A Journey to Love and Forever: Parts 9-10

A/N: Good day, EB readers!  Thank you so much  for all your kind praises for Letters (6): From Sir Chief with Love!

This is a continuation of A JOURNEY TO LOVE AND FOREVER: Parts 7-8, my thoughts and analyses on Be Careful with My Heart TV show.




Happy reading!

Author: iamgarie


By iamgarie

*Excerpts from previous chapters:

Part 1: ABBY’S GRADUATION (Written: April 17, 2013)

Call it COINCIDENCE or FATE but I believe Abby’s graduation day was the perfect backdrop for Sir Chief’s profession of love. The little girl, after all, was instrumental in bringing Maya to Sir Chief’s life…

How Abby’s life has played out so far and what happened during her actual graduation day provide us with a parallelism of sorts…

Part 2: LET THE LOVE BEGIN (Written: April 27, 2013)

Maya starts her flight OJT and Richard takes her to and from the airport no matter how busy he gets…

Mid-week, Captain James Ventura returns and this unsettles both Richard and Maya… CJV’s presence, his probing comments and questions, as well as Emman’s uncalled-for-remarks, somehow heightened Maya and Richard’s resolve and need to be with and to assure each other. There is also Atty. Ryan who reminds Richard that because he and Maya have not properly labeled their relationship yet, he still has no right to stop her from seeing CJV…

Part 3: FINALLY FOUND SOMEONE (Written: May 1, 2013)

Richard: I love you!
Maya: I love you!

In stunned silence, they both put down the phone. Dazed. Confused. Bewildered. Surreality sets in. Richard and Maya simply couldn’t believe that they have finally spoken the words that have been in their hearts for the longest time. Still, they both have doubts…

Rafi and Kute give Richard and Maya the sense of perspective that they need so they can both come clean about the love they feel for each other…

Part 4: WHEN RICHARD FELL IN LOVE WITH MAYA (A Love Story Written In The Stars) (Written: May 5, 2013)

Richard did not realize it then, but he first fell in love with Maya under a starlit sky in the backyard of his own home. Together with the children, amid all the chatter and banter, Richard and Maya gazed at the stars.

Part 5: THE BALLAD OF NANAY TERESITA’S HEART (Written: May 7, 2013)

Nanay Teresita has nothing against Richard at all. I believe Richard already gained the respect and admiration of Nanay Teresita back in San Nicolas during New Year’s Eve, when they had that heart to heart talk about losing their respective partners and how they have been left to each take care of their children single-handedly, no matter how difficult. If there is anyone else who can completely understand how it feels to lose a life partner like Richard did, it’s Nanay Teresita…

Maya, your Nanay Teresita is hurting! She feels left out. She’s wondering… Her daughter is a picture of happiness, why won’t she just let her in?

Part 6: MAYA’S BONUS: SUPERMAN (Written: May 12, 2013)

Tomorrow, May 13, we will finally get to hear Maya speak the words (with certainty this time!) that have been in her heart for the longest time. At last! We all know she’s always loved him, but it’s not enough that we know. Maya has to let Richard know! He deserves to know.

Richard to Nanay Teresita: Aling Teresita, Maya changed my life. LOVING HER DIDN’T COME INSTANTLY. She made me fall for her gradually. Nakilala ko muna siya, kung sino siya, kung ano siya, kaya ko siya minahal.

Richard smiles at Maya, and she’s in a daze. He compliments her, and she’s “kilig”! He accidentally touches her hand, and she has butterflies in her stomach. He hugs her, and she is stupefied, her mouth agape…


But wait! Didn’t the Lim kids at least notice something? Nikki’s Dad picks up Kute and rides the MRT, so Nikki calls him a hero for saving the day… The pictures Nikki took of the pair after the graduation ceremony already speak volumes… All throughout the party, Richard and Maya could not take their eyes off each other…

And Mamang! There’s something about Richard and Maya… Forget about whatever silly and naughty thoughts you have of Richard! He’s your future grandson in law, for heaven’s sake!

Part 8: TRULY, MADLY, DEEPLY (Written: May 17, 2013)

Richard and his children visit Alex’s grave, and they are all smiles– a picture of happiness and immense joy. No longer are they crying. The children greet their mom a happy mothers’ day. They happily report to her all their scholastic accomplishments, as they playfully tease each other.

As he talks with Alex, Richard is a picture of a MAN IN LOVE…

The MAN IN LOVE cannot stop talking about the love of his life…

The MAN IN LOVE wants to surprise his lady love in her first ever flight as FA…


(Ang Love Story ng Mahal na Hari at ng Mahal na Prinsesa)
Written: early morning of May 21, 2013

Once upon a time, the Mahal na Hari and the Mahal na Prinsesa met, struck a deal, annoyed and tolerated each other, talked and then talked some more, built a strong friendship, and fell in love.

Their love story is NO fairy tale. It’s as real as real can be! Theirs is THE love story we all love, THE love story we all aspire to have.

Richard and Maya’s relationship thrived because of the countless conversations they have had. Be it at the principal’s office or at the veranda, in his car or inside Abby’s room, Richard and Maya always had something to talk about– everyday mundane things, their concerns, their fears, their happy thoughts, their dreams, and so on. Over cups of coffee, they would listen to each other, and then talk some more.

Theirs was a love that flourished because of constant togetherness. He was her teacher, best friend, confidant and savior. She was his teacher, best friend, confidant and savior. He is the reason for her many smiles. She is the reason why his smile came back. He gave her her dreams. She gave him his life back.

Even before they poured out their hearts to each other, we already knew… HE LOVES HER and SHE LOVES HIM… Theirs is THE love story we all wish to experience for ourselves.


It’s the Mahal na Prinsesa’s first day of work as flight attendant…

True to his words, the Mahal na Hari makes good on his promise.

You don’t need a special day to show someone you love them, Maya. When you love someone, everyday is an occasion for you to show them that mahal mo sila…

Because he has been the voice in her head for some time now, the Mahal na Prinsesa is rattled by his non-presence…

Totoo nga po yung sabi nila na nasa Diyos ang awa at nasa tao ang gawa. Sobra-sobra yung awa nyo, eh. Kaya ako naman gawa ng gawa. Thank you, Lord… Pero itong si Ser Chief walang ginagawa. Gising na ‘to, eh. (She then texts him, “Wish me luck.”)

Maya is both worried and annoyed. Unknown to the Mahal na Prinsesa, Richard is cooking up the grandest of surprises just for her. He’s joining her on her first flight.


The Mahal na Prinsesa is now in San Nicolas, with a one-hour layover, while the Mahal na Hari is hiding somewhere, excited to surprise the love of his life!

She is surprised by the Mahal na Hari’s presence.

Ba’t ka nandito? Diba nasa business trip ka?

The Mahal na Hari reveals his surprise.

No. Wala akong business trip. I want to surprise you. We were on the same flight. Eto yung seat number ko.

Maya is shocked.

Dapat di ka na pumunta dito.

Richard feels dejected and defeated.

I’m sorry. I thought you’d like it!

And the Mahal na Hari turns his back on the Mahal na Prinsesa.

She is annoyed and shocked. He feels dejected and defeated.


Communication is key, Richard and Maya! You need to TALK!!!

The Mahal na Hari and the Mahal na Prinsesa are now in the most romantic place in San Nicolas and an argument is brewing. They are both irritated. Clearly, they each have a case to argue about.

At this point, we are only certain about one thing: THEY ARE TRULY, MADLY, DEEPLY IN LOVE WITH EACH OTHER.

Richard wants to give his Mahal na Prinsesa TIME to think about what she told him on her graduation day and SURPRISE her at the same time. So he makes both his presence and his calls/texts scarce. He wants to give her the very best of everything– anything to make her happy! She is God’s most wonderful gift to him!

Maya wants her Mahal na Hari to be BY HER SIDE and to give her the ASSURANCES she needs. That’s all she needs. Just HIM. She does not need surprises nor grand gestures from Richard… Thanks to him, she is already living her dream. He is the best gift she could ever have!

Maya: Nung sinabi mo na mahal mo ko, gusto ko rin agad ibalik sa yo yun. Gusto ko ipagsigawan sa buong mundo na mahal din kita. Kaya lang, Ser Chief, hindi naman simple yung sitwasyon natin, eh.

Richard: Kaya nga kita binigyan ng time.

Maya: Hindi naman time yung kelangan ko, Ser Chief… IKAW! Kelangan ko na sabihin mo sa kin na everything will be okay. O di kaya, we’ll deal with it later. O yung kung ano yung sinasabi mo palagi pagninenerbyos ako.

Richard: Bakit ka ninenerbyos?

Maya: Ngayon lang ako nagmahal, eh…

Richard: Just say it, Maya!

Maya: Mahal kita.

Richard: I can’t hear you.


Richard: So, TAYO NA?

Maya: Eh di pa nga tayo tapos mag-usap, eh. Yayayain mo na ko umalis.

Richard: Maya, ibig kong sabihin. TAYO NA. TAYONG DALAWA. YOU AND ME. TAYO? TAYO NA, DIBA? TAYO NA, DIBA? Wala ng bawian yan.

Richard: Fine! Hindi na ko pikon.

Maya: Talaga?

Richard: Yes. Pero if you don’t answer my question, mapipikon ako!

Maya: Sige na nga. TAYO NA!

Richard: O, tara na!

Maya: Ser Chief naman, eh. Ang corny mo talaga.

They smile and finally, he envelopes her in a warm embrace, and whispers, “You almost ruined my surprise, you know that…” And we are never the same again, as we are totally affected by the beauty and the promise of that one embrace!


They’re OFFICIAL, at last!

Maya: Pero sandali lang, Ser Chief ha… Pero nung briefing namin wala naman sinabi na may VIP na sasakay. Eh diba VIP ka sa Time Airways?

Richard: I have my ways. Besides, Maya, I’m just a regular guy who wants to accompany his GIRLFRIEND on her first day of work.

FA: Good morning, Mr. Lim.

Richard: Good morning. (Then he whispers something to Maya.)

FA: (Dumbfounded…)

Maya: (Smiles…) BOYFRIEND ko.

And the Mahal na Hari and Mahal na Prinsesa lived happily ever after…

Well, not quite, my friends! Think again!

Now that they are in a relationship, I’m sure Richard and Maya will always take time to talk and thresh out whatever concerns they have. A good talk always works wonders for any kind of relationship.

Richard and Maya’s love story is NO fairy tale, even if some may think it is. It’s far from being a fairy tale. IT’S REAL! They have to continuously work hard to keep their love and relationship going! They still have issues to address and concerns to surmount.

Yes, I am excited about their TAYO NA status, but I’m even more excited about what’s YET TO COME…

1. The kids have to know soon. How do they tell them? And once they do know, I am excited at the chance to be a firsthand witness of how Maya’s bond with all three kids will grow stronger.

2. What will DorBel and Joma’s reactions be? What will Lisa tell Maya when they finally see each other? (I even want Fred to come back. He’s had a soft spot for Maya from the beginning. I’m sure he’ll be thrilled to know that Richard has fallen for the charms of Maya…) And there’s Ryan. I’m excited to have Maya meet him, too!

3. How will they address each other now that they’re finally in a relationship? Babe just won’t work. Mahal na lang, please.

4.It’s Maya’s first ever relationship. What will she be like? Even Kute is clueless about this matter.

5.Just how sweet a boyfriend can Richard be? He’s such a sweet Dad, a sweet friend. Even kay Manang Fe, sweet sha.

6. Will their relationship continue to thrive even with their busy schedules? How will they handle issues about jealousy and the like? How will they sort out differences in opinion brought about their age gap and their life experiences?

7. What SURPRISES does Richard have in store for his lady love? How often will they go out on dates? What gifts will he shower her with? What trips will they take?

8. If someone belittles Maya for her past, how will Richard handle it?

9. With the new hangar in Clark opening soon, will Maya attend the occasion as his date? I’m excited for her. Siguradong very proud boyfriend si Richard.

10. And when will he finally pop the question? And when he finally does, how would our FA respond? And when they’re finally married…

The list could go on and on…

Richard and Maya’s love story is no fairy tale… Theirs is THE love story every one aspires to have and to experience. It’s far from perfect. Their happy ending can only be guaranteed if they promise to always work hard to make the relationship work. They also need to talk, to trust, to forgive, to be loyal… After all, love is not just about romantic feelings. Love is both a commitment and a decision, as well. Richard knows that, and in time Maya will understand that.

Let’s worry about their other issues in the days to come.

Today, we only want one issue settled : the KISS!

Richard, it’s time to kiss your lady love! Kiss her with all the passion that you can muster! Make her feel that everything will be all right. Assure her of your love and devotion! Kiss her!

… (Wishful thinking…) And the Mahal na Hari kissed the Mahal na Prinsesa with all the love and longing he felt. Then they talked and laughed and smiled, and then they kissed some more. Yay!


Part 10: WHAT’S IN A NAME?
Biko, Buko, Chiko… Haay naku, Maya!
Written: May 22, 2013

CHIKO, SERIOUSLY?!? Eew! Okay, okay, Maya, CHIKO may grow on trees, BUT, it will never EVER grow on us!!!

I have a feeling that the writers are really trying to elicit vehement reactions from the viewers by introducing this UGLY, SMELLY, CRINGE-WORTHY term!!! Magaling din pala ang writers mang-inis! Talagang wagas ang pagka-inis natin lahat! Haha!

As for SC’s “You’re the boss” quip naman when Maya insisted on calling him Chiko, feeling ko the writers want us to get a feel of how much he truly loves his girl! Kahit i-reduce sha to a fruit that not so many people like, okay lang sa kanya kasi sobrang love nya si Maya! I’m reminded of his line, “Anything to make you happy!” Si Maya na talaga si Rapunzel! Haha!

Pero please, Ser Chief, pagbigyan mo lang siya sandali ha… Natatakot na kami for you. We are afraid that your credibility will go down the drain because of this. Haha! Baka maging laughingstock ka sa LAS pag nalaman nina Lisa, ng engineers at ng staff mo na ikaw na si Chiko! Siguradong alaskado ka din kay Brod Ryan mo! Kahit sa Lim household, natatakot ako how DorBel will make fun of you, Ser Chief!

BIKO, BUKO, CHIKO… Eew talaga!

Haay, Maya! Akala namin medyo sophisticated ka na after your training as FA, di pa rin pala! FA ka na, Ms. Dela Rosa! Think like one! Don’t let Eds or the other FA’s hear you call Ser Chief, Chiko ha… Eew talaga! Even Kute didn’t want to hear any of the terms you were coining. Now, we understand why! Masama talaga sha sa pandinig… Don’t ever show us your list! Get help from Emman, maybe he can help you coin some cute terms of endearment…

Emman: Oh my pink gosh, Maya?!? Ano ka ba? Chiko ang tawag mo kay Ser Chief mo? Ano ka ba naman, girl!!! Baka next week pag nahimasmasan na yun, bigla kang i-break nun! Oh my pink walls, you are so kaka talaga, Maya! Ka-level lang ng Chiko ang champorado at tuyo na favorite mo… Naku, naku!!!

Hopefully, I think this is where the kids will eventually come in– to rescue their Daddy Singkit from embarrassment. By early next week, I am hoping that Maya and Richard will finally tell the kids about their relationship. Sana talaga the kids will accept Maya as the woman their Dad loves… I am also hoping for another scenario to play out after that– to finally put to rest one of the ugliest terms of endearment Maya can think of…

At the dinner table with Ser Chief and Maya, the kids will probably offer suggestions or tell Maya to stop calling their Dad Chiko cos it doesn’t suit him at all–

Luke: Ate Maya, seryoso ka ba talaga sa tawag mo kay Daddy? Tawag mo sa kanya, Chiko? Ate Maya naman…

Maya: Oo, Luke, seryoso ako…

Nikki: Oh My Gee, Ate Maya, don’t get offended ha… pero that’s so like kadiri kaya! If you want, I can help you come up with a list, then let’s have daddy vote on it.

Maya: Ganun ba? Sige, gawa tayo ng listahan mamaya, Nikki.

Abby: Chiko? You’re so funny, Ate Maya! Can’t you and Daddy just call each other MAHAL? Diba po dun sa bedtime story, kayo ni Daddy ung Mahal na Hari and Mahal na Prinsesa? Just call each other MAHAL na lang. Diba po you really love each other naman talaga?

Maya: Ay, baby, gusto ko yan! Mahal… (Smiles at Richard…)

Richard: (Smiles at Maya…)Abby’s the boss, Mahal! So, okay na, Mahal?

Maya: Oo naman, MAHAL!

Ayiiii! Pwede bang mangyari ang ganitong scene pretty, pretty soon… Paging BCWMH writers…

I have not gotten over how cute Ser Chief looked when Maya pinched his cheeks in yesterday’s episode. I’m pretty sure Maya will be doing more of that in the days to come. Later na nga lang, she will be channeling her inner Mamang. Talagang sisinghutin nya si Richard! If more and more of those scenes would happen, baka wala na kong ibang gawin but replay the scenes over and over again. Sana lang di ko marinig yung salitang Chiko when Maya does those! Magiging sobrang panira yun ng moment!!!

Forget biko, buko, chiko, Maya… MAHAL is our best bet!!!


Next on A Journey to Love and Forever:

Part 11: FOREVERMORE, SER CHIEF ❤    (Written: May 24, 2013)

Maya’s other fairy tale comes true, and she is once again in disbelief.

Her long time crush, the guy she fell in love with at first sight, her former boss, her long time friend and confidant, is now her BOYFRIEND. This time around, it is not her cheek she pinches, but his. He is her dream come true…

For Maya, it will always be the Lim kids’ happiness first before hers…     (Written: May 26, 2013)

Richard walks back in to the dining area, and we see him smile. Watching Maya regale his children at the dinner table with stories of her adventures as FA, we find Richard transfixed in place, utterly mesmerized by his girlfriend. We find him transported back to a not so distant past with recollections of bonding moments with Maya and the kids at the dinner table. He now recognizes with pride how Maya has tranformed the once quiet and tense mealtimes with his kids to happy, enjoyable ones– where stories abound, where love and laughter are shared, and where teasing and bantering between Luke and Nikki are aplenty…


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  4. i accidentally read one of your articles2 weeks ago and i really enjoyed them. i am trying to catch up to read as many as i can whenever i’m free. i admire you and i think pareho ang takbo ng isip mo at writers ng bcwmh. i am now ur fan. congrats!

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