Accidentally In Love – part 3

Admin Note: *Contributed Story* Please give credit and thanks to joyfuljoyce. This is a continuation to Accidentally In Love- part 2.

A/N:Hello po, Maraming salamat sa lahat ng bumasa ng story ko, I hope magustuhan nyo itong chapter na to… Please wag kayong magalit kung bitin ha.. Ginagawa ko nap o yung next chapter.. Thank you so much! God bless… J



“Po? Fired agad?

Yes! On the ground that you mistreated the President & CEO of the LGC…

“Eh, sir naman eh… wala na man pong ganyanan.. baka naman pwede nating pag usapan to ng maayos”… said Maya convincing him with pleading eyes.

(I knew you would say that)… He thought,

“Okay…but I’m already tired, we’ll just talk about this tomorrow, be here at exactly 8 and don’t be late…  you may now go”

Maya didn’t argue anymore she just nodded, stood up and slowly walked her way out of the office, Richard’s eyes followed her until the door closes he smiled when an idea popped up..


Richard put his glasses on the night stand as he sat down the bed, he still can’t get over the conversation he had with Maya earlier, where he threatens to fire her and he will eventually not because he was upset of her but because he thinks he found a solution to his problem. He opened the drawer near him and took out an envelope; inside it are photocopies of all the documents regarding his father’s will, including the inventory of all the properties he will inherit.

He remembered the conversation they had with his Tito Alfonso the last time they talked…

When he left, October of 2011 his Dad was having a hard time running the company, for the past  6 months he buried himself to work until one day he collapsed, he was confined to the hospital for almost 3 months, by that time the company’s board of Directors were already concerned as to his father’s capacity to govern , so Don Roberto  asked his confidant Alfonso to contact Richard , and at the same time process the transfer of his shares to his name immediately, even if there still no confirmation if Richard would accept it.

He kept on thinking how things became so fast…

He returned July of 2012 and that time his Dad was already in his worst condition and weeks after that closed his eyes to rest forever. It was also that month where he decided to finally accept the vacant position his father had left for him.

His Tito Alfonso, having been appointed as the executor took almost 7 months of processing all the statutory requirements needed for the final disposition of the estate.  4 months after that long process, he notified Richard (that Day on the Conference room along with Atty. Fuentebella) regarding the Last will including the condition to marry within the year he will be notified.

Technically he only got a few months to marry, 6 remaining months to be exact, then he felt his eyes now getting heavy.. “It’s time to sleep” he thought…


Maya got up early, she contemplated whether to go and meet Richard.. She is paranoid at the thought that someone from that building might recognize her; she considered that, since the LGC were into running Deluxe Hotels & Restaurants business. Her Dad once mentioned that a subsidiary of LGC were acquiring fresh produce from them, sometimes His Dad even brings her to some deals, and introduce her to some investors.

She crouched, put her chin on her knees and pouted her lips…Then she began talking to herself…

“Maya Ano na?… Pupunta ba tayo?”

“ Haaay… wala na man sigurong naka ka kilala sakin doon.. Hindi na man ako sikat. At saka pag di natin sinipot yung mamang singkit na yun baka….naku maya, pagkatapos ng ginawa mo baka idemanda ka nun..

eh anong kaso?

Moral damages ka ngayon Maya, pinahiya mo kaya siya”

“oh sya, sige na nga…anong oras na ba?” Naku Lagot, 7.30 na!” she rushed immediately to the bathroom…


It’s almost quarter to 9 when she arrived, she’s conscious to the people walking in and out of the cubicles busy with their respective jobs… She’s now outside Richard’s office, she approached Liza, who is expecting and waiting for her and accompanies her inside…

“Sir, Andito na po sya.. When she saw Richard nod, she faces Maya and smiled… “Sige maiwan na kita”

Maya thanked her and smiled at her as well…

Good morni—

“You’re late!” Richard said in his usual tiger mode…

“Sorry sir, traffic po kasi eh” replied Maya shyly…

“Sit down!” he said not looking at her, he signed some papers piled it to the side and now she face Maya..

“Hindi pa rin nagbabago yung decision ko, you are still fired” he said with no expression at all.

“Po?” akala ko po ba pag uusapan na tin ng maayos…

“You don’t fit for a janitress Maya… You suck at cleaning alam mo ba yun?  The reason I got slipped that night was because you were doing it all wrong, instead of squeezing first the mop, you just whacked it all over the floor, you were flooding the area, and you were like… a child playing”

(Kung maka pag salita naman to parang mas janitor pa sa’kin…) she didn’t say anything, she just stared at him and wondered at his cleaning “know how”

“Surprised?! I used to do that you know… “cleaning”…

“Parang ang hirap naman paniwalaan sir, Kayo mismo? Naglilinis?

“There are things you don’t know about me Maya…when I was all alone in London, ako mismo ang naglilinis, naglalaba at nagluluto para sa sarili ko “… he said proudly. “That’s why you’re fired” he was waiting for her reaction but didn’t receive any…

Somehow Maya was expecting it,Sa ginawa mo ba naman Maya, ano ang ine expect mo? so she just replied “Okay” very meekly…

“Okay? Yun lang ang sagot mo?”

“Opo, okay lang..nirerespeto ko  po ang desisyon ninyo,  mali na man po talaga ang inasal ko, kaya tina tanggap ko po yun ng bukal sa kalooban.”

None of what Maya was saying made much sense to him,  he thought she would kneel down just to keep her from her work he thought she would beg  him for another chance But it was exactly the opposite of what he’s thinking…

Sabi ko na nga ba maya eh, pumunta ka pa kasi,  tanggal ka rin naman.. She thought to herself.. “Sige sir, kailangan ko na pong umalis”.. She was about to stand up, but Richard was quick to stop her..

“wait Maya! Aah, uhm.. d-diba gusto mo ng trabaho?”

Maya looked at him confused.. “Oo, na man po, pero maghahanap na lang ako ng ibang trabaho, eh fi nire nyo ako eh” she said with a sour expression… (pa konsensya effect)

“Good!  Because I am looking for a staff, I will hire you immediately”, he said without thinking further about the qualifications… (Really Richard? Staff? Is that the best offer you can give her? Why not just go straight to the point! You are thinking of making her your wife, am I right?) He was arguing with his inner self now..

“Naku Sir, hindi pwede—  ah ang ibig kong sabihin, hindi na po kailangan, kasi…ah, ano, hindi po ako qualified… High School lang po yung natapos ko, at saka wala po akong alam sa office” (Tama Maya Ganyan nga.. hindi ka pwede mag trabaho dito, baka maraming ka kilala si Papa mo dito, mahirap na!)

Of course she lied, she has to, Richard Lim is one big celebrity in the business Industry, if his Dad would knew she clings onto him, she is sure that His Dad will fly over immediately to drag her back  home, which is the last thing she wanted to happen…

“But Maya, it doesn’t matter, I mean, I was also looking for a personal assistant” (Oh, PA naman ngayon Richard? Ano ba talaga?) again a tiny voice whispering on his head.. Everything he says were spontaneous, he doesn’t know where all of that came from, but he is pretty sure, he doesn’t want Maya to go that easy…For a moment there, he regretted firing Maya…

“Sir, nagpa pasalamat po talaga ako, pero hindi po ako pwede mag trabaho sa inyo— ang ibig kong sabihin, kasi, uuwi po ako sa amin, tama.. uwi po muna ako sa probinsya namin..” again she lied, she doesn’t have any other reason..

And before Richard could but – in…

“Sige sir, kailangan ko na po talagang umalis.. Salamat po, buh-bye” instantly she stood up, not waiting for his approval, and hurriedly walked her way out of the office…

“Maya Wait—“  was she Mad at me? he can only wonder..

As soon as Maya got out, she releases a small sigh… “Whew! Ano na ngayon Maya?” she continued a chitchat to her mind as she was walking swiftly to go out of the Building…


All the while he thought it would be easy to persuade her, by offering her any jobs he could think of… She was too hard, he thought.. So he called Liza and tasked her to call Maya’s Agency and take some infos about her.. As he puts down the phone…he realized why on earth busying himself with Maya anyway, she’s just a janitress for Pete’s sake! (Yes a janitress, a beautiful janitress) He told his inner self… But no matter what argument his mind was baffling right now from the first time they’ve met, there is no denying that somehow Maya has an effect on him, He couldn’t just pin point at what exactly it is that kept him “interested”, what is it about her? He released a small sigh…that could be it! he thought.. Maya is somewhat a mystery! A beautiful mystery he couldn’t wait to solve…



Maya decided to go to the mall to cool herself off due to the heat of the sun, she wants to buy some groceries too and as she was near the counter she sees a magazine and Richard was the cover, she was curious so she buys it.


She was now at her b-house, placed the groceries on her small dining table and took out the Magazine.. She was turning the pages straight to the article while heading to the small sofa with a small table in front. She goes over the specifics about him…

“Hmmm…ang gwapo naman nya dito, pero mas gwapo sya sa personal..  36 years old… single pa pala sya? Serious type of person, hardworking, gentle man… At May pag ka babaero din pala , sabagay gwapo na man kasi…and so on, the rest of what’s written coincided with what she perceived as well as what other say about him.. At least she got to have more idea now…


Later that afternoon, Richard was busy piling the papers when Ryan entered his office..

“Hey brod, kamusta na?”  He sat down on the chair… “Going somewhere?”

Richard raised his two eyebrows..”Well, may pupuntahan lang ako”

“ I thought may inuman tayo ngayon, unless you have a date?” asked Ryan playfully

“What? No! and sandali, May atraso ka pa sa’kin! Don’t you ever set me up on a date again!”

“Alright brod, chill.. hindi na.. so, tama nga ako, may date ka ngayon, sino na man yang chick na yan?”

Richard stood up, grab his things and smiled at Ryan.. “I’ll see you tomorrow Ryan..”

Ryan with a knowing look also smiled.. ALAM NA!


Maya’s boarding house is like an apartment type, but compared to the latter, it was cheaper… It’s a 2 storey boarding house, subdivided into small rooms with complete package as that of a typical house: kitchen, bedroom, comfort room etc., only that, it’s small… Maya’s room was on the 1st level, the last room to the end.

She busied herself cooking for dinner when someone knocks at her door… “ sino yun? baka yung tenant”  she went by the door and put an eye to the peephole.. Her eyes grew bigger …

“Anong ginagawa nya dito?” she slightly opened the door…

A handsome man wearing a black long-sleeved polo was standing in front of her, she even smells his perfume and there was no doubt that he looked dashingly good…

“Hi” A suave voice coming from Richard stirred her.

“Mr. Lim? A-anong ginagawa nyo dito? Paano nyo nalaman yung lugar ko?”

“It’s just simple Maya, I asked Liza to call your Agency, yun lang… Hindi mo ba ako papasukin?, while looking inside the room..

“Ha?, ano ba yung kailangan nyo? Di ba nag usap na po tayo?”

“Will you let me in first Maya?”

Strangely she widens the door opening for him to come in…

To be continued…

Sneek peek…

“I’m sorry Sir, pero hindi pwedeng makasal si Maya sa iba?” he said quite abruptly while holding Maya’s hand…

“And why not?” Maya’s father throws him a questioning look…

Richard gazed at Maya, then to his father… “Dahil may nangyari sa amin”


pasensya na at bitin, but I promise to finish the next chapter within the week.. Thank you for Reading.. Sana nagustuhan nyo.. J


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  2. Alam ko matagal na dapat akong nag-comment, pero inulit ko kasi. This is one of my favorites kasi nakakatuwa. Sana meron na ulit kasunod yung latest (Accidentally 5 I think was the last). I really like this story. More power to you.

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