First Love , Last Love – part 12

Admin Note: *Contributed Story* Please give credit and thanks to Hanah6181. This is a continuation to Fist Love, Last Love- part 11.

Author:  Hanah6181




Maya got out of the bed very disoriented and with a splitting headache.  The room was quite similar to hers but the orientation of the bed, sofa, TV was different.  As she looked around and saw the familiar black luggage, it dawned on her that she was in Richard’s room.

“OMG, what am I doing here?  Paano ako napunta dito?”  At that moment, she had vague recollection of what happened the night before.  She hurriedly picked-up her bag, sought her key  and transferred to her room.  Another surprised opened to her to find that her bed has been slept on.

“Ano ba’tong nangyari sa akin?” She checked herself. “More than this headache, how did I end up in Richard’s room?”

She quickly grabbed a new set of clothes and took a bath.  As she was bathing, she recalled all things she did the night before.  She remembered she had drank a lot last night as she was upset with Richard talking to the two women.  She remembered them walking back to the hotel and his arm was around her to support her.  Other than those, she only had images which she taught were part of her usual dream about him or those could have actually happened.

“If I slept on his bed, is it possible that he slept in my room? OMG, what will I say to him when we see each other?”  This question kept nagging her as she dressed up.  She hoped that she would have mustered enough courage when she faces him later.  She sat inside her room thinking of how to face him.  After an hour, Maya decided to go out realizing that she can’t hide there forever.

When she went down the staircase, she saw Richard in the pool’s lounging chair in swimming shorts with a towel around his neck.  He was reading a book.  He was just few steps away from the foot of the staircase so it was impossible for him to miss her when she came down.  He saw her and smiled.

Maya said to herself, “OMG, eto na ‘po. God, please help me on this one.” She prayed.

“Good morning Maya, where are you going?” was his question.

“Hi Richard, I was going to look for the group.  Di ba, may island tour tayo?” It was the first thing that came to her mind as she was nervously anticipating what was forthcoming.

“Richard” He muttered to himself. “So, she’back to calling me Richard.” He secretly smiled.

“Kanina pa sila umalis, tayong dalawa lang ang naiiwan.” He informed her.

“Ha, bakit tayo naiwan, dapat ginising tayo… ay tinatawagan tayo.  Eh, teka pala, I slept in your room. How did I get there and saan ka natulog?”

“Maya, I was trying to wake you up but you were snoring.  Are you okay?   Wala ka bang na-aalala?”  Here we go, in his thoughts, “I’d like to know how much she remembers or would like to remember.”

“Ha?  Ah… eh… wala, nalasing kasi ako kagabi.”  She wanted to evade him as he stood up and moved towards her.  He stood in front of her and looked at her intently as if reading her mind.

“Well, your key card didn’t function so I let you in my room while waiting for the hotel staff to replace your card.  It took a while to get them to respond so, you ended up sleeping on my bed.  Since, you were there, I decided to go your room and sleep there.” Richard explained, purposely skipping other details.

“Ah ganoon ba? Pasens’ya ka na, ha?” Maya was apologetic but knew there was something more to this conversation.

“Are you sure, you don’t remember anything? He stared at her quizzically.

“Wala talaga, eh.” She avoided looking into his eyes.  She wasn’t prepared to have this encounter with him that early.

He was standing so close to her.  “Maya,  pasalamat ka nandito tayo sa gitna ng pool area, an open area where a lot of people can see us.  But I am really tempted right now to re-enact what you did last night so you can remember.” His voice with warning tone.

The moment he said that, Maya face turned deep red.  She knew she was blushing but couldn’t help it.  Now, the images of the previous night are connecting to each other.  She was drunk but she recalled  what she did the night before.  She was aware of what she was doing but it was just she couldn’t control herself last night.

She decided to run back to her room feeling very embarrassed. However, Richard caught up with her at the top of the staircase.  He won’t let her go that easy.  They were now standing on the space that separates their room.

“So, since you running and blushing,   I believe it will not be presumptuous of me to say that you remember everything or at least the significant parts you of it, right?”

“Richard, sorry ha.   I don’t know how many times I need to apologize for this.  This is really very embarrassing for me.  Please know that I haven’t done anything like that before just in case you making some judgments about me. I know I may not have the credibility to say this because technically strike 2 na ako sa’yo with the Shangrila case and last night.”  She explained, almost crying this time.

Richard looked at her intently.  This is the side of Maya that somehow puzzles him.  They’ve had some level intimacy and yet there is something that he couldn’t define  or put in exact words how he feels towards her.  But one thing for sure, he’s is attracted to her and was amused with the turn of events since last night.

“Alright, I won’t but I have to ask a few questions and please answer honestly.  Gusto ko lang ng closure dito sa mga tanong na nasa isip ko.  Is that okay with you?” He asked with tenderness in his tone.

“Sige… I hope I don’t get into deeper trouble with this.” She sighed in defeat.

“It depends on how you will take it.  You can lie and be bothered about it because I know you don’t like lying.  Or, you can just admit and take things in a stride.”

“O sige na…  you can now ask me .  The more we prolong this, the more this is causing me worry.”  She was nervous because she already had an idea of the questions that were forthcoming.

“One, yun bang sinabi mong ang cute-cute ng smile ko ay totoo?”  While Richard was asking this question, he felt excitement in his gut.  He asked himself, why was he even asking this silly question to her. He is a grown man and not a teenage boy. Anyway, does it matter? But he liked to hear it from her again.

“Yes and that is common knowledge. I mean it’s not only me that say that.” That was an easy question for Maya.

“Alright, but I am not interested in what other people said. I’m interested in what you think only.  Second question,  you said last night na crush-na-crush mo ako, is that also true.”

Feeling cornered,  she had no recourse but to admit it.  “Ahh…. okay. Yes.”  Crimson color moving up from her neck to face again.

“Okay, there I said it.  I hope that satisfies you.  Please, I hope you won’t take it negatively.  It’s already embarrassing as it is.  Anyway, I will get over this soon.  Isn’t this normal for people who work closely with each other?   So, please forget it na lang.”  Now she was pleading to him.  Although she was in that difficult situation, she still thought that she was lucky that she only said that she has a crush on him.  It could have been worst if she told him that she was in-love with him.

“Maya, please calm down.  Okay, I promise to act normal.  This situation is normal and I agree this sometimes happens to people who work closely together.  However, I can’t promise to forget because you gave me something to remember it by.”

“Ha?  What is it?” Her eyes widening.

“This.” He removed the towel that was on around his neck and revealed two red marks on his neck.  Because Richard is fair-skinned, the mark can easily be spotted as a love marks.

“Shocks , anu ba ‘yan.”  She was so embarrassed that she hid face in her hands and stomped her feet in frustration with herself.  At that state, she hoped that the floor would open and swallow her up.  Now, her tears were overflowing uncontrollably.

“Maya.. Maya.. relax ka lang.  I won’t mention this anymore.  Sorry for being insentive.”  When Richard said those words,  Maya cried some more.   To soothe her, Richard embraced her and let her cry for a while.  Richard’s heartbeats were dancing.

Then, they were both startled by  a voice coming from the bottom of the staircase.

“Ah, Brod, excuse me.” Ryan spoke and they both took a step back to separate from each other.

“Sorry Brod, I was just going to let you know that the group is back. But seems that you’re busy.”  He winked at Richard and gave a knowing smile.

“Ryan, I think you got it all wrong. I was just comforting Maya.”

“Hayy, naku, you don’t need to explain.  Sige, iwan ko na kayo. Sorry sa pag-istorbo sa inyo.”  Ryan left the two.

Returning to Maya, Richard asked “So, okay ka na, Maya?

“Yes, I think so.  Sorry talaga ha.  Pwede normal lang tayo ha?” She asked tentatively.

“Yes, normal lang.” He reassured her.

While they both agreed to act normal, deep within, they both knew that things will never be the same again.



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