First Love, Last Love – part 16

Note:  This is a continuation to First Love, Last Love – part 15

Author:  Hanah6181


Chapter 16

A sound of an incoming text message can be heard from Maya’s phone.  Although she heard it, Maya didn’t bother to check who sent it.  She didn’t want a distraction while she was driving going to her family’s residence in Marikina.  She decided to just visit them to de-stress than to stay at the office and see Richard that afternoon. She assumed he will still be with Stephanie.

As soon as she arrived, she was happily greeted by Cho.

“Hi, Mama.  You’re here that’s means we can play monopoly.  Kulang po kami sa player eh.” The boy was very excited to see her because he is used to having her as a playmate when she is around.  Whenever Jeff is busy in his work,  she would take care of his needs like attending to parent-teacher conferences in school.  She’s really been like a mother to him.

“O Maya, andito ka.  Wala ka bang pasok?” Her mommy, Teresita, asked her.

“Meron po, Ma, kaya lang medyo asar ako sa boss ko ngayon, so umuwi ako.”

“Maya, aba, parang madalas kang naaasar sa boss mo ah.  Di ba last time noong nag-swimming kayo nina Cho sa Sofitel, naiinis ka rin doon.  Anak, mahirap ‘yang hindi mo kasundo ang boss mo.”   She sounded concerned.

“Ma, okay naman kami.  Sometimes lang, medyo may nakakainis na situation.  Anyway, don’t mind me. “ She assured her mother.

“Eh anak, si James pala, kumusta na? Nag-away na naman ba kayo.” Mommy Teresita opened the topic.

“Ma… ‘wag na nating pag-usapan si James, old story na  yun.”

“Ganoon na lang ba ‘yon Maya? Ang tagal n’yong mag-boyfriend.   Eh bakit tumatawag kay Jeff at nangungumusta pa?”

“Naku, Ma, hayaan mo na lang sila ni Jeff mag-usap. Friends naman sila.  Cho, baby, let’s go play na tayo.” She turned her attention to the boy who was just waiting for her signal to start playing.


Maya arrived  at her condo unit at almost 10:00 p.m.. She had so much fun being with Cho such that she completely forgot  the time.  Her mom wanted her to stay and sleep in their house but she begged off.   Since she moved out 3 years ago, she has been enjoying living independently from her family.  Besides, if stayed, she would probe more about James.

A beeping sound came from her phone again.  It was only that time that she remembered that there was an incoming message that she had not checked.  When she saw them,  she got 5 messages, all from Richard.

2:00 pm.  “Maya, where are you?”

2: 15 pm  “So you went home, any emergency?”

4:00 p.m “Can you call me back?”

5:00 pm “Never mind, see you tomorrow.”

7:00 pm “Will you be at the office tomorrow?”

That night, Maya couldn’t sleep.  She was again thinking about Richard and how to get over her feelings for him.  She has lost count on how many times she said she will forget him.  She’s been in a roller coaster of emotions since she has met him and she felt she needed to do something about it.  Then she thought of what Emman told her recently, he is not engaged or married, therefore she has a chance.  She has been getting mixed signals from Richard.  If she just chooses those positive signs from him, then, she is likely to have a chance with him.  However, there are also times that his actions are neutral, that, it must be just her who was misinterpreting them.   It was already dawn when she fell asleep.

Ring. Ring. Ring

Maya woke up to the sound of an incoming call from her phone.  With half-closed eyes, she answered the call.

“Hello?” She lazily responded.

“Maya, are you sick?” Richard’s voice was on the other line.  Maya’s eyes immediately widened and looked at the clock beside her bed.  It was 10:00 a.m. and she was still in bed.

“Ha… eh… medyo masama ang pakiramdam ko.  I think I will just work from home today. Pwede ba akong mag-leave today?”

After a moment of silence, Richard responded. “Hmmm.. Sige, just rest. You don’t need to work.  Do you have medicine at home? If you want, I can get someone to send medicines for you.” He offered.

“Wag  na.  I have medicines here.  I will be okay.  Tawagan ko na lang si Angie at Chris to give them some reminders for the day then I’ll make sure Chris will be there to assist you while I am not around.”

“Maya, you’re going to be just on leave for a day, right?  Please call me if you need something. Bye.” The call ended.

Maya spent her day cleaning her house and watching TV. It felt like a holiday to her – holiday away from heartache.  By late afternoon,  Richard made another call to her.

“Hello Richard”

“Maya, how are you feeling.”

“Ha?  Okay naman ako.” She almost forgot that she was supposed to be sick. “ I will be in the office tomorrow.” But, what she actually wanted to say was “Eto, in-love pa rin sa’yo.”

“I’m leaving for Singapore tomorrow.  Gavin & I are going together, there is something that Hsing urgently wants us to look into at the Changi hangar. So, kayo muna ni Ryan ang bahala sa L.A.S.”

“Okay Richard.  We’ll take care of the office.”


By lunchtime the following day, Maya knew that Richard had arrived in Singapore.  He took the first flight out of Manila to be there before lunch.  He didn’t tell her when he was coming back and the ticket he got was just a one-way ticket.

Her phone rang and it was Richard. “Hello, Richard, nakarating ka na sa hangar?” She opened the conversation. She has forgotten her upset with him but she tried to keep her voice neutral as she spoke to him.

“Yes. I’m already here.  Maya, I need to request something from you?”

“Ha, ano ‘yon?”

“I left an important paper in my condo unit. I signed it yesterday and brought it with me last night. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to put it in my bag.  Would you mind going to there and if possible, can you have it couriered today too?”

“Huh?  How will I enter your house? Also, where will I find the document? Hindi ba pwedeng mag-reprint na lang d’yan and pirmahan mo uli?” She asked questions one after the other.

“Maya, if I can do that, I would have done it.  The paper was already signed by our client here in Singapore and that client has flown to London.  We can’t get a delivery of materials here unless we have the original contract.”  He explained.

“Ah ganoon ba, so paano nga ako papasok sa house mo?”

“Please go to my office.  In my table, open the bottom drawer at the right side.  There is a black box which contain several keys. They are all labeled so you can easily find my house key.  Then, when you get to the house, please check the center table at the living room, I remember putting the folder there.”

“Alright. I’m going right after lunch.” She confirmed.

“By the way, you might find the house messy.  Ryan was at the house last night and we did some drinking…”

Before Richard could finish, “It’s okay, I won’t make a comment on your house being messy. O sige na po, kasi this call is already expensive,  Bye-bye.”

As placed down her phone, she was wondering if Richard was informing her or was explaining something to her when mentioned about drinking.  Anyway, she proceeded to the employee lounge to have her lunch and planned on going to Richard’s condo unit as per his request.



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