First Love, Last Love – part 8

Admin Note: *Contributed Story* Please give credit and thanks to Hanah6181. This is a continuation to Fist Love, Last Love- part 7.

Author:  Hanah6181




Richard woke up at 8:00 a.m..  As soon as he opened his eyes, he realized that he was in a hotel room and remembered what happened the night before.  He immediately looked at his right and saw Stephanie in negligee still sleeping.  He checked himself and he let out a sigh of relief as he saw himself still wearing his clothes.  Nothing happened, “Good”  he thought.  He really shouldn’t have gone to see Stephanie.  It was a mistake.

He didn’t feel comfortable wearing his old clothes so he decided that to get fresh clothes from his car.    He usually carry an extra set of clothes for emergency cases especially when he visits the hangar.  But before that, he quickly went to the bathroom, brushed his teeth and washed his face.

It was a beautiful Saturday morning.  When he passed by the pool, he saw a lot of people, mostly families enjoying their weekend together.  On the patio between the pool area and main hotel, there were people who were enjoying the sun.  He was enticed to look around.  Then, he saw that familiar figure again.  This time the woman was in a bright red one-piece swimsuit standing beside the pool.  From the side, she looked liked Maya.  He walked towards to check when he saw a boy running in her direction.

“Mama,  Mama”  The cute little boy  was calling her.

“Hi Cho, ano ready ka na? Ang Papa mo?”  With that voice,  it was Maya indeed.  Richard was surprised. He felt like he was drenched with ice-cold water.

“Opo.  Ready na ako mag-breakfast.  Si Papa po, aaaahh?”  The boy looked back.

“Here’s coming, Mama.” The little boy said excitedly.   Jeff, her brother-in-law, joined the two.  He was wearing a black board shorts with his shirt hanging loosely on his shoulder.   Girls whom he passed by looked at him with interest.

As soon as he stood beside them, Jeff took Cho’s hand while he put his other hand in Maya’s shoulder and said “Let’s go.  Time for breakfast.”    They were a picture of a beautiful family.

Richard was glued on the spot where he was observing them.  There were many thoughts running in his head.  How much did he know about her background?  She said she’s single but she has a son?   She doesn’t have a boyfriend but there is this guy whose hand was on her shoulder. And there was a feeling that he couldn’t identify, it was  quite new to him.

He was looking at her and then she saw him.  It was her turn to be surprised.

“Richard, hi, andito ka?”  Her surprised was replaced with a realization that he must have slept in the hotel.  He was still wearing the same shirt that he had on last night.  Her heart ached again when she recalled seeing him kissing Stephanie.

“Yeah, I slept here.  I got something from the car and napadaan lang dito sa may pool area.  Family mo?” He asked in a serious tone.  He was trying to control himself.  He was going thru mixed emotions.

“Ah, Oo.  This is Cho and this Jeff.   Jeff is my…” She introduced.  She was about to say some more when, Cho interjected.

“Sino po kayo?”

“I’m Richard.  Richard Lim” He smiled at the boy.  The boy looked liked his father but has a slight resemblance of Maya too.

Jeff extended his hand to introduce himself.  “Hi, I’m Jeff Macavinta.  So, ikaw pala ‘yung boss in Maya.” He was smiling. Richard thought that Maya must have a thing for men with dimples because Jeff  has dimples.   Richard gave a lackluster smile  to Jeff  while extending his hand for the handshake.  The atmosphere became awkward and so Maya broke the tension.

“O, sige Richard, we’ll go ahead. My mom and dad are waiting at Spiral.  We’re about to have breakfast.  See you sa office.”   The three left Richard standing there.  He made a resolution to talk to her first thing on  Monday morning.  He hoped that by that time, he would have better control of his emotion. Now, he realized resented the discovery that Maya has a son and a man in her life. How could he have missed that, he kept asking himself.

Richard returned to Stephanie’s room and found her still sleeping.  He went to the bathroom and took a quick shower.  When he came out,  she was already awake and smiling at him while seated at the bed.

“”Chard, nag-shower ka na?   Sana, you waited for me.”

“I’m already hungry Steph.  You better take a bath now so we can have breakfast.” He was still at the bathroom door drying his hair. From his tone, Stephanie knew that he wasn’t in a mood for anything.

Steph stood up to go to the bathroom. Wearing a black negligee that left nothing to the imagination, she walked past Richard making sure she bumped him to solicit some reactions from him.  Richard ignored her and instead went to the bed with the newspaper to read.

Steph deliberately didn’t lock the bathroom and took a long time to shower.  She hoped that he would join her but he didn’t.  Later, she came out sulking.  She was still sulking when they left the room to go for breakfast but she kept her arms wrapped around his arm.  Richard’s mind was somewhere else that he didn’t care what Stephanie was doing.  When the elevator door mistakenly opened on the floor level where they were waiting, he got another glimpse of Maya.   She was with her family inside the elevator.  Maya, on her part, was startled to see Richard with Steph with him.  He had a new shirt on and then it dawned on her that they have slept together.   They didn’t have a chance to say greet to each other as the door quickly closed.


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