After All – part 3

Admin Note: *Contributed Story* Please give credit and thanks to spazzbuster. This is a continuation to After All-part 2.




PART 3: Unexpected circumstance


Needless to say, as Maya buried herself with work, so did Ser Chief. Days passed by but the pain still remained. The Lim household became gloomy again. The kids have started to be distant towards their dad except for occasional talks over dinner. Ser Chief never had breakfast with the kids since the break-up. Nikki started hating on Maya for causing his dad and his family this pain. Abby would cry every night even as Doris tried telling her happy stories about the Prinsesang May Bangs. She would ask about her Ate Maya but neither Doris  nor Sabel could offer any answer. It’s Manang Fe who would try to pacify the child by saying Maya will visit soon when she’s not busy anymore. Abby spoke seldom again after not hearing from Maya for weeks now. She would just send short text messages to Abby from time to time just to appease her former ward. But she still avoided talking to anyone else from the household. Of course, Ser Chief once tried to use Abby’s phone to talk to Maya but she was quick to realize this. Ser Chief was also banned from the condo and was not allowed to go up the 6th floor again.


On the 2nd month since the breakup…Atty Ryan decided to invite Ser Chief over for a drink at a newly opened A-list bar. He wanted his “brad” to confide in him as he can’t help but notice the sudden change in Ser Chief’s attitude. Atty. Ryan was pleasantly surprised when Ser Chief accepted his invite. Even more surprised that he didn’t have to pry much about what’s troubling Ser Chief as the information was offered to him willingly. He knew then that his friend is in deep trouble.


Atty. Ryan listened carefully to Ser Chief as he related what transpired on the day Maya broke up with him. He advised his dear buddy to just give Maya some more time to think things over and to have a heart to heart talk with the kids. Just as soon as he’s done giving his advice, his wife gave him a call asking him to go home right away.

Atty Ryan: So, pano ba eto brad? Pinapa-uwi na ako ni misis. You think you’ll be fine here by yourself?

Ser Chief: I understand brad. Thank you for listening. Extend my regards to your wife and kids. I’ll be fine here. I’ll just finish this last glass and I’ll be heading back too.

Atty Ryan: Oh sige brad. Basta, isipin mo yung payo ko sayo. Chill ka lang ha? If you need more advice just let me know. I’ll see you on Monday sa office.


And so, Ser Chief was left alone to wallow more on his misery. He was occupying a secluded mini-bar and so he had the drinks all to himself. Only the bar tender bore witness to this man’s continuous drinking until he started slurring and talking about two women— a certain Alexandria and Maya. After a couple of more shots, the bar tender decided it’s time for this obviously broken hearted man to go home. He tried coaxing out of him a name of someone who could pick him up but to no avail. For sure, this man is in no condition to drive. He opted for the last option, which is to call the last person registered in his outbound calls. As he waited for someone to pick up the phone, he looked sadly at the figure of the drunken middle-aged man. Now more than ever he realizes, that not all rich people are allowed to be happy despite all the money they have.


Meanwhile, Maya was busy unpacking her things after coming from two consecutive Bohol flights. She’s kinda looking forward to just spending the weekend at sleeping at home. Emman won’t be around for two days since he and his classmates are on an out of town trip. She was so engrossed checking out the  pasalubongs she bought for her family in Nicolas that she forgot to check the screen of the phone before taking the call. She was surprised to hear an unfamiliar voice on the other line.

Bar tender: Hello? Eto po ba si Maya Dela Rosa?

Maya: O… Maya Dela Rosa nga po eto ( She looks at the screen where Ser Chief’s name flashes) Bakit nasa inyo ang phone ni Ser Chief?

Bar Tender: Ma’am ako po yung bar tender dito eh…mukhang naparami po ang inom ni Ser at wala syang kasama. Baka po pwede nyo pong sunduin.

Maya: Ha?! Lasing si Ser Chief?! Wala sya kasama? ( Maya thought of calling Kuya Joma to pick up Ser Chief but decided against it as the kids should not see him in this state)

Bar Tender: Eh ganun na nga po ma’am. Andito sya sa Horizon Bar sa …( the man provided the details on how to get to the bar which Maya careful wrote down on a piece of paper)

Maya: O sige Kuya. Papunta na kame dyan ng mga kaibigan ko .

Bar Tender:  O sige po hintayin ko na lang kayo.

She arrived at the said bar around 30 mins after she put down the phone. Luckily, the place wasn’t too far from Emman’s condo. But now, her dilemma is  where to bring Ser Chief?  Given his current drunken condition he won’t be able to drive, so their only option is to take a cab back to Emman’s place. She thanked the bar tender for helping out and assisted Ser Chief out of the bar. But before she leaves, the bar tender quipped

Bar Tender: Kayo po ba yung Maya na palaging sinasabi ni Ser? Ma’am mukhang mahal na mahal kayo ni Ser, patawarin nyo na. Kung anu man po yung di nyo pagkaka-unawaan, maayos din po yan basta hawak kamay kayo lagi.

Maya didn’t know how to respond to the bartender so she gave him a weak smile. A lot of other things are going through her mind. Should she really bring him to the condo? Wouldn’t that look bad? What would the kids think about her if ever they find out? The kids will definitely wonder where there dad is. So she decided to call Manang Fe as soon as she got a cab to bring them to Emman’s condo.

Maya: Hello? Manang Fe? Opo, si Maya nga eto.

Manang Fe: Oh Maya, napatawag ka? Gabing gabi na ah.Oh eh kamusta ka naman? Matagal tagal na rin nung huli tayo nakapag-usap ah.

Maya: Aa…oo nga po eh. Pero kase po kasama ko po si Ser Chief.

Manang Fe: Mabuti naman at nagka-usap na kayo. Nagtataka na nga ako kung bakit wala pa sya dito gabi na. Yun pala nakipag-kita sya sayo.

Maya: Ay hindi po Manang Fe. Hindi po sa ganun. Tinawagan lang po ako ng bar tender sa isang bar, naglasing po kase si Ser Chief at walang ibang kasama. Ako po daw yung unang pangalan nakita ng bar tender sa phone ni Ser Chief kaya ako tinawagan.


She looked at the drunken man beside her. His hair is a little messier than usual, his tie was loosened, his cheeks were all red, his chinito eyes closed, and yet she can’t deny that he’s one handsome man. Maya mentally slapped her head for marvelling at how good looking her ex-boyfriend is, during such a situation. Her thoughts were interrupted when Manang Fe cleared her throat on the other line.


Manang Fe: Uhmm….oh eh papunta na ba kayo dito? Gigisingin ko na si Joma para masundo kayo.

Maya: Ay, wag na lang po Manang Fe. Kase…kase nag-taxi na kame. Hindi na po pwedeng mag-drive si Ser Chief kase medyo marami po syang nainom. Di rin po siguro maganda na makita ng mga bata si Ser Chief na ganito ang kalagayan.Paki-pasundo na lang po bukas kay Kuya Joma yung kotse ni Ser Chief dun sa bar. Itetext ko po kay Doris yung address.

Manang Fe: Ah…o sya sige. Pero, san mo dadalhin si Ricardo? Sa condo ni Emman?

Maya: (swallowed the lump in her throat) O –opo Manang. Dun muna po sya sa condo ni Emman. Bukas ko na lang po sya papa-uwiin. Kelangan lang po siguro nya makatulog muna.

Manang Fe: Oo pahinga lang kelangan nyan. Sige,tama dyan muna sya para maalagaan nyo ni Emman. Kahit papaano may katuwang ka sa pagbubuhat.

Maya: ( she was about to say that Emman won’t be back till Monday but changed her mind as it may raise more questions) O-opo. Sige po Manang Fe, andito na kame sa tapat ng condo. Salamat po.

Manang Fe: Salamat iha. Panatag akong ikaw ang kasama nya ngayon.


After paying the cab driver, she slowly assisted Ser Chief out of the car. She wrapped his right arm around her shoulders and pulled his hip closer to hers. They didn’t escape the questioning looks from the front desk as they passed by her station. Maya knew that people might be thinking maliciously about them but she can’t do anything about that now. So she just bit her lower lip and proceeded to the elevator. Opening the door to Room 611 wasn’t an easy feat. Ser Chief’s body weight is taking its toll on Maya’s small frame. After several attempts and steadying the drunken Ser Chief, she finally got to open the door. She quickly dragged Ser Chief to the couch. Once seated, she heaved a sigh of relief and rested her back on the sofa for a few seconds.

Ser Chief:  (mumbling) You know what I realized?…that this…this ish…aaaaalll…you’re fault!

Maya: (taken aback by the sudden comment from Ser Chief) Ha? Anu yon?

Ser Chief: (shaking his head and then nodding) am I kidding? Yes.. yes! It has always been about you. You did this to me….

Maya: Ser Chief? ( looking sadly at the man beside him thinking how much pain he is feeling right now and it’s all because of her )

Ser Chief: How could you just leave me? You should’ve been there too for the kids. I shouldn’t have to deal with them all by myself. ( Tears started welling from his eyes… he abruptly wipes the tears from his eyes with  his left hand) That….is just you being unfair! (he slides back on the couch and closes his eyes again. The man is clearly talking as if in a dream)

Maya: Ser Chief…I’m sorry talaga….please naman.Wag ka naman ganito…( she started crying too)

When Maya got no response from Ser Chief, she wiped her tears and slowly stood up to prepare the bed for him. She has decided she will lend her room to Ser Chief and just sleep on the coach for the night. The CEO of LAS surely won’t get to sleep one bit on a couch and sleep is something he really needs right now. What she didn’t know is that Ser Chief tried to open his eyes again to look at who’s taking care of him. When he opened his eyes, the image he saw was kinda blurry but he knew it’s that of Alex walking towards a door which oddly enough looked so similar to Maya’s bedroom door.

Ser Chief: I was right. It was you. This is all because of you. Why did you leave me? Why?….Alex….(closes his eyes again)

Maya thought she heard Ser Chief spoke again but he was slurring. She gave him one last look before she entered her bedroom to prepare to lend it to Ser Chief.


( to be continued….)



The next chapter is a bit ….sexy. Well, I’m not sure if it’s “clean” enough for the audience here. Should I post it? Don’t worry, it’s not that detailed because I read in the guidelines that we can’t post SPG stuff here. So, just let me know if I should still continue 🙂


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