Daddy’s Girl

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The BCWMH June 27 teaser (The kiss we shouldn’t miss…) is up, and like all of you, I am excited to finally watch our favorite couple seal their relationship with a kiss!

 Author: iamgarie


“I’m so sorry, Dad… It breaks my heart to disappoint you…”

By iamgarie

“When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”-Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

Here is my take on the June 24-26 episodes of Be Careful with My Heart…



Nikki to Luke: SI ATE MAYA ANG DATING YAYA NI ABBY! There, I said it!

Nikki has locked herself up in her bedroom, drowning herself in tears. Everyone, but her, in the Lim mansion is happily rooting for Maya and Richard. Her Tita Rafi and Niccolo included. With her sparring partner, her dear Kuya, finally making amends with their Ate Maya, Nikki feels that the whole world is against her. She says in desperation,

Nobody understands me!

As a last resort, she calls up her Lola Esmeralda, hoping to find an ally against her Ate Maya, only to be disheartened all over again.

Donya Esmeralda: To tell you honestly, I wouldn’t know how to react. Mahirap din naman ako magbigay ng judgment kasi I don’t know her personally…

Thank you, Donya Esmeralda, for not being judgmental and haughty with your response… for being the kind of Mom we have always wished our dear Sir Chief to have. Thank you for not failing us!

Listen to your Lola, Niks! She is one wise lady!

Contrary to what you believe to be true, you are not alone, Niks! Your Dad is worried about you. He has requested Luke to continue to look out for you, to be with you, so you won’t feel left out. Your Kuya and Abby care about you, too. Because you didn’t join them for dinner, Luke and Abby even knock on your bedroom door with a dinner tray just for you.



It’s another school day morning and Luke and Abby prepare a special breakfast for Nikki. Nikki breaks into a smile, grateful for her big brother and little sister’s gesture. The Lim kids are all seated at the dining table, happily awaiting their Dad to join them for breakfast.

Upstairs, Richard receives a phone call from his mom and is surprised to have his mom ask about Maya–

Donya Esmeralda: Ricky, I know you’re an adult and you can do whatever you want. You’re smart. Your father and I trust all your decisions. Pero this one, may I ask, are you serious about this?
Richard: Of course, Ma. Who told you about us?… Is it Nikki?
Donya Esmeralda: Yes, it’s Nikki, and she said she doesn’t like her for you. Dun nga ako nagtataka because they seemed to be okay when we were there. Kaya nga kita tinawagan para tanungin kung bakit nagkaganon si Nikki.

Richard: She’s having a hard time accepting her… Don’t worry. I’ll talk to her.

Richard is clearly peeved about what Nikki did. Tiger mode on, he storms inside the dining area. He eyes Nikki and then shouts:


Everyone is shocked.

There is tension inside the “principal’s” office as we witness one of the most heartbreaking moments in the show thus far. (This may well be Richard Yap’s and Janella Salvador’s shining moment!)

We sense pain, exasperation and anger in Richard’s voice as he confronts his 13 year old daughter.

Nikki, I have been very patient with you. But as your father, I deserve to be respected! Kung may sasabihin ka, sabihin mo sa’kin. Hindi mo kailangang magsumbong pa sa Lola mo.

Nikki: But Dad I just told Lola that…

Richard: This is none of your business! Prerogative ko when to tell them pero inunahan mo ako. And why?!? JUST BECAUSE YOU DON’T LIKE MAYA? Why can’t you just accept her?!?

Nikki: (Sobs…) Because I can’t accept… that… a former nanny will just replace Mom! It’s embarrassing… I know I am being matapobre and all, and that’s bad. But that’s just me, Dad. I just can’t accept her!

Richard: (In a calmer voice…) Look Nikki, it’s not Maya’s fault that she was not born as privileged as you are. When your Mom and I fell in love we both had nothing. Yes, your grandparents were wealthy, pero that’s their money, not mine. WHAT ALEX AND I HAD WERE DREAMS, and we worked hard for those dreams. Binuo namin yon. All the privileges that you are experiencing now, everything that we have, is because of that.

Nikki: Why are you telling me these, dad?

Richard: Because I want you to understand. What if you didn’t have all these privileges that you have now, and you fell in love with someone wealthy pero hindi ka tinanggap… How would you feel?

Nikki remains defensive, unapologetic, and full of pride. Richard’s mini me, indeed! Nikki responds,


Richard, obviously upset and unhappy about what Nikki just said, tells Nikki,


Richard has every right to be disappointed. He did not raise any of his children to look down on people.

Nikki is truly her father’s daughter, her Dad’ mini me. Like her Dad, she can be so full of pride.



After work, Maya proceeds to LAS with a lunch pack for Richard. With pressing work concerns, Richard is still on tiger mode. (Liza and Maya finally meet for the first time since Maya became her boss’s girlfriend, but they hardly have any chance to catch up as Richard is not in his best mood. I would have loved to see Liza give our favorite couple her ever famous knowing smile.) Maya is able to pacify Richard, somehow.

Richard: I don’t know what to do with her anymore.
Maya: Ano bang nangyari? Bakit mo siya napagalitan?
Richard: Nikki called up mama just to tell her about us. I was upset. Napagalitan ko sya. What she did was too much. Her reasons…
Maya: SC siguro hindi naman nagiging selfish si Nikki. Bata pa sya. Kung ano man ang rason nya o mga rason nya, kailangan natin intindihin yon. Kahit na medyo mahirap.

Richard: How long will we have to wait?
Maya: Kung kelan nya tayo matatanggap.
Richard: (Looks concerned) Paano kung hindi? Will you stay?
Maya: (Smiles) Maghihintay tayo Ser Chief.
Richard: (Nods and smiles)

*Maya has come to give Richard the support he needs at this time. This moment alone should have given him the opportunity to embrace his lady love, have her sit beside him as they eat the lunch she brought, or hold her hand as a gesture of thanks. Any loving boyfriend would do that! That’s one tender moment you just passed up, Richard!

As they are about to leave LAS, Richard receives a phone call from Luke with news that Nikki is missing.

Maya: Ser Chief, ang sabi daw ni Abby, nagpaiwan daw si Nikki sa labas. Tapos hindi rin daw sumabay nung recess. Ser Chief…


*This moment alone should have given Maya the license to hold Richard’s hand, come near him, or embrace him to give him the strength he needs. Any supportive girlfriend would do that. Aww! Maya, you just passed up another tender moment!

Back at the condo, worried Maya is talking to Nanay Teresita.

NT: ‘Nak anong nangyari? Baket?
Maya: Si Nikki po kasi umalis ng eskuwelahan nila dahil napagalitan po siya ni Ser Chief. ‘Nay kasalanan ko ba lahat ng ‘to?
NT: Maya, nak, wag mong isipin yan. Hindi kasalanan ang magmahal.




Nikki is in the Lim mausoleum, crying her heart out to her Mom. Recollections of past events have come to haunt her

She remembersthe first time she met Maya–
Maya: Nikki, tama ba? Ako si Maya, yung bagong yaya ni Abby…

Maya: Ma’am Nikki, Sir Luke, ingat po kayo. Buh-bye!

She recalls the time her Dad admitted to having Maya as his girlfriend–
Abby: Totoo po? Girlfriend niyo po si Ate Maya?
Richard: Yes.

She is reminded of her Dad’s answer to her question–
Nikki to Richard: I want to understand why you love her.
Richard: Because I just do.

She recalls her harsh words to her Dad about her Ate Maya–
Nikki to Richard: Si Ate Maya yung dating yaya ni Abby.

She remembers what the other family members’ opinions are about having Maya as her Dad’s girlfriend–
Luke: Hindi importante kung ano ang trabaho ng isang tao o ang estado niya sa buhay. Niks, ang importante yung ugali.
Rafi: I just hope na kung ano man yung rason mo, it will not be as shallow as dahil lang dati siyang yaya ni Abby.
Donya Esmeralda: To tell you honestly, I wouldn’t know how to react. Mahirap din naman akong magbigay ng judgment kasi I don’t know her personally.

She remembers her Dad’s angry words–
Richard: Hindi mo kailangang magsumbong sa lola mo!
Nikki: Dad, I just told her that…
Richard: This is none of your business! Just because you don’t like Maya? I never thought you would disappoint me this way, Nikki.


*Her Mom, Alex, is the kindest, most loving woman she knows. Nikki, after careful reflection regarding her actions, knows fully well what her Mom’s answer to her question is. Like she with her Dad, she knows she has disappointed her Mom, too. She has finally realized her wrongdoings. Nikki knows she has to change her ways, but remains unsure if she actually can. 



True enough, Richard knows where to find his daughter, Nikki. She is right in front of her mom’s grave crying her heart out. She looks behind her and sees her Dad.

Nikki: Dad?

They both come near each other. Richard envelopes Nikki in a warm embrace, smiling. He is finally relieved off his worries.
Nikki: Dad, I’m so selfish.

Richard’s words are comforting–
Richard: It’s okay, baby. It’s okay.

Nikki is still in tears, as she acknowledges her misdeeds–
I know what I did was wrong. I know I was unfair kay Ate Maya. But sometimes, I just can’t help it, Dad. Bigla na lang lumalabas. Everything I do, everything I say, lahat na lang, mali.

Richard reassures Nikki–
Nikki, it’s okay to make mistakes. What’s important is we’re aware kung kelan tayo nagkamali. Nobody can be perfect. It’s when we question ourselves, our actions, that we can build character. It’s only when we admit that we are wrong, that we can change.

Nikki asks,
You think I can still change, Dad?

The sweetest Dad, offers to lead his mini me in correcting her ways–
Yes, you can, baby. Maybe not overnight, but you can. I’ll help you. We’ll deal with this together, okay?

Nikki is finally apologetic and promises to mend her ways–
I’m so sorry, Dad. I did want you to be happy. It breaks my heart to disappoint you. Pero, I’ll make it up to you, Dad. Makikipagbati na ko kay Ate Maya.

Richard is the first to stop Nikki from forcing herself to make amends with Maya,
Nikki, no. I’m not forcing you na makipag-close kay Maya agad. All I wanted for you is to respect her. Please give her a chance. Can you do that for me, baby?

He clearly does not want his darling daughter to simply say sorry for the sake of his own happiness. He understands that Nikki’s genuine and heartfelt acceptance of his beloved Maya may not come soon enough, but he is certain that once that moment materializes, it will definitely be one for the books! He is willing to wait for Nikki’s great turnaround! Maya has promised to wait with him, too!

*Richard, undoubtedly, is the sweetest Dad. We hear him using his tender tone as he lovingly comforts Nikki. We hear him call Nikki ‘baby’ several times, and we are envious for Maya. Richard has yet to call Maya by any other name, although the way he says Maya is already endearing and threatening to Maya’s peace of mind! Ha! He has yet to assign a term of endearment for her. With bated breath, we shall continue to await for that epic moment! (‘Mahal’ remains as my best bet!)



Back in the mansion, we watch Richard lovingly stare at his three kids in the family area, amazed and overflowing with love for his three wonderful treasures. When he talks with Maya, we hear him voice out one of his greatest fears–

I don’t know what I would do kung may nangyari kay Nikki or to any of them. They’re my life, Maya.

Maya seems overcome by guilt, and tells Richard–

Ser Chief, sorry ha.

Richard: Why? … (Seems worried…) Maya?

Maya: Eh kasi hindi naman ‘to mangyayari kung hindi dahil sa kin…

Richard: Stop, Maya. Walang masamang nangyari… It’s not your fault. She still has a lot to learn. She’s still immature, but she’s starting to recognize her mistakes. That’s a great start. So, just hang on, okay?

*Richard, I would’ve have loved to hear you say ‘I love you’ to Maya during this phone convoersation!  I would have loved to hear you tell her that as much as the kids are your life, she is, too! She has been blaming herself for what happened to Nikki… Richard, your beloved deserves to hear those comforting words at this time! 




It’s Saturday, and the kids have planned a Fathers’ Day surprise for Roichard.  At the dining table, Abby attempts to convince her Dad to go to the mall,

Please, Daddy, it’s our advanced Happy Fathers’ Day treat for you!

Richard: You remembered, baby?

Abby: Of course!

Richard: Okay, I’ll try to cut short my meeting. Pero mauna na kayo dun. I’ll just catch up with you.

Nikki overhears Abby trying to convince their Ate Maya to join them,

Pero girlfriend ka po ni Daddy. Diba po dapat ang girlfriend laging sinasamahan ang boyfriend?

Nikki takes her first step to making amends with her Ate Maya as she tells Manang Fe,

Manang Fe, pakisabi kay Ate Maya na if she wants to go, it’s okay.

Maya, although doubtful at first, is overjoyed by Nikki’s invitation. She is beyond herself in excitement as she relays the happy news to Richard, who in turn lovingly touches her chin with his thumb and tells her,

Do you know that you glow when you’re happy?

Okay, Richard, we’re kinda happy now. Thank you for making Maya feel giddy with excitement!

Inside the arcade, Maya offers Nikki a tentative smile. This is reciprocated by a tentative smile from Nikki, too. Luke assures Maya,

Ate Maya, okay lang yun. Sinusubukan naman niya, eh.

Luke finds ways to put Maya and Nikki together. When they team up to play with guns, we finally see Nikki talk to Maya, giving her advice on how best to hit the target. When they shoot balls, we see Nikki hand a ball to Maya so she can shoot.

When Richard finally arrives, his kids force him to do the Dance Revo. Abby prods her Dad to join in the fun,

Our Fathers’ Day gift namin sa yo, Daddy. Libre ka namin sa Dance Revo.

Richard can do nothing but agree. As he dances, he looks AWKWARD, FUNNY AND MISERABLE! Haha! He is a delight to watch! He stops when he sees his family making fun of him. But then he sees Nikki pat Maya gently on her shoulder and tell her, 

Oh my gee, Ate Maya! I can’t breathe!

He watches Maya and Nikki laugh together, and Richard seems to be the happiest man alive. He finally says,

Okay, fine! Let’s go, Luke!

To the delight of his family, Richard goes back to his Dance Revo mat, and makes a fool of himself! Haha! He doesn’t seem to care! He is one happy fool, after all!

Happy Fathers’ Day, Richard!


Like all of you, I am so excited about tomorrow’s episode! The Fathers’ Day celebration continues with dinner! (I am excited to finally see Richard, Maya, and the kids eat dinner as one happy family! Will they still have enough time watch a movie, too?)

Richard lovingly embraces his two teenage kids and tells them, “Come here, guys… Thank you!”

Luke responds with a smile, while Nikki sweetly tells her Dad, ” I love you, Daddy!” Our sweet Daddy’s response? “I love you!” 

Yay! Happy days are here again!

As a prelude to Richard and Maya’s KISS, we see the kids watching a John Lloyd movie, and hear Abby say,

Sayang, Ate, hindi sila natuloy mag-kiss!

Don’t worry, Abby, si Daddy naman and si Ate Maya will finally kiss na!

THE KISS, DON’T MISS! Ang kiss na hindi dapat ma-miss!

Just when I have forgotten to anticipate Richard and Maya’s first kiss already, it finally comes as a welcome surprise! Yay!

We have been waiting for ages for Richard to finally kiss his beloved Maya, and it’s all happening tomorrow, June 27! Yes! May tomorrow’s kiss simply be the beginning of more tender loving moments between our favorite couple! (Written: late night, June 26, 2013)



*Most dialogues are taken from Be Careful with My Heart TV show.  Credit is given to BCWMH writers.


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