Long-held Torch – part 1

Admin Note: *Contributed Story* Please give credit and thanks to Cyndi. 




The Manila night sky was starless and cloudy with pending rain. Temperature was  very humid, unlike the air-conditioned private room  with a king-sized bed as the focal furnishing point. It was currently occupied by a couple whose clothing was already in a state of disarray due to fondling and heavy petting.   The guy quickly unhooked the woman’s  underwired   bra  under her top to have better access to her breasts.   Getting more aggressive,  the woman quickly undressed herself while watching her lover take off his own clothing. A few more moments and they were both back on the bed to resume their carnal encounter.

Although a bit distracted, Richard expertly aroused and pleasured his bed mate. Yet somehow, he  feels detached like another part of him remains separated while quietly watching him and what he was doing. His breathing quickened with the physical effort while the woman beneath him moaned as she clung to his muscular frame. The bed’s  metal coil    springs creaked as their naked bodies sheened with a film of sweat as they moved in very rhythmic unison.

In a few more moments, Richard ‘s eyes glazed over as he saw a different face, a younger face of a woman with doe-shaped eyes that go fierce when they shoot daggers at him. He saw the full pink mouth that was always smiling at others but not at him, almost never at him.  For him,  those lips were usually pursed in a pout that he always found very sexy that he longed to cover it with his own. He closed his eyes to shut out the vision  only to remember how he saw her last time in all her feminine naked glory, glistening with sea water as she slowly walked up the shore.

‘Ahhhh, Maya!’ he gritted his teeth as he felt himself almost reaching his climax.

‘Maya? Sinong May—–‘ the question on the woman’s lips was smothered under Richard’s almost punishing kiss as he drove her over the  edge and quickly following after.

When his laboured breathing finally calmed down, he carefully detached himself from her  and quietly went to the adjoining bathroom to take a shower.  Under the cascading warm shower, a small voice berated him.

What are you doing Richard Lim?  You used to be so honest.

I don’t know what you’re driving at.

Come on…you know what exactly what I am talking about…or should I say WHO. Don’t you think it’s long overdue for you to face her again? How long has it been since you last saw her?  Seven, no—-close to eight years.  Surely after all this time, you can muster up the courage to see her and probably finally test the waters?


Why the bloody hell not? She’s a grown woman now not a seventeen year old that you have been lusting over for two years prior.  She’s almost 25 years old now.

I am still too old for her, he mentally protested.

That’s bloody  ridiculous Richard Lim and you bloody well know it!

At age 35, Richard knows he is in his prime.  Physically, he’s very fit due to the regular fitness regime he maintains. He makes sure that he does his daily workout after  a day’s work which could range from hours sitting behind his desk pouring over client contracts,  attending board meetings,  visiting real estate sites for inspection,  to gearing up in hard hat to scrutinise an on-going  building  or road laying project.  While he may be the CEO of Lim Infrastructure Inc., his fascination for edifices, especially one with history, remains foremost.

Then again, that is not entirely accurate. There is another fascination that he has been secretly obsessing for the last ten years. An obsession with a pair of doe-shaped eyes and full pouting lips.

‘So her name is Maya!’ a female voice behind him  interrupted his silent reverie as he was rebuttoning his shirt in front of the huge mirror of the adjoining bathroom. He saw her standing by the door jamb wearing only a disgruntled  frown while puffing smoke in the air.

‘Do you mind not smoking?’  He did not realise how much he disliked Stephanie’s smoking  until that moment.  He felt stifled  in the polluted air.  Before, It did not really matter because it was just a casual relationship with absolutely  no strings attached.  He met Stephanie through his friend Fred when securing a contract in Cebu.  At that time, he was flattered when she actively pursued him after their business association finished.  She followed him back to Manila where he quickly took up what was on offer.

Stephanie had a voluptuous figure that any hot-blooded male would look twice at. In fact, he would often see men ogling her when they go out. He can not really blame them because Stephanie always dresses skimpily to draw attention to her Size D breasts and ample booty.  At one time, one of the poor sods actually mustered up the courage to approach her to dance while they were together in a club. His eyebrows shot up when Stephanie asked for his permission.  He answered that they are both free agents and that permission was not necessary.  He almost laughed when Stephanie went off with the guy in a huff.  He saw her slow dancing suggestively with the other guy and he felt nothing, only amusement at her efforts to make him jealous.

The scene turned ugly when she dropped off Stephanie that night when he announced  that he will not be seeing her anymore.  She first turned on the tears but when she saw that it was not changing his mind, she ranted and swore at him. She also tried to scratch his face  which just made his decision firmer.  He just does not find her attractive anymore despite her  physical attributes.  A clean break was necessary if he was to pursue an unfinished business.



The next day, Richard’s mood felt lighter as he had his first cup of coffee. Manang Fe was hovering around him anticipating his needs  before he goes to his head office in Makati City.

“Manang, paki-pack ho ako ng mga damit for one week. Pakisamahan ho ninyo ng mga board shorts at swimming trunks.”

“Bakit, saan ka ba pupunta Ricardo?”  Besides his parents, only Manang Fe would have the audacity to ask that question since Manang Fe became his nanny almost from the time he was born. She was like a second mother to him.

“Occidental Mindoro ho”

“Kanila Ryan?”

Richard nodded.

“Hmmmmnn…kaya pala masaya ka.”

Richard’s epiglottis failed to function at Manang Fe’s comment that he ended up spluttering.  When he recovered, he asked “Bakit nyo naman nasabi na masaya ako?”

“Hay, naku Ricardo…bawat kunot ng nuo mo at bawat kislap ng mata mo kabisado ko. Ganyan kumislap ang mga mata mo kapag pupunta ka sa Mindoro, kanila Ryan…sinobaangpinupuntahanmoduon?”

Richard just gave her an enigmatic smile that showed his dimples.

In the kitchen. Doris and Sabel were avidly listening to the conversation in the dining area.

“Kaya pala…” bulongniSabelhabang nag-iisip.

“Kaya palaano?” tanongni Doris.

“Di mobanarinigyungtanongniManang?”

“Alin, yungkungsinoyungdinadalawni Sir Richard sa Mindoro? Teka, dibalugarngmgaMangyanyun?Tutuokayangmeronsilangbuntot?”

“Buntotkadiyan…sobraka naming makalait dun samgatao…tao pa rinyunkahitkakaibasilangkultura, no!”

“Oongasabikonga…perobaliktayo dun kay Sir Richard…walanamangsinabisi Sir, ngumitilang…” said Doris.

“Subalit, datapwat, bagamathindisiyanagsalita, siya ay nagbitiwngisangmakahulugangngiti!” declared Sabel rather dramatically.

“Oongaano…peroanongkahuluganngngiti?” asked a confused Doris.

“Aba malayko, tanunginmosi Sir!”



to be continued…


















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