After All- part 4

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Part 4: Mistaken Identity

Once everything has been prepared, she came back to the couch and assisted Ser Chief to get to her bedroom. She slowly laid him on her bed amazed by how she managed to bring him all the way from the bar given how heavy he is.


Maya couldn’t help but stare lovingly at Ser Chief’s face. He’s as handsome as ever even in his drunken state. Next thing she knew she was lying next to him and tracing the contours of his face with her fingers. She marvelled at how smooth his skin feels against her fingers. His eyebrows twitched a bit when she placed his fingers on them. This made her giggle. Oh how she wanted to do this even back then….when they were still together. An all too familiar ache started to inch its way again to her heart. Oh boy does she miss him!

She was in this train of thought when she suddenly felt him move to face her but with his eyes still closed. Alarmed that he would think bad about her lying next to him, she tried to slowly sit only to be halted by his arms around her waist. When she got over being shocked with how close they are at that moment, she started to squirm so he would release her. However, her squirming only made Ser Chief cling on her even more. They are now too close for comfort. She can smell his perfume with a little hint of liquor. Surprisingly, the perfume still overpowered the smell of wine on him. The proximity and smell intoxicated her that she had to close her eyes. She hoped that when she opens her eyes, she will be free from his grasp and away from this very tempting situation.


But it seemed that Ser Chief had a different plan all along. He loved this woman’s smell. It’s kinda different from what she used to put on but the perfume she’s now using seemed as appealing as the one before. His eyes felt really heavy, but the rest of his body came alive as soon as he hugged her drowning in her scent.

Ser Chief: I miss you SO much! Hindi mo lang alam kung gano katagal kong hinintay na makasama kita ulit. I love you…I really do ( still with closed eyes but tears started streaming down his face. He still held her with Maya’s head on his chest and his chin on her head)

Maya: Alam ko naman yon…miss na miss na rin kita kung alam mo lang ( she hugged him back despite knowing that this is such a dangerous situation  they’re in)

Hearing this from his lady love, Ser Chief started to nuzzle her neck which sent shivers down her spine. Next thing she knew, he was kissing her neck, her face, her lips….their first kiss. Everything is happening so fast but with Ser Chief doing all these new things to her, she couldn’t think straight. She knows where this situation might lead, but her heart stopped her from moving away. She knows without a doubt that he will be only man she’ll ever love. Now here he is, saying how much he misses and loves her. She wants to be with him in a special way. So, despite her mind’s protest and logic, she threw all caution to the wind and followed Ser Chief’s lead.Her body responded in perfect harmony with Ser Chief’s ministrations. Maya’s fears about this being her first time was overshadowed by Ser Chief’s gentleness and her strong love for this man. They reached their peak together. Maya felt so overwhelmed by the fact that they are now one that she started crying. When Ser Chief felt fresh tears from her eyes, he looked at her and kissed each of her eyes. He rested his head on the side of her head and whispered.

Ser Chief: Sshhh….I’m sorry if I hurt you. I just missed you so much Honey…

Maya: (surprised that he called her Honey)……….. Ser Chief?

Ser Chief: I missed doing this with you. I want you to remember that you will be the only woman for me, Alex. No one…no one can take your place Honey. I miss you so much it hurts…. I love you.

Maya was so shocked to hear Ser Chief talk to her as if she’s his late wife, Alex. A myriad of emotions enveloped her. For a couple of moments she was so sure her heart stopped beating. She gingerly pushed Ser Chief away from her.  Looking at his sleeping form, her tears began to fall uncontrollably. Her body shook as she tried to reign in her emotions. All of a sudden she felt so ashamed of what she had allowed herself to do with the man sleeping next to her. He’s obviously still drunk and has no idea how much damage he has done to her being.

Maya: (in her thoughts ) Ang tanga tanga mo Maya! Akala mo ikaw ang mahal ni Ser Chief? Ikaw ang namiss? Wala ka pa ring laban kay Ma’am Alex….sinaktan mo lang ang sarili mo. Ibinigay mo ang sarili mo sa isang lalaking iisang babae parin ang minamahal….(her body trembled as she covered her mouth to avoid making any sound while she cried)

Di mo dapat hinayang mangyari eto. Bakit kase ang tanga tanga mo?!ikaw lang naman nagpapaniwala sa sarili mo na ikaw na ang mahal nya. Anung mukha na lang an ipapakita mo sakanya bukas pag nalaman nyang may nangyari sa inyo?

She wiped her tears from her face and decided he doesn’t have to remember anything from this shameful night. Now more than ever, she’s sure that she has no place in Ser Chief’s heart or in his life. Maya has to move on and let Ser Chief live with the memories of his late wife, his dearest Alex. She can never compete with her memories. It’s enough that she heard him say it to her tonight, she doesn’t have to hear it again tomorrow when he’s sober.


Maya slowly got off of the bed they shared, picked up her clothes and went straight to the bathroom. She felt she needed to clean herself from his scent which she feels now clung on her body. The act that transpired between them was so wrong. It wasn’t her he was making love to, but Alex. Now she understands better what he was blabbering about earlier on the sofa and it wasn’t about her ….it was about Alex.


After cleaning herself, she went back to her room where Ser Chief still lay asleep. She worked quickly to dress him up though she had to constantly fight the threatening tears to flow from her eyes every time she touched him. Thankfully, Ser Chief was in deep slumber and so she was able to finish her task. Facing him after what had just happened isn’t an option. So, she quickly worked on a note for him and placed it on top of her bedside table. For the last time, she brushed the stray strands of hair on Ser Chief’s forehead.

Maya: (whispering)  Ser Chief….ngayon maliwanag na sakin kung sino talaga ang mahal mo. Ang sakit sakit malaman pero siguro eto ang dapat mangyari para magising na ako sa panaginip ko. Kahit ganun, salamat pa rin sa lahat ng atensyon at tulong na ibinigay mo sakin. Wala na siguro akong magagawa para matumbasan yun kung di ang ipanalangin na maging masaya ka pa rin….kahit wala na ako sa tabi mo. Napakaswerte ni Ma’am Alex dahil sya ang napili mong mahalin.

After saying her goodbye, she quickly grabbed her FA luggage and wiped her tears. She has got to go to work today and pretend nothing happened. Pretend that she can move on without looking back. And so she did.

(to be continued….)



I’m currently in the middle of Part 6. Planning to finish the story by next week. Crossing my fingers.


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