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Here are my thoughts about the June 20 and 21 episodes of BCWMH. I hope you can find time to read this. Thanks.

“It is only with the heart that one can see rightly. What is essential is invisible to the eye.” – Antoine De Saint-Exupery

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Author: iamgarie



“Ate Maya, sorry ha…”

By iamgarie

Here is my take on the June 20 and 21 episodes of BCWMH.

Luke’s great turnaround has finally happened. Like all of you, I am still trying to recover from his heartfelt monologue to his Ate Maya. Had I been in the confines of my own room while watching that particular episode, I would have allowed the tears seeking release to flow freely from my eyes. Richard and Maya have finally won Luke’s acceptance. And with a bonus. Not only was Luke apologetic for his actions, he also recognized how much love Maya and his Dad have for each other. His monologue spoke volumes.

Ate Maya, sorry ha. Alam ko naging immature ako. Pero na-realize ko mali ako. Nung nagke-kwento si Dad tungkol sa girlfriend niya, lagi ko siyang nakikitang masaya. Pero nung… Hindi ko na papahabain pa, Ate Maya. BASTA NAKITA KO KUNG GANO MO KAMAHAL SI DAD AT KUNG GAANO KA NIYA KAMAHAL. You are good for him. Hindi lang sa kanya, pati kay Abby at sa ‘ming lahat. Alam mo Ate Maya sabi sa kin ni Dad, someday makikilala niya yung special someone who will make him fall in love again. At hindi ko ipagkakait sa kanya yun. At Ate Maya, yung totoo, wala na kong ibang naisip na magmamahal kay Dad ng sobra. Ikaw lang.

Maya is in tears.

Ate Maya, wag dito. Nakakahiya.

He hands Maya some tissue. Abby approaches them,

Ate Maya… Kuya Luke, thank you. I love you!

Before they left the coffee shop, Maya and Luke hug each other tight. Acceptance, at last!



Maya arrives early at the airport for work. Richard calls her and she is surprised by his presence.

Richard: I was calling you kanina pero di ka sumasagot.

Maya: Naka-silent yung phone ko, Ser Chief. Ba’t ka nandito?

Richard: I missed you so much.

(Then they hug each other tight.)

Richard: So, you were with Luke?

Maya: Eh, hindi ko muna sinabi sa yo kasi gusto ko si Luke ang magsabi sa yo. Ang saya-saya ko kasi.

Richard: What happened?

Maya: Nagulat ako kasi niyaya ako ni Luke na sunduin si Abby. Tapos ito ngang si Kuya Joma at si Doris, nagtatalo sila. Inisip nila baka may plano ‘tong si Luke.

Richard: And?

Maya: Ayun, nag- ice cream kami tapos kinausap niya ko. Tapos Ser Chief ang dami niyang sinabi tapos hindi ko na nga naintindihan yung iba, eh.

Richard: Why?

Maya: Eh kasi sa dami nang sinabi niya, ang naintindihan ko na lang, ‘Ate Maya, sorry ha.’ Tapos lumutang na ko sa hangin

Richard: Then you cried?

Maya: Pano mo nalaman?

Richard: Knowing you… Hahaha!

Maya: Ayun. Tapos nun Ser Chief, sa sobrang higpit ng yakapan namin…(All too suddenly, Maya is in tears…)

Richard: O, Maya, wag dito. Nakakahiya.

Maya: Alam mo, ganyan-ganyan din sinabi ni Luke.

Richard: (He smiles at her.) WE’RE ALMOST THERE.

Then they hug again.

Richard and Maya’s continued reassurances of love and faith leave us in awe. Their relationship has indeed been strengthened by time. They no longer flee from each other every time circumstances do not go in their favor. More problems and trials may come their way, but we are certain they will always face their battles together, head on. Their unwavering love and devotion for each other, as well as their complete faith and trust in each other, are always in the foreground! Oh, how we love them!



Nikki is home early and she can’t find both her Kuya and Abby. Manang Fe tells her that they are at an ice cream shop. Nikki is peeved at being left out. She calls up Luke only to find out that he and Abby are also with their Ate Maya. She dismisses the conversation and we feel her annoyance.

Once home, Luke seeks out Nikki and delivers another monologue of sorts. He tells Nikki,

Niks, tigilan na natin itong pag-resist kay Ate Maya at kay Dad… Niks, alam mo bang nandun si Ate Maya kanina sa school? Kasama siyang naghatid kay Abby. Hindi lang siya nagpakita kasi nandun tayo. Kung nakita mo lang sana kung gano kasaya si Abby nung si Ate Maya ang sumundo sa kanya… All I’m saying is , kahit anong gawin natin Niks, parte na si Ate Maya ng family natin. Importante tayo sa kanya at importante rin siya sa family natin, Niks. You know, she makes everyone happy, specially Dad. Hindi mo ba nahahalata Niks kahit hindi pinapahalata ni Dad,naging malungkot siya starting nung dinner natin with Ate Maya. Dahil sa ‘tin yun.

Nikki: Kuya, stop it na nga. Spare me your sermon. If you’re gonna turn your back on me, go ahead. Tutal, I’m the contrabida naman, diba?

Luke: Niks, wag ganun. Wag mo nang pahirapan sila lalo na si Abby.

Nikki: Eh ako? Hindi ba ko nahihirapan? Look at the whole picture, Kuya! Si Dad, si Ate Maya! Open your eyes, Kuya!

Luke: What’s wrong with that?


Luke: Niks, you’re unbelievable! Hindi tama yung minamaliit mo yung ibang tao!

Nikki: I’m just being realistic, Kuya. What will other people say?

Luke: Hindi importante kung anong sasabihin ng ibang tao.

Nikki: Of course, it is.

Luke: Well, sa kin hindi, hindi kay Abby, at lalong hindi kay Dad. Niks, hindi importante kung anong trabaho ng isang tao., kung anong estado niya sa buhay, o kung anong itsura niya. Niks, ang importante yung ugali. Tama si Dad. Mahal tayo ni Ate Maya. And most importantly, mahal na mahal niya si Dad.

For so many days now, we have all been wondering where Nikki’s vehemence against Maya is coming from. And now we know. I must admit that I never thought this would ever be an issue for Nikki. She has always been the first to say that Maya is family! She was also the one who initiated that they start calling her Ate… We have all seen how much Nikki loves and cares for her Ate Maya, how much she looks up to her, and how much her Ate Maya’s thoughts, opinions and advices matter to her.

Reality check, though. We live in a society where most people seem to judge others based on looks, occupation, and stature. (Let’s all be honest now, if we were in Nikki’s shoes, wouldn’t we at one point act the way she is acting now? Can we ever picture a member of our family falling for the nanny or the household help?) Nikki is worried about what other people will say, and somehow, we do understand. Our society has taught us that. Most people are easily impressed by the famous, the rich, the beautiful, and the most influential. For some, being poor seems to be a sin and a liability in the world we live in. Nikki is an impressionable teenager who still cares much about appearances. She has yet to encounter the Little Prince who reminds us what should truly matter:

It is only with the heart that one can see rightly. What is essential is invisible to the eye.

The eyes are blind, Nikki! Look at Maya with your heart.

Nikki doesn’t want her Ate Maya for her Dad not because she doesn’t like her at all (She does!), but only because she is concerned about what other people will say. She is aware of how cruel our society can be. She has also become cruel because of that. She doesn’t ever want to experience being laughed at or mocked by society because her famous, handsome and rich CEO Dad fell for someone beneath them in class. Even her Tita Rafi’s words failed to get through to her—

But Nikki, I just hope na kung ano man yung rason mo, it will not be as shallow as dahil lang dati siyang yaya ni Abby. You’re better than that, Nikki. Richard and Alex did not bring you up to look down on other people.

I am reminded of an earlier conversation of the Lims over lunch at LAS a few weeks back. When Nikki commented that Abby seems strict with their Ate Maya’s suitors, but does not even seem to worry about the woman whom their Dad is dating, Abby said then—

Kasi Ate Nikki, may trust ako kay Daddy. Sa mga suitors ni Ate Maya, wala akong trust.

Nikki’s response then should have forewarned us—

Don’t worry, baby. I’m here for QUALITY CONTROL.

True to her words, Nikki seems to have done a Quality Control Check and her Ate Maya has failed bigtime!

One other instance which should have forewarned us happened a long time ago, during Maya’s first day at the old Lim mansion. Maya helped prepare the table for dinner. Nikki was shocked to find too many plates on the table and commented, “Servants don’t eat with us!” Even if her Dad reprimanded her for what she said, and she said sorry to him, the look of disgust in her eyes told us another story.

Nikki, this may be a very hard lesson to learn especially in a society such as ours, but you’ll have to. Do not care much about appearances. Look with your heart. Listen with your heart. Love with your heart. For your dear Ate Maya. Your Dad, your Kuya and your little sister, Abby, have looked, listened and loved Maya with their hearts, and they have experienced the very best of Maya. The eyes are blind, Niks…



Luke enters his Dad’s office and we once again witness an heartwarming exhange between father and son.

Luke: Dad, bakit? May problema po ba?

Richard: Nothing. I’m just proud of you for doing this.

Luke: Ako nga po dapat mag-sorry, eh. After everything na ginawa niyo po para sa kin, specially after Joey. The least I can do is suportahan kayo ni Ate Maya. Besides, wala naman po talaga akong problema kay Ate Maya, eh. Si Nikki lang yun.

Richard: I’m worried about her. Maybe we can talk her out of it.

Luke: I doubt it, Dad. Give up ako.

Richard: But she needs us now, Luke. I don’t want her to feel left out… She seems very sad.

Luke: Kasalanan niya yun.

Richard: She’s still your sister.

Luke: Fine. Pero hindi ko na po talaga alam kung anong gagawin ko.

Richard: Just be with her… Luke, thank you for accepting Maya. I wasn’t expecting it to happen so soon.

Luke: I’m really happy for you, Dad. Sana lang mas maaga mo sinabi para natulungan kitang manligaw?

Richard: Diba sa kin ka nagpaturo?

Father and son share a hearty laugh.

I am sooooooo happy for father and son. Accepting Maya as the woman his Dad loves is the best Fathers’ Day gift he could ever give his Dad! Great job, Luke!

Once again we are in awe of Daddy Richard as we witness how much he loves and cares for his children. Despite Nikki’s resistance to their relationship, Richard is still the first to worry about her. His reminders to Luke to just be with his sister and not make her feel left out, remind us of how a great father he is.


Now that Luke has crossed the fence, Nikki feels betrayed and alone. Niccolo calls and she finds reprieve, only to be disappointed big time again when Niccolo reminds her not to be stubborn and just accept Maya in her Dad’s life as her Kuya did. As a last resort, she calls her Lola Esmeralda and asks her,

How will you feel kung yung yaya ni Abby ang maging girlfriend ni Dad?



The June 24 teaser is once again up early (June 22, AM), and we have so much to look forward to for next week!

1. Maya happily informs Nanay Teresita, “Kinausap ako ni Luke. Hindi na daw makakahanap si Ser Chief ng babae na magmamahal sa kanya ng ganun.”Nanay Teresita then asks, “O, kamusta naman kayong dalawa ni Nikki?”

2. Richard receives a call from his Mom, and he does not seem delighted.

Richard: Hello, Ma.

Donya Esmeralda: You never told me about having a girlfriend.

Richard: Who told you?

Donya Esmeralda: Nikki. And she said, she doesn’t like her for you… May I ask, are you serious about this?

How much do we really know Donya Esmeralda? We’ve only met her twice so far. First, during Abby’s 7th birthday, and next when she called up Richard to tell him how worried she is because he has no one who can take care of him, so she encourages him to find someone.

During Abby’s birthday, Donya Esmeralda was happy and excited to spend time with Richard and her grandchildren. She also had a good long talk with Manang Fe to ask her what caused the sudden happy content attitude among Richard and his kids. Manang Fe talked about how Maya has been somehow instrumental in helping Richard and the kids heal from their loss. Donya Esmeralda was genial to Maya whom her son has repeatedly praised to high heavens that particular afternoon. Before she and her husband left the party, she even sought Maya out and told her that when she comes back, they should talk because she would like to know her more. Did she at least notice how her son has been smitten by Maya? All we know is she wants to get to know Maya more. We don’t really know Donya Esmeralda much so it would be difficult to read her. (Besides, why has Richard hesitated all this time to tell her that he already has a girlfriend? Is he somehow expecting rejection once again?)

This leads me to recall a past instance when Doris and Sabel told Maya that Richard had once had a falling out with his parents because they did not approve of Alex for him. Why? What was there not to like about Alex? This leads me to other questions, too…

a. Who is Alex? What is her family background? All that we know of her is that Richard met her at PUS (Was she a student there? There seems to be an 8 or 9 year age gap between them, or the age difference could simply be something the Creative Team overlooked.), and that she eventually became a loving wife to him and a great mom to Luke, Nikki and Abby, and one of the kindest people on earth.

b. How come Richard does not seem to have a relationship with his former in-laws?

c. How come we have never met Alex’s parents nor other members of her family? Why have they never set foot in the Lim mansion to visit Alex’s kids?

d. Did Alex not come from wealth, like Richard did? Hence, the falling out between Richard and his parents…

e. When did his parents’ turnaround happen? When did they finally accept Alex as the woman their son loves?

Do we know Donya Esmeralda well enough to conclude that she would love to have Maya as her son’s girlfriend and future wife, OR do Nikki and Donya Esmeralda share the same sentiment? Will Richard have to fight for Maya again when it comes to his parents?

3. Richard, tiger mode on, calls Nikki to his office.

Richard to Nikki: I have been very patient with you. As your father, I deserve to be respected. Hindi mo kailangang magsumbong pa sa lola mo. I never thought you would disappoint me this way, Nikki!

Should we take this to mean that Donya Esmeralda does not approve? Or could it also be that Donya Esmeralda approves of Maya as his son’s girlfriend, but Richard is still peeved by what Nikki did. She went ahead and shared his own news.

Ahh, exciting week ahead!

4. It seems like Richard has taken Maya to his LAS office. Has Liza seen her yet? I’m excited for the two of them to meet. I am so looking forward to Liza’s reaction! We know how much Liza likes Maya for her boss. What about Brod Ryan? Where is he? When will he finally get to meet Maya? (Liza and Ryan have been missing in action for many weeks now!)

Richard and Maya are talking about Nikki. And Maya is giving impatient Richard some encouragement.

Maya: Anuman yung rason niya, kailangan nating intindihin yun.

Richard: How long will we have to wait?

Maya: Kung kelan nya tayo matatanggap.

We salute you, Maya! You are truly God’s wonderful gift to the Lim family!

5. Nikki, our model honor student, is missing!

She cut classes. Not even her classmates know where she went. Luke calls his Dad to let him know.

Richard: WHAT?

Oh, no! Where is Nikki? Did she go visit her mom, Alex?

Can’t wait for Monday! Truly another engaging and thrilling week ahead for all of us!

I am hopeful that this coming week (June 24-28) is Fathers Day week in BCWMH for the simple reason that it’s already the month of July the week after. Sana lang, it will truly be a Happy Fathers’ Day to remember for our dear Richard Lim! (Written: June 22, 2013)


*Most dialogues are taken from Be Careful with My Heart TV show. Credit is given to BCWMH writers.



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