Second – part 6

Admin Note: *Contributed Story* Please give credit and thanks to Kateydreamer. This is a continuation to Second- part 5.

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Author: Kateydreamer





“But I guess, I have to let you go. I don’t want Maya to feel that she
isn’t loved. She deserve all the love in the world, forgive me. Don’t
worry I will never forget you. I am so thankful that I met you and you
are still part of me. Good-bye Alex, I love you.”

His eyebrows furrowed as he types another message for her in his
laptop. He haven’t heard anything from her! He thought she wanted some
time for herself but 3 days without her answering his phone calls?
That is unacceptable. Dang! How he misses her.

A ring from his phone was heard. He hurriedly answered the phone
without even looking who it was.

“Hello?” His lips crept up for a smile as he waited for the reply on
the other line.


Chapter 6

The temperature inside the convenience store near her hotel is cold
enough for her to shiver, she waited for her cup of noodles to cool
down as she contemplated on her action 3 days ago. Was her leaving him
without saying a word was the right thing to do? Was it just because
she was so confused and mad as well that she chose to have a break and
leave him? She was so sure that what she did was right before, until
she saw his e-mails which made her guilty and made her miss him much
more. Then those things that hurts her, her issues about their
relationship once again came rushing in her head.

Her stomach growling, she winced those troubling thoughts and took the
chopsticks and started eating instead.

“Hello?” His lips crept up for a smile as he waited for the reply on
the other line.

Her, hearing Richard’s tone was happy to know that her boss was having
a good day. “Ah, Sir Richard…”

“Liza?” Disappointment was written on his face and can be heard in his
voice as he put his phone away from his ear to check his screen to
make sure that it was really his secretary. He was expecting someone
else. He sighed in frustration.

“Ah- Opo sir.” Liza was also confused of his boss’ sudden change of
tone, he seemed disappointed.

“Why did you called?” He asked as he gain back his composure.

“Ah Sir, you have to go to Japan sa makalawa. Our possible client
wanted to discuss something.”

“Discuss what? Do I really have to go there?”

“Yes sir. You really have to. Very important client po ito.”

He paused. Sure thing, he needed also a break. He needed this in order
for him to lessen his worries about Maya.

“Fine. Just book me a flight. Thanks Liza.” Then he hung up the phone.
He was tired of his work and no one could make him smile genuinely.
Well, his kids could but he just felt that there is still something
missing, he is not completely happy.

He ended a dinner meeting and was about to leave when he saw a very
sweet couple seated near his table. He suddenly remembered Maya and
their dinner dates.

The guy was really sweet as he leaned to kiss her girl on her cheek
and pinched her nose publicly, the girl smiled lovingly at the guy.
The guy scooped some ice cream as he spoon feed his girl which made
the girl blush.

He shook his head with the sight. He is not like that, he doesn’t want
to display too much affection in public. For him, it is not needed. A
relationship is only for two people and not for the whole world to
see. He wants privacy. He then remembered Maya saying that she envy
other couples when she sees them outside. Am I really not that sweet?
He asked himself as his mind continued to wander.

“Guys, I have to go to Japan and will be there for a few days. Luke,
take good care of your sisters.”

“Sure dad.” Luke smiled at his dad

“Oh my gee! We’re gonna miss you. Don’t forget our pasalubong dad ha.”
Nikki pouted

“Hay nako Niks, uwi lang pala gusto mo from dad eh.” Luke playfully
told her sister

“Of course not Kuya!” She rolled her eyes on her brother, Luke just laughed.

“Don’t worry kids, of course I will have something for you when I get
back. Just be good while I’m away.”

“Yes dad!” The kids answered their dad in chorus

“Daddy, take care po ah?” Abby sweetly said. He bend his knees in
order to hug his younger child. “Of course baby.”

“Ah, daddy… Alam mo po ba Ate Maya is also out of the country! I
miss her na nga po eh. Super dami daw niya flights.” Abby proudly told
her dad

Richard nodded “uhm.. She called you? Where is she?” He asked

“Ay. Di ko po na-ask daddy, she called me po yesterday. She was tired
po eh kaya sandali lang po kami nagtalk. Kinamusta nya lang po tayong
lahat and just said that she was happy with her flights.” She smiled
sweetly at her dad.

With that, Richard nodded again. Well, at least he now knows something
about her and noted, Maya is okay and happy. Why didn’t she contacted
him yet? He wanted to ask Abby to tell him if Maya would call her
again and to ask Maya where is she but he can’t. The kids might
wonder. He sighed, helpless with the current situation. He wanted to
see her so bad. This was noticed by Luke.

“Okay ka lang po dad?” Luke asked, his hand patted Richard’s shoulder

“Oh, yes I am. Sige na it’s getting late. Matulog na kayo.”

The kids nodded and kissed their father goodnight.

Nikki and Abby went upstairs, Luke is on his way as well upstairs when
his dad stopped him.

“Ahm..Luke.” Richard called his son.

“Yes dad?” Luke turned and looked at his dad’s somehow sad face. “May
problema ba dad?” He asked again, he is not convinced earlier with his
father’s answer.

“Ah, wala.. I was just..uhm.. I wanna ask something.” He stutter

“Sure dad, what’s that?”

He paused for a few seconds before finally blurting out his question.
“How sweet are you before with Joey?” He was at first hesitant but he
needed someone to talk to. He was worried when he saw his son’s face,
it seemed like he still didn’t want to open this up. “Ah.. Nevermind
Luke, I was just–”

But Luke cut his dad off. “It’s okay dad. I was just surprised on why
did you asked that. Anyway, what do you mean by how sweet am I?” Luke
asked, his lips pursed, hands in his pocket.

“Well…” He started thinking on how to open the topic. “I mean, what
are the things that you do that made Joey feel so special and loved?
I’m just curious. Katulad ka din ba ng iba that are well, publicly
displaying their affection towards the person that they love?” He
said, stopping after few words.

He stared at his father, thinking on why was he asking that? Maybe dad
is in love. He thought. “Minsan opo. Pero hindi naman sobra, dapat may
limit. Ang girls kasi gusto yung sweet ka sa kanila yung hahawakan
yung kamay nila na nakikita ng lahat kasi parang pinagmamalaki mo na
girlfriend mo siya. Yung parang sa movies dad kinikilig kasi sila dun.
Yung aakbayan mo sila, lalambingin. Pero with limits kumbaga respect
should still be there.”

Richard nodded. So Maya wants him to be extra sweet?

“How about the term of endearment? Sa tingin mo necessary pa yun?”
Richard asked with his brows furrowed. Luke can only stare at his dad
wondering where is he coming from.

“I don’t think so naman dad but girls love that eh. Di ba? Don’t you
and mom once had a term of endearment? That is sweet, right?”

Once again, Richard could only nod. Yes, he remembered those
endearments but he thinks that such are only for young couples.

“Well yes, those endearments are for the young ones.” Richard answered
after a few moments of silence.

Luke gave his dad a warm smile. “No dad, wala namang nagsasabing para
lang sa younger generation yon di ba? As long as you guys love each
other. Tsaka, I’m sure you still call mom sa term of endearment nyo”

“Thanks Luke.”

“Teka dad, bakit po ba?” Luke gave his dad a teasing look Richard
could only smile and walk away.

The warmth from the sun slipped in through the blinds of his room. He
pulled the cover above his head wanting to continue his dream. He is
having a good sleep again. He is dreaming of Maya, every night since
the day she left him. “Riiiiiiiiiiing!!” The alarm clock of his woke
him up in his deep slumber.

“Darn alarm!” He almost throw the alarm as he turned it off and sat up
from bed. He sighed as he remembered that he have to pack for his

Lazily, he stood up from his bed and started packing. “Oh, Sir Chief
magdala ka ng extra shirts. Okay lang kahit madami baka mamaya
madumihan ka o mabasa ng pawis mabuti na yung madaming pamalit na
damit.” He remembered his love reminded him as they talk on the phone
before while he’s packing then for an out of town trip. So, he placed
inside his luggage a couple more of extra shirts.

“Tsaka magdala ka ng tuwalya o bimpo. Buti yung may dala ka. Tska ano
pa ba dapat mong dalhin? Hmm…” He smiled as he reminisced those days
when she’s so caring. He misses her big time! He paused a while then
he took his phone and sent an e-mail to Maya. He is not sure if she
can read all of his messages but he is desperate, he doesn’t know how
to reach her anymore. “I love you… I miss you.” Was the words that
his e-mail for her has. He heaved a sigh before closing his bag and
heading inside his bathroom.

“Hello po Sir?”

“Yes ate, hello there!” His cheerful voice was heard from the other line.

“Ahm.. May naghahanap po sa inyo dito sa ibaba.”

“Ha? Sino?” His eyebrows raised as he thought of who that might be.

“Si Mr. Lim po. May gusto lang daw pong sabihin.”

“Ha? Ah. Eh. O sige.” He was hesitant at first as he thinks of another
lie he could tell him if he’ll ask about where Maya was again. Richard
asked him about Maya for a hundred of times already but he couldn’t
and won’t say anything.

The receptionist handed Richard the phone “Uhm, hello Emman.”

“Ay. Hello po Mr. Lim!” He happily answered

“Uhhhh…I was just wondering if may balita ka na kay Maya?” He asked
hoping for an answer this time.

Emman knew that he’ll ask the same question again. “Aaaah…eh. Wala
pa din po kasi ewan ko ba dun. Di nagpaparamdam baka busy po sa
flights.” He was shaking, he have to lie.

“Well. Uhm. Okay then. Thanks.”

“Ok po.” He sighed a relief as Richard bought his lie

“But please, if Maya will be back within these coming days could you
please tell me? I would be glad if you would. I just need to talk to
her. I’ll be gone for a few days so I’ll appreciate if you would let
me know anything about her.”

Emman is now guilty. He knows that Richard really loves Maya but he
can’t let him know. His loyalty is still on Maya, anyway. “Sige po Mr.

“Thank you.” And with that, Richard headed off to the airport to catch
his flight.

Next chap…soon 🙂


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