Kalma Maya.Kalma


Admin Note: *Contributed Story* Please give credit and thanks to Timmy_77



A/N: Hi EBU readers. Thanks for appreciating my first fanfic. It inspired me to writethis one. It’s just an episode in the life of my most loved on-screen couple Maya and SerChief. Again sorry for the errors in grammar and vocabs and for the light stories lang. Short langito. Pampakiliglangngkonti.

Like the first one I wrote, there’s no part 2. Bahalana kayo to imagine what would happen next.

Thanks again to the EBU admin/ mods for the space. I feel so privileged to be allowed to share here.

Here goes….



Author: Timmy_77





After fetching her from her morning flight,

Richard was really hungry and thirsty on the drive home to Maya’s condo. He didn’t eat lunch because she told him that she cooked his favourite kare-kare before leaving for her early morning flight. They were both looking forward to a hearty lunch together. But Richard was really thirsty so he casually got Maya’s half-full bottle of water nestled in the holder in his car.

Maya grabbed it from him.

Maya: Ay SC, wag nanyan. Uminomnaakojan eh. Kalahatinalangnga. Atsaka may lawaykona eh. Daannalangtayongtubigsatindahan.

Richard raises his eyebrows.

SC: So? Anonamankungnainumanmona.Walakanamansigurongsakit.Meronba?

Maya: Ah… eh..wala SC. Kaso may lawaykonangayan eh. Unhygienic.

SC: Huh? Unhygienic?

He’s looking at Maya incredulously. Then upon realization, he smiles…

SC: Maya, it’s okay. We are in a relationship now and it’s okay for couples to share personal stuff and even share water bottles.And you don’t have to worry about the laway. I mean, I kiss you nga eh.

He’s looking at her, grinning widely.

Maya was feeling uncomfortable. She was blushing and she could not look at Richard after what he said. Richard was amused. Heis loving the conversation.

SC: Besides Maya, when we get married, we’re going to share not only water bottles. Drinking at the same water bottle is the least thing we would be doing “together”

He said naughtily. He let out a laugh now.

Maya’s eyes grew wide, looking at him.

SC: What?

Maya: Married Sir Chief?

SC: Oo. Bakitayawmo? I don’t get into a relationship just for the sake of having one. When I decide to pursue someone I love, marriage is always part of the plan. And that’s what I intend to get into. I’m gonna marry you. (he said with conviction)

Maya was really feeling uneasy, she doesn’t know how to react to what Richard was saying. Yes she had been dreaming of getting married to Richard. She dreamt of having theirown children aside from his 3 kids whom she loves so dearly. But she’s not used to this kind of conversation especially when he injects some hints of naughtiness in it.  She’s not yet prepared for this. And Richard’s soft, soothing voice only aggravated her discomfort. She was flushed, she had goosebumps and she feels she would faint anytime soon. She was desperately hoping that they would reach the condo already so as to end the awkward conversation but Richard parked the car at side of the road.

He reaches for her so that she could face him.

SC: Hey look at me nga. Bat namumulaka? (teasingly smiles at her)

Maya: (trying to avoid Richard’s eyes) Ah eh.. Sir Chief, ibanalangpagusapannatin…

SC: Bakit? You don’t want to get married to me?

Maya: Ah hindi SC.  I mean oo, ay hindi. SC nililitonyoako eh.

SC: (smiles at her) Naku Maya, 25 years old kana. You’re getting old na.. 25 is a great age to have kids, you know.Atsakakelantayomagkakaanak? When I reach 50? Kawawa baby natin. Hindi konamasyadongmakakarga.

Maslalongnamulasi Maya.

SC: And besides you wouldn’t find someone like me. Swertemo kaya nasinagotkita, hahaha!

Maya: (looks at him now) Angkapal! Ikaw kaya nanligawsakin.

SC: Hahaha! Good! Now you’re looking at me. (holding her hand, seriously now) Maya, we will eventually get married. We will get intimate. That’s normal. I will guide you all throughout. We will do everything together. You just have to trust me. And I won’t be forcing you into doing something if you’re not ready. But I assure you that marriage and intimacy is a wonderful experience. You would certainly love it. You might even want to frequently do it, be intimate, I mean. (he is teasing her)

Maya still couldn’t get herself to speak. Her hands are cold under Richard’s. She was really feeling awkward and her inexperiencemade her feel insecure.

Richard realized this so he decided to stop teasing her. Mahirapnabakaumiyaksi Maya namahirap pa namangsuyuin. He just gathered her in his arms, so as to assure her that everything will be okay. She was comforted by Richard’s arm around her hoping she could stay there forever.But the thought of what he just said was still in her mind.

SC: Sige we wont talk about it na if it really makes you feel uncomfortable.

Richard slowly released her. Smiled at her lovingly

SC: Let’s go?

Maya was relieved that he ended the topic.

Maya: Tara na SC. Gutomnatayo.

SC: Eh ikawkasi. Kasalanan mo. Uminomlangakosatubigmo, nagreklamoka pa. May pa-unhygienic unhygienic ka pa dyan.Anglayonatuloyngnapuntahanngusapannatin.

Maya: Eh ikaw eh.

SC: Sigenanga, akona.Come here, let me kiss younalangso mawalanamanyungutom at pagodkosapikikiarguesa’yo.

Richard smiled at her, leaned towards her. Maya was anticipating his usual kiss on her cheek or even smack on her lips, so she leaned near him too. She wasn’t at all prepared for what he did next. She turned all stiff and shocked when Richard instead planted a slow, lingering kiss on the bare skin at the side of her neck. He smiled at her, stared at her for about a minute while Maya was all flushed and speechless at the sensation brought by his lips on the side of her neck.

SC: (smiling naughtily) That is just a preview of how intimate we would get soon! And I’m sure you will be loving it.

Turning his gaze to the road, he resumes driving on the way to the condo, with naughty glint in his eyes and a suppressed mischievous grin.








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