Letters (6): From Sir Chief with Love

A/N: Like all of you, I enjoyed the hangar launch episode of Be Careful with My Heart last July 5, 2013.  Richard Lim’s speech was epic!  The letter below was inspired by that speech. 

Note: This is part 6 of the Letters series— 

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Physics makes our planes fly, but it is the people we love who make our planes SOAR.- Richard Lim (BCWMH, July 5, 2013)

Today, I am an airplane ready to travel the world and SOAR great heights with the FA who has my heart, my soul, my body and my mind.- Richard Lim (Why Maya is the One, April 2013)

Please take note!  I am spelling the Sir in Sir Chief with an “i” and not an “e”.  I cannot imagine Richard Lim ever spelling it the way Maya does. Haha!

Happy reading everyone!

Author: iamgarie



By iamgarie


Before I proceed with Sir Chief’s letter for Maya, allow me to quote verbatim Richard Lim’s opening remarks during the hangar launch (July 5, 2013 episode of Be Careful with My Heart).  Who thinks the writers of this show are just way too brilliant? I do! I do!

We could have been here 5 years ago.  That was Lim Aviation’s original plan.  But a project such as this is never easy.  This requires a lot of work, preparation and study… because change is never easy… It took sometime before we got everything right. And even then, something always came up.  Another problem… another hurdle… The timing was never right.  Until we realized: There’s no such thing as perfect timing!  One could never foresee, let alone prepare for everything. More than the research and the number, what we needed was A LEAP OF FAITH.  Faith that change can be good.  Faith that this project is worth it.  Faith that whatever happens, we can and we’ll get through it.  Ultimately, it is our faith in each other that will ensure the success of this endeavor.

So tonight, we are celebrating not just the launch of this new hangar, but the courage it took to believe in something worthwhile… To fight for it and to work for it!

With that, I would like to thank everyone who took that leap of faith with me: our staff, our engineers, everyone, including our families!

Physics makes our planes fly, but it is the people we love who make our planes SOAR.

Thank you!


The Letter

My ever dearest Maya,

I should be writing my opening remarks for the hangar launch tomorrow, but here I am consumed by thoughts of you, as usual. So, you are Nikki’s lawyer now, huh? You’re silly, Maya! I would have loved to hear another word escape your mouth instead of lawyer, but that would do for now!

I am smiling as I think about you and Nikki. Who would’ve thought that Nikki would confide in you tonight, when just days ago… Ahh, Maya, you never fail to amaze me! I LOVE YOU! So, what did our teenage girl share with you that she can’t share with me? I hope it isn’t about boys yet. She’s still a little girl. She’s only 13. If and when Nikki starts talking about boys, though, I hope she confides in you. I trust that you will give her the best pieces of advice. Thank you for giving Nikki your time. Girl talk, hmm? I still feel I should engage Nikki in a father-daughter talk once we come back from the launch…

Maya, I am just so happy that the kids already know about us and that Luke and Nikki have finally accepted us! I didn’t expect it to happen this soon. They all love you! My heart is simply overflowing with so much love for you and the kids. They are my life as much as you are my life now. I am the luckiest man alive, the happiest man in love!

I almost forgot to tell you. The day after our baby Abby found out that you were my girlfriend, she wanted to go see you at once to ask how you want to be called. Mommy daw ba or Mama? What do you have to say to that, Atty. Maya? Hmm?!? Abby never ceases to surprise me with her questions. Didn’t I tell you she just might become a really great lawyer someday?

I look at us and my heart is overwhelmed with immense joy! I can no longer imagine living a life without you, Maya! You are my reason for being! I am bursting with so much love for you, my princess! Thank you for accepting me in your life. I love you!

Funny how fate played a trick on us. Falling in love was furthest from our minds when we both met. You were a ball of positive energy, all set to conquer the world and reach for your dreams. I was a miserable, angry man who has stopped living and dreaming for almost half a decade. You have yet to fall in love, while I thought I was over and done with love!

I guess, it’s true. One could never foresee, let alone prepare for everything! From out of nowhere you suddenly came, and I was in for the surprise of my life! You were a shock to my system, Maya! You seemed unfazed by every debacle life threw your way. I have never met anyone quite like you, so I felt the need to question your integrity and your motives. I also had that strong urge to resist every wonderful thing I would discover about you. As much as I wanted to deny myself of your very existence, you suddenly became my own mystery to uncover, my very own puzzle to solve. Your patience, your love and care, and your positive influence on me, my kids, my entire household and even my work, healed me and moved me to do better, to be better.

Change is never easy, but because of you, I have learned to embrace CHANGE. You are now the reason for my smiles, my hopes, my happiness and my dreams! Thank you for coming into my life and for not giving up on me, Maya! You are God’s most precious gift to me. I love you forever, my princess!

It took me almost forever to finally realize I was in love with you. And when I finally did, I was a goner! Rafi has been right all along. I have been in love with you for the longest time! I just kept denying myself of that reality, perhaps thinking that it’s not the right time to fall in love just yet.

It took some time before we got everything right. And then something always came up. I sized myself up and thought you deserved someone better, someone younger, someone without the excess baggage. I also knew you had your own worries and concerns, as well. Thank you for loving me, for believing in me, and for trusting me with your heart and your life.

Maya, thank you for taking that LEAP OF FAITH with me… For not giving up on us despite all the problems and all the hurdles our relationship had to face and overcome. Thank you for keeping your faith in me and our love. Thank you for being one with me in believing that we are worth all the effort.

I look to the future and I can see it with you, Maya! I have faith that whatever happens, we can and we’ll get through it. 

In a few days, we will be having our first monthsary (Yes, I do remember. I will always remember!) Let’s celebrate not just our love on that day, but the courage it took to believe in us and our love.  We have truly fought and worked hard for that love! I am glad we never thought of giving up as an option despite the many challenges we faced. I love you, Maya! (Haven’t you noticed by now how I want to keep saying that over and over again?)

Let me say it again. I was an airplane who experienced a major crash landing when Alex died almost six years ago. I was broken and beyond repair. Maya, you were the unlikely engineer who painstakingly saved me from all the pain I felt and fixed me so I can be whole again.

Today, I am an airplane ready to travel the world and SOAR great heights with you, my lovely Maya, the only FA who has my heart, my soul, my body and my mind!

Let me stop here for now. Now, more than ever, I’m inspired to write my opening remarks for the launch.

I can’t wait to see you tomorrow, my princess! I love you!

We’re finally here at Clark!

I just loved how we were today during our first ever road trip together as a couple! You never fail to humor me, my beautiful princess! I love you! You want to keep the gas receipt as a remembrance of our first road trip together, and all I could do was smile! I listen to your endless stories about anything and everything, and I am amazed at how happy you make me feel. I drive and I watch you sleeping, and I am filled with joy and contentment. I take a picture of you sleeping as a remembrance of our road trip together, and you are suddenly upset, and I smile all over again! You are way too cute when you pout, Maya! I love how you argue with me when you’re upset about the littlest of things! You even miss lunch to prove your point! You are such a joy to be with! I love how you always make me laugh by simply being you. To top the list, you open someone else’s car door and shout, “Magnanakaw,” and all I could do was shake my head in disbelief and laugh. I love you, my funny, crazy girlfriend!

I am glad you have finally met Ryan, my fraternity brother and good friend. He knows how we started. He knows the baby steps I initially took to woo you. He knows how nervous I was when I finally had the courage to ask you out on a date… Just the other day, when Ryan and I were with the event organizer, I was asked whether I had a VIP guest.  Guess what my response was?  “Yes. Si Maya, my girlfriend!” Brod started laughing  right after the event organizer left and told me, “You’ve been wanting to say that! MATAGAL NA!  Tama ako, diba?”  Ryan is simply spot on!  I’m just so proud to share with everyone my good news- that you are my girlfriend!

And as if the road trip wasn’t even enough, you suddenly come looking for me at the hangar wearing that beautiful green top and with your hair down, and I am suddenly rooted to the ground and stupefied! You are beautiful, Maya!

I look forward to spending an unforgettable evening with you at the launch tonight. I can already imagine how beautiful you will look in the little black dress you so elegantly wore to the kids’ prom! I am so excited to introduce you to everyone, Maya! I am certain everyone will be captivated by your beauty and your charm! Promise me you’ll allow me to hold your hand all throughout the night!

The launch starts in half an hour. I have just finished rehearsing my speech. Listen well, Maya, and savor every word. It would seem to everyone as if I’m talking about just the hangar, but that speech is really about you… about us! I love you!

We’re leaving Clark in a few minutes, Maya.

First things first. I LOVE YOU! Thank you for agreeing to be my date for the launch.

You were the most beautiful woman in the launch tonight! You took my breath away with your beautiful purple dress! You looked absolutely stunning, my princess!  (Where did that dress come from? You simply never fail to surprise me, Maya!) You were wonderful tonight! Everyone was in awe of you! You were amazing! I’m so proud of you! I’m so lucky to have you!

I cannot wait to let the whole world know about my great love for you. I hope Mama and Papa can come home soon, so I can have them meet you, too!

I love you, Maya! I look forward to spending forever with you!

Your Sir Chief, Richard

(Written: July 7, 2013)



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