A Journey to Love and Forever: Parts 11-12

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This is a continuation of A JOURNEY TO LOVE AND FOREVER: Parts 9-10

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Author: iamgarie



By iamgarie

 Excerpts from Parts 9 & 10


(Ang Love Story ng Mahal na Hari at ng Mahal na Prinsesa)

Written: early morning of May 21, 2013

The Mahal na Hari and the Mahal na Prinsesa are now in the most romantic place in San Nicolas and an argument is brewing. They are both irritated. Clearly, they each have a case to argue about.

At this point, we are only certain about one thing: THEY ARE TRULY, MADLY, DEEPLY IN LOVE WITH EACH OTHER.

Richard wants to give his Mahal na Prinsesa TIME to think about what she told him on her graduation day and SURPRISE her at the same time. So he makes both his presence and his calls/texts scarce. He wants to give her the very best of everything– anything to make her happy! She is God’s most wonderful gift to him!

Maya wants her Mahal na Hari to be BY HER SIDE and to give her the ASSURANCES she needs. That’s all she needs. Just HIM. She does not need surprises nor grand gestures from Richard… Thanks to him, she is already living her dream. He is the best gift she could ever have!

Part 10: WHAT’S IN A NAME?

Biko, Buko, Chiko… Haay naku, Maya!

Written: May 22, 2013

CHIKO, SERIOUSLY?!? Eew! Okay, okay, Maya, CHIKO may grow on trees, BUT, it will never EVER grow on us!!!

Forget biko, buko, chiko, Maya… MAHAL is our best bet!!!



Written: May 24, 2013
I just can’t believe that you are mine now

You were just a dream that I once knew

I never thought I would be right for you

I just can’t compare you with anything in this world

You’re all I need to be here with forevermore
Maya’s other fairy tale comes true, and she is once again in disbelief.

Maya: Tayo na talaga, Chief ko?

Richard: Di ka pa rin makapaniwala?

Her long time crush, the guy she fell in love with at first sight, her former boss, her long time friend and confidant, is now her BOYFRIEND. This time around, it is not her cheek she pinches, but his. He is her dream come true.

We watch more scenes unfold, and we are happy for Richard. She LOVES him as much as he LOVES her…


The WOMAN IN LOVE has always been in awe of Richard.

Maya to Richard: Mag-isa ka lang nagtataguyod sa tatlo mong anak. Napag-aaral mo sila, napapakain, nabigyan ng bahay. Natutuwa lang po ako sa inyo…

Maya to herself: Maya, awat na! Hindi pwede may maramdaman ka kay Ser Chief! Hinding-hindi pwede! Hindi ka pwedeng magka-crush sa kanya. Paghanga lang, okay?

The WOMAN IN LOVE has always aspired to make Richard happy.

Maya to Manang Fe: Baka po may magawa ako tungkol sa kundisyon ni Abby. Tsaka, Manang Fe, naisip ko po, pagnakapagsalita na po si Abby, baka po mas madalas ngumiti si Ser Chief.
The WOMAN IN LOVE loves not only him, but his kids, too!

Richard: So, sasabihin na ba natin sa mga bata?

Maya: Eh kasi hindi naman madali yung pinagdaanan nila kay Alex. Sobrang mahal nila si Alex tapos nawala. Eh… Ser Chief, hindi naman sa pinangungunahan ko yung tayo, pero ano, eh…ah… Hindi natin masasabi, diba? Kung tuloy-tuloy na to… SOBRANG MAHAL KITA, pero siyempre ayoko din naman na pagdaanan ng mga bata yung pinagdaanan nila nung nawala si Alex. Pano kung maghiwalay tayo? O, pano sila?

Richard: (Smiles…). Thank you for caring for the kids kahit na bago pa lang tayo.

Maya: Eh, Ser Chief, mahal ko naman talaga sila simula pa lang at ayoko silang makitang nasasaktan. Kaya kung ako eh maghintay na lang muna tayo. Ngayon pa lang naman tayo nagsisimula, eh.

We love Maya’s man, and we are happy to see him smile at her with gratitude. There are pride and awe in his eyes as he lovingly looks at her, his Maya.

We love Maya not only because of her youthful exuberance, but her capacity for love… selfless love… She loves with all her heart and soul. Richard is lucky to have her in his life!


MAYA LOVES RICHARD. They are finally in a relationship! And the funny, sweet, giddy, wisecracking and makulit na Maya we met not so long ago is back…

Maya to Richard on their relationship: Kumbaga sa sapatos, kakalyuhin pa tayo. Okay lang na tayo na muna magkakalyo. Wag na muna natin sila (ang mga bata) isama.

Richard: Anyway, what time is your flight today?

Maya: Hapon pa, Chiko.

Richard: Chiko?

Maya: Shortcut ng Chief ko. Okay ba?

Richard: You’re the boss!

Richard: Text me later pag nasa airport ka na after your flight.

Maya: Okay. Text mo ko pag nasa office ka na ha. Bye, Chiko! I love you!

Richard: I love you!

At the airport…

Richard: (Comes rushing…) Maya!

Maya: Hi, Chiko!

Richard: Traffic!

Maya: O, na-traffic ka? Kanina ka pa tumatakbo?

Richard: Galing parking.

Maya: Uhm, e ba’t mukhang mabango pa rin? (Then leans in to smell him…)

Richard: (Shocked by her aggressiveness…) Maya!

Maya: O, bakit?

Are you ready for Maya, Richard? She is just so excited at the thought that the man of her dreams loves her and has totally fallen for her charm! She just can’t seem to get enough of you! Her heart is overflowing with love for you, and she is giddy with excitement! She has many surprises up her sleeve! Enjoy, Richard! Haha!


You were just a dream that I once knew

I never thought I would be right for you

I just can’t compare you with anything in this world

As endless as forever

Our love will stay together

You’re all I need to be here with forevermore…

Maya to her family before she left San Nicolas almost a year ago:

Hindi naman ako naghahanap ng boyfriend, dahil alam kong isang araw, darating yung binatang ginawa ni God specially for me.

Maya, Richard is no longer a dream. He loves you as much as you love him! He is the man God made specially for you! He is your forevermore!


I wanted this piece to concentrate on Maya, for once. But I just can’t help but admire Richard Lim once again.

He cares about what she thinks. Even back in the mansion, her opinions always mattered to Richard. Now that they are in a relationship, we watch him tell the woman he loves that her thoughts matter, too! They should decide together. He makes her feel important! They will always be equals.

Richard: So, sasabihin na ba natin sa mga bata? What do you think, Maya?

Maya: Ako?

Richard: Oo. This is your decision, too.

Maya: Mga anak mo sila. Mas kakilala mo sila. Mas kilala ka nila.

Richard: We’re in a relationship. The decision should come from both of us. Personally, gusto kong sabihin sa kanila kaagad. I mean, pagdating ko sa bahay.

Maya: Hmm?

Richard: Calm down. Personally lang yun. But I understand your hesitation. Ayoko rin silang biglain for your sake and for theirs. So, what do you think?

Richard does not want to make her feel inferior when it comes to Alex. Maya is special…

Maya: Eh kasi hindi naman madali yung pinagdaanan nila kay Ma’am Alex.

Richard: Alex.

Maya: Yun, kay Alex. Sobrang mahal nila si Alex tapos nawala…

Because he loves her, he wants to make her happy, always… As much as he seems to loathe the terms of endearment she coins for him, he no longer argues his case. Babe? Chiko? He assures her, “You’re the boss!”


Doris and Sabel’s moment with Richard was also a delight to watch yesterday.

Richard: Kalma lang.

Sabel: Si Sir, nakikikalma?

Doris: Oo nga. Tsaka kalmadong-kalmado sha nung sinabi nya yun.

Sabel: Hmm…

DorBel, a penny for your thoughts! Tell us what you’re thinking. You already know it’s Maya who’s responsible for your Sir’s calm demeanor, right?

Manang Fe knows. Rafi knows. Even Joma and Lisa know something is cooking. DorBel knows?!?


I am excited to watch today’s episode, because…

1. Maya is once again the aggressor as Richard plays it coy. She grabs his head, and brings it close to her for a sniff and a kiss! Ha! She then tells him,

Alam mo, dati panakaw ko lang ginagawa yan, eh!

Much to her surprise (and utter delight?!?), he responds,

I know.

Haha! Explain away, Richard! We want to know what you thought of Maya’s sniffing expeditions then and how you felt about it! We’re all ears!

2. In a phone conversation with her Dad, Nikki overhears Maya ask Richard,

Gusto mo ba ng orange juice?

Nikki then asks her Dad,

Wait! Is that Ate Maya? Magkasama kayo?

Oh no! Fate always has a way of playing tricks on us. Richard and Maya are two of the most honest people we know. It has never been their nature to lie. I wonder how they’ll handle this…

What’s the plan, Maya? Why are you going to the mansion with Richard? And Richard, you look so tense. Kalma lang. Your kids love you. All you have to do is trust that they will understand.

Let me repeat. You and Maya are the most honest people we know! So we can understand how difficult this may be for both of you…

The idea that your kids might think you’re keeping secrets from them unsettles you, Richard! You also don’t want them to create the impression that you’re embarrassed of your relationship with Maya, and you don’t want them to think that’s the reason why you’re keeping your relationship a secret. We know how proudly you want to shout out to the world that you love her.

So let the kids know! Let them in on your love story… The kids haven’t realized it yet, but they were firsthand witnesses to your love story, especially Abby… It’s the best love story they will ever hear…



For Maya, it will always be the Lim kids’ happiness first before hers…

Written: May 26, 2013

Richard is right. Maya is an amazing woman! I see and hear her these days and I find myself in awe of her. She has wisdom beyond her years. She is the best thing that could ever happen to him and his children.

There is something different about Maya these days. A good kind of different. For the longest time, Maya has always felt she is nothing compared to the likes of Stephanie, Gie and Ina… Today, she is no longer insecure!There is an air of confidence in the way she walks and talks and handles herself… She has not only attained her lifelong goal to become an FA. She now also has the love of the man of her dreams– her Richard, her bonus, her Superman!

There is something different about Richard these days. A good kind of different, too! For the longest time, Richard has always been Mr. CEO, always so serious, tough and business-like. What he wants, he gets! These days, he is calm and composed, easygoing, and playful, even! Now, Richard seems to live by this credo: Whatever makes Maya happy will make me happy! She’s the boss! He has Maya’s love and that’s more than enough for him. She not only loves him. She has given him a bonus, too! The kids (except for Abby, I guess) may not know it yet, but she already is and will always be Supermom for them. For Maya, it will always be the Lim kids’ happiness first before hers.

In all the times they spent together, Richard has always reminded Maya to be herself, to always be confident. She, on the otherhand, has also reminded Richard constantly, “Ser Chief, ok lang yan. Kalma lang! ” Today, each has become the other. They have become better versions of themselves because of each other! Amazing what love has done to these two wonderful people!


Richard gets a call from Nikki while he is with Maya at Emman’s condo. Nikki overhears Maya’s voice from the background and innocently asks her Dad,

Wait! Is that Ate Maya? Magkasama kayo?

Richard is shocked. He does not lie, but somehow evades the topic with his response.

Aah, yes! Magkasama kami.

Nikki then asks,

Oh! Really? Why?

Richard answers,

Kasi may pasalubong siya sa inyo, eh.

Among the Lim kids, it was Nikki’s favor that was the hardest for Maya to gain. It took a long time before Nikki warmed up to her. Maya is immensely happy that they’re okay now, and that they’ve become friends, somehow. As she stares at her gift for Nikki, we see uncertainty in her eyes. She is well aware of the fact that it would be this girl’s approval that might be the most difficult to achieve. WILL NIKKI APPROVE? I’ve also been asking myself the same question for many days now. Each time I ask myself, I always get the same answer. SHE WILL, because she loves her Dad, and because she loves Maya, too!


Maya is shocked that Nikki found out that her Dad is spending time with her at Emman’s condo. Maya excuses herself from Richard, enters her room and gets all her gifts for the Lim family ready. She walks out of her room all dressed up, and informs Richard that she’s going home with him. She wants to personally hand her gifts to the kids…

So, Maya joins Richard in his trip back to the mansion this particular night, and we watch a very beautiful and touching scene unfold. Richard witnesses the warm welcome Maya receives from the kids and the entire Lim household. Luke, Nikki, and Abby all stand up from the dinner table to give Maya hugs and kisses, seemingly like what all children would give to their mom after she comes home from a hard day’s work. Aww! Oh, how the kids love her! Richard smiles, his love for Maya and the kids, overflowing!

Richard’s phone rings and Mr. CEO has work to accomplish. He excuses himself and leaves Maya with the kids. With coffee in hand, girlfriend Maya enters the principal’s office, and she is welcomed by boyfriend Richard’s warm smile. They both lovingly gaze at each other inside THE principal’s office that has seen it all– from Richard’s initial animosity towards her, their days of bickering, to their budding friendship and romance. (I will never forget giddy Maya who “failed” Richard’s mock interview…)

Richard: Sorry, I have to work on this first.

Maya: Okay lang. Take your time. Na-miss ko rin naman ang mga bata. Magba-bonding muna kami.

Richard walks back in to the dining area, and we see him smile. Watching Maya regale his children at the dinner table with stories of her adventures as FA, we find Richard transfixed in place, utterly mesmerized by his girlfriend. We find him transported back to a not so distant past with recollections of bonding moments with Maya and the kids at the dinner table. He now recognizes with pride how Maya has tranformed the once quiet and tense mealtimes with his kids to happy, enjoyable ones– where stories abound, where love and laughter are shared, and where teasing and bantering between Luke and Nikki are aplenty.

Maya put the life back in his once lonely home (We already know how every nook and cranny of the mansion reminds Richard of Maya)… For once, Richard is in a daze, as he lovingly stares at his Maya. He does not even notice Abby calling him! (Did Luke and Nikki even notice how their Dad’s eyes were glued to Maya?)… For Richard, home will always be with Maya and the kids.

Maya has always been mommy to Abby, Ate to Luke and Nikki, and wife to Richard, way before Richard ever fell in love with her and she became his girlfriend. Maya is family!


Inside her room, Abby, updates Maya about the story of the fairy with wings…

Abby: Ate Maya, yung isang magandang-magandang prinsesa na isa palang fairy lagi na siyang lumilipad kasi lagi na nyang suot ang wings nya. Tsaka kung kahit saan-saan siya pumupuntang garden lagi pa rin siyang dumadalaw dun sa garden ng mahal na hari.

Maya: Alam mo kung bakit? Para bisitahin yung mahal na prinsepe tsaka yung dalawang prinsesita.

Abby: Tsaka yung mahal na hari.

Maya: Tama, yung mahal na hari.

Does Abby know? In Abby’s story, Maya is the fairy with wings, while her Dad is the Mahal na Hari. In her Ate Maya’s story, her Ate Maya is the Mahal na Prinsesa, and her Dad, the Mahal na Hari. Young and innocent as she is, we know Abby senses there is something special between her Dad and her Ate Maya. Abby has been instrumental in bringing Richard and Maya together. She completely healed and recovered from the pain of losing her Mom, because her Dad and her Ate Maya showered her with love and attention and never gave up on her. We know that her Dad and her Ate Maya are two of the most important people in her life now. She has always known of her Ate Maya’s deep admiration and respect for her Dad. She also knows how her Dad has always been very protective and supportive of her Ate Maya and her dreams.[b] Abby has always been the sole witness to Richard and Maya’s beautiful partnership… If and when Richard and Maya finally do tell the kids, we are assured that they will have Abby’s full support,

End na po ng story (ng mahal na hari and mahal na prinsesa)? But I don’t want the story to end.

And because Abby is the boss, she is bound to get what she wants and what she hopes for– her Dad and her Ate Maya’s happy ever after…


At one point, Maya was willing to make the ultimate sacrifice– give up her chance at happiness for the sake of the Lim kids. She doesn’t want her relationship with the kids to end in case they are not able to accept her relationship with their Dad. She never wants to see them hurt because of her…

Pano yung mga bata, Ser Chief? Pano kung magtanong sila? Maganda kung wag na nating ituloy ‘to.

Richard wants the whole world to know about his great love for Maya. Inasmuch as he’s raring to share his happiness with the kids, he also respects and understands Maya’s decision not to let them know for now for the children’s sake…

Sobrang mahal kita pero siyempre ayoko din naman na pagdaanan ng mga bata yung pinagdaanan nila nung nawala si Alex. Pano kung maghiwalay tayo? O, pano sila…? Eh, Ser Chief, mahal ko naman sila simula pa lang at ayoko silang nasasaktan. Kaya kung ako eh maghintay na lang muna tayo. Ngayon pa lang naman tayo nagsisimula, eh.

More than a week ago we found Richard asking Manang Fe if she thinks Maya even understands what she’s getting into. Now, he learns that Maya knows exactly what she has gotten herself into, and he is once again mesmerized by his rare find…

Diba nung tinanong mo ko kung alam ko ang ginagawa ko o yung pinapasok ko… Oo, alam ko at parte to ng relasyon natin, eh. Pati yung mga bata. Alam mo, Ser Chief masaya ako na minahal ko yung mga bata. Si Abby, pati si Nikki, tsaka si Luke.

She loves like no other– with all her heart and soul… with everything in her being… How lucky and blessed can a man ever be? For Richard, Maya is God’s most beautiful creation. He is lucky and blessed to have her in his life. He is grateful for the love she has for his children. Not all women would have the heart to accept their men’s excess baggage. But Maya is diffent. She wholeheartedly accepts and loves everything about her Richard. Now, she even vows to spend more time with his kids, knowing fully well that they are and will always be part of Richard’s life. We cannot question the love she has not only for Richard, but for Luke, Nikki and Abby. You are indeed one lucky man, Richard Lim! You have Maya, your bonus, your children’s Supermom!


As always, the teaser for this week’s episodes excite me once again!

1. Nanay Teresita is in awe of Maya—

Maya: Sasabihin namin sa mga bata pag medyo matagal na kami at kampante na yung relasyon namin.

Nanay Teresita: Nagugulat ako sa yo.

Maya: Bakit po ‘nay?

Maya: Kasi grabe yung malasakit mo kay Richard at sa mga anak nya.

Because Maya loves the kids like her own, it is understandable why she is very protective of them. That’s Mommy love!

2. Richard is sweeter than ever. He and Maya hold hands, and he showers her with his sweet words. The words he spoke in Ilonggo were so… KILIG! Haha! Ang lambing ng pagka-deliver!(For the life of me, why is Chieko starting to slowly creep into my heart? Writers, please change this term of endearment soon, before I totally fall for it. Haha!)

3. Richard is dating. The kids also feel that Maya might soon be dating because of all the attention she is getting as FA. Richard listens to his children’s conversation over lunch at his office, and he finds himself smiling at Abby’s quip as to why she seems more protective of Maya instead of her Dad–

Kasi Ate Nikki may trust ako kay Daddy, pero dun sa mga manliligaw ni Ate Maya wala.

What is the writers’ purpose for this conversation? Do they at least want to make Luke and Nikki see Maya as a beautiful woman who can attract many suitors? Do the writers want Luke and Nikki to see Maya as a beautiful person inside and out? Will Nikki at least tell her Kuya, “I hope the woman Dad is dating is a lot like Ate Maya who is so nice and who cares about us so much! Haha. Sobrang wishful thinking na ba, classmates?

4. My favorite!!! Ever so honest Richard nervously shares his happy news with the kids, his hands, trembling—
Richard: Guys, I need to tell you something.

Nikki: About the outing, Dad?

Richard: About something else. You know I’m dating, right?

Luke: Yes, Dad!

Richard: She’s already my girlfriend…

(Yet I have a feeling he won’t reveal that it’s Maya he’s talking about…! And then there’s talk of an outing… Is Maya coming?)

Luke, Nikki and Abby look shocked (and does Nikki somehow look upset, as well?) and that’s understandable. Dating is way different from being in relationship, and Luke & Nikki are aware of this. Many questions must have started running in their heads– Who is she? Is she nice? Does she really love daddy? Will she like us? Will she learn to accept us? The questions could go on and on… Even Abby might have started asking herself the same things.


Most dialogues are taken from Be Careful with My Heart TV show. Credit to the brilliant writers of BCWMH.


 Next on A Journey to Love and Forever


It’s time to sweat the small stuff…

Written: May 29, 2013

Richard and Maya are two peas in a pod. Independent. Opinionated. Firm and unyielding. Resolute and unwavering. BUT the depth and gravity of their love, and their time tested friendship and partnership are their common ground, will always be their common ground!

Funny how even the most beautiful of love stories have hurdles to overcome and issues to resolve. Reality bites! And Richard and Maya are no exception. Reality is starting to catch up with them!

He’s 45. She’s 25…

He’s widowed. She’s NBSB…

He comes from wealth. She’s from a poor family…

He’s conyo. She’s jologs…


Written: May 30, 2013


Maya is bursting with so much love and happiness. She and her Chieko are about to celebrate a milestone in their lives as a couple, their first ever weeksary! She loses sleep over planning and preparing the perfect surprise for him (with the help of Rafi and Emman)! She researches and cooks the best kare-kare, decorates the dinner table with sunflowers she herself buys from Dangwa, buys a gift for him and wraps it with utmost care, and to top it all of, she also prepares a collage of all the gifts she has received from him! She is a woman in love with her man…


Richard is bursting with so much love and happiness. He and Maya are finally together, officially a couple! Work beckons and our CEO is off to Clark to oversee preparations for the launch of the Clark hangar, as well as train a new pool of engineers and technicians. For three straight days, he works as best and as fast as he could. He misses his kids. He misses Maya. He is tired and beat! And once work is over, he rushes to Maya, his ladylove, for a quiet, intimate dinner. He is a man in love with his woman…



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