A Journey to Love and Forever: Parts 7-8

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This is a continuation of A JOURNEY TO LOVE AND FOREVER: Parts 5-6, my thoughts and analyses on Be Careful with My Heart.

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 Author: iamgarie




Maya: Thank you.

Richard: Anything to make you happy.

They embrace.

Richard: I’m so proud of you.


I LOVE YOU… Funny how these three words from Maya stupefied our normally cool and composed CEO and Chief Engineer Richard Lim. He is rendered speechless, left in a daze, wondering what the girl he loves meant by saying those three words. He badly needs to know, and yet is afraid to ask. He even stopped her from explaining what her I love you meant.

Richard has butterflies in his stomach! Thoughts of Maya simply won’t leave his head. He loves her, and at this point, he needs to know that Maya really meant what she said. It could break his heart if Maya says she was simply carried away by the moment again… The man who always reminds Maya to be straight to the point is afraid to heed his own advice…

Back in the mansion, Richard is wide awake and wondering…

Richard: She said something, but I don’t know if that’s what she meant.

MF: Nagsabi ba sha na mahal ka nya? O di yun na yun…

Richard: I don’t know. Is it?

MF: Bakit nya sinabi yun?

Richard: Baka nabigla lang sha. I mean she just graduated. She’s starting a new life. She’s happy. Baka kaya nya yun nasabi.

MF: Baka naman hindi. Baka seryoso siya.

Richard: I don’t know if she even knows what she’s getting into, Manang.

MF: Hindi na teenager si Maya, Ricardo. Alam nya yun.

Richard: Eh pano kung hindi?

Richard: It’s her graduation… She’s with her family. Ayoko lang siyang kulitin, Manang. That’s why I want to give her time to think about what she said…

I am happy Richard has Manang Fe in his life. She knows him all too well. Like a mom to a son, Manang Fe tries to strike up a conversation with Richard just so to help him clear his head. Richard is Manang Fe’s son, too! He may not have come out from her tummy, but he grew in her heart! Manang Fe loves Richard like a son, and all she ever prays for is his happiness…

Maya to Kute: Posible pala ‘to no, Kute? Yung pagiging flight attendant ko. Tapos kayo nandito kayo… at si Ser Chief.

Unknown to Richard, Maya is still wide awake at Simon’s place, engaged in an animated convo with her dear sister, Kute! The girl he loves meant every word she said. MAYA LOVES RICHARD! She was not carried away by the moment. She knows exactly what she’s getting into. In a happy conversation with Kute, we hear Maya wonder about what term of endearment would be apt for her and Richard. She is radiating with happiness. She can’t sleep, as well.

(Wasn’t it sweet of Maya to prepare a Mothers’ Day day feast for Mamang, Nanay Teresita and Kute?)


Communicating with someone face to face is a rarity nowadays because of the busy lives we lead… I so loved yesterday’s episode because of the endearing and heartwarming conversations our main characters engaged in– Richard to Manang Fe, Maya to Kute, and of course, Richard to Kute.

Kute: Tungkol dun sa kapatid ko…

Richard: I’ll take care of Maya. I won’t do anything to hurt her.

Kute: Siguro sir alalayan nyo lang ha. First time nya sa ganito, eh. First time nya talaga. Hindi ko po talaga kayo matitimbrehan kung pano siya sa kunyari naging kayo. Pero sigurado ko si Maya po yung tao na hindi sumusuko. Hindi sumusuko yan lalo na sa taong mahal nya. Minsan nga ano eh, nakakalimutan na niya ang sarili niya dahil mas inuuna niya ang taong mahal niya.

Richard: Even her dreams, right?

Kute: Sir, siguro hindi niyo naman hahayaan yun, diba?

Richard: She worked so hard for her dream. Hindi ko hahayaan na mag-stop siya ng ganun lang.

Kute: Sabi nga nya ano, eh. Hindi raw siya nananalo sa inyo.

Richard: Minsan… Sometimes, I think she just lets me win.

Richard is once again the ardent suitor, this time reassuring Maya’s big sister about the love he has for her and how he wants to see her fly, as well. He values Maya’s family. He knows how important they are to her.

Another heartwarming moment from the episode was when Nanay Teresita initiated a hug with Richard. By doing so, she is acknowledging the importance of Richard in Maya’s life and how she finally feels safe going back to San Nicolas knowing that Maya has Richard in her life. Aww...

But wait! Didn’t the Lim kids at least notice something? Nikki’s Dad picks up Kute and rides the MRT, so Nikki calls him a hero for saving the day… The pictures Nikki took of the pair after the graduation ceremony already speak volumes… All throughout the party, Richard and Maya could not take their eyes off each other… The man of the house also took so long in bidding the Dela Rosas goodbye. Richard got a hug from Nanay Teresita and he even struck up conversation with Kute while everyone was waiting for him in the car. Lim kids, there’s something about Richard and Maya… Once you do find out, I hope you will all find it in your heart to accept Maya as the one your dad loves.

And Mamang! There’s something about Richard and Maya… Forget about whatever silly and naughty thoughts you have of Richard! He’s your future grandson in law, for heaven’s sake!

I am looking forward to watching the episode today, as well.

It’s Mothers’ Day! The Lims visit Alex and they all seem happy and at peace.

Richard to Alex: Look, ALEX. I want to tell you something. I know nothing can replace what we had, but I know you’d want me to move on and have a life. I CAN SEE IT WITH MAYA…

Aww. He no longer calls Alex “HONEY”. Yet we don’t see him dismiss the love he and Alex once had. By acknowledging that nothing can ever replace what they had, we see how this man can love deeply…

He has finally moved on and is ready to have a life… Maya will never ever be just a replacement for Alex. He LOVES Maya, his future, his soul mate, his princess and queen, his bestfriend, his destiny… Truly, MAYA IS THE LOVE OF HIS LIFE!!! Moving and powerful words, I CAN SEE IT WITH MAYA… Yay!

Who’s in for a surprise? Richard wants to surprise Maya, so he books a flight to Davao. CJV has a suprise for Maya, too. Was CJV the one who swapped Maya’s Davao flight to San Nicolas? Oh no! Why are you back, CJV? Please leave our favorite couple in peace…

It seems like we’re in for one exciting episode today! (Written: May 16, 2013)



(Written: May 17, 2013)
When Richard first met Maya almost a year ago, he was devoid of life and a reason to smile. He was an angry man. The loss of his wife, Alex, consumed him. Aside from work which kept him busy, Alex was all he ever thought of day and night. For five long, long lonely years, he tried to find solace in watching old videos of their wedding & their activities as a family, and staring at/ talking to Alex’s photos. Alex-his honey, ruled his world, and without her in it, he no longer found a reason to live. Not even his children, who were lonely and in pain as well, could pull him out of his misery.


Richard and his children visit Alex’s grave, and they are all smiles– a picture of happiness and immense joy. No longer are they crying. The children greet their mom a happy mothers day. They happily report to her all their scholastic accomplishments, as they playfully tease each other.

As he talks with Alex, Richard is a picture of a MAN IN LOVE…

Hi, Alex. Nasabi na sa yo lahat ng mga bata, except for one thing. Luke just broke up with Joey. But he doesn’t want to talk about it, because he’s still moving on. But I’m sure he’ll get there…

He shares the news of Luke’s break up with Joey and about Luke not wanting to talk about it, because he still hasn’t moved on. By doing so, was Richard unconsciously telling Alex that he has finally moved on?

Look Alex, I want to tell you something. I met someone. And things have been wonderful. I know nothing can replace what we had because you gave me three wonderful children…

He no longer calls Alex “HONEY”– a sign that he has indeed moved on… Yet, he does not dismiss the fact that what he and Alex had is irreplaceable. Although he doesn’t say it, we know he will always love her. How deeply does this man love? His eyes light up as he talks about meeting Maya and how his life has been wonderful since then. Totally gone is the lonely, angry man…

But I know you’d want me to have a life. And I can see that happening with HER, Alex. I can see it with Maya…She made me smile again. She made everyone smile. Kahit na si Manang Fe. I guess it’s her way. She always finds a reason to be happy. Nakakahawa…

Aww!  Maya is Richard’s reason for being now! She is the reason for his smiles. He simply couldn’t stop talking to Alex about her, and how Maya has not only had a positive effect on him, but on their children, and the entire Lim household, as well! He loves how Maya always finds a reason to be happy. She is his breath of fresh air. With her in his life, he will always find a reason to be happy, and to live, laugh, and love.

Hindi ko pa nasasabi sa mga bata. But don’t worry I’ll give them time. Di ko sila bibiglain.

Evidently, Richard wants to share his good news– his happiness, with his three wonderful children– Luke, Nikki, and Abby. As he assures Alex that he will give them time, I find myself wondering when the perfect time would be… The kids seem ready, but how will they take the news of their dad dating their Ate Maya? She has been a member of the family for so long. They may be in for the shock of their lives, but I know they’ll accept Maya… They love her! If she had not come into their lives, they will never have known how to love and live again…

I have to go, Alex. Goodbye…

Closure, finally.  He can now happily, wholeheartedly face his future, his life, and his queen– Maya Dela Rosa.

This episode is turning out to be one of my favorites. I simply loved Richard’s bittersweet moment with Alex, and how he kneels when he finally bids her goodbye…


The MAN IN LOVE cannot stop talking about the love of his life…

Liza: Ah, Sir, how was Maya’s graduation?

Richard: It was great! Muntik pa ngang hindi umabot si Chris dahil sa traffic. Naiwan kasi siya ng plane, and she had to take he roro. So sinundo ko siya para mas mabilis. The traffic was terrible kaya we hadto ride the MRT.

Liza: MRT? Sir, kayo nag-MRT?

Richard: Yes, and it was amazing… And Christina Rose arrived just in time to pin Maya’s (FA) wings. You know, Maya. As usual, umiiyak na naman siya.

Liza: Aww! Well, Sir, I better go, and prepare the papers for your meeting with Mr. Dy.

Liza seems teary-eyed as she listens to her boss. She is beaming with happiness for him. She has been a witness to his pain and his withdrawal from the world for many years. Liza has seen how Maya put a smile back on his face, and gave him many reasons to live again. Beyond the call of duty, Liza happily complied with her boss’s orders and requests for help, all for the love Richard and Maya. Even before Richard fell for her, I think Liza was already rooting for Maya, as she tried to guard him closely from the women who would try to get close to him! We love you, Liza!


The MAN IN LOVE wants to surprise his lady love in her first ever flight as FA…

Richard: Ah one more thing, Liza. Can you book me a flight tomorrow for Davao…

Maya: Ser Chief, magkikita kami ni Nanay kasi yung flight ko bukas San Nicolas. May nakipag-swap sa kin ng schedule.

Richard: Wow! That’s great…! Ah, Maya, something came up. I have to go. I’ll talk to you later. Bye!

Richard to Lisa: Please book me a flight to San Nicolas…

On picking her up from the condo to take her to the airport—

Richard: Maya, hindi na pala ako makakadaan mamaya.

Maya: Ser Chief, may dapat ba tayong pag-usapan?

Richard: I’m sorry. I have to go. My meeting is about to start.

Maya, fear not! You’re in for the surprise of your life! Richard is truly, madly, deeply in love with you! He already said it then, “Anything to make you happy!”

James to Maya: You’re in for a big surprise tomorrow… Consider it my graduation gift for you… Teka, were you crying…? Maya, FA ka na. Mas madalas mo pa sila makikita. Malay mo, pwedeng in a month, in a week, or pwede ring bukas… I wish you all the luck in your career, and I guess sa inyo na rin ni Richard… Goodbye, Maya Dela Rosa!

Unknown to Richard, he also has James to thank for this wonderful surprise. James made the swapping of flights possible. James finally bids Maya goodbye, too. Let’s wish him well…

Maya, you and Richard are both flying to San Nicolas. You’ll both be visiting Nanay Teresita and Tatay Arturo’s most romantic place — the tree of true love! Yes!

Maya, it’s your turn to tell Richard when you first fell for him… It’s your turn to tell him how much you love him. He has opened his heart to you back at P.U.S., his happy place. Now that you will both be in your very own happy place, let him know of your love for him. It’s your turn to pour out your heart…

Richard and Maya, you promise to make beautiful memories in the most romantic place in San Nicolas. We’re counting on that. You know what we all want… A kiss to finally seal the deal! (Written: May 17, 2013)


*Most dialogues are taken from Be Careful with My Heart TV show.  Credit is given to BCWMH writers.



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