My Only Love – part 4

Admin Note: *Contributed Story* Please give credit and thanks to T0niAnn3. This is a continuation to My Only Love – part 3.

AN: Hi everyone, so very sorry for the long delay. Haven’t been able to write since the recent passing of my Dad. Losing him has been really hard on us and me. I feel like i lost my best friend. I’m trying to get myself back on track with my writing. Sana po magustohan pa rin n’yo ang mga stories ko. Anyway eto na po ang 4th part nang “My Only Love”.  Again, maraming salamat po for understanding.

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Author: T0niAnn3



Ang Nakaraan…


Richard got closer to where Maya and Peter was standing, he could hear Maya trying to talk some sense to the boy. “Adam… everything is going to be ok… we are here to help you” she said in a calm voice “Please put the knife down before you hurt yourself” she added “Anak.. sige na.. pakingan mo si doctora” his mother pleaded as she cried. “Adam… you will be safe here… we just want to help you… please just give us the knife” Maya repeated. (Looking at Peter and jesturing to move behind the boy) Peter tried to go around the back to see if he can grab him from behind. “No.. no.. you will hurt me.. ” Adam cried (yelling and screaming.. as he held his head a few times, as if he was in a lot of pain) “you will hurt me” he repeated over and over again. Peter was about to grab him when all of a sudden Adam lunged toward her with his knife. Richard ran to tried to push her out of the way but he was too late, all he heard was Maya crying out “Adam wag…” as Adam stabbed Maya.



(Part 4)


~*~ @ the Clinic

Maya could felt as the blade dug inside, he pulled it down cutting her deeper on the arm. Peter was able to grab Adam and restrain him. Maya was in shock, she saw blood streaming down her arm. Richard took his jacket off to cover her arm as he put pressure on the wound to stop it from bleeding. “Maya are you ok?” he said (worried look on his face) Maya was still shocked to respond, she was feeling alittle light headed, before finally speaking… “I’m fine, paki tulongan nyo na lang si Adam… kawawa naman sya eh” is all she could say.. staring at Adam (concerned). Peter called Simon and another nurse to hold the patient down so he could help Maya. Richard held her arm tightly as he motioned for her to sit. “Doris..” Peter yelled “Pakikuha yong bandages doon sa exam room” he added. Doris rushed to the room and got some of the medical supplies. “Kailangan natin syang dalhin sa ospital para magamot at masara ang wound. At kokonte lang ang mga supplies natin dito.” Peter said looking at Richard. “Sige, kami na… Doris, dali…” As they both helped her out. Maya looked at Peter “Kaw na muna bahala dito” she said trying to smile. “Don’t worry” he said to her (smiling)


Richard and Doris waited patiently as the doctor cleaned the wound and stitched it up. After that he covered it up with bandage to keep it from getting infected. “There you are Ms.” the doctor said as he started to write her prescription meds for the pain. “Please make sure she takes 2 tablets for pain. (Looking at Maya) Remember, do not put too much pressure on the wound or it might start to bleed. You need to let it heal and change the bandage constantly to keep it clean.” he told Maya, as he handed the paper to Richard, before walking away. “Salamat Doc” Richard said as he turned to Maya. “Ano ok ka lang ba?” he asked “Oo naman.. hindi na sya ganon ka sakit” she replied. “Sus, yan ka na naman insan” Doris answered looking down at her. “Lagi ka naman nag sasabi nang ganyan eh” she added (concern written all over her face) “Ano ka ba insan, ok lang talaga ako. Masakit sya pero malayo sa bituka” Maya said (smiling) as she got up from her chair “Ano tara na? Para makabalik na tayo sa clinic. Kawawa naman si Peter nag iisa sya doon, at gusto kung kamustahin si Adam” she said looking at them both. “Ano? Mag tratrabaho ko na agad?” They both asked in unison “Naku Bes, hindi ka superwoman noh! At isapa kanina pa nag aalala si Ninang sayo, uuwi na tayo” he said sharply “Ano!!  bakit n’yo sinabi kay Nanay” Maya said (worried) “Kayo talaga, parang konteng sugat lang… panag alala nyo pa si Nanay” she added (shaking her head). “Insan, ang OA mo ah… of course mag aalala si Tita. At magagalit yon kung hindi namin sya tinawagan. Makikita rin naman nya yan pag uwi mo eh” Doris replied. “Oh sha.. tara na nga” Richard said as he held her by the arm and lead them to the front entrance. “Dyan muna kayo, kukunin ko lang yong gamot ni Maya” he said looking at them both.


Richard dropped Doris off at the clinic before taking Maya home to get some rest. When they arrived at the house Nanay Teresita was waiting by the door. “Nak, kamusta ka na?” she asked, as Richard and Maya walked in. “Ok lang po ako Nay, wala po eto” Maya replied trying to ease her nanay’s concern. “Nang samahan ko lang si Maya sa kwarto nya para maka pag pahinga na sya” Richard said as they made their way up to her room. “Salamat Richard” NT said (smiling at them). As Maya was in her room, Richard went back down to the kitchen and got her some food and juice so she can take her medication and get some rest. Richard just sat by her side as he watched her sleep. “Kaw talaga Maya, pinag alala mo ako doon ah” he softly said as he looked down at her. (Brushing off the hair from her face)


The next few days Richard would visit Maya at the clinic early. She didn’t feel the need to stay home since her wound wasn’t that bad. She promised to take it easy and not use her arm too much to give it time to heal. Richard would drop her off in the mornings, stop by at lunch to make sure she is eating and would be back by 7pm to help them close the clinic and then take her home. Maya noticed that Richard was more affectionate towards her. “Naku naman Mr. Lim…. wag kang ganyan at baka masanay ako sa pagka sweet mo” she said to herself as she watched him from afar.


It was a very busy friday for them at the clinic. There was so many patients that Maya was alittle stressed. Peter wasn’t there that day since he had to work at the hospital. Maya was constantly running around. She was starting to feel tired and sick but just kept putting it off so she can take care of the children waiting to be seen by her. Her arm was starting to hurt a lot, and she had to constantly changed the dressing since it started to bleed again. She covered it up as much as she could so no one would notice, specially Doris and Richard. She made her way up to the front counter to see how many more patients she had left on the sign in sheet. “Doris, ilan pa ba ang naka schedule ngayon” she said as she litely rubbed her forehead. “Insan.. si Abby na lang. Ahhh, Maya.. ok ka lang? Parang namumutla ka ah?” Doris replied (concerned look on her face) “Insan.. ok ka lang ba?” she asked again?. “Oo naman… pagod lang, pero ok ako promise” Maya smiled to ease Doris’s concern. As she was reading a file by the front counter she heard a familiar voice call her from behind. “Hello po Doctora Maya” Abby said cheerfully (smiling). Maya turned around and saw Abby and Alex standing there. “Hi Baby.. how are you today?” she greeted as she bent down to give her a hug, then looking up at Alex (smiling). “I’m okay, po” Abby replied. Just then, Richard walked in the clinic. “Hi Bes… musta na?” he asked as he smiled at her. (Not noticing Alex and Abby from the front area) “Hello po, Tito Richard” Abby greeted. Catching Richard by surprise. “Hi Abby..” he smiled turning to Alex and just forcing a smile on his face a long with a “Hi” nod before turning his attention back to Maya and Abby. “Oh Maya, musta na ang sugat mo?” he asked with concern. “Ok lang Chard, medjo masakit sya ngayon pero siguro super busy lang kasi” she answered. “Doctora Maya… bakit po, may sakit rin po kayo?” Abby asked “Ah eh, wala Abby na accidente lang, pero ok na ako” she smiled. (turning her attention to Richard and Alex) “Chard, Alex… mauna muna kami ni Abby ah” Maya said as she took Abby by the hand to lead her to the exam room. “Bye- bye po muna” Abby said smiling as she happily held Maya’s hand and walked to the exam room, leaving Richard and Alex at the front lobby. “Kamusta ka na Richard?” Alex asked trying to make converstation with him. “I’m ok, thank you” he replied not wanting to make eye contact with her. “Ikaw?” he quickly added. “I’m good too” she said smiling at him. She was about to say something when Richard’s phone rang. Richard took his phone out of his pocket and looked at the screen. He looked up at Alex and said “Excuse me lang, I have to take this” before walking away “Hello Liza”… is all she heard as he walked into Maya’s office shutting the door behind him.


After 30 minutes Maya and Abby returned to the lobby where they found Alex waiting patiently. “Mommy” Abby said as she ran up to her. “Can we get ice cream now” she asked happily. “Sure Baby” Alex replied, smiling at her. “Ano, lets go?” she quickly added. “Thank you again Doctora Maya” Abby said as she opened her arms and gave Maya a big hug. Maya bent down and gave Abby a hug in return before standing up and looking at Alex. “Ang sweet talaga nang anak mo” Maya said.. looking down at Abby. “Anyway, her test results are good so she doesn’t need to return again. Kung ano man it will just be a physical checkup.” she added “Thank you, Maya” Alex replied. “Sige mauna na kami” she added as she glanced at Maya’s office window where Richard was. “Bye po, Doctora Maya” Abby waved as they exited the clinic.


Maya walked up to the counter and checked on the patient log to see if there were anymore patients to be seen. “Doris… wala na ba tayong patiente?” she asked. “Wala na insan” Doris replied (smiling) “Si Richard?” Maya asked. “Nandoon sa office mo kanina pa” she said pointing at her office window. “Sige, puntahan ko muna sya… Eto na ba lahat nang chart for today?” Maya asked before grabbing the charts she still needed to complete before Doris can file them. “Oo insan… yan na lang ang natitira.. yong iba natapos mo na kanina. Kailangan ko na lang sila i-file” she replied. “Ok, salamat Doris” Maya said as she grabbed the rest of the files and walked into her office.


When she got to her office she saw Richard sitting at her desk playing a game of solitaire on the computer. “Naks naman, mukang super busy ka ata dyan Mr. Lim” she said teasing him. Richard looked up at her and grinned. “Hindi naman… just waiting for you” he said smiling at her as he focus back on his game of cards. “Pwede kaya ako muna dyan para matapos ko na etong mga charts ko” she kindly asked. Richard closed the game and got up from her chair and went around the table and sat down on the empty chair infront of her desk. “So saan mo gusto kumain?” he asked as he watched her input information on the computer. “Kahit saan” she replied without taking her eyes away from the screen. “Meron ba non?” Richard softly said. “Chard naman eh…” she made a face at him. (As she rubbed her forehead again) “Maya, ok ka lang? he asked. “Oo naman, pagod lang siguro” she answered, trying to head her pain. “Sige na nga… mukang nakaka-istorbo lang ako sayo.. doon na lang muna ako sa labas… tulongan ko na lang si Doris” he answered with a frown on his face. “Sus… Mr. Sungnit.. dhins sayo bagay” Maya replied, letting out a chuckle. “Pero.. sige na, doon ka na nga sa labas para matapos ko na ang trabaho ko. (smiling at him) tapos tulongan ko kyo” she said, as she focused on the screen again. Richard made his way out of her office. 20 minutes later Maya joined them and helped clean and stock the items before they all left the clinic. Richard and Maya went out to eat dinner before he dropped her off at her house.


Weeks passed and both of them got busy with work. Maya started to drive to work again, due to Richard’s busy schedule and travels.  He had left for Hong Kong for a week. When he came back… 3 days later, he left again this time lasting 2 weeks. While out, Maya spent most of her time at the clinic or just hangging out with her family or Peter. Although Richard was always on top of her list, they talked to each other every night, talking about their busy days and stuff they have done throughout the day. Richard never failed to check up on her no matter how busy he got. Maya on the other hand looked forward to his emails, text and phone calls. Everything was going so well.. until Richard had to stay in Hong Kong weekly due to a new site he was over seeing for his company. That’s when everything started to change, leaving only time to come home on the weekends, if he was lucky. Sometimes due to lack of time or late and early flights he would just stay in Hong Kong and not bother coming home on the weekends. This lasted for about 6 months. Within that time.. she heard less and less from him. Maya would be lucky enough to get a “How are you?” once every other week on an email or a text. He was so busy that he seldom called her. She couldn’t be upset at him, after all this was his company and he worked so hard to get to where he was now. All she can do was support him and be happy for him. Although she missed him so, she couldn’t stand in the way of his own happiness. After all, it was just like before.. when she was studing in the states, he waited patiently for him. “I can do this” she whispered to herself just staring at their pictures and reminiscing on the olden days when they hangout, when life was simple and less complicated.


Maya started to hangout more and more with Peter again. Joining him at hospital venues, meetings and charity works. She kept her mind busy so she doesn’t miss Richard too much. Peter would sometimes pick her up and take her home. They would go out to eat on their days off and just hangout like before when Richard and Maya weren’t communicating. Maya was glad to be able to confide in Peter and just have someone to talk to when she needed a friend. Although he could never replace Richard in her heart.. Peter was always there for her when she needed a friend. After awhile she was able to put Richard out of her mind, or at lease hidden away. She managed to keep herself busy that she didn’t have time to think of him. She had joined more charity events and during her free time she would volunteer at the hospitals to help with the kids. She dedicated herself to what she loved to do best.. and that was help children. Although she sometimes still thinks of him, she didn’t want to be down or upset. After all, hindi naman sila together. She was after all just his best friend.. nothing more than that, she told her self. He is free to do what he likes, she thought. “Sino ba naman ako?” she asked herself. “Hanggang mag kaibigan lang kayo” she thought (sigh) “Kaya tama na yang illusion mo…. walang gusto sayo si Richard. Mabait lang sya sayo, kasi parang magkapatid lang kayo… mag best friend. Yon lang yon!” she scolded herself. (Lost in thought) Peter arrived and tapped her on the shoulder “Maya…. ok ka lang ba dyan” he said. “Ay.. hello Peter” she said “Oo naman… may na isip lang ako” she added. “Don’t worry, Mahal ka non” he said joking “Ha.. hindi ah” she grinned “ikaw talaga” she said, as she playfully slapped him on the shoulder. “Ano, tapos ka na ba sa daydream mo? Mag start na ang meeting sa conference room” he said (laughing) “Ikaw talaga… ” she teased. “lika na nga, at baka ma late pa tayo” she replied as she walked beside him and made their way to the hospital conference room.


During the meeting, Maya was lost in thought again… she stared at Peter and thought of Richard. “Bakit kasi si Richard pa ang pinili nang puso ko” she asked herself. “Mabait naman si Peter… at gwapo rin, pero bakit si Richard pa rin ang hinahanap nang puso ko, kahit alam ko wala akung pag asa.” Napa buntong hininga na lang sya.


During the next few weeks, Maya lost contact with Richard. He stopped replying and emailing her. She didn’t want to make a big deal of it. She knew how busy he was, but deep down she couldn’t help but miss him more. She didn’t know if he was ok or what… he hasn’t returned any of her phone calls, text or email. She knew it wasn’t like him but then again she also knew how dedicated he was to his work. “Kamusta na kaya yon” she thought to herself as she waited for Peter, who was getting their food from the front counter. Peter returns with their lunch, sitting across from her.


Peter: Maya, eto na yong pagkain mo. Mamaya mo na sya isipin.. lalamig ang pagkain. (grining at her)


Maya: Ikaw talaga… yan ka na naman… hindi ko naman sya iniisip eh (as she grabs for the sandwich in front of her).


Peter: I’m sure… (smiling)


Maya: hindi nga.. (both laughing)


Peter: Eh kamusta ka naman?


Maya: I’m ok (smiling)


Peter: Kamusta pala si Richard? Have you heard back from him? Matagal ko na syang  hindi nakikita or na ririning from you.”


Maya: Ah.. eh.. hindi ko rin alam eh. Nasa Hong Kong pa rin sya. Pero, wala na kasi akung balita eh” she replied (frowning)


Peter: Ay, sorry! Tama ka.. yan nga ang mukang na hindi iniisip ang isang Richard Lim. (laughs)


Maya: (playfully slaps his hand on the table) Sige pag tawanan mo pa ako.. kala ko pa naman kaibigan kita.. (pouting)


Peter: Sus… hindi sayo bagay… (hehehhe) Pero seriously… magkagalit na naman ba kyo? If you don’t mind me asking…


Maya: hindi naman.. siguro busy lang talaga sya. Alam mo naman si Richard when it comes to his work and his company. Very focused yong taong yon.


Peter: Eh bakit parang malungkot ka?


Maya: Wala lang.. siguro na miss ko lang si Bes. Matagal ko na rin kasing hindi na kakausap eh. Eto naman si Chard, kahit isang text or email hindi nag re-reply. (sigh)


Peter: Sorry.. change topic na lang tayo para hindi ka na malungkot


Maya: Salamat Peter ah.. alam ko mahirap para sayo, pero salamat for being my friend and for being there when i need someone to talk to.


Peter: Ano ka ba.. wala yon noh. (takes her hand) Maya you know how I feel about you. At hanggang ngayon hindi pa rin nag babago yon. Diba sabi ko sayo, I’m willing to wait for you. At katulad nung dati, i will be here for you no matter what.


Maya: Salamat talaga ah. (putting her other hand on top of his, smiling)


Peter: Alam ko na… (Big smile on his face)


Maya: Ano? (confused look on her face)


Peter: Gusto mo mag outing tayo nila Doris at Simon? Bakit hindi na lang tayo pumunta sa Baguio. Diba meron upcoming charity event ang Baguio Medical Center sa middle of November? Tapos we can make a trip out of it na rin, para naman mag enjoy tayo at ang mga staff natin.. kung gusto nilang sumama.


Maya: (thinking….) Oo nga noh, that sounds like a good idea..


Peter: I think the staff has worked so hard since we’ve opened… this can be a good relaxing break from all their hard work.


Maya: Pero paano yong clinic?


Peter: Maya, madali na yon. We will just make sure to let the patients know that the clinic will be closed during that time. Basta maaga ang notice natin to them, everything will be fine. (smiling)


Maya: Oh eh sige, pag balik natin sa clinic sabihan na natin sila Doris para malaman natin kung sino ang mga gustong sumama. (excited look on her face)


Peter: Yan… masaya na ako…


Maya: Masaya?  saan?  bakit?


Peter: Kasi nakikita na ulit kitang naka smile. Palagi ka na lang kasing naka pout eh. Hindi talaga syo bagay.  (teasing)


Maya: (slapping him playfully on the arm again) ikaw talaga… (smiling).


When Maya and Peter returned to the Clinic they spoke to their staff. They let all of them know of the plans to go to Baguio for charity work and also just to have a good time. “Insan, kailan ba yan?” Doris asked “Sa November. 15th – 17th. Aalis tayo dito nang Friday morning at ang balik natin Sunday afternoon na” she answered. “Sige insan sama ako. Pero pwede natin isama si Ate Sabel? Hindi pa rin nakaka punta yon sa baguio eh” she asked. “Oo naman” Maya replied. “the more the merrier” she added. “Doris, can you make sure we put up a sign to let our patients know that we will be close during that time, at send out an email na rin, para may notice sila” Peter added. “Sure, Doctor Delgado” Doris quickly replied (smiling) “Also can you make a sign-in list for our staff, para alam natin kung sino ang gustong sumama. That way I can call my uncle sa Baguio to see if we can stay doon sa rest house nila, since wala naman gumagamit non.” he added. “Sige, Doc” she answered. Peter looked at Maya and smiled “Oh, yan ah…. set na ang trip natin, wala nang mag babago.” he said to her (smiling). “Sabi mo nga” she replied (laughing). “Hindi ka na pwedeng mag back out ah… Sige ka, mag tatampo ako sayo” he said teasingly. “Yes, Doc” she joked. Both laughing at each others face expression. “Alam mo naman malakas ka saakin eh” Maya said as she tapped him lightly on the arm. “Naks, nang bola ka pa Doctora dela rosa” he replied laughing. “Ayy Sus… mag trabaho na nga kayong dalawa dyan! Baka langamin kayo sa pa-sweet nyo..” Doris chimmed in, smiling at Maya and Peter. (They all laughed)



It was the first week of November, it had been 8 months since she had seen Richard. Maya was on her out of her house when her Nanay called her. “Nak, sabi nang Ninang mo uuwi na raw si Richard from HK. Tapos na raw ang bagong site nila doon” she said softly. Maya froze at the thought… “That’s good” she managed to say (trying to act unaffected by the words spoken by her Nanay. “Hindi ka ba masaya?” Nanay Teresita asked with a confused look on her face. “Happy naman Nay, masaya ako for him” she answered. (beep.. beep..) “Nay, sige po, alis na ako. Nandyan na si Peter sa labas” she said as she kissed her Nanay goodbye and walked out the door.


At the clinic, Maya sat in her office. Processing all the words that her Nanay had said earlier. “Kainis ka naman Chard, hindi mo man lang ako sinabihan” she whispered to herself. “Ano ba ang problema mo? Bakit hanggang ngayon wala kang tawag or text saakin? Ganon ka na ba ka busy sa trabaho mo?” her thoughts were interupted when Doris knocked on the door (knock, knock) “Insan…” Doris said as she peeked in the door. Ready na ang mga patiente sa room 1 & 2″ she added. Maya looked up at her “Sige insan, lalabas na ako” she answered. “Okay” Doris said before shutting the door. Maya looked up at her picture with Richard and sighed. “Ganon ka na ba ka busy… pati ako nakalimutan mo na” she whispered as she picked up her stethoscope from her desk and walked out of her office.


It was 3pm when Richard walked into the Clinic. “Aba Mr. Lim, ang tagal mong nawala ah” Doris teased him. “Busy kasi sa trabaho eh” He replied smiling at her. “Kailan ka pa naka balik from Hong Kong?” she asked. “Kaninang umaga lang” he replied to her. “Si Maya, nasaan?” He asked as he looked around. “Nandoon sa Exam room, hintayin mo na lang sya sa opis nya. Matatapos na yon. Sigurado ako matutuwa si insan na nakabalik ka na” Doris said smiling. “Sige, Doris doon na lang muna ako” he said before walking away.


After 10 minutes, Maya made her way to her office. As soon as she opened the door she saw him.. sitting at her desk. “Wow.. totoo nga ang balita… ” she said “Nakabalik na nga ang isang Richard Lim sa Philippines” looking at him. “Hi Bes… “he greeted. (looking up at her with a smile) “Hi ka dyan” she said in a low voice. “Oh… bakit? Hindi mo ba ako na miss” he said (scratching his head in confussion). “At bat naman kita ma-miss, nawala ka na lang nang parang bula… wala man lang text or tawag para sabihin na ok ka” she said in an upset tone. (frowning) “Maya naman… busy ako sa trabaho.. dami kong ginagawa” he replied “Sorry na talaga… ” he added. “Ano pa nga ba ang magagawa ko” she said “kung di lang kita best friend… matalaga na kitang kinalimutan” she said teasing. (Maya was interrupted, when Doris knocked on the door)


Maya: Pasok


Doris: Insan excuse me lang… may nag hahanap kay Richard (mataray na babae.. she whispered)


Maya/Richard: Huh?? (Both looking up at Doris)


Richard:sino daw?


Doris: Karen Deleon daw, special friend mo raw sya. (Looking at Maya)


Richard: Ay… naku.. nakalimutan ko! (slaps his forehead)


Doris/Maya: Puzzled look on their face…


Maya: Sino yon Chard?


Richard: Si Karen, na kilala ko sya sa Hong Kong. Anak sya nang isang business client ko. Dito rin sya sa philippines nakatira, pero nong nasa hong kong ako, she was visiting her father. Doon kami nang meet. Anyway… sabi ko kasi sandali lang ako eh… (as he stood up from his chair and started to head out the door)


Doris: Nasa front lobby sya… (As Maya and Doris follow him out of her office)


~ Front Lobby ~

Richard: Karen.. sorry, eto kasing best friend ko ang tagal eh (pointing at Maya) grinning


Karen: It’s ok.. I just didn’t want to wait in the car any longer. Plus you said you would only be a minute.(looking at her watch)


Richard: By the way, Karen this is my best friend.. Dr. Maya dela Rosa and her cousin

Doris (Maya offers her hand…)


Karen: Hi.. (looking at her from head to toe, and ignores her handshake. Turning back to him). Richard are you done? I’m hungry. I thought you said we were going to eat? (looking at her watch again) Are you ready to leave now? (taray look)


Richard: Ah.. eh sige, lets go.  (looking at Maya & Doris) Maya I will call you na lang later. Sige Doris.. ingat kayo. mauna na kami (as they headed out the front door)


Maya and Doris look at each other. “Sino naman kaya yon?” Doris asked. “Ang arte nya insan ah… pa-english english pa. Muka naman bastos.. hindi man lang nakipag kamay sayo” doris added. “Parang ang sarap batukan” she said. “Insan, ano ka ba…. malay mo hindi talaga marunong mag tagalog, at baka nahihiya kaya hindi naki pag kamay sa akin.” Maya replied. “Insan… pareho lang ang isisigaw nyan pag binatukan.. aaray.. at aaray din yan” she whispered (smiling). “Doris talaga, pabayaan mo na” Maya said. “Ay naku insan, yan ka na naman. Super bait ka kasi eh”. Doris said “Kung ako sayo, kalimutan mo na si Richard. Bakit hindi na lang si Doctor Delgado ang sagutin mo, tutal parang wala naman talagang nakikita si Richard eh. Super Torpe kasi at super dense” she added. “Insan talaga, ako na naman ang nakita mo. Tama na nga yan at mag trabaho na lang tayo” Maya replied. Deep down she was wondering the same thing about Richard. “Ngayon alam ko na kung bakit hindi ka na nang paparamdam… ” she said to herself as she made her way back to her office.



It was 10:30pm when Maya heard her phone beep. She sat up from her bed and looked at her phone. (Text from Richard)



Richard: Bes… sorry kanina ah. Ganon lang talaga si Karen.


Maya: Ok lang…


Richard: Hindi ka galit?


Maya: Bakit naman ako magagalit?


Richard: Ah.. ok… kala ko kasi galit ka eh


Maya: Bakit nga?


Richard: Wala lang…


Maya: Oh eh sige… good night na.


Richard: Matutulog ka na?


Maya: Malamang… gabi na eh


Richard: Sus… hindi daw galit, Bes.. kilalang kilala kita noh!


Maya: Buti naman… at kilala mo ako.


Richard: May problema ba?


Maya: Oh.. kala ko ba kilala mo ako? Eh bakit nag tatanong ka kung may problema? Sabi ko na nga wala eh… ang kulit mo rin ngayon noh! =P


Richard: sabi mo eh.. sige, parang naistorbo pa ata kita. bukas na lang. Good Night…


Maya: GudNyt


Maya put her phone back down on her side table and laid back in bed. She thought of him… and then of her. “Sino kaya sya sa buhay ni Chard”. she whispered to herself. Before she finally fell asleep.


Early morning Maya was headed out the door to meet Peter when she saw Richard waiting in the living room. “Good Morning Bes” he greeted. “Good Morning… Chard. Ano ginagawa mo dito?” she asked (gulat) “I just thought it would be nice to take you to work today, like before. Para sabay tayo.” he answered. (still smiling at her). “Sorry, Chard.. Peter is waiting for me outside” she replied. “Hindi ko naman alam na dadating ka… at isa pa. Peter and I carpool every Tue & Thursday” Maya added. “Ah.. ganon ba?” he said (sad look on his face) Nay Teresita walks in the room. “Chard, Maya..kain na kayo” she said looking at both of them. “Nay, alis na ako. Nandyan na si Peter sa labas. May meeting pa ako. Baka malate kami” Maya said as she hugged her Nanay before turning away. “Sige, Chard txt na lang tayo” she replied as she walked pasted him and shut the door behind her. Leaving Richard and Nay Teresita (confused look on their face). “Sige po, Ninang.. aalis na rin po ako. Paki bati na lang po ako kay Ninong. As Richard left the go to work.


The next few days flew by… everyone was preparing for their upcoming trip to Baguio. Maya and Doris made sure everything was locked up in the clinic and also the email were sent out letting their patients know the clinic will be closed. 2 Nights before their departure Richard had stopped by the clinic to see if he can spend some time with Maya.


Richard: Hi Doris… tapos na kayo?


Doris: Oo, we are just making sure every we have everything we need for our trip.


Richard: Trip.. saan kayo pupunta?


Doris: sa Baguio.. may charity event kaming puputahan at sasabay na rin naman ang pasyal.


Richard: Ah ganon ba? Si Maya nasaan?


Doris: Doon sa Office n’ya


Richard: Sige, puntahan ko na muna sya.


Doris: Sige.. bye. (smiling)


As Richard walks back to Maya’s office.


Richard: Hi Bes… tapos ka na ba? Gusto mong mag dinner?


Maya: (looking up, gulat) Oh.. Chard.. dyan ka pala…


Richard: Ano.. gusto mo dinner tayo sa labas.. my treat. (smiling)


Maya: Ah.. eh… dinner… (looking at her desk) Ummm baka hindi ako pwede Chard.. dami ko pa kasing kailangan tapusin eh. Isa pa malapit na yon trip namin sa Baguio, ang hirap naman kung hindi ko matapos lahat nito (pointing at her charts)


Richard: Ganon ba.. (scratching his forehead) Eh kung gusto mo bibili na lang ako nang pag kain sa labas at dadalhin ko dito para naman may dinner ka.. at para matulongan kita. Miss ko na ang best friend ko eh (smiling at her)


Maya: (Confused look on her face) Miss mo ako? Talaga lang ah (pabulong sa sarili as she looked away)


Richard: Oo naman noh, tagal rin tayo hindi nag kita at nag usap.


Maya: Oo nga.. (frowning) Eh.. it’s up to you, pero baka ma bored ka lang dito ah. Sure ka ba walang nag hihintay sayo, baka may magalit (pabulong ulit sa sarili)


Richard: Ano yon?


Maya: Wala.. ang sabi ko.. ikaw ang bahala (smiling at him)


Richard: Sige, balik ako… bili lang ako nang pagkain natin (cheerfully walking out her office door)


Richard was back in her office after 30 minutes. Everyone was gone when he returned. Maya and Doris was finishing up the front office. They all went to the breakroom and had dinner. Nag kwentohan sandali before Doris decided to call it a night. “Sige Insan.. Richard. Mauna na ako sa inyo”. she said as she stood up from the table. “Richard, ikaw na ang bahalang mag hatid sa pinsan ko ah” Doris said before walking out the door. “Oo naman” he answered


Richard and Maya cleaned up the leftover food before heading back to her office.


Richard: Bes.. gaano kayo katagal sa Baguio?


Maya: Friday hanggang Sunday. Bakit?


Richard: Eh baka naman, pwede akung sumama sa inyo?


Maya: (gulat ulit, looking up from her desk) Ah.. eh… sa Baguio Medical Center kasi kami eh.. may charity event sila para sa mga bata. (looking back at her charts) Baka ma bored ka lang.


Richard: Sus… hindi naman. Pwede rin naman akung tumulong eh.


Maya: Eh.. (Richard cuts her off)


Richard: Ayaw mo lang yata akung kasama eh. (sad face)


Maya: Hindi ah… wala akung sinasabi


Richard: (smiling) Well then it’s settled.. sasama ako


Maya: (looks at him again) sige.. it’s up to you. Aalis tayo dito nang 5am friday morning ah.


Richard: Sige, sabay na lang tayo. I’ll pick you up nang 4:30am.


Maya: (kilig sa sarili) Okay (smiling at him)




to be continued…..



Until next time ulit mga fellow Richard and Maya fans! (Maya wave) Kapit Bisig po sa inyong lahat!







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