Perfect Family – part 2

Admin Note: *Contributed Story* Please give credit and thanks to fanfic_newbie. This is a continuation to Perfect Family – part 1.

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Author :fanfic_newbie



“Tita Maya!! Tita Maya!!”  Abby shouted at the top of her lungs.

Maya heard a familiar voice. Hinanahap niya saan galing ang boses.

It was Abby.  She was running towards Maya.

It was a delightful surprise to see Abby again. This time at a Theme park.

“Dahan-dahan baka ka madapa” Richard and Maya shouted.

Maya embraced Abby..

“Tita Maya, too tight, I cannot breathe”

Maya released Abby from the bear hug and Abby gave her a big resounding kiss.

“I missed you so much Tita Maya. I kept asking dad when I will see you again but dad said that he does not know where you live.”

“So I prayed and prayed that I will see you again”

“And now you are here. My prayers are effective!” Abby boasted

“Hello Miss dela Rosa”

“Maya na lang please. Hello Richard”

“Abby can be very persistent sometimes. Pati siguro ang Diyos nakulitan sa kanya” Richard said.

“I have not introduced my two elder kids. He is Luke, my eldest son”

“Hello Tita Maya.”

And my eldest daughter,Nikki.

“Hello Tita Maya. Finally a face to a name… Abby kept making kwento about you and how you played during the flight to LA and that you gave her ice cream during the flight. ”

“Thank you for taking care of my sister, Tita Maya.” Luke chimed in.

While the introductions to the Lim family were happening, Maya’s family arrived.

Cho eyed Abby. Abby eyed Cho.

Abby asked, “Is he your baby, TIta Maya?” but she did not let Maya answer.

“Hello, my name is Abigail Lim, You can call me Abby.”

“Hello Abby, My name is Cho.”

The two started chatting as if they were long time friends.

“Richard Lim, Nikki, Luke, please meet my lola, lola mamang, my mom, Teresita, and my sister, Cristina Rose.”

Everyone exchanged pleasantries.

But Richard was curious, “Is Cho your son?” Richard asked

“Well, no he is not. He is Cristina’s son.”

“Where is your husband? Richard regretted the question as soon as he said it.

“Husband?  Maya kelan ka pa nag-asawa apo ko? Hindi mo man lang ako inimbita? “Mamang was confused

“ Mamang” Napatawa si Nanay Teresita at si Cristina Rose.

“Tara na nga.. gutom lang yan Mamang, ” Aya ni Cristina Rose

“It was nice to meet you Richard, Nikki and Luke”

“Cho say goodbye to Abby.”

Abby, Luke and Nikki started to walk toward the Theme park rides leaving Richard and Maya.

Richard was still curious. His question remained unanswered.

“I thought you were married?”He points to the wedding ring in Maya’s finger.

“Ah this is my travel ring.. I use it toward off unwanted attention. Most of the time it works but minsan talagang walang magawa” Maya laughs.

“It works against me din sometimes when I meet someone nice and he thinks I am not available.”

“Oh, so are telling me that you are available?” Richard smiled

“Ah.. ” Maya was embarrassed. She wish she could take back what she said

“I think your kids are waiting for you. Nice meeting you again, Mr. Lim.”

A few hours later….

Maya saw her old manliligaw na si Don Julio (no one is too old to enjoy a theme park .. hehe ).. Old in age as he was already in his early 60s at dahil masugid at matagal nang nangliligaw

Maya ducked but she was not fast enough for Don Julio saw her. He was on his way to greet her. She looked trapped.

Tamang tama naman si Richard was watching with amusement as all these events unfold.

Maya caught Richard eyes, pleading for him to rescue her…  Richard was smiling but not budging… Maya closed her eyes as if to resign to her fate..

“Hello Maya .”. Don Julio was about to give her a hug and a peck on the cheek but..

“Hello Hon…. I found the … Oh hello sir.. How are you? I am Richard Lim, Maya’s husband. “

Richard came out of nowhere as he rescued her from the bear hug and kiss that Don Julio was about to give..

The relief in Maya’s face and body was very visible as she released her breath. She smiled.. “Hello Honey.. This is Don Julio.. He is a good friend of Mamang.”

:Kinasal ka na Maya? Di mo man lang ako inimbita? Kelan pa ?”  Don Julio was disappointed.

“Mapalad ka Richard. Mabait na tao si Maya, matalino, maganda, masayahin at lalong lalo na mapagmahal sa pamilya. Too bad, I was not fortunate to be part of her family”

“Excuse me Don Julio, but our kids are waiting for us. It was nice to have met you. Good afternoon. “

“Tayo na Hon..”  Richard held Maya’s hand as they walked away from the disappointed Don Julio.

“You could have given me a heart attack there! Didn’t you see I was pleading and all you did was smile. Kainis talaga”  as she released her hold on Richard’s hand.”

“Don Julio is still looking..”

Maya grabbed Richard’s arm and clung to it as if it was a life saver.

Tawa nang tawa si Richard. “Wala na ang loverboy mo.. Paano ba nangyari at nanligaw siya sa iyo?”

“Ewan sa iyo.” Maya’s face was indescribable as she stomped away from Richard.

“Salamat, sa uulitin Mrs. Lim”  Hahaha.


The following day, the dela Rosa family were shopping at the outlet malls.

“Abby!” Sigaw ni Cho.

“Cho! Tita Maya!” Sigaw ni Abby.

“We have to stop meeting like this, Mrs Lim.” Natawang sabi ni Richard.

“Are you stalking me, Mr. Lim?”  Game naman na sagot ni Maya.

“Actually, we met you just in time. I need some advice from a woman.”

“Oh.. where is your real wife ba?  Why don’t you  ask her?”

“I would, if I could but she passed 4 years ago.”

“I am sorry to hear that”

“ It is ok, not your fault” Richard said with a wink.

“Back to my problem.. You see Nikki is in the stage where she wants to dress up and impress boys.. She wants to get this really revealing dress, not age appropriate. “

“Tapos, she wants to get high heels shoes na 3 inches yata, bukod sa mahal na, I don’t think it is age-appropriate”

“We also went to a make-up store, kung ano –anong kolorete ang gustong ilagay sa mukha. I told her that she is beautiful and she does not need make-up.. and besides it is not..”

“Let me guess” sabat ni Maya “it is not age-appropriate”  Tawa si Maya

“Paano mo na laman?” Ngumiti si Richard.

“She will not listen to me.. Wala daw akong fashion sense. So ayon nagtampo sa akin.”

“Can you just please look at the dress, talk to her and advise her.. You are the only one here I can ask. My best female friend is in the Philippines”

“Let me see what I can do Richard. “

“But just my 2 cents, I went through the same with my dad when I was Nikki’s age. I was  fortunate to have my mom who understood me .. But Communication is the key. Be open with her. Listen to her. Let her express herself.. Do not just say no because you don’t want what she wants. Let her know the reason for your objection. And listen to her point of view. “

“You don’t want her to stop coming to you for help and  slowly alienate you from her life?” Tanong ni Maya.

“No” Sagot ni Richard who looked more confused than ever

“IT is confusing at  this stage in her life, no longer a child but not yet a woman. Try to be her parent and her friend.  Be patient. It’s going to be a bumpy ride through a girl’s teenage years.”

Napabuntong hininga  lang si Richard at naisip.. I miss you so much Alex. “


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