richard: What happen Nikki? Are you ok? Did you get hurt? Where Abby?

James: Abby (He hug Abby which now crying)

Maya: they almost get hit by a car, lucky I push them away.

Richard: Salamat Ms.?

Maya: Maya … Maya dela Rosa.

James: salamat Maya kung wala ka baka patay na ang mga sister namin.

Dahil Nikki and Abby were saved by Maya they became close friends. Nikki and Abby like Maya so much just like their own older sister. They always meet and visit there place every weekend and talk.

They all graduate from high school, as they all say goodbye, they promise na they still be best of friend.

Nikki: ate Maya, don’t forget to contact us kung may time ka.

Abby and I will miss you. I love you ate MayaJ

Maya: Sure Kayo pa mga baby sister ko,loved ko kayong dalawa. (ThenMaya hug Nikki and Abby)

James: Paano na Maya, we go ahead, sana learns to protect yourself against bully, and study hardsa university you planning to attended.

Maya: Ako pa? Brave ako, at super matalino, I can do anything I want.

James:Talaga lang, pero promise mo na you will work very hard on yours studies.

Maya: Oo naman ako pa.

Richard:Maya remember you will only go in college once in your life, make sure you take it serious. (Serious at tiger mood)

Maya: excuse me Richard very matalino ako! (Seriousdin ang face) malay mo someday, I will outcome you (smiling).

Richard: Talaga huh? Let See.

Maya: Wanna Bet?

James: Stop na kayo, Richard let go, goodbye Maya let just talk sa Facebook, email or Skype.

Maya: ok James (Maya hug James and Richard)

Ten years after they all graduate and have successful career,

In college Jamestook doctoral courses. He became a doctor and a director of one of the best hospital here in manila and author of some well know health books.

Richard took law, and became a respected lawyer in town. He work on high profile cases and never lose a single cases. Aside from being a lawyer Richard also manage their family business in real estates.

Si Maya naman dahil willing to be the best lawyer in town (she dream to work with Richard someday, dahil since the beginning she has biggest crush on him pero lately lang niya na realize na mahal na mahal niya si Richard). Determine to be successful and to help her family. She work and studies like their no tomorrow.

She became a well know lawyer too at very in demand sa mga high profile cases and same as Richard, she never lose a single caseload. Pero hindi lang lawyer si Maya she also work as part time pilot instructor sa military school, which earn her nickname as ruthless/crazy instructor.

One DayJames call Maya…

James: Maya kamusta na? Can I talk to you aboutRichard?

Maya: Bakit what happen to Richard?

James: I’m so worried for Richard, he so depress dahil after 5 years with Alex he pops the big question to get married. Eventfully get engaged but all the sudden, she call off the wedding.

Maya: what? What happen? I’m felt sorry for Richard, he really loved Alex.

James:Yes he loved alex so much, pero dahil Alex break his heart, he so galit sa nga babae at became alcoholic. He not focused on his work. He thinks all women are gold digger and user.

Maya:Not all girls are bad you know, so ano ang dapat natin gawin to help Richard overcome his depression? What really happen to Alex, why suddenly call off the wedding?

James: ito ang dapat natin alamin the reason bakit ng call off ng wedding si Alex. We need to help Richard baka ano pa ang gawin nila sa sarili niya.

Maya: When and where tayo to meet and to talk to Richard.

James: Next week Wednesday sa Olive Garden restaurant sa Makati, ok ba?

Maya: Call

Dumatin ang day na meeting nila James, Maya and Richard. Dahil love at respected ni Maya si Richard. She investigates kung ano talaga ang dahilan kung bakit ng call off ng wedding si Alex.

Dahil sa may connection ni Maya sa military at magaling siya sa research. She learn na hindi na happy si alex at pregnant sa first love niya si clark.

Inside Olive Garden restaurant

Maya: Kamusta na ang mga pogi kong best friends? Long time no see? Wala bang hug ako?

James and Richard hug Maya. They all sit down sa restaurant they talk about their work, lifestyle, and even love life.

James: ito pogi pa rin at alam mo na woman chase me. Heheheh at busy sa work. (pero deep inside hopefully romantic din, hoping someday he meet his dream girl.)

Maya: Well ako busy din sa work ko as secretary sa isa respected law firm. (sa isip ni maya. Sorry best friends hindi pa tama oras para voice out ko ang mga kind of works ko, next time nalang para may excitement).

Richard: Do I have to explain? You all know me right? (Tiger mood)

Maya and James just stareat each other.

Maya: Ok take it easy, kamusta na ang love life mo? Kamusta nasi Alex?

Richard: Don’t talk bad word.

Maya: Ay sorry, so kamusta ka na? feeling better na ba? I hear about Alex sorry ha. Don’t worried you will find a new girl na will loved you. Just wait it will come. (Sa isip ni Maya – sana ako nalang iyon. I love you so much since the beginning and I promise I will not break your heart) J

Richard: What? New girl bakit kayo nga babae you all like to seduce us, play with our heart and suddenly dump us like a piece of cake.

Maya:(Galit ang expression) Hoy Richard hindi lahat ng babae are play girl, some are faithful din naman like me very faithful hehehe.

Richard:Huh? Maya, Alam mo ba ang sinasabi mo? Hindi ka naman babae, look at yourself youlook crap, you act like a men,and you have a suck career.

James: Richard ang puso mo, don’t be bastos, Maya just giving advice. There nothing wrong with maya outfit and career. At least she has one.

Maya: tama si James, beside Richard do I need to dress like a slut in office to be call woman? What I wear is non ofyour business. Bastos ka rin ano? Hindi dahil I don’t dress or act like a lady doesn’t mean hindi ako babae. (Galit na galit na si Maya) and don’t dare question my job dahil you don’t know me well.

Ito pa Richard Lim throws a brown envelope sa table. Read it before you judge woman. Wanna know kung bakit Alex dump you read this report. Good bye James, nice talking to you.

Then Maya walk out the restaurant.

James: Richard bakit mo naman binatos si Maya kawawa naman.

Richard: I don’t care, she talk too much, buti na iyon para alam niya kung saan ang place niya dito sa friendship natin. I don’t like woman who talk too much.

James: ano ba ito folder? Can I read it? Richard baka important ito.

Richard: go ahead I don’t care (as he drinks his beer)

James: Now reading the folder. Pare report ito ng mga dahilan at kung sino – sino ang mga kasama ni Alex for the past two year. It looks like hindi na happy si Alex. Look for yourself.

Richard: Grab the folder and read it. That bitch hindi napala happy sa akin at nga lalake pa, buntis pa, bakit hindi pa sinabi agad agad. I will not forgive you Alex. You will see Alex, ako din I will look for another woman then parade it in front of you. You will sorry for what you had done to me.

James: I think you need to apologies to Maya and thank her for this report.

Richard: No way, I keep my word so be it.

James: Tsk. Tsk. Tsk.

On the phone at sa office ni Maya (MDR Law Firm)

Maya: Hi Raffy can I talk to you?

Raffy: Bakit Maya may problem ba?

Maya: OO I need a girl talk will you come here please?

Raffy: Sure later after work. See you.

Saoffice ni Maya, Raffy arrived

Maya:Kamusta na Raffy, I miss you so much – long times no see. Hehehe

Raffy: loca assistant lawyer mo ako miss – agad agad at long time no see pa, wow.

Maya: joke lang hehehe.

Raffy: so ano ang problem? What you like to talk about?

Maya: remember ang best friend ko si Richard Lim, my first love.

Raffy: OO bakit? What happen?

Maya: I really hate him, he totally hurt my feeling sabi niya na hindi ako babae and I don’t dress well, at hindi successful sa buhay.  (Maya now crying)

Raffy:Maya don’t cry alam naman natin na hindi true iyon sinabi ni Richard about you. You just like to act like a man, cuz you a strong woman, about the outfit well, very kuripot ka lang naman. (laughing)

Maya: Raffy I need moral support, now is not a good time to joke. Pero Thanks sa complement, it make me feel better,  alam mo naman, I came from poor family and our budget is limited so I need to save for myself and my family. I studies hard and at the same time double work to get them comfortable life,does one of the reason bakit ako kuripot dahil mahal ko ang family ko and I want them to be happy, to have a comfortable life. I need to be strong for them for my family they need me.

For acting like a men, alam mo naman, I came from all men family,si Luke, Cho, Tatay,Jeff,Nanay at si kute (babae pero pusong lalake) so I guess, I get the mannerism from them.

Raffy: alam ko naman ang mga sacrifice mo sa family mo pero leave some for yourself.

Maya: Like what?

Raffy:Being Kuripot, maya you need to shop clothes that suitable for your kind of work, for peter sake Maya, you earn lots of money from your job, then you end up buying second hand clothes, that’s too much being so kuripot. Plus the way you pick your clothes is way too old fashion. Tsk. tsk. tsk.

Maya: What? There nothing wrong for being Kuripot, you find my outfit suck? Bakit? I feel comfortable dito sa outfit ko. (Now modeling her clothes)

Raffy: Don’t get me wrong Maya, I’m your girl best friend and I love you and I don’t like people mocking you, on how you dress. For peter sake Maya you are a respected lawyer pero you look ridiculous and tomboy in your outfit.

Maya:Huh? What? Really…now thinking…. I guess it time to change na ano?

Raffy: OOI’m just giving you an honest opinion, so you better take action. Baka the next time you see Richard, he will….

Maya: Ano? Tell me what?

Raffy: baka he will mock you more and you end up hating him. Or baka… if you change the way you dress baka ma in love pa si Richard sa beauty mo.

Maya: wow talaga huh? That funny, Richard tastes for woman are elegant, simple but classic beauty and matalino.

Raffy: which you got, all the quality of Richard taste sa babae pero hindi mo show sa public. I don’t get the idea maya. In college you not like this. Its time na talaga… time to change.

Maya: whatever… basta someday Richard will regret whatever he said about me. Mark my word.

Raffy: stop it maya, alam ko mahal na mahal mo si Richard and you will not do anything to hurt him di ba? So just relax baka na bigla lang si Richard, maybe one of its days he will apologies to you.

Maya: let see, if he going to do it, ma pride din si Richard. He will not lower himself and apologies. Kahit alam niya mali siya. I know him “Sorry” is not on his vocabulary.

Raffy: fine you won, wala na ako masabi, Maya let change the topic na. I have good news.

Maya: ano ang good news mo raffy?

Raffy: Charles asked me to married him and I said yes and were engaged. Look my beautiful engagement ring. Ganda ba?

Maya: wow that beautiful and congratulation, I’m so happy for you. Maid of honor ako ha. (ThenMaya hug raffy)

Raffy: of course Maya, ikaw pa, btw I’m inviting you sa small get together with my family and friends sa Sunday.

Maya: Sure what time?

Raffy:5:00 p.m. sa applebee bistro sa quezon, city.

Maya: pero I need to submit some paper work and report sa next caseload ko at sa class ko, baka ma late ako. Ok lang ba ma late?

Raffy: ok lang but make sure you’recome.


Maya: sorry miss, I just in hurry. Sorry talaga.

Stephaine: watch where you going. She looksMaya from head to toe.

Maya: (piss off) I see so maramig pala sinasabi si Richard about me. Obviously …

Maya promise, Richard will repay all his insulting word toward her. He will regret it and wish he never done nor said it.

Thanks for reading, and please comment, Till’s next time.


10 thoughts on “2 Gentleman and 1 Lady – part 1

  1. I suggest you learn correct grammar…I thought at first it was deliberate…but as I read on, medyo dyahe na basahin…nice try though…

  2. Ito na po. tagalog na — Special thanks to google translate…

    Hi Everyone,

    Salamat sa lahat sa iyong mga mahusay na payo at komento. Ako ay talagang nais na sundin ang lahat ng iyong mga payo upang isulat ang tagalog sentence na perfect ngunit paumanhin po … Hindi ako magaling sa pagsusulat ng tagalog at Ingles, kita po sa pagsusulat Ko dami pagkakamali, mula spelling to grammar.

    Sa pagsasalita po, ng tagalog ay fluent ako, 100% Filipina. Subalit aminin ko ang aking pagsulat ng tagalog at English ay masyadong mahina. Umaasa po na maunawaan niyo ako. Subukang kong magsulat ng tagalog at Ingles na perfect na walang grammar error.

    Pero dahil ako ay big fan ng “Be careful with my Heart” show at super like ko an blog na “Excess Baggage”. Nais kong ibahagi ang aking mga ideya, at mga kwento, SANA po, hindi kayong magalit sa akin bad writing skills. Let all just enjoy the stories I wrote.

    Alam ko po na wala akong panalo sa mga “best professional writer” dito sa excess baggage, pero I respect their view and advice, thankful and blessed na they read and notice my stories, and give me best advice na improve ko ang writing ko next time.

    Again sa mga writer, reader and admin maramig salamat po, from my bottom of my heart, thank you…

    Kapit bisig


  3. sana naman kasi.. yung mga kritiko natin (yes.. NATIN because pareho tayong fanfic writer..) ehh matuto namang magkritiko batay sa mga pagkukulang ng akda natin at hindi batay sa kung ano man ang pagkukulang natin bilang manunulat.. yes, pare-pareho tayong fan ng BCWMH at EB kaya hindi tayo makakatakas sa pagkumpara ng mga mapanuring mga mata ng mga mambabasa ng EB..

    basta next time.. ireview mo na lang yung work mo.. gamitin mo yung mga ipinunto nila para mas mapabuti pa ang pagsusulat mo. don’t stop writing..

    remember this..you are writiing not to impress but to express.. that’s all ^_^V

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