First Love, Last Love – Part 5

Admin Note: *Contributed Story* Please give credit and thanks to Hanah6181. This is a continuation to Fist Love, Last Love- part 4.




Chapter 5

Over the weekend, Maya found herself thinking about Richard. She still remembers the night at Shangri-la and the cold treatment that he often gives her in the office. She was going crazy trying to figure him out. She needed someone to talk to and so she called up Emman.

She told him about her experience at LAS for the past several weeks. He’s seen Richard that night at Shangri-la but she didn’t tell him about the room incident.

“Uyyy, Girl, affected ka, ha. Hindi kaya in-love ka d’yan sa boss mo?” Kilig na kilig na sabi ni Emman.

“Emman! Impossible yan. Other than gwapo s’ya, wala pa akong nakitang ibang maganda sa kanya. May pagka-suplado pa. Kay James pa din ako.”

“So, girl, why don’t you try to find out? I mean, you’re now working closely with him. You have all the chance discover what’s there to discover… alam mo na.. hi,hi,hi. At saka diba sabi ko sa’yo move on.”

“Ikaw talaga Emman.”

“Oh ano. Tama ako ‘no. Okay, bye sister. Enjoy your boss, hi,hi,hi.”

In fairness to Richard, he is quite good with his other employees, she thought. They all spoke highly of him. To them, he is an ideal boss except that when he has his mood, no one can challenge him. She found it cute actually. Then she realized, Emman might be partly right. Her boss is getting into her skin. And maybe, she’s so affected by him because she is developing a crush on him. But, she can’t have a crush on her boss especially this boss, she said to herself. Therefore, she should avoid him at all cost.

The following week, Maya took every chance that she could get to avoid Richard in the office. Whenever she needed him to sign something, she would leave the document on his desk with a post it note that said it was for his signature or review. At lunch time, she wouldn’t eat at their office pantry area but would go to a nearby mall to de-stress. He spends lunchtime at the pantry. For three days in a row, she came to office very early and left early too so she would have minimum chance of meeting him or seeing him. He comes late to the office and would often leave at 7:00 p.m.

Richard, on his part, planned on being nicer to her starting that week. Unfortunately, he couldn’t find a chance to interact with her because she wasn’t always around. He sensed that she was avoiding him.

By Friday, 11:00 a.m., Maya got a call from Richard.

“Maya, what’s your plan for lunch?”

“Sir? Eh, plano ko sana lumabas. I’ll go to Megamall.”

“Good, we can go out together for lunch then.” He dropped the call.

Maya didn’t have a chance to recover from her surprise because the next thing she knew, she was being lead to his car for them to go to Megamall. They ended up choosing a Chinese restaurant to have lunch. The moment they sat on their table, he tried to put her at ease because she was fidgety.

“Maya, could you relax? I haven’t eaten any of my employees before. And I don’t plan to start now.” He smiled. The dimple on his right cheek makes him more handsome when he smiles.

“Naku, Maya, kalma lang, ang puso mo.” Sa isip nya. “Wag ka padala dyan sa lopsided killer smile n’ya. Ayaw mo sa kanya, remember.”

“Ok lang ako Sir. Medyo surprised lang ako sa lunch invitation na ‘to.”She calmly responded.

“Gan’un ba? Well, you could say that it is company policy that as part of employee engagement, the CEO of LAS invites employees for lunch.” He looked like he was teasing her.

“Sir? Bagong policy yan because I haven’t read it in….”

“It’s not written but if you like, you can put it writing and I will sign it.” He was really smiling at her. “And also, please drop the sir. Ikaw na lang ang tumatawag sa akin ng sir. You can call me Richard.”

“Naku sir, di pwede, kasi boss ko kayo Si Ms. Lisa nga, tawag sa’yo boss.”

“Maya, I insist. Also, can we put the past behind us. We’ll be working together for years, I think. We can’t let our first meeting get in the way of our work.” He suddenly became serious. After last week’s meeting with her, he has decided that he’d like to get to know her better. She holds an important role in his company, after all.

She was silent for a while while Richard was looking at her intently. He seemed sincere.

“Sige… Richard. I’ll try but it will be awkward for while.” She reluctantly agreed.

“That’s good! Oo nga pala, did you plan on avoiding me for the rest of employment life in my company?”

“Ha? Why did you say that?” In her thought, naku ang bilis pala makahalata nito.

“Sa tingin mo ba, I wouldn’t notice that you were avoiding me? Maya, obvious kaya ‘no? Before, you’re always in my office either to discuss or get something signed. But this week, I barely saw you.” He was laughing. Maya could only smile back.

“Kasi naman, ang hirap mo kaya ka discussion ‘no. Ang daming tanong, nanganganak.” She felt more comfortable now. But in her mind she was wondering, ganoon ba ako talaga kadalas sa office nya in the past?

“Well, I just wanted to make sure that our plans are done well. Okay naman yung proposal mo eh. So ano, do we agree that we’ll start fresh? “

“Ah, sige, Sir, sabi mo eh.”

That started to put them both at ease. Their lunch together was surprisingly enjoyable. Maya kept on talking about her observations about LAS employees and what she has discovered about them so far. She found that it was actually easy to get along with him. Richard has a genuine interest in the people. Their lunch extended up to 2:30 p.m. If not for an earlier appointment with a client, they could have stayed longer.



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