First Love, Last Love – part 7

Admin Note: *Contributed Story* Please give credit and thanks to Hanah6181. This is a continuation to Fist Love, Last Love- part 6.

Author:  Hanah6181




A woman’s hand was lightly caressing his thigh… moving up and down, then to his abdomen… to his chest. He felt her head pressed on his neck,  her warm body wanting to be enveloped in his.  He embraced her tightly and then lifted her chin to see her face… it was Maya.  Her eyes and lips were anticipating his kiss.  He moved his face closer to hers to kiss her when suddenly he was jolted by a loud sound… Ring, Ring, Ring and that woke him up.

He sat up with his hand on his head, saying “Arrggh, it was only a dream!”  He was so frustrated that he threw the alarm clock without turning it off.  If fell silent the moment it hit the wall.  Who set up the alarm to ring at 3:00 a.m.? It must be the hotel staff, he doesn’t use an alarm to wake up.   Damn the clock, he wanted to go back to sleep to resume where he left off but he couldn’t.

It’s been almost two weeks since he arrived in Singapore.  His conferences and visits with his potential business partners were going well.  Lim Aviations is well on its way to expansion.  It has been a busy two weeks. He normally doesn’t call his Manila office when he is on travel because he feels comfortable leaving the office in the hands of Ryan, his VP operations.  However, on the 2nd Monday of his trip, he felt compelled to call up Maya.  The mere sound of her voice made him feel better that day.  She sounded excited by the tone of her voice.  He didn’t think about her since his Monday call until this morning when he dreamt about her.  It was Thursday morning. He was supposed to go back Manila on Saturday.  However, for some reason, he wanted to go back home already.  He just probably misses Manila, he thought.  Even if it was just a day early, he decided to come home the next day.

Friday, SQ916 arrived NAIA terminal at 5:45 p.m.  As soon as it landed, Richard phone buzzed several times indicating that he had some missed calls and incoming messages.  When he checked, they were all from Stephanie.  So, he called her up.

“Steph, what’s up?”

“Chard, can you see me tonight?  I’m meeting some friends and I need company.”  She asked in her usual flirty tone.

“I just got back. I’ve been away for two weeks. I need to go home.” He tone was impersonal.

“’Chard, pwede ka naman umuwi muna. Ah basta! I will wait for you here.  I’m with my friends at Sofitel.  We’re here at Le Bar but plan to go out doon sa  Sochill.  See yah.”  She ended the call.

Richard arrived at his Rockwell condo residence two hours later.  The traffic in Makati was really terrible especially that Friday night.  He had been planning to move to Ortigas area to be near his office but thought that being closer to  L.A.S hangar was much better.  Anyway, now that he’s expanding his business, he can reconsider moving the corporate office either to Pasay or Paranaque where it will be closer to the main hangar.

When he got home, the house felt empty. It was always like this.  He’s been living alone for 10 years but never felt lonely except this evening.   He thought of Maya, how he missed her in the last two weeks he was  away.  Admittedly, he’s gotten used to their casual conversations about work.  To shake off Maya in his thoughts,  he decided to change clothes and see Stephanie.

The drive from Rockwell to Sofitel was a lot smoother compared to his earlier travel.  As soon as he parked the car, Richard  proceeded to Le Bar to meet Stephanie.  The bar was in an open space area on the right side of the hotel’s main entrance.  As Richard was walking towards the bar, his attention was caught by a woman in peach mini dress who was about to sit.  His heart skipped a beat. The shape of the body, the hair and the way she moved seemed to be Maya. He walked faster towards her but he heard Stephanie’s shrill voice call his name that he turned around to greet her.

“Richard, sweetheart, you are here!”  Stephanie’s voice could be heard by everyone at the lobby.

She half-ran towards him and kissed him in the lips while embracing him.  She missed him and was very delighted he went to the hotel as she requested.

After the kiss, she placed her arms on his arm and steered him towards the escalator to go to the Sochill, the another open bar  near the pool area.

Richard didn’t see Maya looking on as he and Stephanie walked away.  He didn’t see her facial expression that revealed all the pain she was feeling at that time.

Earlier, Maya was about to sit when she heard the name Richard being called.  Automatically, she turned around to see who it was.  It was Richard and Stephanie, she has seen her photo from Lisa.   She saw them kissing.  After seeing them,  Maya’s mood had changed.

Emman, Jona & Jean came over to Sofitel to have their usual night out with her and they were having fun at Le Bar.  However, when Maya returned after she excused herself to go to the ladies room, she seemed upset. They were oblivious about the scene earlier so they didn’t know it was the cause of Maya’s mood change.

“O girl, okay ka lang?”  Jean asked.

“Okay lang.  Parang sumama lang pakiramdam ko.  It must be the vodka cruiser plus the margarita. Buti pa, akyat na ako sa room ko.  Baka hinintay na ako doon ni Cho.”

“Ganoon ba, sige Maya.  Enjoy na lang kayo dito ni Cho, ikaw talaga basta sa pamangkin mo.”

“Thank you guys ha for understanding.  Si Cho kasi nagyaya mag-swimming dito. Kaya tuloy na pa check-in kaming buong family.”

Maya went to her room thinking about Richard and how she felt when she saw him kissing Stephanie.  She felt her heart crushed and it hurt.  She could vividly remember how Stephanie placed her arm around his neck to hold him and how he placed his hand on her arm.  She didn’t see his face but imagined that he enjoyed the situation.  Who wouldn’t? Maya knew he is dating Stephanie based on Lisa’s story.

Richard on the other hand regretted coming over to see Stephanie the moment they joined her friends.  As usual, they were loud and drank a lot.  Fortunately, one of her friends, was with her boyfriend so Richard had someone to talk to.  It was almost 2:00 a.m. when everyone decided to call it a night or morning, the bar was also closing.  As they were leaving, Stephanie offered,

“Richard, ‘wag ka na mag-drive pauwi. Lasing ka na, eh.” Again in a flirty tone.

“No, Steph. I can still drive.  I can also bring you home. Anyway, Makati area ka lang din.” He reassured her.

“”Chard, let’s not go home….hmmm… let’s just stay here.  I already have a room.”  She then kissed him aggressively.   Richard momentarily lost his sense of control and kissed Stephanie back.   He had too much drink that night.

Stephanie was glad that she might be getting what she’s wanted from him finally.  She led him towards the elevator to go to her room.  Upon entering the room, she kissed him again and told him to wait while she prepared herself. She went to the bathroom to take a shower.   She had wanted this moment. It has been a long time since she has been with him.   However, when she came out several minutes later,  she found Richard sleeping  on the bed.  She attempted to wake him up but he wouldn’t.  While she was disappointed, she was still hopeful that in the morning she could have him



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