Turning the tables

A.N. : I am still recovering from the kilig overdose I got from watching and rewatching over and over the episode yesterday (June 28, 2013). It was one helluva monumental episode in Be Careful’s history by far. Hihihi. That’s why I was inspired to write this. Mukhang di na sila magcecelebrate ng monthsary sa series eh… Given that mothers’ day naging sila at fathers’ day na sa timeline nila. So, here’s my take on their supposed first monthsary celebration.

Enjoy reading! Kapit-bisig!


“Looks good,” Richard commented, referring to the food Maya was preparing for the two of them. Or was it really the food? Or the one preparing it? The silly figment of Maya’s subconscious could not help but think. It was during one of their most memorable nights together and what made it more special was the fact that the kids were the ones who hatched the plan and graciously granted it to them.

Richard told her they had the best dates. So that particular evening, he parked the car in some secluded area, their privacy the only thing that mattered with only the trees around, the stars that sprinkled the night sky, and the quiet and cool air swirling around them as their witnesses. It was a night for celebration for they had managed to overcome the first major hurdle in their relationship. They had passed the first test with flying colors.

It was indeed the best among the best dates they had so far. It was indeed a perfect date on a perfect Saturday night.

It was a night of ‘firsts’, not only for Maya but also for Richard.

Who would have thought that Richard’s seemingly next to impossible dancing in the arcade would pave way for their first dance as a couple?

Maya teased him about his dancing skills and Richard was resolute in proving her that he was a better dancer between the two of them. He turned on the car’s radio and as the music started to play, he reached out for her hand and the next thing she knew, she was in his arms.

No words were spoken, only soft sighs and contented smiles were shared between them. With his eyes closed, Richard relished on the feel of her body against his. Whereas before, Luke was standing between them as they danced, signifying that it was not yet the time for the both of them. Yet, the perfect time had finally come. At last, he was free to envelope her in his strong arms and feel the beating of her heart against his own pounding chest.

He had to close his eyes for the best things in life are not seen but only felt by the heart.

Meanwhile, Maya was already content to rest her head on his chest as he rocked them back and forth, his steady breathing almost lulling her to sleep. She felt secured. She felt safe. With his arms protectively around her, she felt that nothing could ever harm her. It was in his arms that she rightfully belonged.

And as she thought that nothing could ever make that evening more perfect than it already was, she was once again proven wrong. Her Ser Chief was full of surprises; in fact, his mere existence in her life was a welcome surprise in its own right. His decision to love her despite the many other choices he had and for the reason that he just did were all big surprises Maya thought she did not deserve. Yet her fairy tale was just getting started. Another surprise, though inevitable and expected given the relationship they had, finally came to pass. His sweet and careful lips landed on her slightly opened mouth, knocking her breathless, leaving her dazed. And when he uttered “good night” in his tender voice, she felt like he cast her some magic spell that she could no longer feel the ground beneath her feet. She watched him walk away, his smile never leaving his face as he looked at her. She was certain he took with him the air she was breathing.

Everything was dreamlike. After the long wait, the king finally kissed the princess.


Her bambi eyes opened in swift motion. Heart pumping loudly, she suddenly felt nervous and afraid. What if everything was just a dream? She unconsciously put a finger on her lips, her other hand on her chest as she tried to pacify herself.

She sat up straight on her bed and got her phone from the bedside table. There’s only one who could slip her to cool waters and that was him. She dialed his number and put the phone against her ear. He answered after a few rings.

“Hello Maya?”

She felt better at once at the sound of his voice.

“Hello Ser Chief! Happy fathers’ day sa best daddy in the whole wide world!”

“Thank you,” he said, a collected happiness in his tone.

“Anong plano nyo ng mga bata?” she asked.

“Um… I don’t really know about their plans. But I’m okay with it as long as magkakasama kami.”

Maya nodded. “Tama yun, Ser Chief.”

Memories of last night popped up in her head. She didn’t just dream of them, right? The dance… The kiss…

“Ser Chief?”

“Yes, Maya?”

“Uh… Thank you,” she uttered in her small voice.

His eyebrows joined slightly. “For what?”

“Sa… Sa kagabi?”

“Ah… Did you… enjoy?” he asked, brushing his forefinger against his lips. “Did you like it?” he followed up, a hint of uncertainty in his voice but Maya did not take notice of it.

“Oo naman Ser Chief, ang perfect lang talaga ng lahat. Sana maulit no?”

He arched a brow and asked, “Really?”

“Oo naman, Ser Chief… Sobrang ang saya ko lang kagabi. Sana laging ganun. Nakakakilig!”

Richard broke out into a full smile. He would not admit it but he was feeling the same way. “I miss you.”

“Ser Chief naman eh! Miss agad?” Maya’s voice took a higher pitch. She was glad that everything that happened was indeed real.

“I really do,” he answered. And I really want to kiss you again, he thought.

Maya sighed. “Sige Ser Chief, today, time mo yan kasama ang mga bata kaya next time na lang tayo magkita para mas mamiss mo ako. At pag nagkita tayo, gusto ko ulitin ulit natin yung sayaw natin Ser Chief. Parang yun na lang yung celebration ng monthsary natin kasi di ba one month na tayo?”

“Yung sayaw? Yun ang gusto mong maulit?”

“Oo Ser Chief. Nakakakilig kaya! Akala ko sa mga pelikula ko lang napapanood yung mga ganun,” she giggled.

“Yun lang?” Richard frowned.

“Anong yun lang, Ser Chief?”

“Ang gusto mong ulitin?”

“Ha?” Maya was already perplexed at Richard’s line of questioning.

“Uh…” He couldn’t help but feel frustrated. “Sige na Maya. I still have to do something. Bye.”

“Ser Chief?”

She lifted the phone from her ear. Richard’s dropping her call only meant he was upset. But what did she do?

“Itong si Ser Chief… Nabanggit ko lang yung monthsary, nag-iba agad ang timpla! Hay… Ayaw nga pala nyang sine-celebrate yung mga ganun. Edi wag! Kainis!”


Evening came. Still, no text or call from him. She had no work that day. She had finished doing some housekeeping chores and was about to prepare for dinner when she checked her phone.

“Aba… Ni hindi man lang ako kinakamusta. Nakakatampo ka na Ser Chief ah… Ng dahil sa monthsary? O baka naman kasama lang talaga nya yung mga bata. Oo nga Maya, nagspend lang yun ng quality time kasama ang mga anak nya kasi nga Fathers’ day. Tama, ganun lang yun. Ang saya-saya pa kaya namin kahapon.”


She was preparing for bed and contemplating whether to call him or not. She was convinced that it would really be unreasonable for him to be upset because she did nothing wrong. Yet, she did not want to initiate any quarrel especially when things were just starting to turn right for them. She decided to text him instead.

“Good night Ser Chief ko. Sana nag-enjoy ka with the kids sa fathers’ day celebration nyo. Happy fathers’ day ulit. You’re the best daddy and best boyfriend in the world at di ako magsasawang sabihin yun sa yo! I love you soooo much!”

No reply. She sent him another text.

“Ser Chief? May nagawa ba ko? Bakit di ka nagrereply? Kung dahil ito sa monthsary na nabanggit ko. Fine, wag na lang nating i-celebrate. Alam kong busy ka lalo na sa launch ng hangar kaya wala kang time para sa mga ganun. Okay lang. Okay na tayo ah? I love you!”

Still, no reply.

“Ser Chief? Di ako makatulog kasi hinihintay ko yung text mo.”

“Ser Chief?”

“Ser Chief…”

“Okay, fine. Good night na, Ser Chief.”

It was past midnight when he read the text messages. He left his phone in his room and decided not to retrieve it so that he could concentrate on being with his kids. While they slept early because they still had school the next day, he proceeded to his home office to check his email and other work-related documents.

He heaved a long sigh. He was disappointed at himself for neglecting Maya the whole day. Sure he was busy with the kids and his work but that did not keep him from checking up on her before. More than that, Maya even thought wrongly about the reason of his sudden aloofness. He felt guilty for setting aside Maya’s excitement for their monthsary celebration and making her feel that it did not matter to him. What’s frustrating him more was letting his ego get the better of him. It shouldn’t be a big deal if Maya wanted the kiss or not. She just had to get used to it for more kisses would happen in the future. But he was Maya’s first and he wanted to make her every first memorable and special. Especially her first kiss.

He felt silly. At his age, he felt that his ego had been wounded like he was some teenage love-sick boy. But then he realized that after five long years, he felt like he was a man again, in another sense of the word, a man who wanted his woman’s approval.  What’s worse, he even felt inexperienced… Like he had to unlearn and relearn things to make his woman happier.

He knew he was blowing this out of proportion. He should not have taken things that way. He should stop overthinking things and afflicting himself with uncalled for and unnecessary emotions.

Besides, he knew Maya so well that she would not openly voice how pleased she was (or not) with their first kiss or how excited she was (or if she really was) for their next kiss. She wasn’t like that. So he better stop with this exaggeration.

If celebrating their first month together, along with other things worthy of celebration, was what she wanted, then he would give it to her.


 Maya came out from the lift in the condominium she was residing, her face gloomy. She went home alone after she accompanied Emman in the mall. He told her to go ahead and rest because he would still meet his best friend Belle. After her work, she tried to refuse Emman’s invitation to go the mall but the latter was insistent. She checked her phone for any sign of her boyfriend and she found none. So she decided to enjoy her roommate’s company instead.

It was already nighttime and he still had not called nor texted her. Nagtatampo na talaga ko, Maya brooded as she unlocked the door to the flat.

“Happy monthsary, Maya,” Richard greeted as Maya neared the dining table.

“Ay kalabaw!” She exclaimed in shock, her hand automatically brought up to her chest.

Richard stepped forward and gave her a bouquet of sunflowers. “Pwede mo ng palitan yung nasa flower vase… Lanta na sila eh,” Richard chirped with one corner of his lips slightly curling upward.

“Ser Chief…” she whispered breathlessly as she took the flowers in her arms. “Ano ‘to?” she looked up to him, a baffled yet amused expression in her face.

“Di ba one month na tayo? I asked Emman to help me set this up while you’re away. Then he was the one who volunteered to give us some quality time.”

“Ha? Pero ayaw mo ng gan’to di ba?”

His eyebrows met, putting lines on his smooth forehead. “No!”

Maya pursed her lips. “Kaya di ba nagtampo ka sa ‘kin gawa nito?”

Richard shook his head. “Halika na. Let’s eat. You ask so many questions,” he appraised, gently pushing her to sit down.

“Ser Chief…”

“Ang kulit mo, Maya,” he said, sitting across her by the dining table.

“Eh kasi naman…”


Maya became silent at that. She tensed. “Sweetheart?” she asked in disbelief.

Richard only nodded and ordered gently, “Let’s eat.”

Maya dipped her head lower, restraining herself from smiling.

“Sweetheart lang pala ang katapat mo para tumahimik ka…” he muttered under his breath as he put champorado in her bowl.

“Champorado at tuyo?” Maya asked, surprised.

“Why? Paborito mo ‘to di ba?”

“Ser Chief, ikaw nagluto?” Excitement was evident in her voice.

“Of course not,” he replied quickly.

“Hay… Ang sweet na sana eh…” Maya murmured, leaning back on the chair. Daing na bangus, karekare, and suman sa latik were also present in the table. She could tell her appetite was rising.

She paused surveying the table when she registered the bottle of red wine. “Ser Chief, iinom tayo ng wine? Alam mo naman yung nangyari dati di ba?”

“Hahayaan ba kitang malasing, Maya? Besides, you know that red wine goes with beef, right? And…” he reached out for her hand before he continued. “I just want us to celebrate, hindi lang yung one month natin but also celebrate the kids’ approval… the launching of new hangar in Clark… Everything’s going great between us… Around us…

“Us,” he emphasized, squeezing her hand. “Yung tayo. All have been so wonderful, sweetheart. Don’t you think?”

She put her free hand above his hand that was holding her other hand and smiled lovingly at him. “Oo nga Ser Chief, ang wonderful ng lahat. Thank you.”

Richard smiled back at her and poured wine in both of their glasses. “Shall we make a toast then?” he asked, lifting his glass to hers.

“Cheers!” Maya said, their glasses producing a clinking sound.


 They were now sitting comfortably on the couch, both still taking a few sips of the wine. Maya’s eyelids were drooping slightly and she found herself leaning against the couch as she continued to listen to Richard’s update about the kids.

Meanwhile, Richard was very much himself. He was neither tipsy nor drunk. He was totally engrossed with their conversation that he did notice that Maya was drinking more than him.

“Maya? Are you okay?” he asked as Maya rested her head on the couch.

Maya sat up straight, the act disorienting her more. She languidly nodded and answered, “Oo naman Ser Chief… Ang sarap pala nitong wine no? Pahingi pa nga ako…” She raised her glass to him.

Richard got hold of her glass and looked at her sternly. “Enough. You’re drunk already. Halos ikaw na ang umubos nito.”

Maya wrinkled her nose. “Uy… Hindi naman Ser Chief… Masarap lang kasi talaga sya eh… Sige na… Hindi ako lasing. Hindi rin ako tipsy. Inaantok lang ako kasi pagod ako sa trabaho. Please Ser Chief… Last na… Ha?” she egged him on, reaching out to her glass.

“No,” Richard firmly said, holding her shoulders.

Maya snorted. “Ang KJ… Teka… Teka!” she stood up and wobbled slightly. “Bago tayo magkalimutan, dyan ka lang Ser Chief. Dyan ka lang…” She went to her room.

“Maya?” He stood up to follow her. When he was about to knock at her door, she opened it and pulled him in.


“Eh kasi Ser Chief, hindi ko na bubuhatin yung player dun sa labas. Kaya dito na lang. Wait ha?” she turned the cassette on and music started playing.

Richard became rooted to the spot as he took in that he was inside Maya’s room for the first time. He swallowed hard as Maya clicked the door shut and walked towards him, a not-so innocent smile in her cherubic face. He pressed his lips as Maya’s arms wrapped around his neck, her nose tickling the skin across his throat. “Ser Chief, ang bango-bango mo pa rin.”

She looked up at him and pressed herself against him, tighter than she had ever done when they embraced before. “Sayaw tayo, Ser Chief ko…”

“Maya… I don’t think this is a good idea. I mean…” He uttered nervously, his voice rough and thick.

“Ouch!” Maya exclaimed as Richard accidentally stepped on her foot.

“I’m sorry, Maya! I’m sorry!” He tried to get away from her embrace but Maya put him in place, clasping her hands behind his nape.

“Okay lang Ser Chief… Sweetheart? Sayaw tayo… Please?” She urged sluggishly as she swayed from side to side.

“O… Okay,” he choked out, putting his hands around her frame and tucking her head below his chin. He relaxed when Maya loosened her hold on him, her hands splaying on his upper arms.

Richard closed his eyes yet again as one of his hands stroked her back, his other hand planted firmly around her waist.

“Ser Chief?”

“Yes, sweetheart?”

“I love you…”

Richard smiled. “I love you too…”

“Pwede ganito lang muna tayo? Ang sarap kasi ng ganito eh… Okay lang?”

“Of course… Anything to make you happy. Hindi ka ba nahihilo?”

Maya shook her head. “Nakasandal naman ako sa ‘yo kaya hindi ako mahihilo…”

“Okay,” he conceded, kissing her temple. “Remind me to never make you drink any alcoholic beverage again. Ang bilis mo malasing.”

“Hindi ako lasing…”

“Tipsy lang?”


“Well… It’s okay na malasing ka basta ako ang kasama mo.”

Maya looked up. “Ikaw. Ikaw ang hindi pwedeng malasing. Okay?”

“Bakit naman?”

“Basta…” Maya replied, putting her head on his shoulder again.

“Kahit ikaw ang kasama ko, hindi pa rin pwede?”

“Hmmm… Sige na pwede na. Basta ako ang kasama mo.”

“You are so silly, Maya.”

After a few moments of silence, Maya whispered, “Thank you Ser Chief…” Richard could tell she was already sleepy. “Sana isayaw mo ulit ako next time…”

“Okay. I promise when we get married, we will always dance before we sleep. Do you like that?” Richard asked in the softest of voices.

Maya nodded before she let out a soft snore.

Richard stopped and held her tighter, the truth of his words slowly sinking in his consciousness. How easy it is to picture a life with the woman in his arms… How he would send her to sleep every night… And wake up beside her every morning. He inhaled deeply, her sweet scent slowly filling his senses.

He picked her up and carried her to bed, tucking the comforter up to her shoulder. She turned her head to the side, prompting Richard to let her hair down and touch it with his fingers. He wondered if she would remember them dancing inside her room or if she would recall his promise to her when they get married. Yet, whether she would remember it or not, he would make it happen. He would dance with her as long as that makes her happy.

He kissed her forehead and whispered, “Good night, Maya. Sleep well, my sweetheart.” Standing up, he heard Maya murmured in her sleep, “Ser Chief, wala ba akong good night kiss?”

Richard chuckled. “I just kissed you good night, sweetheart.”

Maya made a complaining sound. “Ser Chief, dito…” she grumbled, pressing a finger to her lips.

Richard swallowed again, his hands akimbo. “I have to go, Maya. I won’t do that given na ganyan ka.”

He rocked back on his heels when Maya abruptly sat up and pulled his hands in an effort to make him sit on the bed. Hesitantly, he complied. He was distracted by the soft glow of her cheeks and the wetness of her pink lips. He shook his head; Maya was really testing his self-control.

“Maya, you have to rest and I have to go,” he said, looking at anything but her.

“Ang daya mo kasi… Yung sayaw naulit pero yung kiss hindi…” she explained, her tone forlorn.

Richard looked at her in astonishment. “Maya?”

“Fine, Ser Chief. Tama sila… Dense ka nga. Good night Ser Chief ko.” She shifted closer to him, put her hands on his shoulders, and gave him a smack on his lips. “Mahal na mahal kita…” she said sweetly before lying down on her side. Few seconds passed and she was asleep.

Stunned, he walked out of her room and out of the unit, passing by Emman on his way.

“Sir Richard, pauwi na po kayo?”

Richard barely acknowledged him as he nodded shortly and continued on his walk.

“Ay… Tulala? Maya lang ang peg ni Sir Richard, naallergy lang at parang nasa cloud nine… Kaloka! Bagay nga sila,” Emman remarked. Maya Dela Rosa, iprepare mo ang sarili mo tomorrow! Maho-hot seat ka sa ‘kin nito. Hihihihi!










37 thoughts on “Turning the tables

  1. I was so busy with work that I get to read it only now…and what can i say, super like ko yung story mo, so romantic and sweet nawala yung stress ko, promise!… I like the way Richard handle Maya….ay basta love ko to! you are one of my favorite authors here…thanks & Godbless!

  2. Ngayon ko lang nabasa to.. Ang Ganda! Nakaka-touch.. talgang May Self-control sya kay Maya, which I really Like in this Story..Thanks for this! 🙂

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