The Space Between Us – part 19

Admin Note: *Contributed Story* Please give credit and thanks to krisheblacas. This is a continuation of The Space Between Us – parts 17-18.

Author: krisheblacas

A/N: Thank you po for Excess Baggage Universe for letting me channel my inner Vitamin K! I love this blog.


She was staring at herself on the full length mirror of her room. She carefully examined herself; looking at every contour of her body. She stared at her legs, they were firm and smooth. Her hips and buttocks were firmly sculpted. Her tiny waist has the right amount of curves in it. Her breasts were just the right size for her petite figure. She wasn’t voluptuous and yet she had appealed to many. She gazed at her collar bones; they were not too bony unlike the prominences of other women you might have come across with. Her neck has just the right length that gives support to her perfectly oval face. And lastly, she stared at her face. Her lips were supple and tempting, giving every tint of color needed. Her cheeks are naturally rosy pink and sometimes give itself a deep red when she’s around him. Her tiny nose – the nose that she pinches every time she is about to cry. And her eyes, her beautiful doe eyes that has captures the hearts of many. They say that once you look into her eyes, you’re a goner.

A lot of people said that Maya’s beauty can launch a thousand ships (or airplanes if I might add), but for her that statement was just pure exaggeration and for many it was an understatement. She never viewed at herself as beautiful though many people already proved her that she really is. With men lining up to her in San Nicholas and even in Manila, everyone can tell that she really is something.

Then she remembered her, she remembered Khristine. Even in just her silhouette, you can see the beauty of a goddess. She became insecure. Every praise she heard from admirers were forgotten and she placed her focus on the one man she was waiting to call her beautiful.

She grabbed her bag and looked for her makeup kit. She put on her eye shadow a little thicker than usual. She double-swiped her lipstick, patted blush on her cheeks and put mascara on her lashes which emphasized her eyes. She was making herself beautiful. She was making herself beautiful for him. Never in her wildest dreams that she would try to impress a guy with her looks. She was the kind of girl who was plain and simple and yet many would want to pursue her, but this time she was taking some risks just to pursue someone. Someone she is willing to give her everything – Richard.


He was standing in front of his full length mirror, fixing his blue office polo. He heaved a sigh. He went closer to the mirror checking every detail of his body. He looked at his lower torso, its length is just right for his height and body figure. His upper torso with his broad physique, well sculpted chest and abdomen women would die for. His face his heavenly, he was like an angel.

He is perfectly handsome and yet something bothers him. Though he has the face that could make every male model envious, he can’t erase the fact that he is not getting any younger. His age bothers him. One day, that glorious face of his will have its wrinkles and age spots. He can’t deny that he is insecure of the less hot version of him who captured his love’s heart. How can he compete with that? The woman he loves is almost as young as a daughter should be to him. Yet all his insecurities were but a blur to him. Blurred by the love he felt for this woman.

Richard wanted to be presentable. He wanted to look good for Maya. He got his light blue polo and wore it. He remembered something Nikki said about colors.

“Sabi ni Nikki nakakabata raw ang light colors.” He rolled his sleeve up giving it an edgier look. He needed to fix his hair. He examined it and sighed. He opened his drawer and looked for his hair gel, opened the lid, scooped a generous amount of it and applied it on his damp hair.

“Paano ba ‘to? Styled up? Down? Ugh! Medjo executive kasi ang look ko.” He took a deep breath.

Knock… Knock… Knock…

“Dad?” It was Luke.

“Come in.” Richard responded. He was messing his hair up. He felt hopeless while doing this.

“Dad? Ba’t ang gulo ng buhok mo?” Luke snickered. Suppressing a laugh.

“Ha? Eh… Ah, gusto kong maiba ang hairstyle ko eh. Pwedeng patulong?” He sounded desperate.

“Sure dad. Anong style ba ang gusto mo?” He teasingly asked his dad.

“Kahit ano basta hindi yung…”

“Magmumukha kang matanda?” Luke already knows where his dad is getting to but before he could let his dad answer he pulled up a chair and let his dad sit. Luke took care of his dad, he fixed his hai in a neat manner but not too formal.

“Ayan dad! Ang gwapo mo na.” Luke proudly said.

“Bakit? Ngayon lang ba ako naging gwapo?” and both of them laughed.

“Thanks son. Sige mauna ka na sa baba. Susunod lang ako.” Richard was choosing what perfume to wear between his wide collection or signature perfumes. Luke was still standing behind him, then he called up on his dad.

“Dad, wait lang. Diba you told me if I like a girl I should complement her on her shoes, clothes and even her scent?”

“Yes, and that’s what you did with Joey right?”

“Yes dad but…”

Knock… Knock… Knock… It was Nikki.

“Dad, kuya, hinihintay na kayo sa labas magbe-breakfast na… Ay! Sorry! Did I disturb you guys?”

Luke scowled at his sister.

“What did I do kuya?” Nikki asked in confusion.

“As I was saying, dad, before I was rudely interrupted. If you want to be complemented sa scent mo, why not ask a woman to choose what perfume to wear? Yung mabango para sa pang-amoy nila.” Luke suggested.

“That’s a good idea, Luke.”

“I can help, dad!” Nikki said. “I can choose the scent for you.”

“Niks, ang sabi ko woman. Hindi girl.” Luke teased her.

“Kuya, you’re so G-R-R-R!” They all laughed.

“Okay Niks,” Richard said, “I can work with what I have. You choose then.” Nikki opened the bottle and sniffed on the perfume caps one by one. She kept on coming back to two bottles, Lacoste ans Clinique. And in the end, she chose Clinique.

“This one dad, it’s not overpowering. The scent is just right, it will not make sakit sa ilong.” Nikki smiled at her dad while handing him the perfume bottle.

“Actually this was my choice rin kanina Niks.” Richard said as he was spraying some perfume on.

“See Kuya?” Nikki faced her brother. “I have taste. Unlike you.”

“Oo na Niks, panalo ka na. Bow na talaga ako sa’yo. Anyway…” He faced his father.  “…may date ka ba dad?” He smiled teasingly at him.

“Ha? Ah… Wala naman. Nag-aayos lang.” He was wiping the beads of sweat on his forehead. Ganun na ba talaga ako ka-obvious? He thought.

Luke and Nikki were looking at each other. They were speaking with their eyes. Nikki nodded at her brotheras if permitting him on something he wanted to say.

“Dad, we already know.” Luke smiled at his dad.

Richard’s heart went pumping real hard and fast. He was sweating bullets and his breathing went faster, heaving big sighs. “A-already knew what? I don’t know what you guys are talking about.”

“That you’re inlove woth somebody. And please daddy, don’t tell us na si Tita Khristine yun because we know for sure that she’s not the one na nagpapatibok ng puso mo. I mean, no offense dad but she’s not your type.” Nikki crossed her arms, feeling superior for the first time towards her dad.

“Ah… Hindi ah…” Richard was now busying himself. Fixing his shirt’s sleeves, grabbing his things and stuffing them into his briefcase. He fixed his tie and faced his children again. “Come on guys. Baba na tayo. Baka magalit pa si Manang Fe. Alam niyo naman yun.” Luke placed his hand on his father’s shoulder, stopping him.

“Dad, sinabi na ni Tita Rafi sa amin.”

Richard sighed. “Si Rafi talaga, hindi mapagkakatiwalaan. Wala talagang sekretong hindi ibubunyag nun. I… I’m sorry guys.”

Luke gave his dad a tight hug. “It’ okay dad, hindi naman po kami galit. Infact, masaya kami dad. Alam namin nuon pa na mahal mo si Tita Maya. Iba yung treatment mo sa kanya eh. Kasi naman napakaobvious mong magselos dad.”

Richard inhaled deeply, contemplating everything that was happening. Yes, he was glad that his children accepted Maya whole-heartedly but the problem was Maya’s already taken.

“Wala na akong karapatang magselos. May nagmamay-ari na sa puso ni Maya diba? And she’s happy with him. James is bata, gwapo, mayaman…”

Luke and Nikki wanted to tell their dad the good news that Maya feels the same way for him but Rafi told them before hand not to do that so that Richard will make a move on pursuing Maya himself.

“Pero I won’t give up on Maya.” He gave his kids his lopsided-smile.

“That’s the spirit dad!” Luke said.

“Go daddy!” Nikki interjected. “Don’t be insecure with Tito James. He maybe younger than you but you’re mas gwapo naman. And! You have something na nakakalamang than Tito James. Something he will never have, dad.”

“Really Niks? Ano naman yun?”

Luke elbowed his sister. “Ah… Wala dad. Basta, malalaman at malalaman mo rin yun. So ano dad, are you up for the challenge?”

Richard raised both his eyebrows and crossed his arms. “Against James? All I can say is, ‘Captain James Ventura, let the games begin.'”


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