2 Gentlemen and a Lady – part 3

Admin Note: *Contributed Story* Please give credit and thanks to PoppyLove. This is a continuation of 2 Gentleman and 1 Lady – part 2.

A/N:Continue of two gentlemen and a lady – part 2. Hope you like it. Please comment – thanks J

Author: PoppyLove



2 gentlemen and a lady – part 3

Sa lobby Stephanie and Richard is waiting for their co lawyer to discuss the presentation for the event. While waiting…

Stephanie:Look Richard, may registration for the beauty contest for charity ball, let look.

Richard: ikaw nalang, I’m still preparing some paper work, for the conference.

Stephanie:Richard, please joined me. Beside I’m interested to join the beauty contest, you never know, I may win.

Richard: Sure go ahead, alam ko you will win,dahil maganda at Sexy ang girlfriend ko.

Stephanie: Thanks honey. (pero may na isip na evil, for Maya)Honey what do you think? I want to register maya to this contest.

Richard: What? Don’t even dare, baka ma turn off lang ang mga tao… (tawa – tawa lang)

Stephanie: please, beside she may not know, who register her and I hear that once register, no turning back.

Richard:Why you like her to join?You just looking for trouble if you do that.

Stephanie: Wala lang – trip ko lang. Beside that girl getting my nerves since the beginning, may as well play around with her, what you think?

Richard:Whatever, do what you want to do, I am out of this thing.

Stephanie: Ok

So Stephanie register herself and maya for this beauty contest, she excited kung ano ang reaction ni maya.

Lumapi ang isa contest organizer kang Maya. Confirming her registration for the beauty contest on up coming Thurday.

Doris: Ms. Dela Rosa, I like to confirm your registration for beauty contest this upcoming Thursday?

Maya: What? I didn’t registration anything.

Raffy: Sino loco-loco ang ng register nito?

Doris:  sina Stephanie Leeand Richard Lim of RL lawfirm.

Maya: Anak ng cow, why allow this thing to happen without speaking to me? I didn’t sign anything. It’s a mistake.

Doris: Ms. Dela Rosa, sorry po pero… once you register no turning back, you‘re included nasa contest, your name together with your picture is out altogether, for poster printing.Beside you look beautiful and sexy.

Raffy: binola pa si Maya, so Maya you are in or out?

Mayaexcuse herself andgrab Raffy, they talk about backing out on this contest or even this event para walang problem. Pero si raffy may idea.

Raffy: Maya don’t you think it’s about time to prove Richard and Stephanie that they wrong about you? You know what I mean?

Maya: Alam ko, pero… I dunno. You know kung bakit diba? I never dress gown, swimming suit etc, especially sa public place or event.

Raffy:Alam ko.. but who care, show them what you get, you can snatch it on Stephanie face kung sino si maya. She mocking your creditability and ego way too far.Or baka afraid ka lang? Tsk.tsk….

Maya:I’m not afraid of anyone especially them. (maya in deep thinking then….) I see your point- ok let do it.

Maya Let Doris known go ahead with the registration while she calls a dear friends to ask a big favor.

Maya: Hello can I speak to Fe?

Fe: yes speaking?

Maya: hi fe is me, maya how are you?

Fe: OMG maya ikaw ba ito. Ok naman ako ikaw.

Maya:I’m good, can I ask you a big favor? I know ikaw ang best person to do it’s.

Fe: Ano iyon Maya?

Maya: Later, I will explain it’s, I will be there in 30 min. bye see you later.

Maya arrive at Fe shop, Fe is her college friends and famous designer of bella feboutiques. Famous celebrity and VIP shop for one of a kind gown for special event. Her designswere elegance, classic and show stopping evening gown.

Maya:My friend, glad to see you, is been a while.

Fe: Talaga, I’m getting upset dahil you have forgetting me for so long.

Maya: Don’t worry we have lots to catch up.

Maya explain her situation about the event, what happen between Richard and Stephanie. Maya wanted to make sure, she will be the envy of all girls in the contest especially Stephanie and man desire especially Richard and fe is so game to help maya.

Fe: Let go to my creative room, you see all my latest design. I’m sure you loved it.

Maya and raffy follow fe, with their big amazement, is true – aparadise of a first-class design and gown. Maya was jaw drop and Raffy is speechless.

Fe: So Maya, what you think? Ikaw pa lang ang makakita ng latest design ko, ready to pick your gown?

Maya:Game na -Wow. stunning itong mga gown. I can’t wait to try it.

Fe: But before you pick your gown, meetEmman, my makeup artist and best friend of all girls who want to be a gorgeous.

Emman: Hi Ma’am Maya.

Maya: Maya na lang, hindi ako ang boss mo.

Emman: ok Maya.

Emman help pick her gown that suit her body shape, skin color and analyst the best makeup and hard style for Maya. Here are the gown Maya Try.


While fitting the gown…

Emman: OMG Maya, may tattoo ka? Siguro Wild ka before?

Maya: Hindi huh. (flashing red face)

Emman: Eh bakit my Tattoo ka?

Raffy: Is a long story.


Flash Back…

Almost graduating na si Maya, Raffy and Fe. They decided to celebrate by going to bar and drink wine / beer. Maya is low tolerate sa alcohol, kaya na lasing/drunk agad-agad.

Raffy and Fe: Maya let go lasing ka na.

Maya: Hindi ako lasing, I prove it. Maya sing, I love Rock and Roll sing by Britney spear, may dance move pa.

Here the link:


Ang mga tao sa bargone wild and cheering maya,she pretty, can sing and dance.

While on the way home, maya saw a tattoo studio.

Maya: Girls let go inside, I want to have a tattoo you know symbolize new chapter sa life ko / natin. Let all try please.

Raffy:What? No way. Let go na maya.

Fe: naka raffy lasing na lasing na si Maya, let grab her in the car so we can get going.

Maya: Hindi ako lasing, I showyou.

Maya enter the tattoo studio and select tattoo design, butterfly sa shoulder, word na “No gut no Glory” sa back waist at heart shapenearin her panty (malapit sa panty line ni maya). Dahil lasing na lasing hindi na alam ni maya, kung ano ang ginagawa sa sarili. Only in the morning when she wake up.

Maya: Ahhhhhhh. Bakit masakit ang ulo at body ko.

Raffy: dahil naughty girl ka last night.

Maya:Ako naughty bakit? What happen ba?

Raffy:You just get tattoo last night. Way to go maya … But you know what surprise ako, you can handle 3 tattoo in one night. Masakit ba? Hehhehehhe (smiling na ka loco loco)

Maya: What, noway! She rushedinto the mirror, surprise to seeall the tattoo. She wants to remove it pero permanent na ito.

Raffy Flash back- stop when Maya yell to shut up.

Emman, Fe and Raffy is laughing and Maya end up with flashing red face again, pero laughing din sa sarili niya.

While finished with the gown fitting, Maya and Raffy say good bye to fe to go back to hotel, fe remind her to call emman day before the event para ma ready and mga gamit for the contest.

While in the lobby someone shouted maya name, it’s james.

James: Maya kamusta na, what you doing here?

Maya: I have to attend a conference on behalf of my boss. Ikaw what you doing here?

James: I see, let have dinner, hungry na ako eh wala akong accompany ikaw nalang please, then I explainedlater.

They went inside the bistro and order their food. They talk about work, love life and what going on with their life. Then maya cell phone rang. She excused herself to answer the call.

Then someone call james name:

Ryan: James? Long time no see, who the chick you talking to? In fairness maganda. Same old james paring still a womanizer?What your secret to get beautiful chick ba pare?

James:secret–hummmmmm. still a joker?Beside hindi ko chick si Maya – Maya dela Rosa. Best friend ko siya together with Richard Lim.

Ryan: What? Si maya dela rosa ang babae iyon? Can’t believe it,look like she has elegant beauty and a very strong personality, as describe by joma.

James:bakit naman? Sino ba si joma, at why he known maya?s

Ryan:joma is my brother in law – husband ni liza. They meet when joma is in therapyto heal his depression.

James: what the connection with maya? I guess she doesn’t know him, eh wala pang boyfriend si maya.

Ryan: hindi girlfriend ni joma si maya – he is her instructor sa pilot school. I hear na she a ruthless / bad ass instructor.

James:Come again? no way, si maya ang best friend ko?Maya is a secretary sa law firm. Impossible ang sinasabi mo.

Ryan:Yes, that true here I tell you the story. Joma is student of Maya. She so serious with her teaching, one day joma mock her as being a only female pilot instructor sa military school, baka daw tomboy or lesbian. Itong maya get annoyed, while they were practicing in the air. She pushed him without a safety gears, and even warm her student to behave or suffer like joma. Then she jump in the plane to rescue joma, parang wonder woman lang daw, she quick, and brave.

James: (surprise and wondering) really I will ask her later, she get lots to explain to me.

Then another friend ni james greet him.

Simmon: James pare kamusta na, ryan ikaw din – how married life ryan? Its look like pa pogi pogi lang kayo huh?

James: Hindi no, we just catching up, and ryan been telling me stories about my best friend maya.

Simon: Sino best friend? Parang hindi ko alam na may best friend ka palang na babae? Introduce me naman, pretty ba?

James: Yes, maganda at workaholic like you, so I don’t think she has time to date anyone.

Simon: Maganda at workaholic? Bagay kami, what her name ba?

James:Maya – Maya Dela Rosa

Simon: what Maya Dela Rosa? nasaan siya, idol ko siya. I like to meet her and introduce myself, and even ask for advice. Magaling at workaholic talaga si Ms. Dela Rosa. I saw her before,she one of guest speaker sa summit 2 year ago.

James: Idol? Guest Speaker? What going on?

Simon: You don’t know Ms. Dela Rosa? She famous attorney lady rose of MDR law firm – (Maya Dela Rosa Law Firm)

James:what? Come again? Parang you’re guys fooling around huh? Ryan and you been telling stories about maya been pilot, now you simon telling maya as attorney? I don’t believe it, I know my best friend she never lie to us.

Ryan: well time to know her better. Right simon?

Simon: OO – btw I almost forget I have a dinner meeting with one of my client. I get going, next time nalang introduce me to attorney. I see you guys around.

Ryan: ako din baka magalit si wife. Bye james.

Moment later maya back in the table, james give her a tiger mood look.

Maya: what happen? Why tiger mood – twin brother kana ba ni Richard? Always tiger mood? Did I keep you waiting? Sorry I was talking to my boss.

James: nope still old james, your “BEST FRIEND” since high school, whose is so surprise to hear something from my college friend about you. Sino boss Maya?

Maya: Ano naman iyon? What about my boss? (while drinking water)

James: How you doing – attorney lady rose of MDL law firm and instructor Capt. Dela Rosa pilot?

Maya: (get shock –speech less at nervous) well hhhuhhhhhh. I dunno what you talking about?

James: yeah right, denial queen? You own me lots of explaination maya – why lie to us about your job? Maya – bakit mo ginawa sa akin ito at Richard.

Maya: (inhale to relax her mind) well. How can I start, surprise – let me introduce myself to you. I’m attorney lady rose of MDL law firm (Maya Dela Rosa law firm) and instructor dela rosa – a pilot in a military school. But I guess I didn’t really surprise you, ako pa ang na surprise.

James: so is true, why lie to us na you – our best friend is a secretary sa isang law firm? For peter sake maya –  I almost fired my secretary para may double job ka sa hospital office ko.

Maya: Sorry James, I’m so busy with my work so I never got to tell you about my other career and education. Beside I want to surprise you and Richard. Pero I guess me the one get surprise.

James: bakit surprise us? All its time, we talk –every month to catch up with you and us and yet you don’t tell us a damn thing about your jobs.

Maya: sorry na talaga, don’t be mad. I did it para ma proud din kayo ni Richard that I follow your advice to study hardier. Now look successful naman ako diba?

James: successful yes, but what your dilemma about its thing?

Maya: I already explain diba, I study hardier because you told me so, I want to help my family and you’re guys are my inspiration. I know someday you all will be successful – afraid ako na hindi maka catch up with both of you. So I did what I must do, study hard and work hardier. Now look successful na din ako. (pero sa isip ni maya – hindi lang iyon ang dahilan my deep reason pa)

James: ay nako – if you are not my best friend, nga walk out na ako. Anyway I’m so proud of your accomplishment. Galing mo, how did you do it? Mix work and education?

Maya: well is call time management…


James: I saw your name in the poster sa lobby? Are you one of the contestant?

Maya: OO – asshole si Richard at Stephanie.

Richard: Look whose here? Kamusta na?

James: Ready ka na ba? Are you sure you want to go thru with this?

Maya: Showtime …

Richard: what the ….

Maya: Richard meets my Boyfriend – Emman.

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