A Twist of Fate – Epilogue

Admin Note: *Contributed Story* Please give credit and thanks to laineygirl. This is a continuation to A Twist of Fate – part 7.

A/N:Thanks sa lahat ng nag enjoy sa series na ito. Para sa mga bitiners, eto na po ang epilogue!



Richard woke up with a start when he felt an arm drape across his chest. He was so used to sleeping alone that the sudden movement woke him. In the dim light, he saw the clock say 4:00am. Maya was beside him, still sleeping soundly.

He smiled, remembering what happened last night after their talk in her office. She had given herself to him, completely and without reservations. Richard looked at the woman in his bed. She was so beautiful, both inside and out. He reached for her hair and stroked it gently.

Maya slowly opened her eyes. She saw that Richard was already awake, looking at her so tenderly while running his fingers gently through her hair.

“Good morning, love”, she greeted him. “Bakit gising ka na?”

“Maya, dapat maunahan natin si Manang Fe. Baka mahuli ka nya sa kwarto ko”, Richard whispered with a grin.

“Hihihi, sige na nga, aakyat na ako”, Maya replied giggling.

They dressed up quietly.

Richard turned to her. “Paano pala natin ito sasabihin kay Abby?”

Maya frowned. Wala namang problema na sabihin nya kay Abby na si Richard ang Daddy nya. The problem was, she would have to tell her too that she wasn’t her real mother. Maya bit her lower lip.

Richard saw the sadness cross her face. He knew what she was thinking. He came closer and embraced her.

“Di naman yun ang ibig kong sabihin, Maya. What I meant was yung tayong dalawa. Ano ang sasabihin natin nung tungkol sa atin?”

“Ah, ako na ang bahala dun. I think Abby will be okay with it.” Maya told him.

Since it was a Saturday, Maya asked Abby if she wanted to go to the park after breakfast. Abby clapped her hands in delight. “Yes of course Mommy! Magbibihis na po ako!”


At the park…

Abby held Maya’s hand as they walked beside the pond with the ducks. Richard walked a little behind them. Abby looked back and said, “Kuya Chard, walk faster. Naiiwan ka na eh!” and she took Richard’s hand as well.

Maya and Richard looked at each other above Abby’s head. So far, so good.

“Abby, ang ganda dito ano?”

“Opo Mommy, thanks for bringing me.”

Maya sat on a nearby bench with Abby while Richard stood near the pond, feeding the ducks pieces of bread.

“Abby, may gusto kasi akong sabihin sa yo”, Maya started hesitantly. Richard walked farther away from them, wanting to give them space.

“Abby, if Mommy falls in love, okay lang ba sa yo?” she asked, trying out the idea on Abby.

Abby thought about this for a while. “You mean parang magkaka-daddy na po ako?”

Abby is wise for her age, Maya thought.

“Um, yes, that can happen eventually too. Kung ganun nga, ok lang ba sa yo?”

“Yes Mommy it’s ok. If you’re happy, I’m happy too. Gusto ko din naman po magka-daddy eh”. Abby said somberly.

Maya couldn’t help the tears. “I’m sorry Abby na matagal kang walang daddy pero promise ko sa yo, pag magka daddy ka na, he will be the best Daddy in the world. Are you happy, Abby?”

“Um, opo, happy po” She didn’t seem particularly happy though.

That night, Maya and Richard went out to the patio to talk.

“I talked to Abby. I asked kung ok lang ba na magmahal ako. She said it’s ok pero parang hindi sya masaya”, Maya told him.

“It’s ok, Maya. Di naman natin kelangan biglain si Abby. Hayaan mo lang muna, wag muna tayo pahalata kay Abby”, he said soothingly.

Deep down, he was worried. Paano kung di sya matanggap ni Abby para sa Mommy nya? Eh di lalo pa kung malaman nya na ako ang tunay na tatay nya…

The next day, Richard and Abby were at the pool having swimming lessons. Abby was her usual cheerful self so Richard put his troubling thoughts aside for the moment.

“Sige Abby, you’re finished na. Rest ka na muna”, Richard told her.

Abby swam towards him, and with a serious face, asked him, “Kuya Chard, can I tell you something?”

Richard nodded. “Sure Abby. Ano ba yun? May problema ka ba?”

“Mommy said I might get a daddy na… If Mommy is happy, then it’s ok, I’m happy too. Pero…”

Richard held his breath.

“… I don’t like Tito James eh! Sya ata yung sinasabi ni Mommy na love nya.” She pouted for a moment then looked at Richard sadly. “Sana nalang po, it was you…”

Richard exhaled loudly and pulled Abby into his arms.

“Abby, so kung ako ang magiging Daddy mo, ok lang talaga sa yo?”

“Opo!” She brightened up immediately. “Sana nga po ikaw nalang ang daddy ko. Papayag kaya si Mommy if I ask her?”, she asked innocently.

Just then, Maya came out of the house. Richard put a finger to his lips. “Abby, secret natin to ha. Pero I will ask your Mommy kung papayag sya, ok? Hindi lang agad agad ha, baka di sya pumayag pag binigla natin eh.”

Abby’s smile widened and she nodded vigorously. She climbed out of the pool and greeted her mommy.

“Hi Mommy! Are you having lessons too? I’m done na po.”

“Yes baby, ako naman”, Maya replied. “Mag merienda ka muna, Manang Fe prepared your favorite hotdogs!”

“Yay!! Sige po!”, Abby ran back inside the house.

Maya removed her robe and arranged her hair into the swim cap. Richard watched her from the pool with a grin, remembering his conversation with Abby.

As she got into the pool, Richard immediately put his arms around her and kissed her on the lips. Maya widened her eyes in surprise.

“Richard? Baka may makakita sa atin! Akala ko ba wag tayo pahalata…”, she asked. She was enjoying his show of affection but confused at the sudden change of plans.

He shrugged innocently and gave her a heart-melting half smile.

“Wala namang tao eh…”, he teased.

“Hmmm ikaw talaga!  I love you!” Maya said sweetly.

“I love you too. Um Maya, gusto nyo ba ni Abby na magbakasyon sa amin sa San Nicolas? Gusto ko sanang magkakilala kayo ni Nanay”.

“Talaga? Sige! Naku, I’m sure Abby will enjoy that!”


Sa San Nicolas Airport…

“Welcome to San Nicolas!” Richard said, spreading his arms comically.  He took their bags and the three of them walked towards the waiting area.

“Richaaard!!!!”, Nanay Teresita called out loud when he saw his eldest son. She and Chris, his younger brother, ran to him and hugged him tightly.

“Nanay!” Richard hugged his mother tightly. “Chris! Miss na miss ko na kayo!” He then turned to Maya and Abby.

“Nay, Chris, ito nga pala si Maya at ang anak nyang si Abby”, he introduced them.

“Magandang umaga po”, Maya and Abby greeted them.

Nanay Teresita felt tears in her eyes. She was the only one who knew everything. One look at Abby and she knew, she was her own grandchild. Richard asked permission four years ago, to go back to Manila to look for a job. Nanay Teresita didn’t see why he needed to go. He had work in San Nicolas and they had no other relatives in Manila. She didn’t let him leave. That’s when Richard told him the whole story. He wanted to find out what happened to his baby. He updated her that day he found out Abby was his daughter. But she didn’t know about his relationship with Maya yet. She only knew that Maya was his boss.

“Naku Maam Maya, mabuti at napadalaw kayo dito sa amin!” Nanay happily shook both her hands.

“Naku po, Maya lang po ang itawag nyo sa akin”, Maya said, her cheeks tinting red.

Nanay smiled at her warmly. She ruffled Abby’s hair, wanting to hug her but she restrained herself. “Hello Abby! Sana mag enjoy ka dito. Ipapakilala kita kay Cho, sigurado akong magkakasundo kayo!”

“Sino po si Cho, Nanay?” Abby asked innocently, inadvertently bringing tears to Nanay’s eyes again as she heard her apo call her ‘nanay’.

“Anak ni Chris, pamangkin ng Kuya Richard mo”, she replied, blinking the tears away furiously. “O halina tayo sa bahay nang makapagpahinga na kayo!”


Abby and Cho hit it off immediately. Although Abby was older, 4 year old Cho followed her around all the time and Abby acted like an Ate to him.

Maya and Richard were having coffee in the sala. Everyone else was downstairs tending to the carinderia.

“Alam ba ni Nanay ang tungkol kay Abby?” Maya asked. She saw how Nanay looked at Abby so lovingly.

“Oo, alam nya. Sinabi ko na ang lahat tungkol sa amin ni Alex noon pang bago ako bumalik sa Maynila”, he exhaled out loud. “Yung tungkol sa atin ang hindi pa nya alam”.

“O, bakit parang kinakabahan ka? Sa palagay mo ba, she won’t like me?” Maya asked worriedly.

“No, of course naman gusto ka ni Nanay! Hindi yun problema”, he said with a smile. But deep inside, something else worried him.

That night, he decided to talk to Nanay Teresita privately. He told her about his plans and she listened intently. In the end, she smiled at put her arm around his son. “Anak, alam kong masaya ka. Sige na at matulog ka na. Wag kang mag-alala dun.”


The next day, Richard brought Maya to the most romantic spot in San Nicolas. Richard smiled as he remembered Nanay’s stories of how Tatay proposed to her here. Even now that Tatay had long been departed this world, he could feel his presence as he led her near the tree.

“Richard, this is such a beautiful place!” Maya exclaimed.

“May special tree dito, Maya, ibang klase ang mga bunga”, he smiled as she looked up at the tree he was referring to.

Hanging from a low branch was a small, light-blue box, tied with a white ribbon. He reached for it and untied the ribbon. Inside was a worn-looking ring, the same one that Tatay gave Nanay thirty years ago.

He offered her the ring.

“Maya, ito ang singsing ni Nanay. Binigay ito sa kanya ni Tatay dito mismo sa punong ito. Hindi malaki ang halaga ng singsing na ito pero kasama dito ang puso ko at ng pamilya ko. Sana tanggapin mo ito”.

Tears began to fall from her eyes.

He dropped on one knee and looked at her with so much love in his eyes. “Gusto kong makasama ka habang buhay, Maya. Mahal na mahal kita. Wala na akong iba pang mabibigay sa iyo kundi ang buong puso ko at ang pangakong mamahalin at aalagaan kita…kayo ni Abby, habang buhay. Please Maya, will you marry me?”

Maya couldn’t stop her tears. Here he was, her prince charming, her savior, her hero, humbly asking for her hand in marriage. What else could she hope for? She knew the answer even before he asked.

“Yes, Richard, yes, I will marry you! Ano ka ba? Syempre naman, mahal na mahal din kita di ba?” She pulled him up and hugged him hard. He slipped the ring into her finger and cupped her face in his hands.

“Sobrang saya ko Maya. Thank you”, he kissed her tenderly.

“Teka pala, pano si Abby? Siguro dapat ipaalam na natin…” Maya said worriedly.

“Maya”, he smiled at her, “ok na yun. Approved na tayo kay Abby!”


He told her about the conversation with Abby at the pool.

Maya covered her mouth with her hand. “Talaga??? Yun lang pala yun kaya mukha syang malungkot?” They both laughed.


At the Dela Rosa Residence…

Nanay Teresita was pacing back and forth, waiting for Richard and Maya to return. Richard told her last night that he was going to ask for Maya’s hand in marriage, but had not even the money to buy her a ring. Nanay gave him her ring without a second thought.

“Anak, alam kong mahal mo sya. At magkakasama pa kayo ng anak mo. Sige na, kunin mo na ito. Masayang masaya ako para sa inyo”. She smiled at the memory.

When Richard and Maya returned, hand in hand, Teresita jumped up to hug them both. She kissed Maya on the cheek and said, “Anak, salamat sa pagmamahal mo kay Richard… pati na din kay Abby”.

Maya hugged her tightly. “Salamat din po, Nay”, she replied.

Just then, Abby and Cho arrived. She saw the tearfully happy couple and said to Richard, “Did you ask Mommy na po?”

Richard nodded with a big grin and a thumbs up sign. Maya laughed. “Pati ba ikaw Abby kasama sa konchaba ha?” she asked affectionately.

Abby nodded happily then ran to Richard. He bent down and she and hugged him tightly.

“I love you, Daddy!”


*** Totoong the end na *** 😀

If you thought the start was abrupt  you must have “missed” a few paragraphs… hihihi 😉


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  1. Just finished re-reading this series laineygirl asan po ung “missed chapters”? Bakit parang d ko yata alam un? 🙂

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