First Love, Last Love – part 2

Admin Note: *Contributed Story* Please give credit and thanks to Hanah6181.

A/N:  Dear EB friends, thank you for the comments that I got on my 1st chapter. This is my first time to write a fanfic so I am excited as well as nervous on how it will be received.  I’m an avid fan BCWMH  and feels good to be part of EBU community. More power to EBU!!







When Maya realized who sent her drink, her heart skipped a beat.  She thought,  “So, ganito pala ang feeling in this type of situation, medyo exciting, pero nakakanerb’yos..”

She looked at where Emman was.  He was the far end of the bar.  When he saw her,  he just waved at her.  It looked like he was enjoying himself with his supposed to be destiny, she thought.

“Sabagay, may point din naman ‘tong si Emman.  Why would she keep on thinking about James when its been a month since they broke up. She needs a change, para ‘di s’ya napag-iiiwanan ng pahanon.”  Sa isip n’ya, she needs to move on.

Her thoughts brought her back to the sender of her of her drink.  In this situation, she could actually hear Emman say, “Maya, okay lang yan.  Enjoy the moment. Minsan you need to be open to new experiences, explore, take risk. Anyway, anong probability na you will see him again.?”

The margaritas she has been drinking have started to take its effect as Maya was already feeling tipsy.  She checked her watch and saw it was 12:30 a.m.  Then, she heard a man’s voice that made her look up.

“Hi, mind if I join you?” He asked. Without waiting for her reply, he sat on the space beside Maya.

“By the way,   I’m Richard.  We collided earlier.”  He was smiling again.  He has a certain smile that can make any woman’s heart flutter.  Maya was no exception.  “Bahala na si Batman, Emman.” She thought.

“Hello…  I’m Maya” She extended her hand. When their hands touched as they shook hands, she felt an electric shock in her body.

“Thank you for the drink.” She was like in a trance. It must be the drink.  He is very handsome and he smells so nice.  Her heartbeats were racing.

“Your friend seems to have left you?” Richard commented, looking at the direction where Emman was.

“Yes, he wanted to meet someone.  So, he is there and I’m here.” Maya responded.  She tried to sound confident so he wouldn’t notice her uneasiness.

“A beautiful lady shouldn’t be left alone all by herself.” He moved a bit closer to her so he could whisper to her.

“Salamat.”  She was blushing. “Gosh.. why did he move closer” She thought.

They remained silent for a while. Then he asked,  “Are you always this quiet?”

“Ha? No. Actually, my friends tell me that I talk a lot.  It’s just that we just met. I mean we really don’t know each other.”

“Ah yun ba?  Well, I am a businessman.  I just returned from Singapore. I am single.. if you are interested. How’s that for a start?” His eyes were twinkling.

“Well, I work in an office.  I am single too…” Before she can add any further..

“Would you like to dance?  I kind of like this song.” The song that was playing was “You’re so beautiful.”  Richard offered and she accepted.

They were just starting to dance when a new song played.  This time, it was by Everything But the Girl’s song…

I was alone thinking I was just fine
I wasn’t looking for anyone to be mine
I thought love was just a fabrication
A train that wouldn’t stop at my station
Home, alone, that was my consignment
Solitary confinement
So when we met I was  skirting around you
I didn’t know I was looking for love
Until I found you….

Richard placed his hands on her waist while she placed hers on his chest. He pulled her close to him such that there was very little space in-between their bodies as they danced. It felt so good to be in his arms like that.  She just hoped he couldn’t hear the thumps of her heart because she could feel his.

“Hmmm, Maya?” Richard moved his face closer to hers so she could hear him. His lips near her temple.

“Yes?” She looked up that he was directly looking at her eyes.  They stared at each other for a while. He’s got cute chinky eyes complemented by a pair of frameless eyeglasses  which makes him very appealing.

“Would you like to go somewhere more private?” She saw something in his eyes that made her weak. She swayed a bit and he held her tightly.

“Okay, let’s get out of here.” He unilaterally decided.  He took her hand and walked towards the bar.   He signed the bill while she looked around to see Emman was.  She couldn’t find him.

“Maya, let’s go?” Richard held out his hand to her.  Hand in hand, they left the bar and went towards the elevator.  Upon entering the lift, Richard pressed 16th floor.

Maya was aware of what was happening but she didn’t say anything.  She was disoriented because she has never felt like this before.  She was so captivated by him.  She just realized that they were already in his room when she heard the door closed.  Then, she saw him walking towards her.

Richard embraced her. “Maya, you’re so beautiful.” He whispered to her ear.

He started kissing her.  She responded.  What started to be a tentative kiss grew into a hot and very intense kiss.  His hands were caressing her back and then moving to the sides of her body.  Her knees were getting so weak  so she held on to him more closely.  This ignited more fire in him that his kisses became bolder.  He carried her towards the bed while still kissing her. As soon as they landed on the bed, his right hand moved to unzip her dress.  When she heard the sound of her zipper, she got back to her senses.

“Richard…” In a weak voice, she tried to stop him but he didn’t seem to hear her.

“Richard…. Please stop.  I’m sorry but I can’t do this.”  Finally, she found strength and said it.

“Maya, why?  I thought you wanted this too?”  He was showering kisses on her neck.

“No, I’m sorry. I’m not supposed to do this.” Her voice was quivering.

He stopped and looked at her.  “Maya,  I know you want this as much as I do.  Isn’t why we are here?”  She felt his frustration.

“I’m sorry, Richard.”  She couldn’t look straight in his eyes.

“Okay… if you don’t want to do this, it’s fine.  You’re are free to leave this room.”  Richard stood up and slammed the bathroom door to get a cold shower.

Maya got up from the bed and fixed herself.  She went out of the room quietly sobbing.


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