First Love, Last Love – part 21

This is a continuation to First Love, Last Love – part 20

Author: Hanah6181

A/N: Thank you for all those who gave comments and encouragements as I wrote this story. This story is nearing its end. You were all inspiring. This is my first story that made it to EB. Kung baga sa film maker, feeling ko hindi na ako indie, mainstream na ako! Maraming salamat po.


Chapter 21

It felt like his heart was being torn to pieces as Richard watched James and Maya leave the restaurant. “They looked good together, but she doesn’t belong to him, she is mine.” He said to himself. He’s been watching them for some time now and has observed the occasional hand touching as they talked. Even, as they left the restaurant, he saw James’s hand on her waist as he ushered her out of the restaurant. The green-eyed monster was taking over Richard’s body.

“Richard… I think we have to go now.” Gie’s voice distracted his attention.

“I’m sorry Gie. I wasn’t a good company tonight.” He said apologetically. He barely spoke to her over dinner and he wasn’t proud of that behavior.

“It’s fine Richard. I think you need to address your issues with someone. It’s hard to work when there is an issue hanging around. You better talk to her.” Gie sensed what was going between Richard and Maya.

“Thanks for the advise, Gie. You’ve always been sensible when it comes to this kind of situation.” Richard replied.

After saying their goodbyes, Richard stayed around Eastwood area thinking about Maya. Seeing her with James was really upsetting him. He went to a nearby bar to have a drink to calm himself but he was wrong. After two drinks, he felt more upset. Maya’s place was just a walking distance from where he was.

He sent her a message. “Where are you.”
Seconds later, there was a response from her. “At home”

“Are you still with James?”

He waited a few minutes for her to respond. There was none. His imagination ran wild, the worst scenario was Maya in the arms of James. It felt like his chest was going to burst from jealousy. He hurriedly paid his bill and half-run going to her condo unit.


Moments after Richard rang the door bell, Maya in her pajamas opened the door. The door chain was still connected so the door was only a few inches open. She was surprised to find him at standing outside.

“Huh, Why are you here Richard. Gabi na, ah.” She asked. Her heart was thumping just by seeing him.

“We need to talk. Is someone with you?” He asked afraid of mentioning the name of James and hearing her say yes.

“No. Ako lang dito.”

“So, are you not going to let me in? or we will just talk like this?” His brows raised.

“Eh, lasing ka ba?” She smelled alcohol from him.

“No, I just had two shots after dinner. So, are you going to let me in Maya?” He asked again. This time he was looking at her intently.

She removed the door chain. As she let him in, she said “ So, what is it that we need to talk about now that can’t wait ‘til tomorrow, Richard?”

“This!” He pulled her to him and encircled his arms around her body. “For two long days, Maya I’ve been patiently waiting for this.” He kissed her with passion.

She resisted and tried to move away from him. Her thoughts were running wild. This is one of those occasions that she might end up being embarrassed again.

“Ano ba Richard, lasing ka nga!” Her tone an octave higher.

“I said I am not and it doesn’t matter actually. I know what I am doing. Stop talking.” He cupped her face with his hands to keep her face still.

He pinned her on the wall and kissed her again. The pressure of his lips on hers was harder this time. As he was kissing her, her treacherous lips started to kiss him back. When she responded, his kiss then became tender but still breathtaking. Maya’s knees trembled and almost gave way if not for Richard’s body pinning her and his tight embrace. As if it was a sign for him to make the next move, he lifted her still raining kisses on her.

Then he paused and asked huskily, “Where is your room?”

She gave a nervous smile as she pointed the direction to her room. When they entered the room, it had a warm tone coming from the dim light of her lampshade which was a perfect setting to what was going to happen next.

Richard woke up and found Maya cuddled in his arms. She was laying on her left side facing him while her right arm was around his waist. He gazed at the beautiful woman sleeping beside him who was so generous in their lovemaking the previous night. The most special thing that happened was their recognition of their love for each other.

She was still asleep but his heart was full of love for her. He lightly kissed her forehead, then the tip of her nose, then her lips and said. “I love you Maya. I love you very much.”

Her lips quivered, several drops of tears fell from the corner of her left eye. She’s been awake for sometime but didn’t want to open her eyes afraid that the previous night was just a dream. She felt Richard’s uneven breathing and then the kisses.

When Richard saw the teardrops, he wiped them with his thumb.

“You’re awake. Don’t cry. I just said I love you.”

She opened her eyes and saw the tenderness and love in his eyes. Her tears now openly flowing.

“I love you too Richard.” She kissed him earnestly.

“I’m sorry if I hurt you last night, Maya.”

“No, you didn’t. I love you.” She gave him another kiss. Then said, “Ay! Umaga na pala. Let’s go the office. I have meetings today.” She was about to get out of the bed when Richard pulled her back.

Using his full body, he pinned her on the bed and said “Cancel all the meetings. I’d rather stay in this bed with you. Hindi ba mag-uusap pa tayo?”

“Naku, lagi naman tayong nag-uusap. Ano pa ba ang dapat pang pag-usapan? Everytime naman that you say that laging may nangyayari so na po-postpone…” She wasn’t able to finish her sentence.

“Okay! Straight to the point na lang, I wanted to talk about us, as in us together. Tayo na, tayo na diba?” He was looking in her eyes searching for her confirmation.

“Eh, ikaw ano sa palagay mo?” Was her her short response.

“Tayo na nga!” He affirmed loudly and kissed her again.

“Hmmm, Richard, may office tayo, today.”

“I said cancel all the meetings.” He was nuzzling her neck.

“Richard, hindi lang naman ako ang may mga meetings, ikaw din.”

“Maya, I don’t care. If you don’t want to cancel, fine. I will do it myself.” He got out of the bed and searched for his pants that was haphazardly thrown last night. He took the phone on its pocket and dialed the number of their administrative assistant.

“Hi Chris… good morning too… could you please cancel all my meetings for today? … yes and please cancel Maya’s schedules too.. Ah, we are going to attend some other important matters. Ok. Bye.”

He returned to bed and back to Maya who was shaking her head with disapproval.

He then inquired, “do you have anything for breakfast? I’m already famished. Naubos ang lakas ko kagabi.” He was chuckling while kissing her neck, nuzzling gently.

“Hmmm, I think there is something in the kitchen but we have to cook. I don’t usually store food kasi mag-isa lang naman ako.”

“Buti naman, at least I know no one’s staying or sleeping here with you.”

“Bakit sa palagay mo meron ba?” A hint of naughtiness in her question.

“Wala nga.” After last night, he knew the answer to that. He embraced her and started to kiss her again.

“Richard, breakfast di, ba? Punta ka na sa kitchen, mag CR lang ako.” She pushed gently him away from her.

“Okay. I’ll go ahead in the kitchen and see if there is something to eat there.”

On his way to the kitchen, the main door opened and came in Emman.

“Bes… Bes… bakit hindi naka lock …” He wasn’t able to finish his sentence as he saw Richard going out of Maya’s room while putting on his undershirt. Richard turned around when he heard Emman’s voice. They stared at each other. They remained frozen for a while as both of them were both surprised.

“Richard… anong gusto mong….” Maya was coming out of the room and she saw Richard and Emman standing just outside her room.

Shocked by seeing Emman, she exclaimed “Ayyyyyy.” She felt crimson color arising from her foot to her head. As she exclaimed, Emman has found his voice.

“Maya.. si Richard dito sa house mo?” His eyes growing bigger with the discovery. “Oh my pink universe!! Kayo na?” He excitedly proclaimed. “Kailangan nating mag-celebrate. How do we celebrate? Mag luluto ba tayo or mag-oorder na lang. Am so excited. This is very good news.” Emman was almost jumping with joy.

It was Richard’s turn to speak. “Ahh, Emman, could you relax please? Na-tetens’yon akso sa inyong dalawa ni Maya.”

“Hay, sorry. Excited lang. Tara na Bes, mag-prepare na lang tayo ng breakfast. Magkwento ka, ha.” Emman pulled Maya to the kitchen while Richard watched the two shaking his head.


Over breakfast, Maya discovered the secret that Richard and Emman has kept from her for sometime.

“Emman, by the way, I’d like to thank you again for bringing Maya and I together.”

“Wala ‘yon. Gusto ko lang makatulong. Hi,hi,hi.” Emman still very ecstatic over the turn of events for the two people in the table.

“Hoy kayo ha, ano ‘yang pina-uusapan n’yo.” She was very curious.

“Bes, remember the first time you met Richard sa Conway’s? I told you won’t be bored?” Emman started sharing.

“He sent me a note saying “please accompany my friend, she just lost her first love.” Richard continued the story.

“Ano? Grabe ka naman Emman, nakakahiya. Parang nabenta naman ako noon.”

“Eh kung hindi ko ginawa ‘yon, mag-memeet ba kayo?”

“Yes, we will eventually meet because she was hired by my company. But that Conway incident gave us a very interesting first meeting.” He looked at her with a lot of meaning in his eyes.

“Uyyyy, alam ko yan. May nangyari ano?” Emman probed as Maya blushed. “Sabi ko na nga ba eh, nawala ka nung gabi. Akala ko lang umuwi ka. Hmmmp! Hindi ka man lang nagkwento.”

“Emman, wala s’yang ikukuwento kasi walang nangyari, okay?” Richard saved Maya from further probing from her friend.

“Wala? Eh bakit nagbu-blush s’ya?”

Richard and Maya responded together, “Eh, kasi nga, walang nangyari.” They laughed at the same time.

Maya has found out the complete message written in Emman’s note to Richard that night and it said:

“My friend has just lost her first love. You may want to accompany her and be her last love.”


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  1. Nakakainlove naman your story. Kaloka may nangyari na sa kanila saka pa lng nag tanong Kung sila na. Hehehe

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