First Love, Last Love – part 6

Admin Note: *Contributed Story* Please give credit and thanks to Hanah6181. This is a continuation to Fist Love, Last Love- part 5.

A/N: Note:  Dear EB readers, thank you for all the comments in the previous chapters.  Sana ma-appreciate n’yo din ito – medyo kalma muna sa chapter na ‘to.

Author:  Hanah6181


The weeks that followed were peaceful ones for Maya.  Richard didn’t scowl at her anymore. Except for the occasional temper outbursts that were usually related to issues at the hangars, he was always in good mood.  They’ve established good rapport at work to the extent they have established a routine of lunches together at the office pantry whenever they were available.   Most discussions were focused on business since both had a silent understanding that they will maintain a professional approach in their work.   Nonetheless, Maya was becoming more comfortable with him and so was he to her.

“Maya, I’m going to Singapore tomorrow.  I might be gone for 2 weeks.” He told her one Friday while in his office.

“Sa Singapore? Tomorrow na kaagad? To work or to play?” It was a joke and the last question was supposed to be a side comment but she didn’t realize that she actually said it out loud.

“Sa Singapore for work, Maya.  We have potential business partners that I need to meet there. So ‘yung business conference natin need to be moved few weeks later.” He emphasized.

Out of curiosity, she probed further.  “Pwede mag-tanong? Yung last trip mo almost 2 months ago, was that in the U.S. or Singapore?” It was a question that has been nagging her for sometime.

“Why are you asking?”

“Ah… eh,  nagpag-isip-isip ko lang kasi sabi ni Tita Fe, nasa U.S. ka nung ini-intterview pa nila ako but when we met…hmm… you said came from Singapore.  Anyway, it doesn’t matter na, diba Sir.?” Shocks, why did she have to bring that up, she thought. He might assume that she was still thinking about their first meeting.

“I was in the U.S. for two months on vacation, Maya.  On my way back to Manila, I passed by Singapore to talk these potential partners. That’s why I told you I returned from Singapore. So, okay na ba explanation ko, Ma’m.” He answered with a smirk and she could only look down feeling embarrassed.

“By the way, since Lisa may give birth anytime soon, may I ask you to take over her role while she is on maternity leave?  Please oversee the administration department including my office. I already told Lisa about this so you can start discussing with her.”

“Ahhh… okay. Kausapin ko na lang si Lisa. At saka, I will also ensure that all the papers you need to sign are ready today. ‘Yun palang ihi-hire natin na HR support, when will you interview the candidate?” She was thankful that he changed the topic.

When I return from Singapore, please schedule the candidate. I want to talk only to the final candidate.”

“Sige, Richard.”

“Salamat.”  He was watching her while she writing was on her notebook.  He thought that she looked really pretty when her medium length hair is hanging loosely on her shoulder. He also likes her eyes – the most expressive eyes he has seen in a woman.

Then out of the blue, he asked her.  “About dinner tonight,  would you be available to have dinner with me?”   He was surprised by his own invitation but he felt a sudden compulsion to ask her out.

“Ha? Eh, dinner?” Maya was taken by surprise.

“Yes, dinner?”

“Why Sir?”

“Why Sir again & why? Syempre to eat. Do you have plans?” He hoped she would say she didn’t have any.

“Meron , eh. I’m meeting some friends.” She now wished that she didn’t have a plan.

“So, do you usually go out on Fridays with friends?”  He sounded disappointed.  He recalled that he met her on a Friday in a bar.

“Not that much, sometimes it’s with my family.  Kasi na miss miss ako ng parents ko…” She was about  to share something about her family when the incoming call from Richard’s phone interrupted her.  He excused himself and picked up the call.

“Hi… Yes…  No Stephanie…”  She overheard him say but didn’t get the rest of the conversation as he left her to go back to his room.    She wondered who Stephanie was.

Maya later on learned who Stephanie was thru Lisa  while was she briefing her about the administrative work she’s handling.  Apparently, Richard is currently dating her.   Maya also discovered that other handling administrative matters for Richard,  Lisa was the gatekeeper of his personal calendar.

“Lisa, talaga bang maraming babaeng may gusto d’yan kay Richard?”

“Hayyy, based sa mga naka encounter ko, konti lang naman” Lisa was a bit sarsactic when she said that. “Ganito na lang, kailangan magaling ang “guarding skills” mo if you are his executive assistant.  Kaya minsan, nakapagod din.”

“Eh, so mayroon bang girlfriend, as in girlfriend yang si Sir?”  She probed further.

“Yan ang di ko sure.  Si Stephanie, O eto picture n’ya, madalas yan tumawag.  Parang sila na parang hindi.  Tapos  si Atty. Gie is another one at saka yung si Bambi. Ay, ewan ko.  Sa isip ko, magaling lang magdala or magtago si Richard.  Alam mo na…”

“Bakit mo naman naitanong Maya? Uyyy, interested ka ano? By the way, may boyfriend ka ba?” Lisa asked her.

“Of course not.  Naitanong ko lang kasi parang he’s always busy with work.  Anyway, I can’t really say I  have a boyfriend but there is someone. Medyo complicated eh.” She was being honest with Lisa.

The two ladies didn’t know Richard was listening to them. He was in a corner about to turn towards Lisa’s work area when he heard Maya asking about Stephanie.  Initially, he thought it was entertaining to hear them talk about his lovelife.  Later on, he felt disturbed.  He heard she doesn’t have a boyfriend but it’s complicated. He was curious to know why she said it was complicated.  But one thing for sure, he’d like to see how good is her guarding skills. He would test it one of these days.


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