2 Gentleman and 1 Lady – part 2

Admin Note: *Contributed Story* Please give credit and thanks to PoppyLove. This is a continuation of 2 Gentleman and 1 Lady – part 1.

A/N: Continue of two gentlemen and a lady – part 1. Hope you like it. Please comment – thanks J

Author: PoppyLove



two gentlemen and a lady- part 2


Sunday sa Applebee Bistro Restaurant

Raffy: Nasaan ka na Maya, bakit wala ka pa?

Maya tex Raffy:

Sorry Raffy I will be little late, traffic at ang dami pa ako submit na paper work and report for my next classes see you later.

Charles: Raffy where your boss and best friend si Maya. I have her meet my college friend Richard Lim and James Ventura, together with their girlfriends.

Richard: Congratulation Raffy, finally I get to meet Charles future wife, maganda ka talaga, I hear lots of compliment from Charles about you.

Raffy:she shake hand with Richard and James (sa isip ni Raffy na shock at na nervous). What’s your name again? Richard Lim and James Ventura? Finally I get to see both of you. I hear all the accomplishment mo Richard Lim, nice work sa caseload, and James Ventura, I loved your latest book about breast cancer, very interesting. BTW I’m sorry can I excused myself I need to go to ladies Room, Nice to meet you all.

Sa Ladies Room Raffy call and text Maya:

Raffy:Maya Where are you? I need to talk to you asap.

tex ni Raffy for Maya:Please don’t come here sa party. Please next time nalang, I explain it later thanks.

Sa Parking Lots – Maya read raffy tex.

Maya: bakit ayaw ni raffy ako ng go inside the bistro. Ok lang naman, I just say hello than I go home nalang afterward.

Sa ladies room – dahil sa in hurry si maya, she accidently bump with Stephaine the malandi at bitch secretary and current girlfriend ni Richard.

Maya: sorry miss, I’m in hurry sorry again. Bye

Stephaine: watch where you going. She looked maya from head to toe.

Maya: Miss hindi ko like ang look mo sa akin. Do you have problem?

Stephaine: wala lang you went inside this restaurant looking like crap? What province you came from? (laughing)

Maya: WTF… excuse me what your problem miss. Who the hell you think you are? Before you judge me, look at yourself first sa mirror. Baka ikaw iyon? Then nga walk out si maya.

Leaving stephainespeechless.

Sa restaurant Maya see Raffy and she say hello pero si raffy ay hindi happy and very nervous.

Raffy: Maya did you get my text and voicemail?I told you not to come here.

Maya: Ay yes I get it. But I already in the parking lot, so I decide to just come by and say hello before I go, beside I like to meet your future husband and your family. Where are them?

Raffy: pero…. Very nervous….

Maya:Feeling ko you don’t like me here? Bakit ayaw mo ako dito? May problema ba?

Raffy: hindi naman, wait here I will get Charles. Charles, honey no matter what happen don’t introduce Maya to Richard Lim. Get mo? Please do it for me.

Charles: Bakit? (Pero hindi na get ni Charles ang last wordin Raffy.)

Raffy: Maya I like you to meet Charles my future husband.

Charles and Maya meet and shake hand.

Charles: Finally. I get to meet the famous Maya De la Rosa – a.k.a Attorney Lady Rose of MDR Law Firm. I hear lots of good thing about you.

Maya: Thanks, pero gossip lang iyon. Ikaw raffy hindi mo sinabi pogi pala itong si Charles.

Hindi alam ni Raffy na si Richard ay nasa corner back lang ni Maya, together with james and their girlfriends.

Pero to late, Richard saw maya and decided to talk to them.

Richard: Hi Everyone.

Charles: Oh by the way, meet my college bro Richard Lim and James Ventura. Guys meet Maya de la Rosa, friend ni Raffy.

Maya: na shock sa nakita. Speaking of the…. Richard Lim and James Ventura nice to meet you again. (what a small world – maya faking her smile)

Charles: you guy know each other?

Richard:OO pare, siya ang sinasabi ko best friend namin na look like a woman pero act like a men and sometime look….

Stephanine:now laughting, so ikaw pala si Maya. No wonder I hear a lot about you from Richard. True pala iyon, now who need to look in the mirror?

James: Richard and Stephaniestop it.

Maya:(tiger mood) I see so maraming pala sinasabi Richard about me. Obviously Richard hindi ko alam na parang binabae kapala, you talk too much nonsense, well I guess I need to get going, baka ano pa ang magawa ko at masabi ko dito.  Good Bye Raffy and Charles nice to meet you all.

Richard didn’t comment pero deep inside alam niya, he hurt Maya so much. He want to follow her to apologize pero dahil ma pride din, he didn’t do it.

Then maya left the restaurant, pero raffy excuse herself to follow maya.


Raffy: Maya Sorry I told you don’t come here pero you still do it. I don’t want you to get hurt, I guess it too late.

Maya: ok lang at least I know kung sino sa dalawa lalake ang tunay kung best friends, at hindi si Richard iyon. Go ahead raffy, go back to your party. I talk to you next time. (sad face si maya)

Sa Car ni Maya.

She didn’t know, how long she been sitting, pero her tear keep falling down. She wish, she never seen Richard nor falling inlove with him pero baka destiny talaga niyan na they meet, become friend, and best friend. Pero she never expected to love him, and admire him.


Flash Back:

Nanay: Maya Anak, ang ganda mo ngayon, may crash ka ano? Sino si james or Richard?

Maya: Nanay, sh.hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Nanay: ok lang iyon normal ito dahil dalaga ka na. basta huwag muno mga boyfriend, friendship lang.

Maya:Apo naman nanay.

James:maya ang cute mo ngayon saan ang punta mo? Bakit ayos na ayos ka?

Maya: wala lang, feel ko lang. (sa isip ni maya – saan kaya si Richard? Gusto ko Makita ang reaction niya.)

James: hoy maya ok ka lang? parang nasa deep thinking ka nanaman?

Maya: what? Ano yon james?

James: nothing, here na si Richard.

Richard:(surprise to see maya sa short and plain pink t-shirt) maya saan lakad mo

? may date kaba?

Maya: ako date? Wala akong date, gusto mo ikaw na lang?

Richard: what?

Maya: nothing.

James:(sa isip ni james – ano daw date? Maya may crash ka ba kang Richard? Hmmmmmmmmmm.)

Maya: Guys, let go to the mall, window shopping tayo, eat and watch movieI treat you.

Richard and James: ok

Sa mall:

Ang 3 best friend go window shopping, talk unstop and eat sa Jollibee. Every weekend ng hangout ang mga best friends sa mall, watching movie, eating, and window shopping and sometimes withNikki and Abby. Happy na happy siya lahat especially si maya feel na feel niya parang may date siya ni Richard.(ExpectJames is there as their accompany or the two little girls)

Pero sa mga event happen between Richard and Maya all the good memories were gone and replaced with hatred.

She promised, he will repay all his insult toward her. He will regret it, and wish he never done nor say it.

2 year later sa office ni Richard. (RL Law firm)

Richard: what the hell is going on, we keep losing our caseload. We need to focus and double our research, so we can win back those lose cases.

Stephaine: Richard, don’t worry they just get lucky, next time tayo naman will win. Just relax sweetheart. She kissed Richard.

Richard:Relax? You don’t understand my reputation is in jeopardy dahil sa mga losses. Sino ba ang lead lawyer ng other side? (sorry guys I dunno the right term may be you can guess nalang)

Stephaine: si attorney Lady Rose daw of M.D.R Law firm. I hear a lots about her, she good, just like you, she never lose any caseload. Pero nobody know or seen her in public court room.

Richard: I see, baka takot or pangit in person? (smiling)

Stephaine: baka…hehehe… laughing

Sa office ni Maya- M.D.R law firm

Maya: Look raffy, I’m invited sa 3 days convention event sa mga top Law Firm in the country. Plus guest speaker daw ako. (very happy)

Raffy: wow congratulation maya. Saan daw ang event?

Maya: sa Manila Hotel, is a 3 day event – 1 day for conference, day 2 for beauty contest, and day 3 is charity ball.

Raffy:That good, sama naman ako? Pero bakit my beauty contest? Diba conference of law firm ang events?

Maya: I dunno pero sabi sa invitation, 3 days event with beauty contest and grand charity ball. Winner will be auction off for a date and money will be used to charity donation. Sabi dito paper.

Raffy:Huh? Talaga lang, who are the contestant? Grand charity ball?Parang hindi na conference iyon.

Maya: Ay raffy whatever is the event I don’t care, I just like to come to be guest speaker. You know, I like to share my knowledge in my field.

Raffy: Pero are you not afraid baka si Richard will be there? It’s a major event for all law firm companies.

Maya: Si Richard, I dunno pero sa situation niya ngayon baka, he don’t dare show up in the event.

Raffy: Bakit naman? What do you know? Parang you not telling me anything. May alam ka ba na I dunno? BTW did you hear the latest about Richard.

Maya: Ano ba ang new for Richard, eh diba same news paring. Busy sa work niya, etc. etc etc.

Raffy: well I guess you, dunno. Well I hear from some of our co lawyer na si Richard, lose some of his caseload.

Maya: Really wow, what happen? (pero deep inside she happy, kung alam mo lang raffy) hehehehe

Raffy: Well I really dunno, kung sino at kung ano – ano ang mga caseload pero they said very bad. Imagine in 2 year along, he loss at least 4 to 6 caseload he handling.

Maya:That good, so that his overconfidence,arrogance,mabawansan/ limited na.(sorry alam ko mali spelling) Well let not talk about him, let talk about the upcoming event. Excited na ako at last, I may do this guest speaking thing again. Alam mo naman na I always reject invitation to this kind of event, pero ito na, I will show up na talaga.

Raffy:Why sudden change of mind? Maya?

Maya: Wala lang, I realize you right, from the beginning, I need break from all my hard work. It’s time to play, explore and enjoy life.

Raffy: OMG talaga, parang I like what I hearing and seeming now. BTW You look different? Siguro inspire ka ano? Sino ang lucky guy?

Maya: walang lucky guy, just me realizing all my hard work, I need a break, spend some money for myself and enjoy life, take note brand new at designer name ang mga gamit kong pinam shopping. I need to be happy and maybe saw off my new me.

Raffy:Really, lookedwho back again? The old maya…yes…at last… yahoo

Maya:correction raffy, old maya is gone, and the new maya is reborn.

Sa Manila Hotel, dahil maya like to survey the area before the main event, she decided to go 2 day earlier para maka relax din.

Raffy:wow Maya you look nice, what the occasion? Bakit pa girl ang outfit mo ngayon.

Maya: Hello, I am here to relax parasaconferencepara ready na ako. I need break you know that right? What you think of my outfit?

Raffy: at last the old Maya Dela Rosa, is back, I mean the reborn one heheheh.

Maya: Loca, anyway did you see Fred? I need to discuss something before the conference 2 day from now.

Raffy: hindi pa pero I send memo to all stuff to meet us here before the conference, for last minute discussion regarding the event.

Maya: I see, oh well, let eat, is almost lunch time. I called fred later regarding the stuff meeting.

Raffy: let go…

Pero hindi alam ni Maya, na si Richard is also one of the guest speaker, together with stephaine, they also went to the hotel to relax and prepare for the conference 2 day from now.

Stephanine: look Richard si maya ba iyon sa lobby?

Richard: Where?

Stephanine: Look at the girl in green dress with channel handbag and talking to… raffy?

Richard: Oh yeah…(sa isip na Richard, wow si maya ba iyon? Bakit iba ang look, hmmmmmmmmmmm. (Smiling)

Stephanine call Raffy and Maya:

Stephanine: Well hello raffy and maya, what’s bring you here?

Raffy: Ahhhhhhh.. I’m here to attend the conference on behalf of my boss firm.

Maya: me too, I’m here to attend on behalf of my boss. She can’t make it, so I get assign here.

Richard:Really, bakit? Hindi ko alam na a person like you goes to this kind of event? Wait – parang may bagong sa iyon maya? Where is your lovely office suits? (naka smile na pang loco loco)

Maya:bakit? Mr. Lim, did you forget my job description – I’m secretary sa boss ko sa law firm remember, so why question my present here in the event? Btw looking for my office suits? Wala eh, nasa laundry pa,2 days from now pa you will see my beautiful suits. bakit miss mo? The last time I know, you mock it diba? So bakit ngayon you looking for my suits, baka you want to trade with your office suits? (Naka taas ang kilay) btw what bring you here?

Stephanine: Guest Speaker si Richard dito.

Richard: tawa – tawa lang.  we’re need to go nice talking to you girls.

Maya: bye. (don’t even come back)anak ng cow, kung maka bullshit lang itong Richard wagas.Bullshit talaga.

Raffy: don’t bother them let go. But wait why did you tell them na secretary ka sa law firm mo? Wala  ka talaga magawa .

Maya:I got good reason for telling them I am a secretary sa law firm ko. Dahil he so a**h**e, he pissing me off big time, soon he will regret it. Mark my work.




Doris: Ms. Dela Rosa, I like to confirm your registration for the beauty contest this coming Thursday.

Maya: What? I didn’t registration anything.

Emman: OMG Maya, may tattoo ka. Siguro Wild ka before?

James: Maya, kamusta na?

James: Pare are you sure si maya iyon?

Thanks for reading, hope you like it, please comment thanks.


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