Second – part 5

Admin Note: *Contributed Story* Please give credit and thanks to Kateydreamer. This is a continuation to Second- part 4.

(A/N: hi po. sorry if I am posting shorter chapters, busy lang talaga hehe :)) here’s chapter 5. thanks sa comments! 😀 enjoy reading.)

Author: Kateydreamer



“Okay, I am sorry that I forgot about our monthsary. I am just busy. That’s why I went here kanina, babawi ako.” He looked at her intently

“Ah, tapos umalis ka din agad. Buti pa yung anniversary nyo naalala mo” she said sarcastically, while staring blankly at no where.


“Kasi.. Hindi ko alam pero pakiramdam ko may nagbago.. Sa ating dalawa. Dati naman palagi kang nandiyan pag kailangan kita kahit gaano ka ka-busy.

Richard looked straight into her eyes. “I have a lot of things to do. Kailangan din ako ng trabaho ko, the kids also need me. Hindi naman pwedeng palagi akong nasa tabi mo. Di ba before ikaw pa nga yung nagsabi na hindi naman kailangan na palagi tayong magkita? You don’t know how I wanted to see you every single day. Look Maya, I know things are hard but it doesn’t mean that I don’t have time for you, hindi ibig sabihin nun na hindi ka importante. I love you and you know that.”


“Ah. Kaya mo ako minahal kasi ako lang yung nandito?” Tears continued to roll on her face

“What??!” He shook his head in disbelief. “What’s happening to you?”

Silence filled the air as the question left unanswered. Richard broke the silence.

“Okay. I’ll give you time to think. I don’t know what’s wrong. You are not listening anymore. I have to go home. Just please, stop over thinking.” And with that, he left the condo.


She took a deep breath as she fixed her hair again, pulled her luggage and went out of the condo. She will definitely miss him. Surely, being in love is not enough. You have to be ready to face all of the challenges if you really want to stay beside the person you truly love.


Chapter 5

I am a lonely flower.. No sweet smiles, no loving kisses, no sweet embraces, I am alone under the heat of the sun.


More than anything she wanted to hide, at least for a while. Just to keep a distance, a short break away from the things that hurts her but she couldn’t leave without saying goodbye, like a coward running away from the problems of her heart. She couldn’t leave without seeing Richard one more time

She heard footsteps in the room and her heart started thumping in an out-of-control rhythm. She saw Richard pacing back and forth in the room holding a picture frame. Maya was outside just staring at him not wanting to be seen. She stared at him like she won’t be able to see him again. She looked at his face lovingly. All she wanted to do is to hug him right now but she knows she just can’t. Him telling her that he loves Alex as much as he loves the kids somehow hurt her. The fact that she can never be loved the same way pierced her heart.

Richard halted and stared at the picture frame he was holding. “I’m so sorry Alex…” He said as he gently rubbed the frame with his thumb. Maya, though she can’t see who is in the frame, knows too well that it was Alex. She now regrets on why she went there. ‘Is he sorry for loving me?’ That was what kept on repeating in Maya’s head. A tear fell from her eye as she turns around and went away from the house, away from her Sir Chief.

She patiently awaited the arrival of the good-bye to Richard as the airplane started to take off…


The sunlight barged in through the windows, the warmth touching her beautiful face. She shifted as she felt the heat of the sun. Still sleepy, she reached for her phone as she slowly opens her eyes. She started to check for her messages, one from Kute, and a few more from her co-FAs. She sighed as she didn’t find any messages from Richard, then a realization came into her head, she forgot that she changed her number and promised herself that she’ll stop thinking of him for a while but for the past 3 days out of the country because of work, she’s been like this- she still longed for him. She lazily sat up on her bed and looked at the clock on the bedside table. It is 9 in the morning in Japan. She rubbed her neck thinking what to do for a couple of hours before her flight later at night.

Her eyes catching the laptop on top of the table of her co-FA caught her attention. Its been a while since the last time she checked her e-mail. She asked permission to her friend to use the laptop and quickly sat down on the chair and opened her e-mail.

She wasn’t shocked as her expectations was met. There was a couple of e-mails from Richard. She smiled on the thought that he remembers her.


Subject: where are you?!

September 12, 2014, 7:08am- Friday


I know I’ve given you time to think but not days or months, okay? Where are you? You never answered my calls nor replied to my messages. I’m so worried!


Sir Chief

That ‘yours’ thing made Maya’s heart flipped with joy. She feels giddy yet she hates on how someone who hurt you is also the only one who could make you smile again.



Subject: we need to talk

September 12, 2014, 10:55pm- Friday


I’ve waited the whole day but still you haven’t replied. Are you busy? Emman told me that you’re away in your International flight for a week or so. Why did you never told me that? Come on! I couldn’t even reach your phone. We needed to talk and you know that.


‘Hala Sir Chief sinabi ko sa’yo kung kailan ang next flight ko nung.. Bago tayo mag-monthsary. Kung sa bagay, yun nga nalimutan mo na eh yung flight ko pa kaya.’ She replied in her mind, she knows that he is now mad, the fact that he just addressed himself as Richard and well, he is not even sweet.



Subject: why?

September 13, 2014, 9:12am- Saturday


Why are you doing this to me? I’ve been thinking about you the whole day. When I wake up and before I sleep. I am so worried, I don’t know if you’re doing okay. I miss you, Maya. Please, just tell me where you are or just a hi and a simple message telling me that you’re okay would do.

Missing you,


She smiled as she finished reading this e-mail of his. He misses her and he is so worried! A part of her tells her that she just won their fight and that she should tell him that she misses him, too but the other part of her tells her that Richard needs to do something for her, she doesn’t know what and how but she won’t give up that easily.


Subject: fine!

September 14, 2014, 11:47pm- Sunday


Fine. If this is what you want, I will give you as much time as you needed. Just keep safe. I don’t know what else to say to you. Whatever bothers you, I want to know. Please, let me know.


She sighed. She just told her before she left all the things that bothers and hurts her. His time and love for her isn’t enough, that is what hurts her.

Face scrunched up, she shut down the laptop as she stood up and headed outside to go to a convenience store and find something to eat. Same old thrifty Maya.


“I’m so sorry Alex…” He heaved a sigh and paused for a while. He closes his eyes as he rubbed the picture frame with his thumb. He imagined his wife, smiling beautifully at him. He embraced her for a moment and continued what he was saying. “But I guess, I have to let you go. I don’t want Maya to feel that she isn’t loved. She deserve all the love in the world, forgive me. Don’t worry I will never forget you. I am so thankful that I met you and you are still part of me. Good-bye Alex, I love you.”


His eyebrows furrowed as he types another message for her in his laptop. He haven’t heard anything from her! He thought she wanted some time for herself but 3 days without her answering his phone calls? That is unacceptable. Dang! How he misses her.

A ring from his phone was heard. He hurriedly answered the phone without even looking who it was.

“Hello?” His lips crept up for a smile as he waited for the reply on the other line.


tbc… next chapter to be posted soon. :))


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