First Love , Last Love – part 10

Admin Note: *Contributed Story* Please give credit and thanks to Hanah6181. This is a continuation to Fist Love, Last Love- part 9.

Author:  Hanah6181




Maya was in frantic mode as she was instructing the driver and her administrative staff.  They’ve just arrived at  Boracay island as an advance party to LAS business conference.

“Boss, boss, paki hinto muna ang van?”  The driver chose a safe spot to stop the vehicle.

“Boss, tapos  paki baba naman muna yung luggage kong blue? May kukunin lang kami.”  Then turning to her assistant,  “Angie, pwede paki open yung luggage na blue kasi nandoon yung medicine kit natin.”

Maya then returned her attention to Richard who was the cause of her worry.  He was sitting beside her inside the van with a pale color on his face.  He was feeling dizzy.

“Maya, relax ka lang.  I am just feeling dizzy.  It must be the waves. This should go away soon.” He reassured her as he managed to talk.

“Paano naman kaya di ako magp-panic, akala ko matutumba ka kanina.  Anyway, you will need to take this medicine para dyan sa hilo mo.  Ay, tubig pala, we don’t have water. ” She only then realized that they didn’t have any water.

“ Chris, pabili naman doon ng mineral water, please.”  She was pointing at a mini store across the road where their van was parked .

Richard, Maya & two LAS administrative staff arrived at Boracay on a Sunday afternoon.  Richard has called for this meeting for the department heads to present their strategies and plans in relation to L.A.S. expansion.  Maya has taken over the preparation of the conference because Lisa has given birth.  On his part, Richard wanted to come early to the venue to also prepare because later that week, his new business partners were arriving for a formal signing of their business agreement as well as for rest and recreation.

The boat ride from Caticlan jetty port to the main island of Boracay was rough due to strong winds that afternoon.  It could be the reason why Richard felt dizzy as soon as they alighted from the boat and boarded the hotel van that was waiting for them.

“Eh, Richard ‘nga pala,  anong password sa computer mo? Just in case hindi ka available tomorrow, we can still get the files that you have.”  Maya looking at him seriously but the truth was  she was  trying to prevent herself from giggling.  He still looked handsome even if he’s unwell. She wanted to cheer him up.

“Maya!” Richard said in a stern voice, “nahihilo lang ako, di pa ako mamamatay. Why are you asking as if I will be indisposed tomorrow?”

“Sobra naman ‘to… Okay… you’ve convinced me that you are fine kasi nagsusungit ka na.” Putting a hand in her mouth to cover a chuckle. “Ikaw naman, hindi na mabiro,  peace” she raised her fingers and made a peace sign.

After 15 minutes, they arrived at the Astoria hotel where they were staying.  As it was peak season and with a short lead time to make reservations, they’ve decided to stay in this new hotel between Station 1 & 2 for their planning conference.  Being a new hotel, one can expect that some of their systems and processes would still have setbacks.

“Hi good afternoon.  We’re the advance party from  Lim Aviations.  We’re checking in.  Yung names ay Lim, dela Rosa, Cruz, de Leon.”  She greeted the hotel staff with her usual cheerful approach.  Richard and the 2 administrative staff were still outside the resort’s gate overseeing their luggages being unloaded from the van.

The receptionist pulled out the registration cards.  When she spoke to Maya, she sounded apologetic. “Ma’m,  yung palang original room for  Mr. Lim is not available. Kasi po ‘yung couple that were staying there decided to extend and my colleague allowed the use of same room without checking that it has been blocked for your use.”

“So, what is the alternative?”  Maya sounding concerned over the issue.  Richard has joined her at the front desk to check what was happening.

“We have an alternative room but is not the same room category.  We only have an available na room that is similar to Dela Rosa booking. Actually magkatapat po ‘yon.  It’s in the wing over there.  Okay po yung area na ‘yon, rooms 109 and 110 are both in the second floor with direct access to the pool.  These rooms just share a common staircase that leads to the two rooms.”   Richard who heard about the discussion interjected and said,

“It’s fine.  That room should be fine.” Then turning to Maya,  “Let’s go, I’m sleepy  – the tablet you gave me is making me drowsy.”

The receptionist, feeling happy that her issue has been resolved, immediately said  “Mrs. Lim, paki sign na lang po dito.  Your luggages will be brought to your room later.”

Embarrassed by the impression that they may have given to the receptionist,  Maya corrected her and said.  “Ay no, I’m not Mrs. Lim.  I’m Maya dela Rosa.  So, pakibigay na rin sa akin ang susi ko para maka punta na rin ako sa room ko.”

Richard couldn’t help but smile when he heard her correct the receptionist.  He thought how pretty she looked that afternoon and how caring she can be.  On the way their room, he teased her, “Mrs. Lim, what time is dinner?  Could you just give me a call so I can join you guys for dinner?”

“Ricardo,  that’s uncalled for, we’re in a conference with the rest of your employees. They may get the wrong impression.”  It was the first time she called him Ricardo and his heart leaped when he heard her say his name.  Sheepishly he responded,  “Joke… bumabawi lang sa’yo dahil sa joke mo kanina.”  They both laughed while walking towards their room.



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