A Journey to Love and Forever: Parts 5-6

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 This is a continuation of A JOURNEY TO LOVE AND FOREVER: Parts 1-4, my thoughts and analyses about Be Careful with My Heart.

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 Author: iamgarie



By iamgarie

Part 5 : THE BALLAD OF NANAY TERESITA’S HEART  (Written: May 7, 2013)

Nanay Teresita has nothing against Richard at all. I believe Richard already gained the respect and admiration of Nanay Teresita back in San Nicolas during New Year’s Eve, when they had that heart to heart talk about losing their respective partners and how they have been left to each take care of their children single-handedly, no matter how difficult. If there is anyone else who can completely understand how it feels to lose a life partner like Richard did, it’s Nanay Teresita. Even back in San Nicolas, Nanay Teresita already felt that Richard has special feelings for her daughter and she did not seem to have anything against it. If you can still recall, she even teased Maya about it several times. Nanay Teresita, after all, is a die hard romantic. She’s never lost hope on love… Til today, we see her awaiting the return of her husband whose mysterious disappearance broke her heart more than 16 years ago…

Manang Fe to Nanay Teresita: Nung wala pa si Maya dito halos hindi mo malapitan si Ricardo. Lahat takot. Pati yung mga bata. Si Maya lang ang hindi takot sa kanya. Pero ngayon halos hindi mo na siya makitang sumisimangot. Naging masaya muli si Ricardo… simula ng mawala si Alex, ang asawa nya.

Truly, Maya is Richard’s second chance at love. I am happy that Manang Fe and Nanay Teresita had that talk. Nanay Teresita now understands the depth of Richard’s feelings for her daughter. She knows that Maya is the only one for him! Watching Richard and Maya from afar,  Nanay Teresita finally breaks into a smile! Richard and Maya make each other happy.

Richard has been a picture of a man in love for many, many, many days now. The man in love is so touchy-feely! Ang sweet, sobra! (Why does Sir Chief have to be extra good looking these days? I love his new haircut and his slimmer built! Haha!). The lovebirds seem oblivious to everyone around them. They’re trapped in their own world! Richard just has to be near her, around her all the time… And Maya is no longer a picture of self-restraint, as well. She is happy with all the attention Richard is showering her with, and she no longer seems concerned about what the people around them would think.

Except for Mamang (who is understably on a high, undoubtedly smitten by Richard’s good looks and charm!) and the two elder Lim children (who are trapped in their own concerns– Luke is trying to move on while Nikki is finally seeing Niccolo in a new light!) in the mansion, everyone seems to be already IN on the lovebirds’ secret– that something is indeed going on between Richard and Maya! (I am already excited to hear Doris and Sabel’s after-dinner conversation! Siguradong puro tamang hinala! We know Joma somehow knows and now, he’s able to confirm it!)

Seeing the Dela Rosas in the Lim mansion is a dream come true for me. I’ve always been awaiting for this day to come. They’re a crazy, fun bunch! I can already imagine other future visits of the Dela Rosas in the Lim mansion after Maya officially becomes a Lim! Fun days ahead, indeed!

I am looking forward to Richard’s conversation with Nanay Teresita.

Richard to Nanay Teresita: May kailangan din po ako sabihin sa yo… I know I should have told you this earlier… I’m seeing your daughter.

I am certain that Richard will make Nanay Teresita understand the depth and beauty of his love for Maya.  For certain, he will promise Nanay Teresita that he will wait for Maya no matter how long, until she is ready… I am also so sure that he will assure Nanay Teresita that he has no intentions of clipping her wings… It’s going to be a conversation to remember for sure!

But Nanay Teresita, the ultimate romantic, is a mother as well.

 Nanay Teresita to Maya: Meron kang hindi nakwento sa ‘kin, Maya!

And she is hurting. All she’s ever wished for is for her children to learn to open up to her. She’s aware that her children love her and care so much about her. But why can’t they just open up to her? We all know Kute has hurt her in the past by not sharing anything about her pregnancy and the identity of Cho’s dad, Jeff. Then there were Maya’s lies about Dubai. It’s happening all over again and it’s understandable why she’s hurt. She can see that Maya is happy, and of course, she’s happy for her youngest daughter! But when will Maya open up to her about Richard, the man who makes her happy?

Maya, your Nanay Teresita is hurting! She feels left out. She’s wondering… Her daughter is a picture of happiness, why won’t she just let her in? Let her in, Maya! And once you do, you will get the answers to your fears and all your concerns. Nanay Teresita knows you best, Maya! (Written: May 7, 2013) 


Part 6: MAYA’S BONUS: SUPERMAN       (Written: May 12, 2013)

Maya: Thank you.

Richard: Anything to make you happy.

They embrace.

Richard: I’m so proud of you!


Tomorrow, May 13, we will finally get to hear Maya speak the words (with certainty this time!) that have been in her heart for the longest time. At last! We all know she’s always loved him, but it’s not enough that we know. Maya has to let Richard know! He deserves to know.

Richard to Nanay Teresita: Aling Teresita, Maya changed my life. LOVING HER DIDN’T COME INSTANTLY. She made me fall for her gradually. Nakilala ko muna siya, kung sino siya, kung ano siya, kaya ko siya minahal.

For Maya though, it was LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT. She saw Richard for the first time, and she was left in a trance. Speechless and in awe, she fell for his good looks. We even heard her say then, “Sa lahat ng pangit na nangyari sa araw ko, ikaw ang pinakagwapo.”

Living with the Lims and taking care of Abby, we saw Maya fall head over heels in love with Richard. In spite of his temper, his pain, his anger, and his arrogance, all Maya saw was an embodiment of perfection. She worked hard to help Richard forget his pain, to make him smile, and to live again. For Maya, Richard is perfect! He is not only good looking, he is the best dad! The best boss! The best friend! Daddy Pogi! Daddy Bango! Daddy Singkit! Loving! Caring! Sweet! Generous! Kind-hearted! Inspiring! Admirable! The best crush in the world!

Richard smiles at Maya, and she’s in a daze. He compliments her, and she’s “kilig”! He accidentally touches her hand, and she has butterflies in her stomach. He hugs her, and she is stupefied, her mouth agape…

Then Richard has worries and concerns, and she’s his listening ear and his advisor. She has worries and concerns, and Richard is not only her listening ear but her savior.

Richard, her Ser Chief, her boss turned friend. Although she loves him and has had a crush on him forever, never in her wildest dreams did she imagine he would ever fall for her! She has never entertained the thought of her Ser Chief falling for her. In Baguio, we hear her tell Manang Fe, “Sana po pagnagka-boyfriend ako katulad ni Ser Chief…”

Manang Fe: Bakit hindi na lang siya?

Maya: Naku, hindi po. Si Ser Chief po, boss ko po yun…

It’s ingrained in her system. Ser Chief will forever remain someone she respects and admires. Nothing more. She will never cross that line.

But Her Ser Chief did. He did cross the line. He removed the barrier. He tried to get close to her. He showered her with gifts that left her confused. He asked her on a date. She’s ecstatic. He wooed her. He reassured her. And when he felt she deserved better, he told her—

Richard to Maya: Well… I’m sorry, Maya… Ganito na lang tayo palagi… Ikaw, helping me with Abby, then Nikki, then Luke… Don’t you think it’s unfair? I mean, at this point in your life, you’re almost living your dream. Dapat masaya ka lang… I come with a lot of excess baggage. I’m a single father with three kids. I just don’t want to get in your way. That’s all.

And finally, he poured out his heart to her:

Richard to Maya: I LOVE YOU… Alam ko, I meant what I said. Yes, it came out casually, but I meant every word… You don’t have to look away, Maya. Kung nasabi mo lang yun dahil nabigla ka, it’s okay. It’s perfectly okay. Because I never expected you to say it at all… Look, I know we have a complicated situation– yung worries mo, yung kids, yung dreams mo. BUT WE CAN MANAGE. WE WILL. We can talk about your worries one by one, and deal with them. We’ll talk to the kids, and they’ll eventually understand. And we can prioritize para di ka mawalan ng oras sa work mo… But only if you’re ready. Hindi kita mamadaliin, Maya. All I’m saying is, THERE ARE SOLUTIONS, but ONLY IF YOU’RE READY… I told you. NO PRESSURE, MAYA! I don’t expect anything from you…

We all fall for Richard, and we know Maya does, too. But we don’t hear her say it. She’s afraid that when she does she will awaken from her fairy tale, her dream. She is still in disbelief! Her Ser Chief, her ultimate crush, the love of her life, is in love with her!?! The questions in her head are endless…

Richard to Nanay Teresita: Kung ako lang ang tatanungin mo, gusto ko na siyang ipakilala sa lahat, especially my kids… Pero I made a promise kay Maya na hihintayin ko siya until she’s ready… She’s just graduated. I don’t want to stand in the way of her dreams… Kasi alam ko kung gano niya pinaghirapan ito. AND I WANT HER TO BE ALL THAT SHE CAN BE.

Thankfully, Nanay Teresita comes and makes Maya understand the unwavering depth and beauty of Richard’s love—

Nanay: Natatakot ka ‘nak? Kaya ba hindi mo siya masagot-sagot? Hindi ka pa ba sigurado kay Richard?

Maya: ‘Nay, hindi naman sa ganun. Kaya lang ang dami ko pa po kasing iniisip, eh. Eh basta, pero hindi ko alam. Basta ang dami lang tumatakbo sa isip ko.

Nanay: ‘Nak, naiintindihan kita. Ganun talaga pag unang beses kang nagmahal. Nakakatakot… Ganun talaga pag in love ka, maraming iniisip, maraming tanong, maraming haka-haka… Ganun talaga pagnagmahal. Yun bang biglaan. BIGLA MO NA LANG SASAGUTIN yung taong mahal mo na hindi mo namamalayan. At mangyayari yun ‘nak, mangyayari yun pag HANDA KA NA.

Maya: Pero ‘Nay, pano po malalaman kung handa ka na?

Nanay: Hindi mo masasabi. Pwedeng mamaya, pwedeng bukas, bukas makalawa o sa susunod na bukas.

Maya: Pano po kung…

Nanay: Nakahanda si Richard na maghintay sa yo, Maya. Yun ang sinabi sa kin ni Richard. Sabi niya hindi biglaan ang pagmamahal niya sa yo. Nakilala ka muna nya. Hindi ang panlabas mong anyo ‘nak ang minahal ni Richard. Kasama na dun ang kung anong meron ka– ang kalooban mo, ang mga pangarap mo, kaming pamilya mo. Lahat-lahat, Maya. Masaya ako at kinikilig ako… Alam mo ba ‘nak? Yung ganung klaseng pagmamahal ni Richard, yung kusang tumubo, hindi pinilit, yun ang totoo, malalim. At alam mo ba Maya, yun ang klase ng pagmamahal na hindi basta matitibag. Kaya ‘nak naniniwala ako nung sinabi ni Richard na handa ka niyang hintayin. Hihintayin ka niya ‘nak… Maghanda ka na. Ako, kinikilig!

We are in awe of Richard’s immense love for Maya! Yet, we cannot question Maya’s love for Richard, as well. Her fears and concerns stem from her love for him. She loves him with all her heart and soul. She loves and accepts not only him, but everything about him as well– his past, his pains, his children and his extended family, his happiness, his work and his dreams. And like his wish for her, her wish is for HIM TO CONTINUE TO BE ALL THAT HE CAN BE!

Maya to Richard: Masaya naman ako, eh… Alam mo, nung lumuwas ako ng Maynila, wala naman akong ibang gusto kung di maayos yung pamilya ko, tsaka maging flight stewardess ako. Sabi ko, pagnagawa ko yun, talagang sobrang magiging masaya na ko. Pero alam mo, Ser Chief, meron akong di nakwenta. IKAW. Yung…yung kung anong meron tayo. Iba pala yun, Ser Chief. Parang bonus!

Tomorrow, May 13, Maya becomes a flight attendant, as Nanay Teresita and Kute (thanks to Richard’s heroics!) pin her wings. Maya’s dream for herself and for her family finally becomes a reality. And although she is happy, she knows (and we know!) she can be happier. With that thought in mind, Maya dares to claim her other dream, her fairy tale, her bonus: the love of Richard, her Superman! His happiness will always matter to her…

Richard: I’m so proud of you, Maya! After all you’ve been through, eto na. You’re finally ready to fly.

Maya: Nakakatakot. Baka mag-crashlanding ako!

Richard: I WON’T LET YOU CRASH, even if it means personally checking on the plane na sasakyan mo. I’m so proud of you, Maya! And I’m sure your family is, too.

Maya: Sana nga, Ser Chief!

Richard: Of course, they are. They were with you every step of the way. And it’s only right na kasama mo sila sa graduation mo.

Maya: Hindi lang naman sila ang nakasama ko, eh… Pati IKAW!

Richard: Thank you, Maya!

Maya is ready to tell the man of her dreams that she loves him, too! Yay! May 13 is indeed going to be one special day to remember! (Written: May 12, 2013)

*Most dialogues are taken from Be Careful with My Heart TV show.  Credit is given to BCWMH writers.




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