The Deleted Nic-Nik Scene

Author: laineygirl

A/N: Na-hopia tayong lahat ng ABS-CBN ah! Ang kiss na di dapat ma-miss… nasaan na??? Kaya eto nalang muna, pampakalma sa ating mga na-hopia 🙂


Nikki leaned back on her bed, thinking about the day’s events. She spent the afternoon at the arcade with her siblings and Maya. It wasn’t as bad as she expected.

Sa totoo lang, ok naman si Maya sa akin eh. I was just afraid of what people will say. But even Nicolo, Stacey and Megan didn’t think there was anything wrong with a former nanny occupying daddy’s heart. Sigh… I guess I overreacted.

A notification sound came from her iPad. She opened it and smiled when she saw it was from Nicolo.

Kamusta ang lakad nyo with Ate Maya, Niknik?

It was okay.

So bati na kayo ni Ate Maya?

Well, hindi naman talaga kami nag-away so parang medyo awkward lang nung una. It’s still a little hard for me to act normal, like how we were before. But I think we’re getting there naman. Honestly, I think we’ll be okay.

Nikki Grace Lim… I’m so proud of you. Young lady ka na nga talaga…You’re amazing, you know?

Nikki’s eyebrow shot up upon reading the last message. Her heart skipped a beat. She didn’t know how to reply. But a smile crept on her face.

Napa-smile kita ano?

Whatever with a capital W! Goodnight Nicolo Angelo Cortez!

She hurriedly turned off her iPad and covered her smiling face with a pillow.

Nicolo chuckled as he read the last message from Nikki. Hay naku Niknik, ang cute cute mo talaga! He went to bed with a smile as well.


The next day, Nikki woke up in a good mood. There was still some of the kakanin that Manang Fe and Sabel prepared yesterday. She dug into them with gusto while Luke and Abby looked on. The two siblings looked at each other then back at Nikki. Just then, Richard came down to breakfast with a big smile on his face.

“Good morning Daddy!”, Abby greeted him with a big smile.

“Masaya ka ata Dad, ah!” Luke observed with a knowing grin. “Ok ba ang date nyo ni Ate Maya, hmmm?”

Richard tried to suppress his smile but the kids already noticed how he couldn’t wipe the silly grin off his face. He kissed Maya last night. His face flushed as he remembered how he pressed his lips gently on hers, oh for just a few seconds. It finally happened… no one came to interrupt them this time. He remembered how sweet and soft her lips were…

“Dad? Dad?” Luke’s voice cut into his reverie. He shook his head as he came back to the present, and saw all three of them staring at him. Luke with a big grin, Nikki and Maya confused and slightly worried as to why their dad was staring off.

“Oh my gee, are you blushing Daddy?” Nikki asked. This was the first time she saw him blushing and flustered.

“Did you kiss Ate Maya, Daddy?” Abby asked innocently.

“Ah, um…” Richard groped for the right words.

“Sabi ko na nga ba eh!” Luke exclaimed, slapping his thigh. Alam ko na yang mga ganyang look, Dad!”

Nikki looked at her Dad and how happy he was. He was obviously so in love with Maya. And it reinforced her decision that she will not be the one to stand in the way of his happiness.

“It was just a goodnight kiss, baby,” he explained to the littlest one, his ears still red from embarrassment. Abby clapped her hands in delight. Nikki managed a sincere smile and Luke pumped his fist and said “Yes!” in a show of support.

Richard smiled fondly at his offspring. He noticed that Nikki was in an especially good mood today.

“And you guys, did you have fun yesterday?”

“Of course Dad!” Nikki replied with a smile.

“Well, we better hurry and eat. Male-late na tayong lahat.”


In the car, Nikki replayed the events at the breakfast table in her mind. So Dad kissed Ate Maya… that’s so kilig naman! First kiss siguro yun ni Ate Maya kasi alam ko NBSB sya. She closed her eyes and imagined herself being kissed for the first time. In her mind, the guy was gently tipping her chin up to look at him and his lips were coming nearer and nearer…

Her eyes popped open as she realized that the guy in her imagination was Nicolo! OH MY GEE!!! She tapped her cheeks and squeezed her eyes close and open. Luke looked at her bemusedly.

“Huy Nikki, anong nangyayari sa yo?” Luke asked.

“Ate Nikki, why is your face getting red?” Abby asked with a smile.

“What?? Wala, I’m fine Kuya. Abby, naiinitan lang ako. Kuya Joma, can you make lakas the aircon please?”

Luke raised his eyebrows in amusement. He knew something was up with Nikki.


“Bespren! Bakit ngayon ka lang? Tara na male-late na tayo!” Nicolo told Luke as he got out of the car.

“Napasarap ang kwentuhan kaninang umaga with Dad eh. Nag-kiss na pala sila ni Ate Maya kagabi hehehe”, he said with a laugh.

“Ano ka ba naman, eh di ba girlfriend nya si Ate Maya? Syempre, pwede ba namang hindi sila nagki-kiss?”

“Yun nga yung nakakatawa dun eh, parang first time lang nila nag-kiss kagabi. Pulang pula si Dad nung nalaman namin!”

“Old fashioned naman pala si Tito, napaka gentleman!” Nicolo said with a laugh. “Teka, kayo ba ni Joey nag kiss na ba kayo bago…”

“Ano ka ba! Wag na nga natin pag-usapan yun”, Luke interrupted. “Teka pala, may alam ka bang nangyayari kay Nikki? Parang wala sya sa sarili since this morning. At mukhang ok na naman sila ni Ate Maya… so hindi siguro yun ang nasa isip nya.”

Nicolo smiled and put an arm around his bestfriend as they walk to their class. “Hmmm, baka may gumugulo lang sa isip ni Niknik… hayaan mo lang muna sya, baka kelangan lang nya mag-isip isip.”


That afternoon, Joma fetched Nikki and Abby before getting Luke. As the car parked, Nikki saw Nicolo standing together with Luke. Her heart did a little dance when Nicolo waved at her.

“Sasama satin si Nicolo”, Luke announced. “May long test bukas, mag-aaral kami sa bahay”.

Nikki tried to appear unaffected but deep inside, she was glad to have him around. She moved closer to Abby to make space for Nicolo. He sat beside her and gave her a grin.

“Hi Niknik!” As he sat down, his fingers touched hers by accident. She felt a jolt come up her arm and quickly pulled her hand away. Nicolo looked at her and she met his gaze for a brief moment, her insides turning to jelly as his eyes bored into her. She quickly looked away, but not before Nicolo noticed how she blushed when he looked at her like that.

Yes! Bumigay na din si Niknik ko, he thought with a smile.

He then deliberately covered her hand with his. Nikki’s eyes widened as she turned her head sharply to look at him. He smiled and put his right finger to his lips.

Shhh. Wag kang pahalata.

Nicolo, are you out of your mind? I’m going to scream na!

I don’t think so Niknik. Aminin mo, kinikilig ka.

You’re so GRRR…R!Nikki didn’t say a word, nor did she pull her hand back. She looked away from him, but she was smiling as she did. The silent exchange happened without anyone noticing anything. Or so they thought…


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