First Love, Last Love – part 22

This is a continuation to First Love, Last Love – part 21

Author: Hanah6181

Chapter 22

It was a beautiful day for Maya. When she woke up, she felt light and exciting looking forward to seeing Richard at the office.
Maya picked up the phone and called her assistant.

“Hi Chris, dumating na ba si Richard? I need to review something with him.” Other than having him sign some papers, she just wanted to see his handsome face that morning.

“Yes, Maya. Magkasunod lang kayong dumating. Kaya lang, he’s already with Ms. Stephanie.”

“Ano?” She sounded surprised. “ Ang aga naman ng meeting nila? Anu bang pinag-uusapan nila at napapadalas yata ‘yang babaeng ‘yan dito?” Maya’s was obviously pissed off that she wasn’t able to hold back what she was thinking.

“Ehh… Hindi ko rin alam Maya.” The poor assistant didn’t know what to say.

“Anyway, thank you. I’ll just go over there.” Maya placed down the phone receiver and got ready to go to Richard’s office.

It was good that she took extra care to choose her dress for the day. Being officially in a relationship with him, she was very inspired to dress-up and make herself pretty for Richard. She chose a mini-dress that compliments her figure without appearing indecent. She noticed that the neckline was lower than normal, which she knew Richard doesn’t agree to for an office attire. But, she can always put a pin if he disapproves again, she thought.

Maya didn’t expect that Stephanie will be at their office again. She has been frequenting their office a lot lately so Maya was wondering what is it they were working on. The incident with her the other day is still fresh in Maya’s memory and now that she is officially with Richard, she feels she has the right to know exactly what’s going on with the two.

After knocking, Maya opened the door. She saw both Richard and Stephanie looked up as she entered his office. There were smiles on their face. Richard was on his chair while Stephanie was beside him looking on to his computer. It looked like they were seeing something that they were happy about as they were both laughing.

“Hi Maya” Richard greeted her. “Hmm, she looks very pretty. Love becomes her.” He thought.

Stephanie moved away from Richard walking towards the sofa, at the visitor’s area. As she did, she glanced at Maya with disdain in her eyes. Maya had the same feeling for her. She noticed that while she sat there, she had the intention of observing them.

“Richard, may for review ka sana. I brought it here myself.” Maya walked towards him, swaying her hips emphasizing her slim figure. He eyebrows raised as he watched her in amusement.

She placed the folders in front of his table, opened one of the folders and bent a little bit to point out the item she wants reviewed. By doing so, her neckline opened a bit thus showing her cleavage. Richard noticed this and said,

“Maya..” There was a warning in his tone as he looked at her chest and then her face.

“What?” She feigned innocence.

“Get a pin. You know what I mean.” He then turned his attention to Stephanie. He was affected by having her so close and that cleavage peeking from her blouse, so he needed a distraction.

“Steph, what time did Ryan say he is coming over?”

She looked at her watch and said, “He should be here any moment now.”

“Okay, then, maybe we can have coffee first while waiting for him.”He smiled at Stephanie. He picked up the phone and called-up Chris. “Hi Chris, can you bring in two coffee, please.”

“Sir, paki-sabi na rin, ipasok yung dala kong cookies so you can all try it.” Maya interjected but her facial expression belied her intention. She was beginning to get upset with Richard. “Why does he have to smile at Stephanie like that?” she thought. Then doubt creeped in, “Why is he not showing any signs that we are already in a relationship. Looks like this guy is playing safe.” As her mind was clouded with jealousy, she decided to do something.

“Ricardo, sandali lang, ha, may dagdag pala akong for signature.” Maya immediately got out of the room to get another folder. A few minutes later, she came back and handed him a document.

“Maya, I don’t think I have enough time to thoroughly read this. I’ll give this back to you after lunch, is it okay?”

“Okay lang. Please read it carefully, although I know you’ve been insistent about it.” She left in huff.

Richard watched her as she left the room, suddenly getting curious why she wanted the document reviewed. He started reading it and realized what she meant. An excerpt of the material read like this.

Policy: Conflict of Interest
Rationale: Employees should ensure that personal activities….do not conflict with his/her responsibilities …. conflict of interest must be avoided.
1) A supervisor should refrain from engaging in a romantic relationship with a reporting employee.(refer to PM)
2) It is discouraged to engage in a romantic relationship with close associates or consultants.

After reading the whole policy, Richard stood up and excused himself from Stephanie. It was at that time that Ryan also came into the room. So, he let him proceed with the meeting with Stephanie saying he has an urgent matter to settle.

He went straight to Maya’s room without even knocking and locked it.

“So, Ms. Dela Rosa, do you expect me to sign this?” He was standing by the door, one hand waving the folder while his other hand on his hip. His eyes brows raised and he couldn’t decide whether he would be upset with her or laugh at her. Definitely, he knew something was bothering Maya.

Maya stayed on her chair, appearing undisturbed by his question. “Yes, ‘di ba matagal mo ng pinapagawa sa akin ‘yan? So, ayan na, tapos na po.”

“I can see that it’s complete and I like the wordings. But, don’t you think it’s no longer appropriate to issue this out?” He walked toward her table.

“Well, I just wanted to let you know that I have completed that policy and now it’s in your hand to get it released. Why are you hesitating, is it the item #1 or item #2 provision that you didn’t like?” As she said it, she emphasized item number 2.

It was only then that Richard realized that Maya could be jealous. She actually didn’t want the policy issued but was indirectly warning him. He smiled with this realization and walked towards her.

He reached out for her, pulled her towards him such that they were now standing face-to-face with very little distance from each other. “So, Maya, tell me the truth. Do you really want this policy issued?”

“No” She looked at him intently, smiling.

“Huh, sabi ko na. I think I know why you pulled this out. Nagseselos ka ano?”

“Hindi, ah.” She denied but she couldn’t look at him straight in the eyes.

“Hindi, eh it’s very obvious.” He embraced her. “Honey, please don’t be jealous. You have no reason to be jealous.”

Her skipped several beats when he called her honey. And with that term of endearment and his killer lopsided smile, all her doubts went out of the window. She kissed him on the lips.

“Okay, pero bakit laging nandidito ‘yang consultant na’yan.” Referring to Stephanie.

“May deal for new equipments that she is brokering for us. So, she comes over here a lot of times especially recently because Ryan is busy with another project.” He patiently explained.

“Ah ganoon ba? Okay. Akala ko kasi… alam mo na. Alam ko kayong dalawa kasi and you’ve never confirmed to me that you have broken up with her. The other day, I saw you two embracing.” Now, her worry was out in the open.

“Maya, we were never officially together. We dated, yes but that didn’t progress emotionally for me. The day you saw us in my office, I was just consoling her. She was upset and cried when I told her that I am seeing someone that I’m in-love with.”

“Huuu, remember I saw you sa Sofitel. Di ba, you slept in the hotel with her, O ‘wag mag-deny baka makarma ka.”

“Yes, I admit. I slept in the same room with her but nothing happened that night. I was drunk that I fell asleep. Besides, I had no interest in her. I’ve never been with another woman since I met you.”

“Huuu, denying…I saw you kissing her at Sofitel. Andoon kaya ako sa my lounge when the two of you were kissing.” It was like a flood-gate that opened, she kept on talking about what she has witnessed in the past. Richard kept on defending himself.

“Hon, correction, she was the one who kissed me. Can we stop this discussion? It’s in the past.” After saying that he kissed her hungrily that she almost lost her breath.

When he stopped, he quipped. “Hmmm, so selosa ka pala.”

“Eh, konti lang. So mag-ingat ka, masama ako magalit.” She finally admitted and warned him. Then she asked “Eh, ikaw?”

“Of course not.” It was his turn to deny.


12 thoughts on “First Love, Last Love – part 22

  1. Hi Ms. Hannah! I just started reading your fanfic entitled ‘First Love. Last Love’ last Tuesday but I could only find part 1.. I tried looking for parts 2-11 (maybe) but I couldn’t find them.. I’m very interested to read this so could you help me find those missing parts? I hope you could help me sooner.. Thanks^^,

    • Hi, did you find the parts 2 -11? I tried searching within EB using Hanah6181 I found all the parts you were looking for. Sorry, I have no other short way to guide you.

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