Letters (3): From Abby with Love

A/N: G00d day, EB readers!

Inspired by the events that transpired in BCWMH last June 26 & 28, 2013, here is a letter for Daddy Richard from his youngest daughter, Abby!

I did not intend for From Daddy with Love to be followed by From Luke with Love. From the looks of it, more letters may be coming real soon. So let’s just consider Abby’s letter as part 3 of this series I hope to entitle as Letters.

Letters (1): From Daddy with Love

Letters (2): From Luke with Love

Happy reading, everyone!

Author: iamgarie



By iamgarie

Dear Daddy,

Happy Fathers’ Day! I hope you and Ate Maya enjoyed our surprise po for you.

Diba I told you, Daddy na don’t worry na kasi everything will be alright na po?See, Daddy, we’re all smiling now! Fathers’ Day gift din po namin sa yo yun, okay?

I don’t have the best Daddy lang pala! I also have the best Kuya and Ate! Sila po yung nag-plan ng surprise for you and Ate Maya. Did you like our surprise for you, Daddy?

I’m still awake, Daddy, kasi I want to wait for you and ask you about your date with Ate Maya. Ate Doris fell asleep na nga po, eh! Hihi! Since di pa po ako sleepy, I’ll write this letter for you na lang.

You know, Daddy, sina Manang Fe, Ate Doris, Ate Sabel and Kuya Joma all helped prepare a special meal for Ate Nikki tonight. Sabi po ni Manang Fe masaya sila na Ate Nikki made you and Ate Maya happy kaya they prepared all of her favorite food! Ate Nikki hugged everyone, said sorry, and thanked them. Ate Nikki is really sweet, Daddy. She’s so sweet like you!

You know, Daddy, we also watched a movie where yung boy po and yung girl hindi natuloy mag-kiss pero sabi ni Ate Nikki that’s okay lang daw po na hindi po sila nag-kiss kasi hindi pa naman girlfriend ni boy yung girl, eh. Daddy, diba po girlfriend mo na si Ate Maya? Did you kiss na po ba? I asked Kuya Luke the same question kanina kaya lang he didn’t answer. Ate Nikki teased him na he’s turning red daw po. Kuya Luke and Ate Nikki are so funny! Hihi! Then Kuya stopped the movie we were watching, and we all watched horror na lang po. But I’m a brave girl, Daddy! I did not get so scared while watching the movie. Konti lang po.

How was your date? Where did you go? I’m sure you had so much fun, kasi diba po, you and me, we always have fun when we’re with Ate Maya? Ate Maya always makes you laugh, Daddy. And you always make Ate Maya smile. Pag nasa car nga po tayo before or nandito sa room ko, I always enjoy looking at you and Ate Maya kasi po both of you are always smiling and looking at each other. You’re both funny!

Daddy, alam mo po, I prayed before na sana yung magiging girlfriend mo parang si Ate Maya kasi she loves me so much. Tapos hindi lang po pala siya parang si Ate Maya, si Ate Maya na pala yung girlfriend mo po talaga! Thank you, Daddy, for making me so happy! I love Ate Maya so much! She loves me kasi and she really takes good care of me. She always makes me so happy. I always enjoy the games we play din po. You also love Ate Maya, right?

When Ate Maya left us before to live at Kuya Emman’s condo, I was really so sad, Daddy. I cried nga po, eh. Pero Ate Maya promised me na we will be best friends forever. I even made her promise na pag ikakasal na po ako dapat present din po siya! Hihi! And now, I’m happier pa kasi hindi lang po kami magiging bestfriends forever. She will be our new Mama din someday. Right, Daddy? I’m excited na, Daddy! I hope you will make Ate Maya my Mama na para she can live in the house, and we will be a happy family forever! I also miss her stories na about the Mahal na Hari and the Mahal na Prinsesa… I’m sure Ate Maya will be the best Mama also!

I’m sleepy na, Daddy. I’ll sleep na po muna. See you tomorrow!

Happy Fathers’ Day! I love you, Daddy!


(Written: night time, June 28, 2013)



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