Letters (7): From Liza with Love

A/N: I still haven’t gotten over the hangar launch and Liza’s scene at the hotel room with Maya. Teary-eyed Liza was a picture of one happy friend amazed with the ever beautiful Maya! Allow me to let you in on her thoughts. Enjoy!

 I would love to hear your thoughts about this letter, too!

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 Happy reading everyone!

 Author: iamgarie



By iamgarie

Dearest Maya,

It’s been two days since the hangar launch, and here am I completely awe-struck as I devour a newspaper section about the party the other night. Have you seen today’s newspaper yet? You and Sir Richard are truly picture perfect! The aviation industry’s most eligible bachelor has finally found himself a woman to match his wit, his darn good looks, and his charm!

I am just so happy for you and Sir, Maya! You were both a sight to behold! As everyone watched you with wonder, Atty Ryan and I watched the both of you with happiness and pride. (Together with Sir Fred then, I have always been your and Sir Richard’s no. 1 fan. Atty Ryan comes in a close second! Fan na kami ng loveteam ninyo ni Sir ha…) I have never seen Sir Richard so happy, so fulfilled, so in love. Your beautiful purple dress matched Sir’s gray suit perfectly. You were indeed THE power couple of Lim Aviation Services that night!

I am just so proud of you! You have always been beautiful, but last night, you were exquisite, Maya, as you carried yourself with so much poise and grace! I was teary-eyed, as I have been one among the few who has seen you evolve from a beautiful innocent unassuming lass to a beautiful woman who has attained her dreams through sheer hardwork, dedication and perseverance. Even the mean girls who wanted to intrigue you that night were left speechless and way too jealous. All they could do was watch you walk hand in hand with everyone’s dream man, whose chinito eyes and attention were exclusively yours for the night! Lucky, lucky you! Lucky, lucky, Sir, too!

I still cannot get over how you easily convinced Sir not to drive back to Manila that night and have Mang Lem drive for the both of you, instead. Finally, Sir has someone to take care of him na din. Maya, kinilig ako sa “You’re the boss” quip niya sa yo! Haha! My boss has finally found his boss for life. I now look forward to the day when you officially become the first lady of LAS. Sana malapit na. (wink*wink*)

Long after you and Sir Richard have left the launch, I overheard the big names in the aviation industry still marveling at how perfect and how lucky you were to have found each other. Everyone enjoyed your great sense of humor, Maya!  Even the big boss of Time Airways, Mr. Jaime Ventura, kept telling everyone how lucky his airline is to have such a beautiful, charming and very smart flight attendant like you. Everyone loves you, Maya!

This letter may come as a surprise for you, Maya, but I have always intended to write you a letter ever since Sir Richard started sending you all those “weird” gifts months ago. To say I got both curious and excited at the same time, is an understatement! I just didn’t know what to think anymore. I knew with certainty that he was already starting to woo you with those gifts, but I was kinda worried whether you did have a sense about what he was clearly up to. After all, a champorado package and a book strap hardly shout “romantic”, diba? (I also remember him asking me to buy a bottle of pepper spray that same week, and although he did not ask me to have Mang Lem deliver that in your condo, I knew it was meant for you, too. Tama ba ako, Maya?) Thank God, Sir finally had the courage to send you a bouquet of flowers days after he sent the book strap. The night (to be honest, it was almost midnight!) before he had me book a pair of tickets for a cruise, he called me and instructed me in no uncertain terms to have a bouquet of flowers delivered to your condo in the morning.

Come to think of it, Maya, Sir has lost all concept of time barely a few months after you came into his life. (He calls me anytime he feels like calling and wants something done or bought for you! Please do not misconstrue this as a complaint ha. I just want to stress how important you have become in his life!) Sir Richard may have wooed you only after you left the mansion, but I believe he has has been in awe and I daresay, in love with you, for the longest time. He even enjoys surprising you back then. Remember your beautiful pair of nude colored high-heeled shoes for the Summit? Sir even asked me to join him and Abby to help them buy a dress and a pair of shoes for you. Guess what? Father and daughter didn’t even need my help at all. Abby chose the navy blue dress for you. And Sir chose the shoes he bought for you himself!

Tell me, Maya. Why was Sir so adamant about going to San Nicolas with the kids after Christmas last year? You have been away from the mansion a few days pa lang and mukhang miss na miss ka na niya. Grabe, Maya, if you only knew how it was for me that time. The pasta I was cooking that night for my boyfriend ended in the trash bin. Ang kulit kulit ni Sir! Hindi niya talaga ako tinigilan until I was able to book tickets for him and his kids! My boyfriend and I ended up ordering take-out, instead! Si Sir talaga basta tungkol sa yo, ibang klase! You owe me, Maya! Haha.

Barely a couple of months after you came, his demeanor changed. Gone was the angry, lonely man, whom everyone feared. He has suddenly been replaced by a boss who has relearned how to smile and laugh, how to listen, and how to be open for dialogue and even compromise. Sir has also learned to relax and to leave the company to me for days on end to attend to what I have often referred to as “Maya matters”. Again, I am not complaining. Sir Richard has lived and breathed only LAS for the longest time that seeing him finally excited about life, has been a life changing experience for me na rin.

Guess what? The day you had that scheduled date on a cruise ship, Engr. Yamaguchi committed a major booboo which may have caused us to lose one of our most valued clients in the company. Knowing the gravity of his error, Engr. Yamaguchi knew that his epic mistake may cause him a suspension. You can just imagine how surprised we all were when Sir Richard coolly accepted Engr. Yamaguchi’s apology and simply reminded him to be more careful next time. Yamaguchi and his men left Sir Richard’s office unscathed and sans a suspension. Nothing can irk Sir Richard that day. That’s all thanks to you, Maya! You were everyone’s saving grace that day!

I can still remember that fateful day back in July last year when I lost Abby at the airport. I feared for my life then. I couldn’t even imagine til now how I would have survived Sir Richard’s wrath had Abby not been found then. Thank you, Maya, not only for finding her, but also for saving her from possible danger. Thanks for being my saviour, Maya! I don’t know what Sir would have done to me if I had really lost Abby then.

I can still remember how Sir treated you that day. He was mean to you and even wanted you reported to the proper authorities. Even if Sir Fred tried to convince him that you were just clearly helping out Abby, he still wanted to see you brought to jail for kidnapping Abby. All I could do now is smile and marvel at how the Lim household (me included) has been smitten by your charm. You have worked wonders for Abby. You and Sir have indeed come a long way. I am so happy for the both of you! Really!

Now I understand why I have been protecting Sir from all those women who have all tried to no avail to get Sir to notice them. It’s because none of them is right for him. Ikaw lang talaga ang bagay kay Sir kasi.

Maya, I am very happy to have witnessed your mutual admiration and respect for each other grow into love. (Yes, I have always known that you love and admire Sir, too. And well, Sir, has always been so proud of you. He loves talking about you all the time– like how you were doing great in school..in your on the job training…and in the Time Airways Training School. He has always been so proud of youu, Maya!). Sans a party organizer, you single-handedly gave Abby a 7th birthday party to remember. Remember that day Sir requested me to report to the mansion for work? We have been out of town for days because of the problem with Sir Fred, and because he missed the kids (and you, I guess!?!) he instructed me to go to the mansion for work. Naku, Maya, I can still clearly remember how he refused my offer to make him coffee. He’ll just wait for you daw. Haha! At ikaw naman, the moment you arrived from school and found out he wanted coffee, ayun na. You were so giddy with excitement and made coffee for him. Don’t ever think I didn’t notice how you tensed up (jealous, Maya?) when you heard how I had been trying my best to ward off all those women trying to come on to him!. Perhaps, I have been secretly rooting for you as the woman who truly deserves Sir’s love for the longest time…

Believe me, Maya. Sir has been in love with you for the longest time. He wants you around him all the time. Remember the Summit when he wanted you to sit beside him? I readily offered my seat and sat with Captain Ventura instead so Sir could have you sit beside him. Remember how you needed to familiarize yourself wih aircrafts? Busy as he was with all the planes needing maintenance repair that week you needed his help, he still took time to take you to the hangar and help you learn everything there was to learn about aircrafts! And remember when he had you come to the office to help him interview nannies? Your thoughts and opinions simply mattered to him! That was a clear indication of just how important you have become in his life. Guess what? Most of the nanny applicants thought you were Sir’s wife. Haha. And I didn’t even want to correct them na. Haha!

Sir loves you! Don’t ever for a single second doubt that, ha! The day after you graduated from training school, Sir was truly a picture of a man in love! He couldn’t stop talking to me about you and how he made sure your sister arrive at the ceremony just in time to pin your wings! Maya, the CEO of LAS even rode the MRT for you! He was simply so happy to have made you so happy!

I feel like such a proud momma! It’s true, Maya! I really wanted to cry during the hangar launch as I saw you in that purple dress. You didn’t even need my help with hair and make-up at all. You carried yourself so well that night!

And I am just so proud to have seen you accomplish your dream to become an FA. You are brilliant, Maya! Bagay talaga kayo ni Sir! I will always be your staunch supporter.

Let me end this na muna. Next time naman, I hope we can go out for coffee and bond, ha!

Keep smiling, Maya! Take care always.



(Written: July 13, 2013)




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