From Luke with Love

A/N: Good day, EB readers!

Luke loves expressing his thoughts through writing, right? Remember how he wooed Joey with his poetry? Ngayon naman, let’s have Luke write a touching letter to his Dad. I hope you’ll like this one!

Let’s continue to be positive for Nikki Grace Lim!

I hope this letter reaches Sir Chief …

Author: iamgarie



By iamgarie

Dear Dad,

I know we just had a talk, but there is still so much I want to tell you. Hindi pa po ako makatulog. I don’t want to wake you up naman, so I thought I’d just write a letter for you.

Dad, I know what I did was wrong. I want to apologize again for hurting Abby, for hurting Ate Maya, and for hurting you. I have been feeling bad ever since Niks and I made a scene over dinner the other night. We were immature to have done what we did. Looking back, dinner that night transported me to the quiet, tense and unhappy mealtimes (even eating together was a rarity for us then) we have always had as a family when Mom left. I looked at Ate Maya that night and saw her tension and her pain. She tried reaching out to Nikki and me, but we hardly acknowledged her presence.

Dad, ngayon ko lang po na-realize. Did you notice Abby during dinner that night? Para siyang si Ate Maya. She tried to get everyone to talk. Even this realization hit home. Ate Maya has done so much for this family, especially for Abby. When Ate Maya came, even our once lonely mealtimes, were replaced by happy ones. Para po bang biglang nabuhay ulit yung bahay natin. Now that I think about it, parang si Ate Maya talaga ang responsible for making Abby talk again. Ate Maya has been a mom to Abby for so long, kaya your news about Ate Maya being your girlfriend was easy for Abby to accept. I have seen how dedicated and loving and sweet Ate Maya is when it comes to Abby. She really loves Abby po like a mom would love a daughter.

And even before pa naman, na-notice ko na po how sweet and loving Ate Maya is to all of us. Kahit hindi niya ako or si Nikki responsibility, she would also find ways to help us we were in trouble. Diba po nung nag-away kami ni Niks dati, parang ilang beses din niya pinaintindi sa kin where Nikki is coming from. Nung ni-lock out niyo po kami from the house because Nikki and I were too stubborn to accept both our mistakes, I was so touched by what Ate Maya did. Diba po she went out with Abby to give us pillows, blankets and food? She’s really very thoughtful and caring.  Ate Maya has been a really good influence on Abby also. Abby is Abby now because Ate Maya has showered her with unconditional love and devotion. Every time I would look at Abby before, I would always remember Mom and think about how lonely Abby must be. I look at Abby now and I don’t only see Mom, Dad. I also see Ate Maya. For Abby, Ate Maya is her mommy, too. Masyado na nga po excited si baby na tawagin si Ate Maya na Mommy or Mama, diba po?

I know how cruel Nikki and I have been to Ate Maya. She has been nothing but kind, sweet, and caring to all of us. Kaya sorry po talaga. I am really sorry for disappointing you the other night, Dad. You know, Dad, I felt so relieved after I apologized to Ate Maya this afternoon. Sobra pong gumaan yung feeling ko talaga. Tapos nung niyakap po ako ni Abby and nag thank you siya, lalo pa po talagang gumaan yung feeling ko.

It’s all coming back to me now, Dad. Ate Maya has done so much for our family.

When we went to the mall the other day, I sensed how unhappy I made you and Abby feel. I knew how much Abby wanted to spend time with Ate Maya in the mall. And I also knew how much you must have wanted to spend time with Ate Maya, too, given that she must be in pain because of what Niks and I did. Thank you for not giving up on us, Dad, and for reaching out to us, despite our unwelcoming behavior towards Ate Maya. Alam niyo po, when I saw you looking at that black bag for Ate Maya, dun ko lalo na-feel how very lonely you were and how much you must want to be with her. Pero for the record lang, Dad, ha. Ako po ang mas naunang nagbigay ng bag kay Ate Maya, ha. Hehe. Nakakahawa lang po siguro ang kindness ni Ate Maya. Even then, I wanted to reciprocate the kindness she has shown me. I also gave her that bag cos I saw how her old bag was in such a bad state na. Haha!

Then, kahapon po nung si Manang Fe yung nagdala and nagbigay nung bag na binili niyo for Ate Maya, lalo po ako na-guilty, Dad. I was watching you while we were in the pool and nakita ko how lonely you felt. Tapos nadagdagan pa yung guilt ko when Abby said na sana kasama si Ate Maya maghatid sa first day of school niya, tapos biglang bawi siya na kung ayaw naman ni Nikki kasama si Ate Maya maghatid, okay lang din daw. Sobra akong na-guilty, Dad. Parang mas mature pa si Abby kesa po sa min ni Niks. Abby is selfless like Ate Maya.

This morning, I sensed how lost and lonely Abby was when she thought that Ate Maya may not be coming. Tapos, when we reached school and I saw Ate Maya watching us from afar, lalo akong nainis sa sarili ko. Dun ko na-realize how much Ate Maya loves Abby and how Ate Maya will always find a way to give Abby what she hopes for. Then during our drive back to the house, I noticed how you kept checking your cell phone. Alam ko po hinihintay niyong mag-text si Ate Maya, kaya naisip ko na din pong sabihin sa inyo that I saw her.

When I went down to get water from the fridge this morning, I saw you and Ate Maya talking in your office. I even overheard snippets of your conversation. I looked at the both of you and realized how much you two must really care for each other. Para po bang everything fell into place. Bigla ko na lang pong naalala lahat ng magagandang nagawa ni Ate Maya for us. I don’t know how it happened, Dad, pero bigla ko na lang po naisip na you two are perfect for each other. I suddenly broke into a smile. I went back to my room and found myself overcome with guilt.

Tapos ewan ko po ba, bigla na lang pong tumawag si Niccolo and nagkwento na binastos siya ng Dad ni Aira kasi hindi siya mayaman tulad nung isang suitor ni Aira. Nun pong dinedescribe ni Niccolo yung mga mga pinaggagawa nung Dad ni Aira sa kanya, bigla ko pong naalala yung mga ginawa namin ni Nikki kay Ate Maya. I know you have forgiven me already, but please allow me to say it again, Dad. I am really sorry.

So when it was time to pick up Abby, I knew what I had to do. I reached out to Ate Maya and apologized for my wrong behavior. Buti na lang po, mabait si Ate Maya and she accepted my apology at once. And you know Ate Maya, she was in tears, Dad…

Dad, I am happy for you. You found yourself a really nice and loving woman. And tama kayo, Ate Maya really LOVES us. And more importantly, Ate Maya loves you, and she makes you happy. 

When Joey and I broke up, I felt like it was the end of the world for me. I was just so angry, alone and confused!  When you took me to PUS and you talked about getting angry at the world for losing Mom, I felt your pain, too. Diba po you told me then na life is full of surprises, and that one day, makakita tayo ulit ng babae who will make us fall in love again? You have found her, Dad, and I am very happy for you. Now more than ever, I am hopeful about falling in love again someday.

As for Niks, Dad, thank you for reminding me earlier not to give up on her, and to be with her pa din para she doesn’t feel she’s been left out. Don’t worry, Dad, I will.

Deep down I know that Niks still loves Ate Maya. She’s just being stubborn. We just have to hold on to the fact that she loves Ate Maya and Ate Maya loves her. In time, bibigay din yun, Dad. Magulo pa lang isip niya kasi. She doesn’t like Ate Maya for you, not because she doesn’t like her, but because concerned po siya sa mga iisipin ng ibang tao. Tama po kayo, Dad. We should never give up on Niks. With God’s grace (She’s Nikki Grace, after all!) and our love, I am sure she will eventually come to her senses.

Dad sana lang po, pag okay na lahat, pwede niyo na ikwento sa min ng buong-buo yung love story ninyo ni Ate Maya, para po kasing ang ganda, eh. When did you fall for Ate Maya, Dad? Curious lang talaga ako kasi. Kaya po ba mainit ulo ninyo nung Christmas kasi wala po si Ate Maya dito and nami-miss mo siya?  And kaya po ba tayo nagpunta sa San Nicolas dati kasi in love na kayo kay Ate Maya and you wanted to welcome the New Year with her? Haha, Dad, may utang ka pong kwento sa amin ha!

Thank you po for being the Best Dad! We love you!


(written: early morning of June 24, 2013)



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