After All – part 1

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 This is my first shot at a fanfiction for Maya and Ser Chief. I’m a little nervous about all this, so please do be gentle in giving feedback 🙂 I will try to update this regularly ( probably every other day ). Still undecided if I will make it more than 5 parts, but I guess it will all depend on the reaction I get. 
Thanks for accommodating my request to share my work here. 
Author: spazzbuster

After All

By: spazzbuster


I do not own the characters used in this story. This is just for fan fiction purposes. The characters are the sole property of the show BCWMH. Please note that the characterization and the story line have in no way any relation to the real lives of the actors who are part of the show.


PART 1: Setting You Free

The dinner with the Lim kids didn’t go too well. From Maya’s point of view, the two older kids didn’t like the idea of having her as the new girlfriend of Ser Chief. Her only consolation is the fact that Abby is still on her side. After all, this little girl, used to be her ward and pretty much like her own daughter before this whole thing with Ser Chief even began.

They are now driving back to Emman’s condo. Their silence is deafening. Both are preoccupied with thoughts regarding what just transpired back at the Lim Mansion. Ser Chief is busy thinking why his kids acted so crassly towards Maya, well….Nikki to be specific. He is now mentally slapping himself for even suggesting to have Maya meet with the kids just the day after he broke the news about their relationship. He should have been more cautious and gave them more time to think things over before inviting Maya for dinner at the mansion. He sighed before hitting the breaks as they have reached their destination. He slowly looked at Maya and upon seeing the crease on her forehead; he couldn’t help but sigh again. Maya on the other hand, is still lost in her thoughts. She has slowly come to a decision which she thinks would be the best for them. Ser Chief was the one to break the silence.

Ser Chief:  So…I’ll see you tomorrow?

Maya: Uhmm…di na muna siguro Ser Chief (finally looking at her boyfriend)

Ser Chief: What do you mean?

Maya: Siguro hindi talaga magandang idea ito.

Ser Chief:  What’s not a good idea?

Maya: Eto…yung pagpunta ko sa mansion, yung pagsabi natin sa mga bata, yung paglilihim natin, eto…tayo. ( Ser Chief is now worried and his heart is in his throat afraid where the conversation is leading to)

Ser Chief: What?! Maya, sumusuko ka na agad?! I thought we’re in this together? Kapit bisig di ba? What ever happened to that?

Maya: ( already in tears ) Ser Chief, hindi ko kayang makitang nagkakagulo kayo ng mga bata dahil sakin. Ayokong bumalik kayo sa dati. Akala ko sapat na yung mahal kita. Pero nung makita ko ang mga bata at kung gano sila kaapektado, hindi pala yun lang ang dapat isipin. Hindi pwedeng tayo lang ang okay habang nasasaktan sila. Hindi ko kaya yun Ser Chief. Masyado kong mahal ang mga bata para gawin yun sa kanila.

Ser Chief: Maya….this is just a phase they have to go through. They will eventually understand. WE will make them understand. Please don’t tell me you’re giving up this early. This is just the first time since we told them. Maya….they just need time. (holds Maya’s left hand hoping Maya will change her mind and not say the words that he’s most afraid of hearing from her)

Maya: Ser Chief….hindi madali eto. Siguro, hindi lang talaga din ako handa. Mahal kita alam mo yan, pero bago kita maging boyfriend, ikaw higit sa anu man ay isang ama. Daddy ka nila.  Sila ang priority mo.

Ser Chief: Are you asking me to choose between you and my kids? Please don’t do this Maya. (now in tears too)

Maya: (shakes her head slowly and looks at Ser Chief with her doe eyes) Hindi Ser Chief. Kahit kelan, hindi ko gagawin yun. Unfair yun sayo. ( heaves a deep sigh) Ang ibig kong sabihin, siguro kelangan bumalik ka muna sa pagiging Daddy mo. Kelangan ka ng mga bata. Ikaw LANG ang kelangan ng mga bata. Hindi nila kelangan ang isang katulad ko na makakagulo lang sa kanila.

Ser Chief: You know that’s not true! (but didn’t get any response from Maya. She just stared at him with tears in her eyes)  Are you….are you…breaking up with me? (There. It’s out in the open. He couldn’t take it anymore…hearing it from her would be the end of him)

Maya started to sob louder and then slowly nodded her head. Ser Chief was shocked and tried to say something but his throat suddenly felt so dry he couldn’t say a word. All he could do was hold on to Maya’s hand as if his life depended on it. They stared at each other for what seemed like eternity before Maya finally said her piece.

Maya: Ser Chief….hindi eto madali para sakin. Pero, hindi siguro eto yung tamang panahon para satin. Kelangan nating isipin din yun iba pang mahal natin sa buhay na naapektuhan dahil sa relasyon natin. Mas makabubuti siguro eto para sating lahat.

(Ser Chief seemed to have lost the ability to speak. He just continued to shake his head as if still in disbelief while tears freely flowed from his eyes).

Maya: Hinding hindi ko mapapatawad ang sarili ko kung babalik kayo sa dati ng mga anak mo. Ipangako mo sakin na hindi mangyayari yun kahit wala na tayo. Mahal na mahal ka nila kaya nila nagagawa eto. Pahalagahan mo sana yun pagamamahal nila. Maswerte ka sa kanila. Ipagdarasal ko sana balanng araw…..(cries louder and seemed to have difficulty speaking further)…dumating ang panahon na… makakilala ka ng babaeng mas karapat dapat sayo. Yung mamahalin ka , ang mga bata at yung maipagmamalaki nila na girlfriend mo. Yung babaeng mamahalin din nila at mas magmamahal sa kanila ng higit sakin. Salamat Ser Chief sa lahat lahat. Goodbye Ser Chief.

Maya slowly kisses Ser Chief’s left cheek and tried to muster all her strength to give him one of her brightest smiles before she opens the car door and runs back to Emman’s condo.

Ser Chief was immobilized and was left to watch the retreating image of his lady love. Air seemed to stop flowing in his lungs. He felt numb all over but somehow, his eyes wouldn’t stop his tears from flowing. He was at this state when he received a call from his son, Luke.

Luke: Dad? (silence)  Dad. Wala na kayo kanina nung buaba kame ni Nikki ( silence)  Dad? Galit po ba kayo samin?

Ser Chief: (cleared his throat and heaved a deep sigh) No. But I’m so disappointed with both of you. We’ll talk when I get home.

Luke: Okay Dad.

Nikki: So what did Dad say? We’re in big trouble right?

Luke: I…I think we are Niks.

(to be continued)

P.S. I’ve finished all the way to Part 3 of this story but will post them in a few days. Still need to revise some parts.

So, do let me know if this story is interesting enough 😉


22 thoughts on “After All – part 1

  1. So sad maya is giving up their relationship, para hinde n mkagulo sa anak ni. Ser chief, this is just a pagsubok, mkkayanan nyu din yan, at the end mrealize yan ni nikki, next chapter please dear writter thanks 🙂

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