After All – part 6

Admin Note: *Contributed Story* Please give credit and thanks to spazzbuster. This is a continuation to After All-part 5.

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Somebody said that Maya shouldn’t have gotten pregnant. Sorry to burst your bubble but unfortunately, I have already written this part of the story before reading the comment ;p I hope you won’t mind reading about a pregnant Maya. Don’t worry, she will have her time to shine in the next parts of the story. She’s the lead in this story after all 🙂




Part 6:  Game Changer

A little more than three months ago


Maya was staring at herself in front of the mirror. She looked pale after throwing up everything she had for breakfast. Emman slowly rubs her back to help ease her discomfort.

Emman: Naku, Maya girl, sigurado kang okay ka lang? Kinakabhan na ako sayo. Magpa-checkup ka na kaya?


Maya’s head is in a swirl. A little voice in her head is telling her that this might be the result of what happened that night with Ser Chief.  This is not the first time she threw up this week. She also noticed that she has missed her period. Though the idea has been scaring her for weeks now, sooner or later she has to know the truth about her condition. But she’s not too sure if she wants Emman or any one for that matter to discover what’s been bothering her.


Maya: Okay lang ako Emman. Wala eto siguro…

She was no longer able to finish what she wanted to tell Emman because a wave of dizziness came over her. It was a good thing that Emman was just right behind her and was quick to catch Maya. Having observed the sudden change in Maya’s health, Emman decided to bring Maya to the nearest hospital. He thought of calling Ser Chief but remembered that Maya’s adamant to even talk about him after their breakup. So he didn’t make any call and instead waited with bated breath what the doctor will say.

Maya slept for a good hour as Emman sat next to her bed anxiously awaiting the lab results. She was awoken by the clicking of the door when the doctor entered the room. Slowly, she opened her eyes and looked at the worried face of Emman and then at the man who just entered appearing to be a doctor.

Doctor: Patient Maya Dela Rosa?

Emman: Sya po yon doc. (looking back at Maya) Ay, Maya girl! Gising ka na pala. Buti naman, sakto andito na si Doc.

Maya: Huh? Nasa ospital tayo Emman? Bakit? Anung ginagawa natin dito?

Emman: Hay naku girl, muntikan na akong atakihin dahil sayo! Nahimatay ka kanina girl kaya dinala kita dito.Mabuti na malaman natin kung anetch talaga itey na sakit mo para magamot agad.

Maya: Masyado ka naman mag-alala Emman, puyat lang ako siguro.

Doctor: I suggest you avoid staying up late Ms Dela Rosa because that’s not good for you given your condition.

Maya: Naku, hindi po yata pwede yon Doc kase po Flight Attendant po ako kaya talagang may flights sa gabi.

Doctor: It won’t be good for you either to continue with your job, well at least for now. Maybe after a few months you can go back.

Emman: Eh, teka lang doc, excuse me po? Pero ano po bang sakit ni Maya belles? Anaemic po ba sya?

Doctor: Well, based on the blood test, she’s not anaemic…..just yet. But she will need to take meds for that too since the baby would get the nutrition from her.


Hearing the word “Baby”,  Maya and Emman looked at each other…. their mouths hanging and their eyes as big as saucers. Maya blinked her eyes several times as if that would help make the Doctor’s statement less vague because at that moment, everything became a blur to her.

Emman: Pa..paki-ulet po Doc? Baby? May Baby si Maya???

Doctor: Yes, in fact she’s on her second month. Why? (turning to look at Maya) Hindi nyo po alam misis?

Maya: Hi..hindi pa po ako misis.. Pero, teka doc, baka nagkamali lang kayo. Sigurado po ba kayo dyan?

Doctor: Maya Dela Rosa right? (Maya nods) Yup. The results are yours. Congratulations! So…where’s the father (looked at Emman questioningly)

Emman: Ay, naku Doc, hindi ko po magagawa yan! Magagalit po ang lahat ng fairygod Bekis sa Pilipinas! Never doc….Not even in my next life time!

Doctor: I see. Well, I think you should inform the soon-to-be father para makapag handa kayo sa regular check-ups. I can endorse you to one of my friends na OB-GYN for further tests. You can go home na as soon as you feel like it. I’ll just leave the prescription at the nurse’s station. I’ll go ahead.

Emman: Sige po doc.


Maya was left shocked by the news that she’s carrying a baby….their baby —hers and Ser Chief. She stared blankly at the white hospital wall for a couple of minutes. She couldn’t explain what she’s feeling. She was happy and sad at the same time. She’s happy because she knows that there’s a new life growing in her womb and even if the baby hasn’t been born yet, she already adores it. She felt excited to see how the baby would look like and find out to whom it will take after. Will it have the same chinky eyes as Ser Chief? But then it hit her. Suddenly, that thought reminded her that the baby was created not with love from its dad but only out of her crazy wishful thinking that it was her whom he’s making love with. Added to this is the consequence of her condition to her budding career as a Flight Attendant. But she quickly dismissed this idea because she knows that the life in her is far more important than her career. Thinking about these things made her reach for her abdomen and rubbed it gently. Maya knows as early as now that her baby would need some consoling from all the pain that they’re both bound to experience in the future. Emman seeing tears falling from Maya’s eyes, could only hug her tightly.

Emman: Girl, wag kang mag-alala. Kaya mo yan. Andito lang ako, okay? Bawal kang mastress masyado, sige ka, papangit si bagets mo paglabas nyan.


When they got home, Maya has reached the decision that she needs to take a leave of absence from her work as what the doctor suggested. She wouldn’t put the life of her unborn child through danger. And so, she talked to Emman about her plans and he could only give her his support. In a week’s time, she managed to talk to her bosses and ask for the leave. Of course, she had to plead to them not to reveal to anyone her current condition. Emman was more than willing to have Maya stay at his condo but they both knew that she will soon start showing and people will ask questions.


So, with Emman’s help Maya went back to San Nicolas and revealed to her family what transpired. To say that Mamang and Nanay Teresita were shocked and disappointed with Ser Chief would be an understatement. However, with the help of Kute, they soon realized that more than anything Maya needs their support and understanding of her decision. Maya told them that Ser Chief shouldn’t know about her condition because she believes that it will only cause both their families even more problems. And so, she stayed with her family awaiting the birth of her baby.


As she busied herself with helping out at Little Pards Chibugan, the hired detective kept watch of her, giving Richard Lim daily updates. He even posed as a regular customer so he could get the littlest details on the whereabouts and daily lives of the Dela Rosas. After a month of staying in San Nicolas, the detective noticed that Maya’s looking paler than usual and would often be reprimanded by her elders and Kute whenever she’s found carrying heavy stuff. He also took note of how often he caught Simon looking at Maya from afar with sadness in his eyes but would try to put on a happy smile in front of her. Maya’s current health condition alarmed Ser Chief so as soon as he received the report from the detective, he flew to San Nicolas to see her for himself.


(to be continued…..)


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