The Good Vibes are Back!

A/N: This piece contains my thoughts about the July 1 episode of BCWMH.

Happy reading, everyone!

 Author: iamgarie



Richard and Maya are at their sweetest…

by iamgarie

Yesterday’s episode (July 1) was a joy to watch!  It was funny, heartwarming, exciting, simple and real!  It was indeed BCWMH at its finest!  It was just the right follow-up episode for June 28’s epic date to remember, where under a dark, starlit sky, Richard and Maya happily shared an intimate dinner, an unforgettable dance, and the sweetest kiss ever!

1.) At the breakfast table, Richard receives a text from Maya and he is all smiles!  He texts her back unable to wipe his happy smile off his face.  The kids and Doris and Sabel smile as they watch him smile.  Luke lovingly teases him about changing his FB status, since Maya has already changed hers.

2.) Cho texts his Papa Pards to greet him a Happy Fathers’ Day.  The reply Cho gets from his Papa Pards is meant for his mom, “Happy Fathers’ Day din sa Nanay mo…” The classic banter between Jeff and Kute ensues, and we are once again enthralled by this unconventional family!

3.) Abby, together with Manang Fe, gives her Dad coffee and a sweet note this Fathers’ Day morning.  The loving Dad gives his youngest daughter a kiss, thanks her with the sweetest words, “And you and Ate Nikki are the best daughters in the world!”  Abby smiles at her Dad, but doesn’t leave his office at once.  She asks him, “Daddy, I have something to ask, pero if you’re busy later na lang.”

4.) Richard sees Abby patiently waiting for him outside his office.  He leads her to the kitchen and we witness one exciting Daddy-daughter moment unfold.  Daddy Richard, surprised by his daughter’s shocking questions (among those was, “Daddy, nag-kiss na po ba kayo ni Ate Maya?), gamely answers her “difficult” questions as honestly as possible.  Doris and Sabel eavesdrop on their conversation, and are shocked to hear Richard’s question for Abby about the kiss, “Where did you get that baby?”  “From the movie Ate Doris and I watched.” Abby’s response leaves our funny duo Doris and Sabel all stressed and anxious, with Doris believing that Richard just might kick her out of the house for that!

5.) Doris is finally relieved off her stress much later when her level-headed boss Richard tells her, “I will not fire you just because of that Doris.  We can’t control what Abby sees and watches.  We just have to be there to guide her…” 

Didn’t you just love Richard and Maya in this episode? I love how they stake their claim on each other.

a.)  When FA Jorge lets Maya know he’s interested, she tells him off,

“May boyfriend na ko.”

b.) When the events organizer Catherine asks Richard if he has a VIP guest for the hangar launch, he proudly tells her,

“Ah, yes. Si Maya, MY girlfriend!” 

Brod Ryan is back and how we love it!  We have sorely missed all his teasing remarks for Richard.  His quip yesterday is the best by far–

“You’ve been wanting to say that! Matagal na ano?” Aminin mo. Tama ako?”

c.) We love how Maya stakes her claim not just on Richard, but on Abby, too!  “Naku, Ser Chief, bukas makalawa, baka mangulit na naman yang BABY NATIN!”  Aww!


The good vibes are back!  And I am so looking forward to watching today’s episode!

1. Maya is Richard’s girlfriend, and he’s about to let the whole world know… Maya’s co-FA’s tease her, “Ipapakilala ka na ni Mr. Lim!  Hala, Maya!”

2. Aira confronts Nikki, “I knew it!  Kaya pala dito ako niyaya ni Niccolo!  Stay away from him!  He’s going to be my boyfriend soon!”  Really now, Aira?

3. Richard and Maya are in the Lim mansion and are greeted by Luke and Abby. Nikki has a problem…

4. The Maya-Nikki ‘girl talks’ are back, and how we love it!  Nikki confides in Maya,

“I’m ruining a relationship just because I don’t like the girl!”

Maya’s response is loaded,

“Lahat ng mga taong napapalapit sa tin mahal natin.  Si Niccolo mahal mo siya kasi kaibigan mo siya, eh.  Yung ganung reaksyon mo sa girl bestfriend niya kasi gusto mo lang naman yung best para sa kanya. Parang yung sa Daddy mo…”

Maya, is this your way of telling Nikki you understand why she behaved the way she did when she found out about you and her Dad?

5. Richard is irritated.  His daughter  has confided in Maya and not him,

Richard: Bakit ikaw lang ang kinausap niya? I’m her father.

Maya: I’m her…

Richard: (smiles) Continue…


Maya!!! Richard is expecting another answer!  Give him the answer that he wants to hear!

Another exciting episode ahead!

(Written: early morning, July 2, 2013)



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