Story of Me – part 1

Admin Note: *Contributed Story* Please give credit and thanks to MaiA.

A/N: This is my first fanfic inspired by all of you. I have been reading stories from Excessbaggage and really brought a smile on my face everytime I open this site. Hope this time I can, in my own little way, give you joy in reading this.


Author: MaiA




STORY OF ME Part1 First Encounter


Richard : “Ano? Si Simon boyfriend mo? Akala ko ba barkada lang kayo?” Nagkasalubong na ang kilay at handa ng magtiger mode.

Maya: ”Barkada po kami, then naging ex bf ko sya and ngayon best friends pa rin naman kami.” Ang simpleng paliwanag ni Maya.

Richard: “So he’s the reason kung bakit mugto yang mata mo? You were crying your heart out just this morning, and now you are telling mo na best friends pa rin kayo? You are confusing me Maya.“ Habang umiiling na parang di makapaniwala.

Maya: “Ako din eh”. Sabay ngiti. “Teka po muna, why should I be telling this to you?” Mr. Lim, friends po ba tayo?


Maya is the only child of Arturo and Teresita Dela Rosa. They own a chain of restaurant with several branches in Manila. She finished elementary and high school in a catholic school for girls and has everything a girl would dream of “beauty and brains”. Despite her achievements both in academics and extra curricular activities, she is simple, friendly and kind. She exudes positive vibes everywhere she goes.

On her first day in college.

Maya: (Thinking aloud) “Grabe naman pala dito sa Engineering puro boys, wala yatang girls na nagenrol. Di ako makasingit to check on my section“ , while tryin to squeeze in among the crowd.

Simon: “Ms, maiipit ka dyan. Give me your name, I will look for your section. Hanapin ko din naman section ko eh”.

Maya: “Maya dela Rosa, sa Engineering Department ako”

Simon: “Pareho pala tayo”

Simon checked the bulletin boards and went back to where she is standing with a smile.

Simon: “Maya, classmate pala tayo. Im Simon.” Maya smiled. “O heto na pala ang ibang classmates natin”. Habang papalapit ang iba pang mga boys. “This is Jeff and James, mga classmates ko nung high school, may iba pa kaming schoolmates from highschool na magiging classmate din natin. This is Maya our new classmate.”

Maya also became friends with a girl named Rafi and formed their barkada of 6boys and 2 girls. The barkada became close as ever, always there to help support each other in their school works, while the boys are always protective of their 2 girl friends. The rule of the barkada, “exclusively for no boyfriend or girlfriend only”. Time passed by so fast and its their last year in college.

Dean: “Maya, as the president of the school council, we need to organize a career symposium that should coincide with the last day of our Field Visit in Baguio. We need to invite key speakers from Engineering firms. Here’s the number of Lim Industries, they are the biggest distributor of engineering equipment in the Philippines. I would like you to personally handover the invitation to Mr. Richard Lim. He is the Head of Engineering Department and son of the President/ CEO of the company”.

Maya: “Ok maam”.

At the reception area of Lim Industries office, Maya in her school uniform,

Maya: “Good morning maam, I’m Maya Dela rosa. I would like to handover our invitation to Mr. Richard Lim, Head of Engineering Department.”

Reception: “You can just leave the letter with me and we will contact you”.

Maya: “Ganun po ba? Baka naman po pwede kong makausap kahit sandali lang. Or maybe request for a meeting with him some other time? “

Reception: “Im sorry, but he is a very busy man.”

Maya: “Sige, I will just get the letter from my bag.” She turned around and unknowingly stood by the main office door while searching for the letter from her bag. In the meanwhile, a man in his blue collared polo shirt and black pants holding his coffee walked by the reception area rushing on his way to his office, impatiently waiting for Maya to move,

Richard: “Excuse me,” nakakunot ang kilay dahil nakaharang sa pinto si Maya. “Excuse me”, di pa din sya narinig ni Maya. “Miss, you are blocking the way and I’m in a hurry for a meeting.”  Mas malakas na sinabi nito na may halong inis. “Ms?” Halos pasigaw na sinabi sabay tapik sa may likod ni Maya. Animo’y nakuryente si Maya, nagulat at sa sobrang pagkataranta, nahulog ang lahat ng gamit nya.

Maya: “Sorry po” nakatalikod pa rin si Maya at yumuko para pulutin ang mga gamit. Kahit naiinis, yumuko din ang lalaki at tinulungan nito si Maya. They both reached out at the same time to pickup the letter for Lim Industries when their hands accidentally touched. For the first time, Richard looked at Maya’s face and was mesmerized by the simple beauty in front of him. So innocent and pure. Their eyes met and locked for a few moment.

Natauhan si Maya, at nabitiwan ulit ang sulat. She looked down, her face turning red.
Dinampot ulit ni Richard ang sulat at sinabing

Richard: “I guess this letter is mine” nakangiting sabi nito. Napatitig ulit si Maya, natulala at di na nakagalaw. Tumayo si Richard at sinabing.

Richard: “Ms. Are you ok?” Nakatayo na din si Maya ngunit nakatitig pa rin sa lalaki.
”Ms. Pwede na ba ako dumaan?” Nakatitig si Maya na gumawi sa may kaliwa, sabay lipat ni Richard sa kaliwa, ”Ms?” Lipat naman si Maya sa may kanan at sabay lipat ni richard sa may kanan.
Richard: ”Pls dont move and stay where you are para makapasok na ako., Ok?” umiiling na pumasok si Richard sa opisina ng nakangiti habang nakatulalang nakatitig si Maya.

Maya : “Si Richard Lim ba yon?” tanong nya sa sarili. ‘Ang gwapo pala, kaya lang masungit.’ Habang nakangiting umiiling receptionist.


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